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Rocky Patel Edge Fumas Corojo Toro

Pack of 20
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Pay attention my man, because you’re about to save a whole lotta coin. This Rocky Patel Fumas blend is ‘Cuban Sandwich’ version of its namesakes, and is crafted with the trimmings of those much more expensive blends. But considering the massive amount of cash you’re saving, and how damn similar the taste is, there’s really no reason to complain. You’d be wise to get in line now, ‘cause these are gonna fly. 

Edge Corojo is one of Rocky Patel's best-sellers, and if you've ever tried one, you'll quickly understand why. Comprised of the same tobaccos, these Fumas are an even better bang-for-your-buck, delivering the full-flavored, complex mixture of spicy and sweet tobaccos that Edge Corojo is so well known for in a much more wallet-friendly format.

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Rocky Patel The Edge Fumas Toro Corojo (6.0"x52)
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