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Pioneer Valley Maduro

A crazy price on a tasty premium.

In most cigar quarters, the reasonably-priced quality handmade may have gone the way of the dodo bird and beehive hairdo. But at Camp CI, a different story is unfolding. Exhibit #14,843: Pioneer Valley — a handmade beaut hailing from one of Nicaragua’s premier cigar factories. Quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and enjoyable flavors....all for as low as $1.50 apiece. That’s the CI Way, son!

Pioneer Valley Maduro features a dark, toothy Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. On the inside, a flavorful, well-aged combination of mellow Cuban-seed long-fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic resides. The cigar is smooth, offering a creamy core of toast and cedar, complemented by crisp tobacco notes and a pleasant richness on the finish. With four tasty sizes to choose from and a ridiculously low price tag, Pioneer Valley is a cigar you want on that wall, one you need on that wall.
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Churchill (7.0"x50)
Box of 20 In Stock $130.00
save $90.0169% off
Robusto (5.0"x50)
Box of 20 In Stock $110.00
save $80.0173% off
Toro (6.0"x50)
Box of 20 In Stock $120.00
save $85.0171% off
Torpedo (6.2"x52)
Box of 20 In Stock $130.00
save $90.0169% off
Overall Rating 4.24 out of 5 Based on 46 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Pioneer Valley Maduro”

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3 out of 5
Pioneer Valley Maduro Toro
If you are a daily smoker this is a good one for the price. Only had one out of the bundle that was to tight to smoke. Medium to Full body.
5 out of 5
David Cloud
very good cigar for the price
4 out of 5
excellent every day cigar and
excellent every day cigar and price point
5 out of 5
Good maduro cigar!
Very affordable cigar at a GREAT price!
5 out of 5
Received order promptly and in great shape. Thank you.
5 out of 5
Pioneer Valley Madura Churchill
A nicely built stick,a nice chocolate flavor, at a common man price. Yum
5 out of 5
For the price I think
For the price I think it's a great cigar.
4 out of 5
Great cigar
2 out of 5
You can do better than these for the money
Have smoked 4 or 5 out of the box thus far, and I'm not really happy with them. Construction on two of them has been terrible, and all of them have a very harsh taste. I'm hoping the rest of the box will benefit from a few months in the humidor, but we will see. I will continue looking for a go-to daily smoke
4 out of 5
Pioneer Valley Maduro
This cigar is smooth and tasty.It stays lit and and burns pretty evenly.It's not the best maduro I've had,but it's quite good.For the price and workmanship it's a very good deal.
5 out of 5
A really nice smoke!
A tasty smoke that gets even better after some time in the humidor. And the price is right - I suppose that this is the modern equivalent of a "really good five-cent cigar". I think that Vice-president Marshall would like these smokes. Along with General Grants, an excellent cigar for the people, the common man.
4 out of 5
These are some great sticks! Well-constructed, burns well, and great smokes!!! Definitely on my list of "buy-agains"!!! I first tried a Pioneer Valley Maduro (albeit a torpedo) at a cigar spot in Richmond, Va, back when I had not so long before began to partake in cigar smoking. I've liked it ever since!
4 out of 5
Good everyday cigar
Great for the price
4 out of 5
Great smoke for the price.
Deep maduro flavor, no construction or draw problems, I will buy again!
4 out of 5
PVM Robusto
Great cigar for price. A little tight on the draw(cut a slight more off the end cap and it draws well). Longer in your humidor the better. Long even ash. Will buy again.
3 out of 5
Hard to draw. Ok cigar
Hard to draw. Ok cigar but nothing special.
5 out of 5
Maduro is King!
A great yard cigar. Lasts awhile and tastes great
4 out of 5
Pioneer Valley Maduro
This is my second review of the Pioneer Robusto Maduro. Great flavor, solid feel but!!! Only getting because you MUST let these rest in your humidor for about a month. Don't try to smoke them right away. First attempt couldn't get a good draw at all. Second attempt, same results. Finally let them rest for about a month in my humidor. 5 in a row no draw issues and would put them right up there with the more expensive smokes. Worth the money and worth the wait!
4 out of 5
This cigar is a nice daily and a great cigar for a buddy that smokes when you do. I buy a few boxes a month now and will continue to do so. Great price for a nice smoke help makes the higher end cigars last a little Longer. Recommend that you give it a try.even burn, stays will lit, very consistent.Enjoy
5 out of 5
great cigar
great cigar for the money let them rest for a couple months and they keep getting better
3 out of 5
Good affordable smokes
Not bad for the price. Good everyday work smokes.
