Oliveros Gran Retorno Connecticut Cigars
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Oliveros Gran Retorno Connecticut

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Rafael Nodal does it again!

I’m a big fan of Connecticut wrappers. Sure, the industry may hype up large, full-bodied cigars, but believe me, mellow blends outperform everything else by a mile. However, it can be hard to do one right. The best mellow cigar is weak in strength, but filled with flavor and character. And if it complements my cup of coffee in the morning, even better. The Oliveros Gran Retorno Connecticut is a blend that easily satisfies all three of these conditions, and one every cigar enthusiast should check out.

What we’ve got here is a Honduran Connecticut wrapper, lovingly draped over a Honduran Habano binder, and a mixture of Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Dominican fillers. It’s a bit of a stronger concoction than your typical Connecticut, but the blend pays off in dividends. Delicious flavors of sweet coffee, earth, and a bit of spice create a delicious first cigar of the day. You owe it to yourself to try this one. 

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