When it comes to return on the dollar, few can compare to Baccarat cigars. Each Baccarat cigar is delicious, smooth, and sweet - making it the perfect choice any time of day. An exceptional value, Baccarat cigars are made to please. Handmade in Honduras, Havana seed Honduran long leaf fillers deliver the sweetness and coffee flavors of this mellow premium cigar. A plethora of sizes of the Baccarat are available for any cigar lover including Baccarat Cigarillos. Enjoy a sweet short cigar with the Classic, Cognac or Rum flavors. Baccarat cigars - smooth as silk yet light on the wallet. 


Baccarat Cigars


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Baccarat Candela Cigars

Baccarat Candela

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Baccarat Nicaragua Cigars

Baccarat Nicaragua

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