5 out of 5
Pioneer Valley Maduro
Pioneer Valley Maduro a hidden gem! I'm very glad I saw the info. on these and will order again once I'm out!
4 out of 5
Excellent aging cigar
If your looking for value, this is a must have! The taste is mild and creamy with strong notes of fermented tobacco. Although they are good right out the box, they greatly improve with age. If you have a large humidor, put these aside for 3-4 years and you will profit from your investment. I smoke one of these every 6 months and each time they are better and better. The one I had today was 4 yrs in my humidor and it was so good I had to make a post. It was smooth, mild, and had lots of smoke. It has all the wonderful fermented qualities of a maduro, but it won't knock you out of your seat.
5 out of 5
For the money........
For myself this is a great everyday stick for the buck! Love nthe flavor and the aroma and 99.99% of the time it burns long and even. On a recent 17 hour drive to FLA, it weas a 4 cigar trip. Not too shabby for the price!
3 out of 5
This is the second time I have ordered these and this batch is not as good as the first batch that I ordered. Also part of my order were free Moretti lighters, they are worth what I paid for, they don't work.
4 out of 5
Don't let the price turn you off!
I bought a box of these on a whim, mostly because of the price. My review, however, has nothing to do with these being inexpensive; PV Maduros are almost as good as the much more expensive counterparts. I like them so much I bought another box, and will be buying them again when I start running low. Here are the particulars: One light, even burn, cool smoke to the soggy nub, great flavor, and well constructed. They do require a few days in the humidor to be perfect, but still very smoke-able right out of the box. Again, if you compare them to their more expensive counterparts, they are four star smokes. If you factor in price, they are off the chart! At this price, buy a box and see for yourself; if you don't like them you can send them to me....
4 out of 5
Good low cost smoke!
Easy draw, nice flavor, minimal burn problems. Will purchase again.
5 out of 5
Cigars for my home walk in
This is a great cigar for sure will be in my top 5 that I will keep on hand at all time and on my travels also ...
5 out of 5
3 out of 5
OK daily smoker
Not the best maduro I have had but an OK daily smoker if you prefer full flavored cigars. No sticks but sometimes wrapper comes loose. Gets what you pays for.
4 out of 5
prime meridian
great valleys maduro's were so deep and delicious. the high quality of this cigar makes me truly wonder if they were surely made in the stratosphere
4 out of 5
marvelous maduro
this is a great stick for the $$$
4 out of 5
You cannot beat a decent maduro for the price. Good draw and even burn. Nice package and presentation.
2 out of 5
mixed feelings
Mixed feelings about this cigar. The price is great, the taste is great, and the cigar looks great. Problem is that the two I've had suffered from tunneling problems. They have been in humi for a week. The middle of cigar tunneled quite bad. I'm going to leave them in humidor for another month without cellophane wrapper so they can stabilize. I'm hoping it's a humidity problem caused by shipping and not construction problems. If it didn't tunnel and turn off, it would get a 4star review at least.
5 out of 5
Damn good smoke!
Easy draw, good taste and stays lit....what more could you want? Will buy again!
3 out of 5
Not terrific.. Not terrible..
Not a bad smoke- very good even burn- I'll give them that.. My primary issue was the lingering ammonia overtones which took most of the enjoyment away from smoking these cigars.. I'm guessing that a good rest in the humi will alleviate this issue.. Will I buy these again? Maybe.. I'll wait a couple of months and try the others and will make a decision then..
5 out of 5
Love them
4 out of 5
Hidden treasure
I enjoy searching the clearance items for hidden treasure. This is one. Not quite the "Dark Shark" but close. All the good features like construction, burn, consistancy with only slightly less flavor than the shark. Packaging is very nice too.
5 out of 5
My favorite Cigar
Best price ever
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Great Smoke!
I keep trying other cigars but for the money, this is a fantastic everyday smoke. I literally have never pulled a bad stick of these out of my humi!
4 out of 5
Nice Choice
I favor maduro wrapped robusto cigars and this one was a lucky find for me. I have never smoked Pioneer Valley cigars before but the description sounded like some fresh hand rolled cigars I had while visiting Tampa (Ybor City), FL. I checked out the reviews and thought it was hard to go wrong at the special price. I had a hard time waiting for the cigars to season in my humidor but after a week, I finally got to enjoy the first smoke and it was very nice. I did have a little trouble getting it to stay lit after the mid-point but I don't mind having to relight a couple of times if I am inattentive to the cigar and caught in a conversation. Well done CI! - Mike (Belleville, IL)
5 out of 5
pioneer valley maduro robusto
very good deal for the price point. smooth even and consistent smoke. A couple of the cigars in the 20 pack were just a little tight on the draw would be my only concern. I will order these again.
