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La Herencia Cubana CORE

Some brands make an impression, yet some enhance our appreciation for the craft of premium boutique cigars. Core is the latter, producing an unadulterated cigar experience with every toast of the foot.

The blend....
Wrapper: Habano Ecuador sun-grown ligero
Binder: Esteli Habano viso
Filler: Esteli ligero, Jamastran ligero, Pennsylvania Broadleaf, Nicaraguan Ometepe ligero

- Dark, smooth wrapper with minimal veins
- Impressive oils casting a nice shine
- A gentle box-press finishes each vitola

The experience....
- Noble richness with a hearty, rustic core of genuine tobacco flavor
- A supporting cast of earth, leather, cream, and black pepper
- Bold yet elegant with superior balance and a lengthy, toasty finish
- Smooth through the nose
- Satisfying elevation of strength during the burn
- Warm aroma full of rich oak and toast
- Bold, earthy finish with ample zest
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Belicoso (6.2"x52) New
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Toro (6.5"x52)
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Overall Rating 4.8125 out of 5 Based on 16 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “La Herencia Cubana CORE”

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5 out of 5
Yummy Smoke.
Excellent smoke. Accidentally clicked on these. A bit more than I usually would spend, buy this is a great cigar. One of the best that I've purchased. Tasty and full of flavor without knocking your socks off. I will buy more. Thank CI.
5 out of 5
Great full bodied cigar that intensifies to the nub.
Was a bit scared when I fired it up. Initially I tasted the very earthy flavors of a Nica Libre. I was expecting the same bitterness to follow, but was very impressed. Mechanically superb. Fantastic draw, copious smoke, even burn, n perfect ash. As I smoked I read some reviews, and agreed with most. Earth, oak, espresso. Not a very sweet smoke to start but intensifies nicely. I am surprised I have not spit once, and am thoroughly enjoying the last two inches as cedar begins to take over. I'm giving my father one of these.
5 out of 5
Great smoke
A Great quality smoke that never let's you down. Nice burn & awesome flavors. Definitely recommend it !!
4 out of 5
the perfect cigar
Extremely smooth with a very nice full body
4 out of 5
Just Sayin'
Like y'all say, it's an excellent smoke however, there is a slight bitterness that is distracting to me and therefore it is not at the top of my shopping list.
5 out of 5
LHC CORE Toro 5 Star Smoke
LHC CORE. Definitely one of my favorite cigars since I had my first one. I always have them stocked. Just a beautiful cigar with absolutely incredible full body, flavors, and balance. Nice, easy draw with lots of smoke output. My only complaint is the extreme box-press shape which often contributes to an uneven burn. I've noticed this in most box-press cigars. I really prefer a round shape. But it is not really a big problem because everything else about CORE is so great. It's still a 5 star smoke.
4 out of 5
Good cigar but, little too strong of an earthy profile than I cared for.
5 out of 5
Liked it a lot
am really just a newbie when it comes to cigars so I am trying different things but this is at the top right now
5 out of 5
This is the best site for cigar lovers!
Always fast, accurate service as well as great pricing and an excellent selection!
5 out of 5
A favorite
At this point in time this cigar is my favorite. I like to try different cigars and don't really stick to the same cigar very often but I keep a few of these around. They smoke great and have very nice flavors. They are a little pricey for my budget but in this case you get what you pay for. I would recommend that every cigar smoker try one of these at least once!
5 out of 5
La Herencia Cubana CORE
Ordered this cigar from your company. Very pleased with the delivery and the product. Good job!
5 out of 5
Full bodied and smooth!
I'm relatively new to the cigar world therefore my review is from a novice palet. Having said that, this cigar is a full bodied cigar. Rich yet smooth! For me, it pairs well with a smooth whiskey! I normally lean towards a mild flavored cigar but this one is smooth that it has a mild/medium feel to it. Enjoy.
5 out of 5
5 stars all the way
