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Omar Ortez Maduro

The powerhouse value of the year.

The follow-up to the 90-rated Omar Ortez Originals is here, Honduran Maduro. Instead of going the puro route, this time you'll find a diverse, multi-country array of tobaccos for a full-bodied, complex cigar. The core is composed of bold Nicaraguan and Panamanian long-fillers, secured within a feisty Mexican binder. Hugging this stout core in place, a dark and oily Nicaraguan maduro wrapper. The profile is strong yet balanced, as a dense series of rich tobacco, toasted oak, and hearty spices shine through the highly satisfying bouquet. It's not for the faint of heart, but it sho' is good. 

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Robusto Grande (5.0"x54)
Box of 20 In Stock $87.40
save $8.4110% off
Robusto Grande (5.0"x54)
Pack of 5 In Stock $20.50
Toro (6.0"x54)
Box of 20 In Stock $92.80
save $8.819% off
Torpedo (6.1"x52)
Box of 20 In Stock $98.20
save $9.219% off
Torpedo (6.1"x52)
Pack of 5 In Stock $23.50
Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 Based on 6 Ratings

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5 out of 5
5 out of 5
One of my favorite and
One of my favorite and will always buy them. A little pricey for what they are.
5 out of 5
Padron is VERY nervous !!!!
These Omar Ortez sticks are some of the best I've tasted. I compare smoking one to enjoying a bar of the world's finest chocolate. Super Smooth, with notes of coffee, Cream, Cocoa, and so consistently excellent, they make Padron nervous. They are one of the few to get MY 5-Star rating, in score I'd give them a 97% These Omar Ortez's push the Rocky Patel Edge (although good) off to the side. OMAR HAS ANOTHER CUSTOMER.
5 out of 5
Coastal musings
Wow. What a surprise! Excellent construction consistent and great taste. Low side of full but smooth. I like it better than RP edge.
4 out of 5
a really good smoke
Omar Ortiz maduro is a great under the radar smoke, it has a great earthy, leathery, and a fantastic burn. Check these out, a great bargain by any cigar Guru connoisseur. Give them a try. A.H. Cameron Mills N.Y.
3 out of 5
Omar Ortez Maduro Torpedo
I've been smoking Omars for about 10 years--first discovered the chests of 60. I find them to be consistently tasty with notes of cocoa, nuts & cream. Good construction means they always smoke well & they are still reasonably priced. Very remindful of The Edge. 3 stars.
Customer Testimonials
Impressive at this price range.
Nice rich creamy taste of chocolate/coffee. Love these!
I've been smoking cigars for over 15 years. In that time I've gone through the normal progression. Started out mostly with mild to medium tastes then progressed to desiring more full body experiences. I soon began to seek out the latest and greatest according to experts in the field. Price was seldom an issue as I endeavored to find that elusive "best" cigar. It wasn't too long that I realized what most aficionados already knew. There was no perfect stick. While I still clamor for ultra premium, best in category sticks, I've gotten longer in the tooth and shorter in the wallet. With 2 girls in college and 2 more almost there, it satisfies me immensely to find a brand that tastes delicious, is well crafted and is economical as well. Omar Ortez is one of those brands for me. Guys, if you are looking for an everyday smoke that also serves well as a fine after dinner cigar, I highly recommend the Ortez. Beautifully made and glorious to burn! Do yourself a favor and try these. I can't imagine you'd be disappointed. Just don't try them too often. They are a hidden gem with an incredible price point. I'd love for them to stay that way.
Great cigar, like the Originals, however maybe you can offer in box of 20 like the Originals. 60 is a large box.
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