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Leon Jimenes

Easy on the eyes and palate....and at CI it’s easy on the wallet too.

A relentlessly consistent blend from one of the premier cigar factories in the world. Made in the La Aurora factory - oldest in the Dominican Republic (1903) - Leon Jimenes are handmade with special light Connecticut shade leaf wrappers, along with a well-aged recipe of Cuban-seed Dominican long leaf tobaccos. Meticulously constructed, the result is a consistently flavorful, medium-bodied taste and pleasant aroma. Just roll one of these beauties between your forefinger and thumb to see why their always highly rated and a winner day-in, day-out.

Leon Jimenes received a well-deserved 90-rating noting: "This cigar has a great balance. It is filled with a rich, coffee bean flavor, and hints of nuts. It has an overall cedary character, but a slight dry woody finish."

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#1 (Presidente) (7.5"x50)
Pack of 5In Stock$36.00
#2 (Churchill) (7.0"x47)
Box of 25Only 1 Left$182.00
save $18.0110% off
#2 (Churchill) (7.0"x47)
Pack of 5In Stock$34.50
#3 (Lonsdale) (6.5"x42)
Box of 25Out Of Stock$158.00
save $16.0110% off
#3 (Lonsdale) (6.5"x42)
Pack of 5In Stock$30.00
#5 (Corona) (5.0"x38)
Pack of 5Out Of Stock$26.00  
Belicoso (6.2"x52)
Box of 25In Stock$186.00
save $18.6010% off
Gran Corona (Toro) (6.5"x50)
Box of 25Only 2 Left$174.00
save $18.0110% off
Gran Corona (Toro) (6.5"x50)
Pack of 5Only 4 Left$33.00
Robusto (5.5"x50)
Box of 25In Stock$170.50
save $17.5110% off
Overall Rating4.09 out of 5 Based on 11 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Leon Jimenes”