This cigar is a real beauty, construction was perfect, the burn perfect, the draw was easy just a flawless cigar, one of the best smokes I've ever had. I wish I could afford to smoke one every day but there a little pricey for me but the AJ sampler is a great way to get a hold of these without breaking the bank
5 out of 5
A must for the humidor.
What a joy to smoke these. Draw is excellent with tons of smoke. Burns great. Taste is superb. First pressed cigar I've had and just a 10.
5 out of 5
Rookies beware.
Definitely not for rookies! This is one of the most complex and full cigars I've ever had and I've been smoking puros for 15 years. Super dark, chocolaty wrapper and perfect construction. Deep, rich leather and cocoa notes with a long and very spicy finish. Do not rush this cigar! Sit down and let it do it's thing, you will be rewarded thoroughly. Scale of 1-10 I'd give it a solid 9
5 out of 5
Got (4) Cubana Core as part of a sampler pack a few months ago, Gave 2 away to friends before even trying one. So tonight after sitting in the humi for months a lite one up since I had an hour or two to spare and WOW. Excellent smoke, incredible leather flavor throughout, with some creaminess along the way. EXCELLENT, now I feel dumb for giving them away.
Customer Testimonials
Let me tell you something. If this cigar was under $5 a stick, I wouldn't smoke anything else as a daily smoke. Yes. I like it better than an Unholy Cocktail, just not dollar for dollar. Buy a 5-pack, let it mellow for a couple of weeks, and sit back and savor this fine blend! One of AJ's finest, smooth creations!
I never miss a chance to put away a few of the Core cigars, when I find them on sale, in a special or as part of a sampler. I'm surprised how often this happens. As a result I often find myself puffing away on a $2.50 Core Toro or even a $1.75 Robusto. Considering the normal cost is five times as much, it represents one of the very best bargains I regularly take advantage of. CI deserves the credit for making it possible to enjoy such luxurious cigars at Joe Six-Pack prices. Thanks guys & gals! Not much more can be said about Core as a Top 10 blend. It speaks for itself. Fullheads will adore this blend. AJ freaks will declare it to be his very best effort to date. Fans of Nicaraguan ligero will go bonkers over the amount crammed into the (6.5" X 52) box pressed Toro. There is full, then there is Fernandez full. Core is the latter & will rip your head clean off & blow smoke into the pulsating cavity! Perfect for after meals or with an adult beverage. Stands toe to toe with the big boys & takes a back seat to none. Affording it seems to be the one fly in the ointment.
Core is a sleeper, very similar to Padron Anniversario 64, smooth with peppery tastes, even burn and good cigar. For the price, I will rate it up there with my top dog Oliva V Melanio. Two smooth cigars, no bad after tastes.
It really is every bit as good as these people are saying. There are few times these days when not being rich really bothers me...but not being able to afford these regularly makes me want to rob a bank.
The staff review was spot on. This cigar had rich chewy smoke that tasted of espresso, cream, leather and a hint of cocoa. I did find the 30 second review video slightly intimidating ,however, because it made it seem like the cigar would be sub par if kept at the normal 70 percent humidity. My humidor tends to sit at around 72 percent humidity so I was originally concerned that the cigar would not live up to its reputation but no such problems arose.
I've previously reviewed this cigar, but I wanted to add more praise. I originally tried this stick over a year ago, and now have smoked about a 100 different cigars. I still highly enjoy this cigar, and recommend it to my friends & family. Even the ones who stick to certain brands, and always get good feedback. I've already bought 1 box, and plan to buy another box.
This cigar ranks up there with the best. This full-bodied cigar is superb from beginning to end.
Here's the deal. We all have our favorites. Mine is probably Joya de Nicaragua's Antano for all it represents in addition to it's unparalleled full bodied Cubanesque profile. But I find La Herencia Cubana Core so incredibly delicious, so perfectly executed & so smooth & complex at the same time, that I have to consider it the best of something. It could be AJ Fernandez's pinnacle blend. That's saying a lot, but it makes it best of something. It certainly isn't the best price wise. It's darn expensive! That's why I grabbed a box of the LHC Oscuro Fuerte robustos & the magnanimous boys at CI threw in a fiver of the LHC Core toros. I'm smoking one now. If my math is credible, that's a gift with a real value of 50 clams! It's like getting a box of excellent cigars for a sawbuck! Do yourself a favor. Figure how you can get your paws on a few Core of any size & see why I am so enamored with the blend. You know the drill. Desert island, stranded with only one box of stogies. What's your choice? Mine could well be Core. 96/100 I don't believe any cigar I have reviewed has ever received a higher point score.
