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Man O' War Puro Authentico

Puro Authentico is the personal blend of Man O’ War creator AJ Fernandez. Previously reserved for only his consumption, AJ has finally broken down and agreed to share MOW Puro Authentico’s goodness with all. Small in size, but massive in flavor, this full-bodied, full-flavored firecracker will send you into sensory overload. A dark Esteli-grown Habano ligero wrapper is jam-packed with as many Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-leaf ligeros as humanly possible....producing a Corona unlike any you've had before.

And now, Puro Authentico comes in maduro too, adding a bold, rich element to this already heady blend.

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Belicoso (Belicoso) (4.5"x50)
Box of 10 In Stock $80.00
save $15.0119% off
Belicoso Maduro (Belicoso) (4.5"x50)
Box of 10 In Stock $80.00
save $15.0119% off
Corona (Corona) (5.0"x42)
Box of 10 In Stock $75.00
save $15.0120% off
Corona Maduro (Corona) (5.0"x42)
Box of 10 Out Of Stock $75.00
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Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 Based on 36 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Man O' War Puro Authentico”

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5 Star
4 out of 5
4 Star
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Showing 1-50 of 81 Reviews
5 out of 5
Everyday smoke
Excellent full body cigar boldness and Woody..
5 out of 5
One of my favorite cigars
It's hard to keep them in humidor when I have the man of war Puro authentico Corona in there I just keep picking it above the rest if I don't it's because I don't want to run out !!!
4 out of 5
nice little firecracker
Would have got 5 stars if the draw was a little looser but otherwise a perfectly pleasant cigar with nice flavors and aged/smooth tasting smoke.
5 out of 5
Excellent perfect size cigar
Excellent perfect size cigar
5 out of 5
Great little firecracker that packs a big punch!
Strong peppery flavors from the get-go! Not for the faint of heart, but a well constructed, even burning cigar. Recommended.
5 out of 5
These are my go to. No complaints. Exactly as advertised.
5 out of 5
Man of War Pura Authentico really iew
What a great cigar! Another great cigar by A.
4 out of 5
A little too strong
Although it burned smooth and was an enjoyable smoke I found the smoke to be a little too strong for my taste.
3 out of 5
A little harsh
These are a good smoke just a little harsh for my tastes..(
4 out of 5
Great cigar
Smooth, good flavor, easy draw and good construction.
5 out of 5
Puro authentico
On the strong side👍🏼.... good size...90 min. smoke.... take your time!
5 out of 5
SPICY, Toasty, Leathery, Sweet Notes
Corona size -- WOW do these things pack some spice in the beginning! The strength of it is definitely full-bodied. Each puff is pretty toasty. Combined with that is a balanced and noticeable amount of leather, and some sweetness as it burns to an end. It is not the sweetness of caramel, or a "warming" tasting sweetness -- if you (hopefully) understand what I mean. All other qualities: -Aroma smelt spicy, but also very leathery. -Draw was absolutely perfect. Doesn't require too much effort, but allows minimal effort. -Burned perfectly even. Nearly a perfect burn ring. -Construction was flawless. Not a single flaw. Great cigar. Glad they come in only 10 because a box of 20 would be a bit much, for me at least. 8/10 recommend
5 out of 5
Who knew
Wow! These little Coronas pack a punch. Great flavor and aroma. Have seat and enjoy one.
4 out of 5
Nice smoke
Nice smoke
4 out of 5
puro authentico
good full cigar 2 of the 10 had very tight draw and I gave up around the half way point. the other 8 were very good and left me wishing they were a little bigger
4 out of 5
Man of war Belicoso Maduro
Good smoke, however when I got the cigars they appeared to be a little dry the first couple burned rather quickly. But when they sat in my humidor for a while they burned a little bit slower.
5 out of 5
Well worth the price.
Fantastic smokes! Even burn, good flavor; I will definitly buy another.
5 out of 5
Very good smoke! Highly advise trying them.