5 out of 5
PV Maduro
For me, a nice tasting, yard work smoking cigar. The price is also right.
5 out of 5
Pioneer Valley value
Here is an example of a pretty good cigar at a very good price point. The cigars are packed a little tight so the draw is a bit difficult. But they do burn evenly, are long filler, and taste great. They get a little harsh at the last two inches or so, but all cigars have that issue that I have smoked. You get a nice box (I use it as a travel humidor with a small humidification pack) and individually wrapped sticks. I've been buying these for the last year or so as I can't justify the cash for the expensive brands for everyday use. Try em you'll like em.
5 out of 5
Pioneer Valley surprise
My cigar group at work selected this low cost stick in our monthly meeting. ...what a nice surprise ! Nice medium maduro with a smooth, satisfying smoke...a clean, moist wrapper tops off this wonderfully smooth smoke....they don't stay in my humidor long
Customer Testimonials
I came across these; not sure what to expect. I found them pleasant with excellent construction. The cigar is dark, very dark for a maduro. A great mild to medium cigar with flavor you wouldn't expect at this price. I will be buying more letting a few rest for later.
"Just received my first box of robusto's, well made cigar, effortless and smooth draw, excellent flavor. Highly underrated cigar."
I got a 5 pack today because the wrapper was so dark. What a delicious underpriced stick! I have to get a few more for my cigar trading buddies at work. They are going to give me that funny what the hell look. This cigar burns very even with nice ash. A slow burner with plenty of time to enjoy a good stiff drink. CI as always amazes me on price and description. I love being a CI customer.
Incredibly impressed with these. These were one of the last boxes off my last order to try and I can't say enough good things about them. Excellent construction, many different flavors and notes that will surprise you from cigar to cigar, and a ridiculous price to boot. For around $30 a box you cannot beat this cigar.
This is a good cigar, but left in the humidor for at least 2 to 3 weeks. But overall it is something to try, and I'm already going to purchase more boxes in the near future.
I just got a box of these Maduros and smoked one. Great cigar at any price. The presentation is excellent. It comes in a cedar box (not wrapped in cellophane), each cigar is wrapped in a cedar sleeve and the an individual cellophane wrap. Since I am not in the $10 cigar club I search for quality cigars at my price. These are excellent, smoke great, and beat other more expensive cigars. I also like the Arganese Maduro, and, Dark Shark Maduro. No need to spend $150 to $200 per box. A cigar smoker since 1978.
Received my box of PV Maduro Torpedos in great condition. After a friend gave me a conn to try I read the reviews in the Maduro and gave it a try. Put them in humidor for a week before trying 1st one today. Great construction, smell, and feel. Pre light aroma was pretty damn good and wrapper was a beautiful oily Maduro with some veins. Cut about 3/8" off the cap and toasted it up. First impressions were mild, but flavorful. Toast and nuts is what I got with very little spice, but a nice tobacco flavor. Nice finish. Left a nice oily feel on lips between puffs. Burn was absolutely perfect. No touch ups needed here. Ash was literally 1.5-2" before it fell off. I smoked it down till there was literally 1" left. This is a finger burner for me. I am very pleased so far. Let's see how they develop as time goes on in the humidor. Great price for an every day.
Great smoke - smooth - even draw - good finish.
In my opinion (and we all know about opinions), one of the better smokes for the buck!
Two thumbs up! The taste is great, the burn is even. The only negative is the draw. These cigars are long filler and pretty densely packed. Not an easy draw, but acceptable for the price point and other qualities I do like. You can pretty much smoke them to the end without them being too harsh. With most other cheap cigars I've tried you have to stop around 3/4ths of the way through or put up with an unpleasant bitter ending.
Excellent cigar for the price. Medium in body and flavor. Not a complex cigar but something I can anjoy while golfing, fishing or just sitting on the back deck and if I have to put it out early I don't feel like I threw away $4.
These are my "go to" cigars. I can burn a robusto in about 40 minutes without "hurrying" it up too much. I like the fact that they come wrapped in a cedar spill that I use for lighting. I will always have at least 10 of these in my humidor.
Pleasantly surprised when I picked up a box of these. Wasn't sure what to expect. Hadn't heard much about these. Just wanted something different. These are worth a try...
This is a great cigar for the price. A very nice taste the entire way through. Burns well and good construction for these gems. Recommended as an everyday, dog walking, after work smoke.
Great smoke, really nice looking stick. Bought a box a while back on a daily special and was really surprised at how great they were. Passed a couple to some cigar snob buds that swear by $15 dollar smokes or better and they really liked them as well. Didn't even age them in my box. Recommend them highly.
