Tatiana Mocha Cigars
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Tatiana Mocha

Tobacco, check. Coffee, check. Delicious, check!

Made by hand, these Dominican beauts offer a scrumptious blend of tobaccos carefully influenced by the soothing subtleties of chocolate, coffee, and vanilla. The chocolaty-brown Sumatra wrapper leaf will have you at hello, and that's just for starters. The flavor is deep and heavy, clinging to your palate with each puff. Delightful and silky smooth, these are anything but overpowering. There's a core of rich tobacco flavor with a faint touch of coffee and mocha. Tatiana Mocha is a tasty mellow-bodied treat built for any time enjoyment.

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Caramely (Corona Extra) (6.2"x44)Shipping Constraints
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Eden (Petite Corona) (5.0"x38)Shipping Constraints
Box of 25In Stock$110.00
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Eden (Petite Corona) (5.0"x38)Shipping Constraints
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Stobona (Robusto) (5.0"x50)Shipping Constraints
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Overall Rating4.48 out of 5 Based on 23 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Tatiana Mocha”

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5 out of 5
i love this cigar its
i love this cigar its so tasty and the smell is wonderful
5 out of 5
Perfect smoke!!!
What a nice smoke!!!! Smell, taste, and burn!!
5 out of 5
Exelent flavor. I would buy again
5 out of 5
Pretty cool but next time need the largest cut of moca
5 out of 5
They were real good and
They were real good and I look forward to another purchase
4 out of 5
a little, loose in the rolling, but a consistent, flavour profile.
5 out of 5
Very Nice
I've been trying many cigars and this one tops most I've tried so far. Smooth and enjoyable as well. Draws nice too.
5 out of 5
I wish they made These in the biggest cigar this is an excellent cigar for and infuse smoker which I am that is about the only badd thing I have to say about this cigar it's not big enough but it definitely is one of my favorites
2 out of 5
ughhh (Larry David Voice)
After looking at 3-5 videos on YouTube and watching these connoisseurs described this cigar I was sold. I was so anxious to smoke this thinking that I had found a somewhat cheaper replacement to my JAVA addiction. I honestly have to say that it was 20% of what it advertises. It smokes somewhat decent has very little flavor but I guess I got what I paid for.
5 out of 5
Tatiana Mocha Stobonas are great cigars!
I have tried many flavored cigars and this one is on my list of top 3. It has just the right amount of sweetness and is very smooth.
5 out of 5
Nice weekend smoke
Good cigar. Not to sweet. Decent draw and burn
5 out of 5
Fresh, didn't leave bad taste, best cigar ever!
2 out of 5
Great for potpourri, not for a smoke.
These cigars smell good before you light them but fail to deliver the same experience in the taste. I found them to be difficult to keep lit and loosely rolled causing me to spit out bits of tobacco every time I took a draw. I ended up pulling the remainder of the 5 pack apart and putting them in a glass jar, at least they give my room a nice, mocha scent when used as an air freshener.
5 out of 5
A Nice Smoke.
A Nice Smoke.
5 out of 5
3 out of 5
Loose smoke
The cigar a smoked was very loose in two different spots thought this was a little strange but good flavor
2 out of 5
Never Again
One of the worst cigars that I have had. Was like smoking an old time Camel cigarette where you are spitting loose tobacco flakes from your tongue. Thought it was just me biting down too much on the first one but by the third, knew it was not me. Gave it a two only for the fact that it did have some initial flavor as that was my intention when I purchased them to have with my morning coffee.
5 out of 5
great cigar
Fast delivery great service
5 out of 5
Out of all the flavored cigars these are one of my favorites. They're very smooth and just the perfect smoke.
5 out of 5
Great Smokes
Nothing but great Smokes and Service
5 out of 5
Great quick smoke
Excellent smooth mocha taste; perfect for those shorter smoke periods.
5 out of 5
Wife's Mocha's
They are great, so my wife says
5 out of 5
Great golf cigar with a cup of coffee.
Customer Testimonials
Great smoke with the morning coffee!
I got the Eden size, which is a fairly small corona. I had no burn issues, it was perfect with a long tight ash. This reminded me of a hand-rolled larger version of the Dutch Masters Chocolate cigarillo - but priced too high for what you get. Last third was a little bitter, but prior to that nice flavor and aroma....
CR of Mead, CO
The Tate was good, às described. It had an even burn. Well worth the $4.00 I spent for.