5 out of 5
Man O War Puro Authentico
Great cigar!! Especially for when you don't have long period of time to enjoy a cigar.
5 out of 5
Quickly became my go to daily smoke! power, flavor and packaged in a quick smoke!
5 out of 5
Strength and flavor that FAR outweigh the size of this little stick! Any full-bodied fiend will eat this up.You owe it to yourself to step out on the ledge for this one.
3 out of 5
Man O What???
Man O War Puro started out pretty good. After smoking 1/3 off it, it went sour. It went bland and tasteless. I smoked 1 more a few weeks later, thinking I had a bad one but, the same results. I was very disappointed with this Puro. Will not be reordering this cigar again..
1 out of 5
Too strong
Really nice box and presentation, however these coronas are way too strong to enjoy. I am a seasoned cigar smoker and can handle just about anything out there but there is absolutely nothing special about this blend. So strong that there is no flavor transitions or taste variations whatsoever. If you enjoy lucky strike non filter cigarettes than this one's for you!
4 out of 5
Holy smokes!
Don't be fulled by its size, this is one powerful smoke. From first draw it backs huge power and overtones of cocoa and earth and mellows out for a smooth and very enjoyable summer smoke.
5 out of 5
A surprisingly mighty little firecracker that smokes long, for a corona. Full bodied and very inexpensive for its power, pedigree and construction. Espresso, a bit of cocoa, and nice spice. I'll keep these in rotation.
3 out of 5
Not my favorite.
Small ring size and too strong for me.
5 out of 5
Always great service
Thanks for all the good smokes you guys have always been fabulous
5 out of 5
Pound for pound champion!
This cigar is outstanding! It needs a little time in the humidor (2 weeks) before smoking to get the full complements of flavors this cigar has to offers. Smoking the day it comes in wont hurt, but have some patients, and you won't be sorry!
5 out of 5
Man O' War Puro Authentico Corona
These Cigars you will never regret buying it. I'm in love again :-)
5 out of 5
Very smooth and long lasting. Just the way I like them.
4 out of 5
puro authentico maduro
I prefer the natural authenticos to the matures but they are not bad. They have a pleasing aroma and lots of black coffee notes along with some dark chocolate. There isn't the pepper and spice note that the naturals have. Construction and burn are very good. I recommend 30 days in your humidor prior to trying. They seem to get better as they sit longer in my humidor. Good for a change up but the naturals are my #1 cigar of choice at this time in my cigar life.
5 out of 5
Excellent cigar
A real winner from AJ Fernandez!
5 out of 5
Cant beat it
best cigar for the price going to order a couple boxes when the wife lets me
5 out of 5
A good buy
Just ran out of my first box. Perfect smoke for grilling, nice even burn and taste great Def going to order another box soon.
5 out of 5
Best smoke at this price.
Best smoke at this price.
5 out of 5
WOW! Great things do come in small packages. Don't let the size fool ya'! This is a flavorful stick that tastes amazing from start to finish.
Customer Testimonials
Amazing!!! Couldn't believe this was a corona size, the flavour is enormous, and so is the aroma. Ambrosia is the best way I can describe this beautiful smoke. When you watch the smoke ascend, you can't blame God for being greedy to want to smell it. Jealousy however is permitted.
Like the other Man O'War cigars, this one is so beautifully balanced that even if you like milder cigars, this will be a great experience. So flavorful-other reviewers have described it, and the staff review, as usual, is spot on. Go read it. This cigar is a pure delight. I see why Mr. Fernandez kept this for his private stock for so long! I'd hoard these, too. Small is just fine, here, because this stick has strength and beauty, both. Stop reading this and order! I hope CI stocks these for a long time!
After seeing the initial ash I decided to have a long ash contest with myself. Made it to the band before it fell. Not just a great cigar, great construction too.