OK so it was a maduro sampler weekend. At $1.50 each, (box price), the expectations were limited. In fact, they were one of those, "we can always send them back purchases". They are pretty darn good and for the price they are very good. Medium strength, nice construction, burn, flavor and draw. Art this price point you likely are prepared for much of nothing, but these will surprise you. Unless you can pick up something better, (5 Vegas Gold Maduro or Sancho Panza Double Maduro on sale, really discounted sale), you can't do better in the CI catalog than Pioneer Valley Maduros. Strongly suspect that if you give them a try you will buy them again.
Top 5 favorites. Very tasty.
Fine stick for the price. Reserved judgement after a half dozen smoked and they appear to taste and perform better each time. Best paired with coffee to complement the espresso and cocoa flavors present.
Pioneer Valley maduro is one of the best cigars you will ever find at this price.
Quality construction, full of flavor, at an insane price. Keep It Up You Guys!
One of the best inexpensive maduros on the market..Very consistant burn with a rich taste.
Best mild-medium bodied $2 or less maduro in all of cigarland. Toasty & creamy with some dark cocoa-like zing to make things interesting. Jump on these before they're gone. Prices like this on a cigar this good and consistent so rare. Not a complex or evolving smoke, but satisfying nonetheless. Hope this is a regular production cigar because I'd surely miss it if it ever goes away.
My best friend's dad let me have one about a month ago. I FELL IN LOVE! I ordered a box of my own and waiting for their arrival. The taste is as if I'm drinking a fresh cup of creamy coffee. NOTHING has fulfilled my crave for this cigar since smoking it! ORDER NOW!
My best friend's dad had a box of Torpedo's and let me try it about a month ago. After one taste I was craving the creamy coffee taste. He gave me one and I smoked it down to nothing. It held its flavor through and through, and since then I haven't smoked one that has "filled" my crave for the flavor this cigar provided. I ordered a box of Torpedo's for myself and at 40 bucks, it's a steal!
I bought a box. With some time (just a couple weeks) they are acceptable for the price. Very mild though, I usually like my maduros to have more body. I figure with a couple months in the humidor they will be really enjoyable. The price is right for what they are.
I purchased a box of Madura Toro Pioneer Valley Especiales and found them to be quite enjoyable. I set the last cigar aside in my humidor as a reminder to try them again. Two years went by and I finally lit up that last PV. It was still a great even burning smooth smoke just like I remembered them. Definately going to purchase another box of these cigars before they become popular and the price increase which is sure to follow.
True Story: I was smoking a Lil Monster ( Frank Jr) and I gave my cousin a P.V. Maduro from my 5 pack. I had yet to try one, so I took a puff of her P.V. ( don't give that etiquette crap) and I was shocked! After I finished my Lil monster, I polished of a pioneer valley Maduro. I'm going to smoke another today, and if its as good as it was last night...a box will be order 2 Day!!
I have had three of these now. They are a great cigar in every since of the term GREAT!!! I have been yet to find soft spots; they flavor is medium with a coffee to dark chocolate like at first then the last half progresses to leather, peppery flavor with some hints of cedar. The ash is very strong, too. The only questionable spot is that of appearance (which weighs very low on my list of a cigar snobbery). They are a little rough looking but for the price who cares, right!
I didn't care for this first. I normally don't smoke maduros but decided I wanted something a little different so I pulled the trigger on a box of toros because of the great price. I was immediately taken back by the quality of construction and the density of these smokes. They seem solid, but not a tough draw at all. Anyway, the first few I didn't care for, HOWEVER I'm not sure if they grew on me, or if a couple months in the humi did wonders or what, but man they sure are wonderful!!! I burn them down beyond the nub, right up till I can't hold on to it anymore! What a wonderful smoke! If you like maduros(or are looking for a variation on your normal smoke), grab a box and give 'em a month or two in the humi, you won't be disappointed!
Just bought another 2 box's they are a great smoke. Burn good right down to the nub. Hope they don't raise the price's on these. They are one of my new every day smoke's. I'am going to put my higher priced cigar's away for awhile and smoke these. CI did it again. Like they say make hay while the sun shines.
a great every day smoke!!! Decent flavor profile lots of smoke and well worth the price !!!!
Two words for you: Finger burner! I've smoked two of the torpedoes and both were superb! Great maduro flavor and even burn. They will definitely be part of my rotation. I smoked them both to the nub!
I think this one is a fine cigar offering an excellent draw, even burn and very pleasant flavour. It seemed to me to start out quite gentle and picked up strength as it went along. Certainly a good value.
Darn good stogie,for a damn good price its a real no-brainer,buy a box ,smoke and enjoy.Yokazuna!!!