RJ of Asheville, NC
I just smoked this Stick. I got this on special and only paid $10 for 5 of them. For a smoke like this I will pay that everyday. They had the mocha taste with no burn problems. I enjoyed this in 7 degree Iowa weather. I thought this was good quality inexpensive cigar. I am looking forward to trying other ones from this line. Those who say this is not a Java your right! That is the best in the line up for a mocha flavored stick. I get that but for a quick easy smoke and great flavor this is the one for that! I say well done Tatiana!
DS of Cedar Falls, IA
Great deal !! Don't understand some of the reviews because this stick is a champ ....... consistently! A little squishy .... so what; and doesn't last forever but you need a roach clip to get down to the last "smokeable" millimeters as it is sooo consistent and yummy. Well constructed if you are using ease of draw and consistent burn for your standard, with equal billows of smoke with each suck. The copious smoke on the lightest draw delights me and the consistent, mild flavor throughtout the entire smoke sets off my endorphinns. I have just turned on a 'newbie' ( who had prior 'turn-off' experience with gars) and a Napa wine maker (who dables) and they were both taken back and delighted as am I every time I fire one up. Deep, natural, thick mocha scent with dark chocolate cross-tones. You could smell it for 10 minutes before firing it up. Never, I mean never, have I experienced harshness or bitterness and everyone I've turned on concurs. The deep (not overly done or excessively sweet) mocha, mild, even flavor is delicious to the last centimeter nub. As stated, a touch loose on the construction and a bit spongy, (although pretty to look at) but stays lit as well as any, with minimal burn problems. Whatever some of the reviews say ... this is a "smoke" and well worth a try, especially for the price. My new "go-to" for infused smokes, baring the need for ocassional variety and the pleasure of some other higher priced quality infused brands. Try it ......... not much to lose and possibly a big find for a number of us.
MH of Silver City, NM
GREAT SMOKE AND VALUE! I have "super-analyzed" this gar after reading the reviews and I steadfastly concur with the positive experiences some reviewers had. During the last 4 days I have puposely smoked Acid Opul. 3, Acid Toast, and Java by Drew Estates, all great infused cigars. The Tatiana Mocha is certainly a bargain equivilent of any infused cigars. It looks OK and yes it is a little spongy but it is one hell of a "mocha-smoke" especially for the price. The ash was a little weak and even though it "side-burned" a bit it was even and easily stayed lit, even with negligent long pauses. The draw is "airy", which I like. You practically only have to 'think' about your draw and your mouth is filled with copious amounts of smooth, exceedingly mild, full mocha-flavored billowy smoke. The cigar is just fun to smell .... a deep choclate/mocha flavor and not exceedingly sweet throughout the smoke. In fact the full mocha flavor to the end rivals, and in my mind, exceeds that of Java. The flavor and mild nature of this smoke is what really stands out. No bitters and consistent till the nub. Sorry, I love all those infused lovelies I mentioned above and have boxes of them, but as far as value this is one very decent unit which I will employ regularly to make my budget happy. Also, I do enjoy medium and full smokes now and then if they "qualify" but I do admit that I lean to mild and "clean". You could easily stick this cigar in the mouth of a reluctant newbie and probably get a convert. If you like a mild, easy draw, copious creamy smoke, value and MOCHA, give these a try, but for gawd-sake incubate them for a while properly to avoid some of the negatives mentioned in the other reviews.
MH of Silver City, NM
I received two five packs of Tatiana Mocha, really enjoyed this cigar. Very smooth and a good chocolate flavor. I will definitely buy more of these.
DB of Jacksonville, NC
I just finished smoking a Tatiana Mocha. It had a very dark, bitter, and harsh taste. Although it smells like chocolate cake while in the package, once lit there is no aroma or taste of mocha. I speculate that the cigar may have been too moist, so I'm putting the rest of them in the humidor to dry out before round two. If round two is anything like round one, I would say that this cigar lacks the aroma and flavor one would expect in a flavored cigar.
JW of Rochester, NY
I bought 10 on sale and then read the reviews relaying problems with burn and comparisons with other coffee infused cigars and I got concerned. My first two I enjoyed in my truck and found them to be great. Absolutely no burn broblems at all and the flavor was what I expected - no surprizes at all. I have not tried one outside in the wind where many burn problems occur. Great value and a great mocha cigar.