Bought some of these put them in the humidor. Wanted to wait 6 months but couldn't. 2 months later and tried the first .... WOW. Amazing corona. If the regular sized mMan O War is a bit heavy for you this may be perfect; it is for me. Well done, AJ
Holy crap, what a great cigar. Makes me rethink what a corona should be. I'm putting 5 in the vault, what will 6 months produce?
OK It's Minus 1 with a wind chill of minus 15 here today in Chicago. I've been waiting for the right day to try this MOW Authentico. I love smoking outside, but on a day like this, well, it has to be quick. I bought these treasures for a day just like this. How lucky can a guy be! Just like espresso, single malt, and dark choc. Thank you CI for bring the best cigars to us.
There are few cigars that you will be able to call a benchmark in your life. For me, this was one of them. The strongest cigar I've ever had the pleasure of smoking yet certainly not the harshest. This tops even San Cristobal. I have never liked Coronas or anything skinnier than a Robusto. That's now changed! Imagine standing at the edge of an herbaceous brush fire, so intense you almost want to step away, yet so delicious you'd be insane not to stay. This is a full on assault of herbs, strong fresh cut dark and sweet woods, what sums up to dark powerful tobaccos and a sweetness that keeps me sniffing and sighing with content. Don't worry about the size, this lasted me almost a full hour! And I had brought this along with me on a trip for a "quickie", yeah right! That's what I call a good disappointment. This little pretty bellowed out more copious amounts of delicious thick smoke then even supposed thicker overcompensating hand cannons have. Where is it all coming from? I don't have to know, just keep it coming!
WOW is not the best word to describe this stick! I am currently enjoying the maduro version which I hope these are served in Heaven, cause right now angels are singing!
I am back to review the Habano ligero wrapped version of this stick. After enjoying a full box of the maduro version and now a few sticks into my box of regulars, I have to say, WOW! Both of these are fabulous little vitolas. My preference is for the maduro, but the Habano ligero is delicious as well, full flavored and full-bodied for 45mins of complete contentment. I always seem to burn these to my fingertips. I am a big fan of Toro and Robusto sizes but these are perfect the way they are, maybe a 6.5x42 just to extend the enjoyment. Excellent smoke and definitely a box buy recommendation on these.
Puro Authentico. Holy cow, what a fabulous cigar! Perfect construction, incredibly easy draw, and a fantastic, unique flavor. I have tried hundreds of brands/blends and I can't come up with another cigar to compare this with. I've smoked quite a few of these, (every one down to the nub) and they normally last about 1 hr. If you're thinking these will be a good quick smoke, think again. These just beg to be savored slowly. I recently had one that had a slightly firmer draw than normal, but it was still an easy draw and lasted 70 min. To the reviewer who wants these in toro size I say emphatically NO!!! Don't mess with the awesome flavor profile. If anything, just make them an inch or two longer, but keep the 42 ring size. And I am a toro smoker myself (about 75-80% of my cigars are toros or even larger).
Maduro is incredible! Complex taste some spice, cedar, coffee, notes rich very old tobacco flavors twoard the end of this stick without the typical end of stick sharpness or the sour nub effect. Razor sharp burn all the way, perfect draw. Enjoyed this puro and will be buying to have back stock of this gem. Super interesting smoke for a little stick, especially the cool burn for its size.
Although a little pricey for the size and length of smoke, these puros are rich and delicious vitolas. I picked up a box of the maduros and couldn't wait to try them. So, after only one day in the humi and with the encouragement of my cigar buddy who was intrigued by the AJ Fernandez story behind these smokes, (check out Brock's staff review), I broke out a pair and we sat down with a couple after-work beers to relax. We both agreed, the flavors were plentiful, the ligeros fillers gave this corona plenty of strength, draw was very easy and produced copious amounts of thick, wonderfully aromatic smoke. Never harsh or bitter, I think a larger size might have made my head swim. Overall, a fantastic little cigar if you don't have a couple hours to spend on a big ring. This will be a permanent resident in the humi, ready for those short sessions, and I will definitely reorder... You owe it to yourself to check this one out, I am also very interested in trying the regular Habano ligero wrapped version. Happy herfing!
