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Chosen One Top-Shelf Edition III

30 Ultra-Premiums + Lotus Lighter only $99.99

Whenever we release a new Chosen One Sampler, the Pavlovian response is always the same - a swift sellout. And a few years ago, we created an entirely new monster. A beast known as The Chosen One Top-Shelf Edition. It sold out faster than canaries in a coal mine. That's why we had to bring it back. And just like before, it's a veritable feast of delicious super-premium handmades, crafted from the finest ingredients. This time, you'll find 30 tasty, high-caliber cigars from the likes of Cohiba, Ave Maria, Dunhill, Gurkha, Rocky Patel, and Montecristo - all with per stick MSRPs ranging from $10 to $30. Plus, I've included an equally impressive Lotus 3-Eleven Laser Torch Lighter (worth $100 alone) to top it all off. For this week only, the whole kit and caboodle is just $99.99. Oh yes, friend. You should have a big grin on your face, because you're in the proverbial cat-bird seat. 

 Mu-ha-ha-ha. I've brought this beast back to life! Check it out, you'll save 84%. That's an instant discount of $537! 

Weekly Special Deal: $99.99
The Chosen One Top-Shelf Edition III Includes:
5 - Montecristo Media Noche Edmundo
5 - Ave Maria Divinia
5 - Cohiba Red Dot Churchill
5 - Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Robusto
5 - Gurkha Beauty
5 - Heritage by Dunhill Toro
1 - Lotus 3-Eleven Laser Torch Lighter 

100 bucks brings you 30 high-end cigars plus a Lotus 3-Eleven Laser Torch Lighter, well over $600 in retail value, and well over 1,400 minutes of cigar pleasure. You're welcome.

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30 Cigars + Lighter Out Of Stock $637.00
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