MR of Westerly, RI
Got a 10 pack on the Daily Deal for a change from my usual med-full smokes and in my opinion I got what I paid for. Pleasant aroma with a somewhat loose draw. They are a bit spongey in the hand pre-light, but after smoking 4 of the 10 I have not had any burn issues to date.
DM of Webster, MA
Well, I had been saving this in my humidor for just the right occasion. With today being a nice fall day here in Maine and having just made a good strong cup of Sumatra dark roast, in my favorite $3 cone filter, I finally sat on my porch and lit it up, hoping to savor the experience. Boy what a disappointment ! While it did have a nice taste of chocolate and good smell it was way too sweet for me and very loosely rolled. I also experienced the terrible burn mentioned by others. I'll usually give a cigar a second chance thinking maybe I got a bad one, but judging from the other reviews I guess I'll pass on this one. Too bad really, I do love a good cup of mocha, I guess I'll have to stick with the drink.... Cheers.
SJ of Brownfield, ME
Just received a 10 pack....and lit one up already. It did have a nice sweetness to it, however the burn was horrible. It tunneled several times on me. It also seemed to lose the "Mocha" flavoring about half way through. Hopefully the other 9 resting in the humi will smoke better.
MM of Clayton, NJ
Ordered these because CI gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. Great looking cigar. Okay taste but a horrible burn. Uneven, tunnelling, tough to keep lit. I'll try leaving them in the humi for a few months. Maybe they'll get better. Should have refused the offer.
DG of Garden City Park, NY
great taste. terrible burn. excellent with starbucks cream liquer!!! never had a java, as other posters have, but will definitely give 'em a try.
SZ of Fishers, IN
Had a chance to smoke the *Tatiana mocha Cigar* i enjoyed it:) Went well with my hazel nut cup of coffee:). a must have on girls nite out!!
BM of San Diego, CA
very disappointing....
RR of Naples, AE
I've only smoked one so far. It has an uneven burn and it's tough to draw at times. As far as "mocha" flavoring, your better off having a mocha cappuccino! I will say it is a smooth smoke and it's not harsh at all, but "mocha" should not be in the products description.
AM of Torrington, CT
It's a complete insult to the Drew Estate Java to mention these two sticks in the same breath. This looks nice and emits a nice aroma, but I also had burn issues, construction issues, and a hollow taste. Spend the extra bucks and go for the Java if you want a good mocha flavored cigar.
RH of Spokane, WA
Well, it's not a Java! But it IS a nice looking cigar (Tatiana Mocha) and I rather enjoyed the coffee/chocolate flavour, but wasn't impressed with rather uneven burn. Mine came in the Cigar-of-the-Month offering, but if I were to actually choose such an infused cigar, it would be the Java and not this unit.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
Well... I am a little bit surprised by the negative responses. It is a mocha flavored cigar.. and tastes as described. Maybe I got an unusually nice box, but there are one of my favorite "coffee-mocha" experiences. Very mild, not sweet, like a dry wine. A really nice dessert cigar... especially with a white russian! For me... they burned evenly and had a quality feel in the hand. I have thoroughly enjoyed them. I also like the Tabak Especial. They go on sale occasionally so wait til then and give em' a try.
TG of chapel hill, NC
Well they looked good, but that is where it ends. I have truly enjoyed the Tabak Especial Negra, and the Java, in that order. After seeing the Tatiana Mocha, I thought they deserved a try. WRONG!!! I ordered two five packs, and seven of those are in the trash. Burns terrible, tastes terrible, just a waste of time and money. This is the second time I've been disapointed with Tatiana Cigars, and there won't be a third.
MG of Folsom, CA
recieved the tatiana mocha in a sampler. not impressed. loose roll. burned up the sides. i had to fix it only one minute into the burn. really airy draw, had to really puff to get smoke. taste was ok, kind of like the java. probably wouldnt recommend to friends or foes for that matter.
JO of Saginaw, MI
Not syrupy sweet like many flavored and/or infused cigars(Tatiana Mocha) ,which I was expecting. Instead more of an aromatic mocha flavor that you pick up through the nose. Pleasantly surprised. B+
SC of Lake Forest, IL
I just received a five pack of the (Tatiana Mocha) in the 5x58 size. These were purchased with a gift certificate given to me by my daughter for my birthday. These should not even be allowed to be on the same page as the Java or Tabac Especials. They taste like the chewy wrapper was made out of chewing tabacco.... Don't waste your money or your gift certificate on these.
ST of Lexington, SC