Got one of these in a sampler pack at CigarFest 2014, wasn't sure what it was called at first but it was easily my favorite cigar I smoked throughout the event. I'll be buying more of these soon! The blend was perfect, nice even draw that never got harsh, and it lasted considerably longer than I would have guessed given it's size.
Great cigar !!! Will def buy again !!!
Man O War........smoked a lot of cigars. This line has never let me down. You don't have to believe me, cause I just smoke em to enjoy em. I'll say it again. Man O War. Go smoke something else so I can have em all. You're all lucky i'm not rich.
I'm a big fan of very full bodied cigars. This cigar after sitting in the humidor for a couple days had a very oily quality. Lighting it up brought generous plumes of smoke, very flavorful instantly. I love a cigar that has very thick and rich smoke to it all the way through. It required no maintenance, burned very clean and even all the way through. Ash stayed in tact very well insulating the heat. The main flavors I got from this cigar were pepper and leather. It instantly became a go to for me, especially for the price. A good burn time, around 45's a perfect day to day cigar for someone who loves a full bodied flavor. One of the best I've had for the price it goes for.
I like the big ring. But this is a nice smoke. Great burn, great ash, great flavor. Sweet ,easy cigar. This Man O War line is becoming one of my favorites. I hear that all the time. So just try one, or two, or three....nuf said.
Amazing cigar! Small in size, this cigar packs a heavy punch. If you enjoy a dark cigar that you can smoke in an hour this is a great choice for you.
These were smaller than I pictured, but they are absolutely delicious little spiceballs for sure. I love them.
Simply the best cigar I have ever smoked. Pure flavor, perfect burn, spicy and strong. The best. If you know of others equal to this, I would love to hear it.
Man O' Man! This little corona packs a punch. I am more of a "mild to medium" cigar guy, so the Puro Authentico is not exactly in my wheel house. Still, every now and again, when I'm ready for a real strong, full-bodied smoke I do enjoy this stick.
A must buy if you like quality cigars without breaking the bank. It's one of the best cigars I have smoked in my life time, period. If MOW Puro Authentico was a woman, I would marry her; just to continually get the slightly bitter and oily taste at the tip of the cigar at almost every puff. I love it, I love it, I love it........AJ Fernendez you do not know what you've just started...this marriage will last till the heavenly bell beacons. Thanks AJ you are truly a Master craftsman.
been through a 1/2 dozen boxes of these so far and they are as strong as all get out. 1st one gave me a headache 10 mins in. I realize why they're corona only; any bigger and you'd die from a nicotine overdose ;)
The amount of flavor this stick packs is amazing......pepper, spice, sweetness, earth and a ton of smoke with an easy draw. Don't let the corona size fool you, this cigar packs a nice punch. Wonderful!
I have tried numerous cigars. Most just didn't get me that excited about smoking. Been there, done that. Don't let the corona size fool you. Still a good size that has a great taste. Peppery when you retrohale, but barely noticeable otherwise. The flavor is very addictive. The nic is just right. Won't knock you out. It has such a good taste with No bitterness. I usually don't make recommendations, but this is an AJ winner! Better then the rest of his lines. Very pleased!
If you like the regular Puro Authentico, try the maduro. A perfect cigar got better!
Simply epic! This little gem should have been Cigar Aficionado's # 1 cigar of the year! By far the best corona I have ever smoked!
"NO SOLICITATION HERE".... Because only my wife is now keeping count,:) ... just went for boxes 6 and 7 ...and " THE HITS JUST KEEP ON COMING ". ... :)
Full-bodied ligero goodness! A little harsh straight out of the box, but complex and vibrant nonetheless. Spicy and floral. If you you're looking for an intense smoke in a small package, this is perfect for you.