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4 out of 5
Leon Jimenez
Good cigar, good value !
5 out of 5
Good every day cigar
Good every day cigar
4 out of 5
5 out of 5
Great cigar Leon Jimenes
I smoke mostly full-bodied cigars, but I also like a bit of variety. Bought a box of Churchills about 4 months ago, and I'm just loving smoking these cigars! Very smooth but also very tasty, a unique taste I've not encountered in any other cigar. They also have enough oomph to hold my interest all the way to the nub. Well-constructed, nice, easy draw, and burns slowly & evenly. All in all, a great cigar and a good value, too.
5 out of 5
Great place for cigars
Of all the potential places to get cigars on line Cigars International is by far the best with lowest prices,best quality and fastes delivery. I have tried them all and no other comes close to Cigars International
3 out of 5
Leon jimenes only so so.
Leon jimenes only so so. I also ordered Indios which were outstanding.
1 out of 5
Fell in love with this brand some 15+ years ago on a trip to Bermuda. The one I smoked I threw away halfway through it. Wrapped way too loose and left a dry dirty taste in your mouth. Nothing even remotely enjoyable about it. Threw the others in the corner of the humidor. Figured I'd try another in a year or so. Never again!!!
5 out of 5
Leon Jimenz still reigns for the mild-medium smoker
Last time I bought Leon Jimenez, they came in a bundle of 5-1/2x42 coronas--the ideal size for me. Can't seem to find 'em any more so went for the #5 corona in a 5-pack. Very excellent. Had a smooth draw, slightly rustic construction, but a great subtle mild-medium flavor and ample smoke. And the #5 has a nice price point. Try these.
3 out of 5
Leon Jimenes
I bought a box of these without trying them first, but liked the Aurora 107 and thought I'd give these a try. They are OK, but hoenstly seemed to have dried out as a number have had the wrapper cracked as I smoked them. Not a bad medium strength, everyday cigar, but I don't think I would order another box of these again. I like the Aurora 107 more than these.
5 out of 5
A great smoke..
A quality cigar that pushes all the right buttons. Mild, but no pushover. Only complaint-put them on sale occasionally so I can afford to buy more.
5 out of 5
Very impressed
Went with the consensus on this one and glad I did. First rate smoke. Mild yet flavorful. Shared one with an experienced smoker and he concurred. Need them to go on a deeper sale to make it a "regular versus a treat"
Customer Testimonials
I bought a bundle of Leon Jimenes when they were on closeout from another web purveyor of cigars. Were they ever good! Sumptuous flavor, flawless construction, mild-medium body and a draw that never failed. They now cost a bit more boxed, but the these lovelies are probably in the TOP FIVE of affordable Dominican cigars.
Very good, short smoke; very enjoyable.
Great cigar. This is the best smoke for the money that I have found.
Just ordered another box. In my opinion these are great sticks for the price. Smooth enjoyable smoke.
Good cigar for the money. Nice mild smoke, very good construction with no bitter taste at the end of the smoke. I like the smaller ring sizes & this one fits the needs.
1/2 way through my Father's Day box of my Leon Jimenes #3 Corona(6.5"x42), they are just as great as they always been. Smooth draw, taste, construction & finish. Long ashes!
Mild and with great flavor and excellent burn. Will smoke more of these.
Ordered 50 of these minis expecting something as smooth and flavored as the full size. Nothing doing...after a full tin of tiny cigars the profile is strong bitter with a lot of pepper in the retro-hale. These are closer to a narrow 20 the same as a ciggarette. I will give the other 4 out as booby prizes. Im saddened that they made these so harsh. Get the shrapnel or Sinclairs
A lot of people are unaware of the true history of these amazing cigars. I helped a friend move from Queens to BK this weekend and he bought me a box of these as a thank you and told me the story. This Dominican Cigar company is owned by the same family that owns Presidente beer and close friends to his family out there. These cigars are highly regarded in the DR and all over the world. They are crafted by some of the best rollers around and for my dollar, these are the best stogies you can buy in this price range hands down. Perfect draw, consistent from stick to stick, full of flavor and the SMOKE! Wow the billows of smoke will bowl you over. Even burn, spicy sweet in taste, I can't get enough of these amazing stix! Do yourself a favor and buy a box or two.
Just nubbed one of these LJ's that I think I acquired in a brown bag sampler. I have to say, it was outstanding. Primo draw, nice consistent taste with a surprisingly bold finish. This should come as no surprise since they're made at the La Aurora factory. (Home of some of my favorite smokes) Thanks for the recommendation CI!
As a seasoned cigar smoker, I can offer my opinion of the Leon Jimenes line of natural shade wrapped cigars. They are consistently the best cigar on the market, wonderful pre-light aroma, flawless construction, an even burn and satisfying draw followed by a taste and aroma that never stops. Having a career as a military and airline pilot has given me the opportunity to sample many of the world's best cigars. There are some I dream of but can't get here. This cigar is what I have always looked for, consistency. Ten minutes after lighting up, all is right with the world!
I just received a box of 25 Leon Jimenes Grand Coronas. I have tried many cigars over the years looking for one I can call my my personal favorite, I just found it. Silky smooth, no pepper, perfect construction, and solid flavor to the nub! They are now my number one cigar. Thanks CI for tuning me into them!
As a new smoker I've been experimenting with all different kinds of smokes. I ran into a few I really did'nt like so I was about to swear off cigars and say eh they're not for me. well I had a LJ robusto today and it definitely brought me back!
This is hands down my favorite cigar (Leon Jimenes). I first experienced the Leon Jimenes while forward deployed in Iraq (OIF III, 2005-2006) in the CI Brown Bag Sampler. After I took my first puff, I knew that my search for the perfect cigar had come to an end. I believe that each cigar has three flavors (the first when you bring the smoke into your mouth and release, the second when you bring it in and as you are releasing you draw it in through the nose and exhale, and the third when you inhale directly into the lungs) and the better a cigar, the better it will taste with each method. The texture and all three flavors are mind-blowing! To draw in on the Leon is for lack of a better term, like drawing in silk. In a way I wish I had never experienced this beautiful cigar, because I can no longer enjoy any other cigar. To smoke another just leaves me longing for my one true love, the Leon Jimines!
this is one of the best mild smokes (Leon Jimenes) on the market, top of the line construction and even burn, i always like that minty smooth character, and the light coffee finish. its an ellagant flavor.this is a perfect morning drive smoke. or a midnight snack.
I have ordered a box of your #5 Leon Jimenes; and I must say WOW!. This is one incredible smoke. Its like the tobacco is oozing with oils, and has a smooth finish with a very pleasing aftertaste. Keep up the good work!
Picked up a box of the Leon Jimenes at the factory in Santiago, DR. The factory was in a very nice well kept building. Met some of the Torcedors (rollers) while there. You can not go wrong with this smoke at all. It is mild and burns clean and slow. They also make a brand called Independencia which is fantastic.