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The Clash of the Titans Mega-Sampler

20 Cigars only $54.99 - $2.75 apiece!

Today, I give to man Romeo y Julieta, Macanudo, Punch, and 5 Vegas, for $2.75 apiece. If that doesn't cause some thunder, lighting, and a little brimstone, I don't know what will. You could spend all day and night surfing the web for an assortment of this caliber, only to be left with burning eyes, sore fingers, and a broken spirit. The good news is, all the heavy lifting is done, and I've hit it with a fat 53% discount. Chuck these Mega-Samplers into your cart, and walk out with the industry's biggest, shinest brands for well under $3 apiece. 

She's a beaut, ain't she? Some of my finest work to date if I do say so myself. The 92-Rated Romeo y Julieta 1875, 91-Rated Punch, 90-Rated Macanudo Café, and our #1 selling 5 Vegas Gold. 20 Cigars in total for just $54.99. For this week only, or while supplies last.   

The Clash of the Titans Mega-Sampler includes:
5 - Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park (5.5" x 49)
5 - Romeo y Julieta 1875 Bully (5" x 50)
5 - Punch Pita (6.1" x 50)
5 - 5 Vegas Gold Torpedo (6" x 54) 

Worlds have collided. Retails have crumbled. It's now your time to scoop up the brands you know, love, and want, for $2.75 apiece.

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20 Cigars In Stock $117.50
save $62.5153% off