As a full body fanatic, I am always looking for the next killer cigar, the strongest cigar I ever smoked that lived up to the hype was the Camacho coyalar black, Man that thing had hair on it, A few that didn't live up to the hype for strength, The Cu Avana Punisher for one, though still a nice medium full smoke, But the Man O War Puro is a M-80 for sure, First cigar in long time that made me sweat, I was on an empty stomach, but I smoke plenty of full body cigars that way, I had to hit the McDonald's drive thru to bounce back, I have since smoked many more of these after dinner, and I must say, it may be my favorite cigar now, I have had to rethink my anti corona attitude, A solid 40 minute smoke too. If your a big Macanudo smoker, be careful, this will probably kill you.
Incredible. From the box they come in down to the last half inch of finished cigar.
J.L.- A.K.A...The Terminator is back again ...I'm now expecting my "THIRD BOX" of these fabulous Puro Authentico's by A.J. Fernandez any moment now !!! ...My Dear wife just placed the order for THE Box-Combination plus the delicious free 5 pack of Man-O-War Figuardo's , just last night A GREAT PAIRING- NOW THAT'S LOVE!...They truly are the tastiest and most satisfying Corona's...A.J. - I hope you listening... because my next dream is how about an offer of the same wonderful LIGERO Puro's in a "TORO" size ??? A subtle hint for more of the enjoyment given and one lasting longer to give me more reason's sit out on my balcony at night and watch the stars :) ...C.I. (PLEASE) keep these phenoms in stock - Thank you !
This is your chance to really indulge in a phenomenal experience with a top-quality Habano wrapper cigar from A.J. Fernandez. The diminutive size really accentuates the wrapper while still producing a ton of smoke. Full-bodied and peppery out of the gate but soon envelops you in well-balanced complexities of deep tobacco flavors including leather, nuts and slight sweetness with a long finish that coats your mouth. Ignore the warnings about the strength of this cigar: enjoy it slowly and you will want another. A thoroughbred from the A.J. stable, don't miss it.
The offers from C.I. just keep getting better and better. A.J. Fernandez's offerings of the superb blends going into MAN-O-WAR Cigars -has left his mark on me! up, Man-o- War Ruination...notched it to the next level and was truly Outstanding and Full Bodied...Now with my latest purchase of Man-O-War's "Puro Authentico",...I'm "almost speechless, this is now my ultimate favorite and I want more, real soon...Will Mr. Fernandez offer varying sizes ? Hmmmm, that is the question. if not size, "DOESN'T MATTER HERE" Full Bodied and very satisfying...This Puro cigar is everything and more. Keep these in stock the terminator..."I'll Be Back".
In this case size does not matter. The Man O' War Puro Authentico is a spicy powerhouse with tons of flavor in a small package. Fans of mild cigars beware, smoking this cigar will probably cause hallucinations. Fans of medium bodied cigars should give it a try on a full stomach and not drive or operate heavy machinery after smoking. Fans of fuller bodied cigars will go into a Zen like state. It really is well balanced smoke and the flavors keep changing as it progresses. Heavy spice on the front end then it settles down with more leather and a tobacco sweetness. Superb draw and a straight cool burn. I have smoked all to a nub and hated to see them end. Worth the money.
"OUTSTANDING" If I had only one word to say about this cigar. Just enjoyed my 1st MOW Puro Authentico....Delivery arrived today from a daily deal. Now I always put the cigars in humidor to settle down from the journey but could not wait to try it. Well, this is one of the best cigars I have tried this year. I could see this cigar being a top 25 pick, it is that damm good. The construction is flawless and the burn was incredibly even. Dark wrapper with some oil that glistened in the late light of the evening. Opening burst of spice, then settles in to a sweet creamy smoke although I still get a bit of spice through the nose. As we all know AJ has been on a roll this year with the San Latano, Ave Maria, San Miguel and Morro Castle. This cigar is the best of them all, and I enjoy each of them. Treat yourself or a buddy to this cigar. You will enjoy it.
