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San Lotano Oval Maduro

San Lotano Oval gets a tan.

San Lotano Oval has taken the cigar industry by storm. The blend has been sizzling hot: receiving multiple 90+ ratings, named #2 cigar of the year in Cigar Journal, and has been engulfed by staggering amounts of buzz. If you have yet to try one, trust me when I say the hype is real, and the cigars deliver as advertised. Now enter the next chapter in the Oval saga, the Oval Maduro.

Picking up right where Oval left off, the Oval Maduro uses the same exquisite fillers, and binder, but now comes draped in an enticing Connecticut Broadleaf maduro. This dark leaf shimmers with oily goodness, and conceals the Oval’s balanced and refined core of Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers. This time around, expect an uber-smooth and balanced profile, containing more predominant notes of coffee bean, leather, cocoa and pepper backed by a long and hearty finish. This sequel my friends is a rarity, and is as good, if not better than the original.

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Overall Rating 4.67 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

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5 out of 5
San Lotano Oval Maduro
Very full bodied cigar! I prefer a cigar not quite with that much body.
5 out of 5
San Latino oval maduro
This has become one of my top ten on my list of favorite cigars.
4 out of 5
A smoke generator
This is a great cigar. From the shape, silky smooth wrapper and torrential stream of smoke, a real winner. Smooth and strong I love the maduro and the slightly milder natural as well.
Customer Testimonials
Absolutely one of the best, but it is full-bodied. Love it.
This has been my favorite non-Tampa smoke for about 2 years now. I received my first in a Cigar of the Month Club pack, and smoked it at the 2013 Gasparilla Parade. And I've gotta tell ya, everyone was asking about it because it was so delightfully aromatic--even out side amongst others puffing stogies! Today I'm buying a box!
I have now had four of the Oval Maduro. Each was torpedo size. All 4 were spectacular. The flavors of chocolate, coffee were very noticeable. And then your whole mouth feels a creamy coating of sweetness. Every once in a while black pepper came through. Right around 1/2 way through the cigar the black pepper was it's strongest very tasty. The flavors were very consistent throughout the cigar. Great, tight wrap. Even burn. This cigar is awesome.
7 bones for a Corona. That's the bad news about San Lotano Oval Maduro. The good news is that it contains the same delicious fillers as its predecessor, the incomparable San Lotano Oval. Add a simply stunning Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper that jacks up the ante & delivers gobs of flavor, & voila, you have another AJ Fernandez gem of a smoke. How many fantastic Maduro offerings does this guy have anyway? Diesel, 1844, Nica Libre, 5 Vegas Serie A 'AAA', all fantastic, most of them are even affordable. This one is something very special. A tad better than all of the rest, which could help to explain its hefty price tag. Deep, dark, densely packed with a myriad number of flavorful nuances, you will fall in love with San Lotano Oval Maduro & might even find yourself forking over the vast amounts of lettuce this blend commands. 92/100 A little tip here. You like Maduro. You appreciate the handiwork of a true artist like AJ Fernandez. You, like me, are a cheapskate who invariably goes for the bargain over the trendy, expensive sticks. Try 1844 & save enough to order another CI's Kitchen Sink Mega Sampler, which endows you with 20 different, scrumptious 6" X 50 vitolas, all from AJ, for 2 American dollars per Toro.
I got one of these in a sampler and smoked it last, It was the best stick in the bunch, I will definitely be ordering more of these!
A go-to winner! Strong, full bodied, doesn't disappoint! Great draw with plumes of smoke.
I have smoked a lot of cigars in my life. A lot of maduro sticks as well. But I was not prepared for this. Balance, flavor, draw, burn. Pure excellence. This cigar is impeccable. Notes of chocolate, coffee and a fantastic black pepper taste make this cigar one of the best med-full cigars you will ever try. I would GLADLY pay double for this. Forget the big brands, because you're doing yourself and your humidor a monumental injustice.
Good lord. I'm still kind of new to cigars, but I've had my fair share of premiums. I don't know if words can properly do this cigar justice. Looking at the odd shape, I knew I was in for a new experience, but I had no idea what. The wrapper is a dark and delicious maduro, but you already know this. Prelight draw was perfect, and lighting the cigar I was off on an adventure. Taste was exquisite all the way through with a heavy overtone of chocolate. Heavy plumes of rich white smoke accompanied every delicious draw. If there was a line between ALOT of smoke and TOO MUCH smoke, this cigar skirts that line on the right side. Be prepared to be enveloped in the stuff. All in all this cigar has wowed me and I will definately be purchasing a box. As a side note, if you still have trepidations about this cigar, get the San Lotano sampler pack. All are great, and the only question afterward is when will I order a box of these?
One of my many top cigars, great shape, easy smoke, and has a great kick! If the price was lower, I'd order by the box!!!