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Room101 Daruma

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Good luck from Room 101.

If you told me a cigar and a doll would one day meet, I would tell you to take a long vacation at the local loony bin. But that's exactly what Room101 did, because a Daruma is a Japanese doll symbolizing luck and perseverance. That aside, Room101 Daruma is a limited-edition handmade from Camacho that's well worth your time. 

It all begins with a golden-brown, toothy Ecuador Habano wrapper. But the real horsepower awaits under the hood, as a medley of feisty Dominican and Honduran long-fillers are hugged by a rich Brazilian binder. This well-blended bouquet pumps out a medium to full-bodied profile of coffee bean, cedar, spices, cocoa and leather. Complex, smooth and slow burning, this handmade from Camacho is downright enjoyable.

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Just another great smoke from Matt Booth. Picked some up at an event he was at and truly enjoyed to the very end. It's a bold cigar that stays true all the way. Get yourself at least a 5 pack or you will regret it.
MW of Middleburg Hts, OH
Papi Chulo: Very easy to light. Excellent construction, draw and burn. Very little resistance on draw and voluminous smoke output. Cool slow burn. Dry on the palate. Medium to full strength with medium to full flavors. First half is sweet floral notes with leather, nuts and brief blasts of spice on the finish. Spice slowly fades and sweet floral notes linger after each draw. Strength increases in the second half with heavy coffee and cocoa flavors entering the profile. A very bold cigar with an excellent balance of flavors.
First picked up a 5 pack of these last month after reading several great reviews on the botl forums. I got little short ones as reviewed. Wow. Fantastic little smoke it was. I now have a box of the larger Tori's aging in my wineador and I'm about to pick up another box of the shorts for the interim. Very nice complex flavors with bits of chocolate, leather and light spices. Not a creamy smoke but has excellent draw and burn characteristics and a mouthful of smoke is just a light draw away. Get some while these limited runs are still available and not snatched up by the big collectors.
MW of Norfolk, VA
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