Can't really agree with the other reviews. It's not bad, but all I really get out of it is pepper. Pepper, pepper and more pepper. Occasionally, some wood and leather pops in but mostly just pepper. If a full-bodied pepper bomb is what you're after, than this is it, but otherwise stick with the standard MOW. I do have two more that I'm going to let rest to see if it changes anything, but until then I won't be picking up any more of these, especially at the regular price.
WOW! This little firecracker has TONS of flavor with a spicy kick like no other! It's definitely one of my new favorites! Thanks AJ for allowing us to enjoy these lil jewels!
This is a HUGE cigar in a very small package! I had my first one the day after having my first Ruination, and the diminutive Puro Authentico corona blew its big brother away. Superb.
I was in the CI Superstore a few weeks ago checking out the new goods. I was talking with some of the staff when we wandered by the new AJ Fernandez Puro Authentico. They were raving about the cigar, throwing superlatives left and right. I had no choice but to pick up three sticks for a test run. Within a week I'd burned all three. I have to say it-- everything they promised was true. Great balanced flavor, perfect burn and tons of smoke. Even with the smaller size (corona) this cigar packs a punch and lasts almost an hour. I plan to put a few boxes in my humidor as soon as possible!
just finishing up one of these now and i must say its a wonderful smoke! starts off very strong,spicy and peppery and pretty much kicked my a$$ at the start lol. but it certainly mellowed out a bit in the 2nd and 3rd thirds. definetly smoke with food in your stomach. i must say its very enjoyable and would totally recomend. happy herfing!
I am not one who writes reviews but felt compelled to do so after having this gem of a cigar. If I could sum it up in one word it would be "exquisite". I am a fan of full bodied cigars in general and love the MOW line so for me this was a must try, even though I was skeptical about its small size. Let me tell you, this little corona will knock your socks off! It burns incredibly slow and cool and easily lasts 40-50 minutes. Upon lighting you are hit with an intense spice that could rival that of the ruination; and produces thick, dense, billowing clouds of smoke. Sweet leathery flavors and aromas are prominent throughout the entire cigar and never becomes harsh. About the halfway mark the spice eases up and more sweet notes come to the foreground. This is without a doubt my new favorite; a flavor bomb that is smooth and full of complexity. If you are a fan of full bodied cigars this is a must try and worth every penny.
I stopped by CI over the weekend and saw this little bad boy sitting by the cash register and I threw one into my pile of cigars. I enjoyed an Ave Maria and them decided to try this MOW. WOW is all I can say, this may be a small cigar (5.0X42) but it packs a punch. I smoked the cigar down to almost burning my fingers. Right before I left CI I decided to purchase two more to enjoy at a latter time. If you like MOW cigars, do yourself a favor and pick some up.
Just nubbed a MOW Puro Authentico ... in a word ... WOW! my new favorite MOW ... great flavors and nice power ... AJ is a master ... I am not a big corona guy...but I am craving another.

Man O' War Puro Authentico


It sounds almost boastful to say, but I have had the pleasure of smoking each & every cigar brand & line that we carry in our retail stores.  If you take a look at our “Big List of Brands” section of our website you’ll notice that we have a list of 576 BRANDS that we sell online – plus we have quite a lengthy list of “in-store-only” cigars…not to mention the brands that we no longer carry.  The list of closeouts alone that we’ve handled over the 10+ years that I’ve been in the business has got to be in the 1,000’s, not to mention all of the sample blends that I get to “test” for research & development...most of which never even become production cigars.  Then there are the feeble attempts that I’ve made at blending cigars, using my vast knowledge of all the different types of tobaccos at my disposal during trips to Central America (not a-one has ever made it into production by the way – it’s a lot harder than most of you would think to put together the right 5 or 6 tobacco leaves in order to get a well-balanced cigar that’s actually smokeable, let alone tastes anywhere near good.)  So after a few quick calculations (using fingers and toes for this one) I can honestly tell you that I’ve tried about 4,321 different, unique blends of cigars in my career.  That equates to just over 8 different cigars per week….for over 10 years!  Man, my job is demanding sometimes, but someone’s got to do it!

