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AJ Fernandez Ramon Allones

92-Rated: #25 Cigar of 2018

A stunning tribute

A.J. Fernandez can do no wrong. From his boutique brands like Diesel and Man O’ War, to his flagship, larger scale releases like San Lotano and Last Call, all the way down to his reinterpretation of classic Cuban brands like Romeo and Hoyo, this man can, quite simply, do it all. And he does it all masterfully. Today, we welcome the newest A.J. tribute to a classic Cuban name, Ramon Allones by A.J. Fernandez. And, quite simply, it might be his best work to date. 

You see, this is a true passion project for A.J. Ramon Allones was his father’s favorite cigar brand back in Cuba, and the cigar has a long, storied history in our industry (did you know Ramon Allones was the first handmade cigar to feature a band?). To pay true homage to this historical landmark in tobacco, A.J. spared no expense, producing one of the most beautiful packages I’ve ever seen. Employing an incredibly rare medio tempo wrapper leaf, Ramon Allones by A.J. is medium to full-bodied and signs with a beautiful harmony of cedar, spice, chocolate, earth, and slight hints of black pepper.

Great news, Ramon Allones just earned a stunning 92-rating and was honored as one of the Top 25 Cigars of 2018. Here's what the experts had to say: "Each puff of this toothy cigar leaves big notes of semi-sweet chocolate, leather and cherry on the palate before a sweet finish that shows more of the same."

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Churchill (7.0"x50)
Box of 20In Stock$280.00
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Churchill (7.0"x50)
Pack of 5In Stock$70.00
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Robusto (5.5"x50)
Box of 20In Stock$240.00
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Robusto (5.5"x50)
Pack of 5In Stock$60.00
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Toro (6.0"x52)
Box of 20In Stock$260.00
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Toro (6.0"x52)
Pack of 5Backordered$65.00
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Torpedo (6.5"x54)
Box of 20In Stock$300.00
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Torpedo (6.5"x54)
Pack of 5In Stock$75.00
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Overall Rating5 out of 5 Based on 9 Ratings

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5 out of 5
excellent cigar. taste of chocolate
excellent cigar. taste of chocolate throughout
5 out of 5
Jackson 4.75
Great cigar, but I needed to give it a full cut as my 9mm punch wasn't giving me the draw I prefer. I have a question about the 'Habano Corojo' terms used in its description. Doesn't Habano mean all the tobacco of the cigar comes from Cuba? Corojo is no longer grown, right? It doesn't matter, just's great cigar and I'll remember this one as one to keep a stock of!
5 out of 5
Best AJ ever
How does AJ do it? Don't really know, but he does, and with Ramon Allones he's created his best blend ever. As a huge fan I've rated his Romeo y Julieta, New World, Diesel Heart of Darkness, San Lotano and Monte all 5 stars; this one tops them all. And yes it's even better than his new Dias de Gloria which is REALLY good too! Aroma, draw, great taste throughout. A cigar smoker should ALWAYS have some of AJ's Ramon Allones in his/her humidor.
5 out of 5
Extremely good smokes.
I bought a box of Churchill 7 x 50 at CI. Years ago I used to smoke Ramón Allones cigars when they were made at the Dominican Republic by General Cigar; Cameroon wrapper, Mexican binder, Dominican, Mexican and Jamaica filler(I checked out with two of my cigars books; The world encyclopedia of cigars by Julian Holland and The cigar companion by Anwer Bati and Simon Chase). This AJ Fernández Ramón Allones is a different kind of cigar, this is a super premium cigar. A mesmerizing intimate experience follow when you light up one of these AJ Ramón Allones Churchill.
5 out of 5
Best AJ yet
Nothing else to say other than the fact that if you love anything AJ, you will love this smoke. this is on top of the list.
5 out of 5
A.J. Fernández
Top of the Line smoke best collaboration by AJ Fernandez hands down
5 out of 5
This stick has everything right. Perfect burn down to the last third, stong and flavorful, and a slow burner. Probably his best release to date. I didn't care for some of this other collaborations, but this is spot on! I'll definitely add these into the rotation!
5 out of 5
Ramon allones
Amazing cigar full of flavor
5 out of 5
Fabulous Cigar!
This is a fabulous stick. Starts out peppery, but then seems to mellow out a little on the back half. Well constructed with an almost perfect draw. One of the best AJ’s that I have smoked.

