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Torano Exodus Silver

A smooth, medium-bodied premium.

Complementing Torano’s extremely successful Exodus 1959 Gold series is the Exodus Silver. Offering a well-aged filler combination of Costa Rican, Honduran and Mexican tobaccos, the Silver is in-the-round, rather than square-pressed like the Exodus Gold. And the wrapper is highly notable: instead of a dark, milky Habana 2000, it is a gorgeous, dark and enticing Criollo ’98 leaf. Overall, the flavor is medium-bodied and very smooth thanks to the extensive aging, with a satisfying finish and cedary, nutty taste. 20% off this tasty number? Who loves ya like CI?!

The Exodus Silver received an impressive '92' rating and 'Humidor Selection' honors, stating: "A nice-looking, dark robusto, this cigar draws and burns well, producing a dark gray ash. Complex earthy flavors develop hints of citrus and wood. Medium bodied."

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

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4 out of 5
All around good cigar!
Medium body, smooth draw. Good deal for the price. A great everyday cigar. Consistent flavor start to finish.
Customer Testimonials
Got this cigar in a beginners sampler my wife grabbed with a humidor for me as a surprise. The sampler had some names I know and love RP, CAO, Punch to name a few. Well this blew them away! I just found a new cigar to help fill that humidor! It's the perfect Cigar for a night cap! It's well bodied, wonderful flavors and fragrant! You couldn't ask for more in a smooth Cigar!
This cigar from Torano is a winner through and through. Great Value, Great Construction, Great Flavor! I have a constant supply of these in my humi and I'm just as impressed every time I light one up. Thank you Carlos/Charlie Torano!
Torano Silver is a great tasting cigar, specially the double Robusto. This winner is a winner. The citrus blend is tasty and gives a really nice aroma. Smoked this to my fingertips, I didn't want to let it go. The longer I smoked it, the more I enjoyed it. It's a great cigar as is the rest of the Torano collection. I haven't had a bad one yet.
The double perfecto is really fantastic. I was worried, since I had never tried this shape before. I ended up leaving the foot as is rather than clipping it. Beautiful light, plenty of smoke, great tasting. It burns a bit uneven, but not bad, and the ash stays for ages. This has become one of my favorite cigars, which is no surprise from Torano.
Hi everyone, I am not a pro or anything but I can say that when I first got my order of the Exodus Silver DblPerfecto I was very disappointed because they were dry and the wrapper was cracked up bad on most but CI customer service replaced them rite away, no problems! Second batch came in and I smoked one rite away. It tasted horrible, but after a month in the humidor tonight I can tell u it's an awesome cigar! Lots of tasty complex smoke down to the nub. I'm not too good with describing it but it was great and well with it. But remember to let it sit in the humidor for a while, enjoy!
I would say it is a good cigar all around. I got a box of double perfectos at a great price. I kind of hated to open the box but I succumbed to the lure of Torano Past. I was not disappointed and felt like a high roller smoking this gem. Everything about this cigar was first rate! However it finished a little rough in taste but 95% of the smoke was great. The finish could have been my fault so don't hold it against the cigar. Overall I love the brand.
Love this cigar. Second order of 10 was a favorite on the first cigar now smoked my 12th with no changes. Consistent flavor. Try this one and you'll love it. I warn you you'll want to order more!
I received an Exodus Silver by mistake (it was a substitute in a sampler). What a surprise, it was a pleasure from beginning to end. I went to the local cigar store, 4 actually because it was difficlt to find, and bought a few more just to see if the first one was a fluke. Just like the first one I smoked the rest were all a pleasure to smoke. All burned smooth and even, no relights or touchups required. The Silvers are a definate and permanent addition to my humidor.
In my top 10 favorites for sure. I love this Cigar! My humidor is always home to them.
Best smoke yet!! I mainly smoke many varieties of Gurkha, Rocky Patel, 5 Vegas, and Carlos Torano. The Silver Exodus tops my list, period. Always a perfect smoke with smooth, solid flavor, perfect draw, medium smoke, and always burns even start to finish. I highly recommend these..
I'm not a big fan of mediums. THIS is an exception.
I actually received a five pack of these sticks as a "whack-a-deal" purchase. After letting it rest in my humidor for a couple of days, I decided to make my evening at the smoke shop a Carlos Torano dedication. Two fellow herfers and I enjoyed the Signature, which was over 2 years old, a Casa Torano Maduro and the Exodus Silver. The Silver was remarkably fragrant. It had very floral notes with subtle citrus undertones. The taste was medium bodied ,but full and complex. There were notes of citrus, cinnamon, anise, nutmeg, and held a finish of white pepper that mixed with a sweet cedary component. The finish was substantial enough that I was able to smoke the Robusto Corto size for and hour and 20 minutes. Very slow burn without a relight and nice light-gray ash. The calcium presence is probably what allowed for the nice white pepper taste on the finish. I will be bringing this cigar into my mix more often.
Heh... Over a year ago my brother gave me a Virtuoso and an Exodus from a Torano sampler he got. The other day I got curious and fired up the Virtuoso. Wonderful. Tonight, it's the Exodus. Different flavor, same unbelievably satisfying experience. If you like RP Vintages or Punch Rare Corojos, these smokes give you better rides for less money. Earthy, sweet pre-light draw, lots of smoke, and a clean, white ash that stays with you. Taste is very rich and complex, but body is (surprisingly) medium. Definitely a sleeper in my humi, but I now I know, I'm stocking up.
The one thing I love about Carlos Torano is that has a flair for the traditionally dramatic. Nice cedar wrapped robusto... sitting on the shelf next to a box for Rare Corojo Punch robusto's -- battling it out, quietly. The Silver is a fragrant smoke -- but I thought is tasted rather thin. That may have actually been a benefit for this stick as I thought is nice to not over power my lunch. This is a great coffee stick for you latte sipping coffeehouse philosophers out there who who want a "civil" stick. I enjoyed it quite a bit, hasn't made my cabinet but it was a nice medium colored leaf, a tad veiny... light but it did tighten up a bit towards the end for you true lovers out there. I had a bite... follow by a little smooch. My rate this stick: 89