So where am I going with this, you ask?  Well let me tell you.  It ain’t all fun & games trying all these different cigars day-in & day-out.  Sure, I’m constantly trying new stuff, but a lot of times the cigars I’m trying are pure dog-rockets or they are “prototypes” so strong or unbalanced that I sometimes almost lose my lunch after “testing” them.  Once in a while I’ll get a real treat when I try something new, but more times than not I’ve been let down by so many new cigars.  And then, of course I have my favorites which vary from 5 Vegas, Perdomo, Oliva (Studio Tobac) & A.J. Fernandez – it seems some of these guys just can’t make a bad cigar.  Their background in tobacco cultivation, curing, buying/selling & acquiring the best of the best of the tobaccos that are available today are one thing, but their ability to put those tobaccos together in a way that delivers a perfectly balanced cigar from start to finish demonstrates their love of the leaf & pure brilliance that they possess.

Out of all the blenders in this industry, A.J. Fernandez stands out for me.  He apprenticed in Cuba for many years under the legendary Cuban Master-Blender, Alejandro Robaina (Godfather of Cuban Tobacco.)  A lot of my favorites come from his blends, such as Man O’ War, Man O’ War Ruination, Diesel, La Herencia Cubana, Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet, Ave Maria, and many more.  Out of all of A.J.’s phenomenal blends I’ve enjoyed over the last few years nothing stands out to me quite as much as his latest release, The Man O’ War Puro Authentico.  This cigar was THE BLEND, in THE SIZE that A.J. himself smoked on an everyday basis.  On one of our buyers’ many trips to Nicaragua someone finally convinced A.J. to let him sample one of his own, personal cigars (right out of A.J.’s pocket) & as soon as he fired it up he knew that CI needed this cigar to be available to our customers.  So after some serious wheeling & dealing A.J. started production of this blend for the Man O’ War line & it was aptly named “Puro Authentico.”

Now for the Review:

So I finally got my hands on my very own 10-count boxes for the Downtown Bethlehem retail shop & I feel like a kid on Christmas finding his first bike under the tree.  They’re really nifty slide-out 10-count boxes, and I immediately opened one up, pulled a cigar out from the loose tobacco that gently holds them in place & with much gusto fired it right up.  I was instantly in love!  As the shaggy foot of Esteli Nicaraguan wrapper leaf blasted me with intense Habano ligero goodness I knew I was in for a real treat.  FULL, intense, rich spicy-sweet flavor for the first few puffs & then I got into the “meat” of the cigar where the whole blend of all kinds of Nicaraguan Ligeros started burning harmoniously & the complexity was amazing for such a powerful cigar.  I was tasting every single thing I love about Nicaraguan tobacco in this one little corona sized cigar.  Sweet-spiciness, hints of leather with rich, almost creamy smoke plumes all around me.  I finished the first one in about 45 minutes, and I was truly amazed at how long this seemingly small cigar lasted me.  I quickly fired up another and I swear it was better than the one I just finished.  Within that same day I had so many customers ask me what cigar I was enjoying so much & after telling them what I had I sold through almost 3 entire boxes of singles that very day.  Joey B. from Wanaque, NJ (a longtime friend & customer of CI) happened to be in the shop that day & after trying one out with me, ended up going home with 3 boxes that very same day.  Prior to his introduction to the Puro Authentico, Joey B’s all-time favorite cigar was Drew Estate’s Dirty Rat.  Now, at half the price of the Dirty Rats he’s found a new favorite & they are widely available now (and like I said, AT HALF THE PRICE.)

If you’re a fan of full-bodied, full-flavored cigars with a lot of complexity then this cigar is a MUST TRY for you.  I’m amazed that these cigars are under 6 buck each.  Gotta be one of the best-buys of the year!  I’ve already filled up all the empty room in my humidor at home with these sweet little 10-count boxes so get yours now before more people find out about them.

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