Ramon Allones: The Best Cigar of 2018?


Ramon Allones is the best cigar AJ has made to date. That’s right boys and girls, I’m skipping all the mumbo-jumbo and history I normally stuff into the beginning of my reviews and jumping right to the good stuff: this cigar is the best. Seriously. My favorite cigar I’ve tried this year. And when you’re going through 10-12 cigars a week that says something. Call me a sucker, but I love everything AJ makes: from the boutique, full-bodied creations of Man O’ War and Diesel, to his collaborative projects like Punch Diablo and H. Upmann by AJ Fernandez, to his national brand lines like New World and Enclave, I can’t get enough of this stuff. Hell, I even love his older, discontinued lines like Spectre and Pinolero. 

Suffice to say, when a co-worker at this year’s IPCPR (the industry trade show) told me that the new cigar from AJ was his best work yet, I was hesitant to believe him. How could he make something more flavorful than Diesel Unholy Cocktail? Bolder than Montecristo Nicaragua? Fuller-bodied than New World? I high-tailed it to the booth and finagled myself a few samples, and went about my day. You see, while the trade show is awesome for trying new stuff, it’s hard to really enjoy a cigar there. Every 10 feet you walk you’re running into another cigar maker who wants you to try his latest release: basically meaning I end up tasting every cigar for 15 or 20 minutes before I’m forced to move onto the next. 

I packed the Toros I had scored up into my travel case, threw them in my suitcase, and waited. When we got back from Las Vegas, I had a ton of new cigars to sample, but I knew I’d be going for Ramon Allones first. And I’ll be honest with you, I liked it, but it didn’t really “wow” me from the moment I sat down with it. I continued working through the samples, figuring out what we want to get online, pricing out new products, and going on with my life. But I kept thinking about that Ramon Allones. Like when you get a drunken craving for Taco Bell at 3 AM (just me?) I just couldn’t shake this cigar out of my brain. I knew I needed another one. 

So, a few weekends later, I lit up the second sample I had. It was awesome. The next day, I burnt the last one. That Monday, I went in and bought 5 more, handing a couple out to some of the fellas in the office, and saving the rest for myself. By that Friday, those were gone. 

And boys, I took the plunge. I hate shelling out cash for cigars, especially when we get so many in the office for free (tough job, huh?). But this thing is worth every penny. I’m happy to report there’s a full box sitting in my cooler under my desk right now, and I’m considering even grabbing a second size. 

The flavor is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I’d be doing this cigar an injustice by just skipping all the history. Originally created in Havana, Cuba, Ramon Allones has a ton of firsts: the boxes were the first cigars to feature colorful artwork in order to help market the product. On top of that, this was the first cigar to use bands. Yes, that’s right boys, back in the day every cigar was unbanded. And finally, this cigar was the first to be packaged in the classic 8-9-8 fashion (though there’s a few other brands that try to claim that milestone). The cigars have gone through multiple non-Cuban versions, but AJ always wanted to make the brand: you see, this was the cigar his father enjoyed the most when they lived back in Cuba. AJ’s at his best when he’s focusing on heritage and family, and believe me: there’s a ton of it here. 

The packaging on this cigar is awesome, but as regular readers of my reviews know, I ultimately don’t care how nice a cigar looks as long as it performs well. That being said, really take a moment to study the wrapper. It’s an ultra-dark Habano Oscuro Medio Tempo leaf, one that makes this cigar looks like a rich chocolate bar. Oily and shiny, every sample I enjoyed had minimal veins. 

Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for: the flavor. The profile is medium to full-bodied, if not outright full, but the cigar is never harsh or overpowering. Instead, uber-smooth waves of flavor greet you on every puff. In the beginning, lots of pepper booms forth, reminding me of some old school Pepin blends. Keep going, and the cigar mellows out, delivering a rich, fruity sweetness, creamy chocolate, and hints of cedar (no doubt thanks to the cedar sleeve). Draw is awesome, burn line is razor sharp, and construction is spot on. Zero complaints. 

I don’t love assigning a point value to cigars (I’m not sure what the real difference between a 93 and a 90 is, honestly) but I’m giving this one the highest-rating I’ve ever given: 96. Just knocking a couple points off for the price. If this cigar landed at $10, I couldn’t find a single fault with it. As is, it’s still in the top ten cigars I’ve ever had. Get some.