Strength & complexity are often claimed to be virtues of a cigar, yet very few actually deliver both. La Herencia Cubana Core not only boasts of them, but has them, in spades. Prelight aromas like currants & raisins are quickly replaced with black tobacco & cherry wood, once the burn has begun. No delay getting to full bodied fun with this one, either. Hearty spices linger on the palate long after each puff. You will feel the strength in your gut all the way from start to finish. Peppery nuances mingle with often changing aromatic spices to make Core a one of a kind vitola. Definitely not for the faint of heart, the Core Toro reaches peak, full bodied flavor immediately & never relinquishes it. I consider this blend to be AJ Fernandez's finest & a worthy competitor for the title of best full bodied full flavored cigar available today. Earning an enthusiastic 95/100, I only wish I could afford to smoke them more often. I too, have enjoyed them in samplers & am currently awaiting the arrival of a 5 pack freebie that comes with the box of 3 bone La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte Toros I bought over the weekend. Now that's a price I can live with.
I agree with the reviewer who praises the virtues of the recent Kitchen Sink sampler sale. I bought 5 of them, 3 for $39.95 & 2 more for a mere $35 clams from the MMAO section. This was before they pulled out all 6 of the San Lotano offerings. I am smoking one of the 6" X 50rg box pressed La Herencia Cubana Core toros right now. My last cigar was a Prensado, so I knew only a superior blend would do as a follow up. Core is that & more. Featuring the deepest, darkest habano wrapper ever. The strength, power & finesse of AJ Fernandez's master stroke is nearly incomparable. Loaded with chocolate, expresso & full bodied black tobacco, Core is one you will want to smoke down to the tiniest nub. Among full bodied, full flavored vitolas, few can boast a pedigree as distinct as Core's. Everything about it screams perfection. Probably AJ's best blend, although much can be made of the San Lotano offerings, I give Core a robust 96/100, making it a top 5 blend, in my mind. I absolutely adore it!
I've only had one, but it was STOOOOPID good. I will absolutely be buying more of these.
I've gotten the Kitchen Sink sampleer a couple of times now and have throughly enjoyed it. Just got another one the other day and just got home from work. I second cigar I picked to smoke is the Herencia. Excellant smoke. I wanted something on the bold side and this one hit the mark. I remembered it from before and only had it in a sampler. I REMEMBERED IT. That counts alot in my book. It smoked as expected with a beautiful draw and ash. I do wish I could afford a box of them, but for now, I'm statisfied I can get in a sampler. Hard to beat cigar! BTW, I picked the San Lotano Connecticut first because I was in the mood for a Connecticut.
when smoking this cigar ,do nothing but smoke this cigar .I was amazed at all the different flavors,cocco earth leather spice and it keeps changing every few puffs .Feels good in hand and burns slow and even!Not one for the mild guys but great for us full smokers.I love this one and will try to keep afew at all times in my rotation.Awesome CI you guys did it again!!
I had one of these from one of the MMAO Sampler packs and I must say this WILL be one of my regularly stocked cigars. This cigar is one for those who enjoy a sweet, flavorful cigar that almost tastes like chocolate, however not infused. I enjoyed this on a warm New Year's day in the deserts of Afghanistan. Though we are not allowed to drink, the strength was enough to make me pleasantly buzzed, hence I recommend this stick for travel to any dry (non-alcohol) Muslim country. This stick is moist with a chocolatey flavor, easy draw and enough strength if you so desire.
Wow This Cigar is unbelievable. I'd say It's gotta be up there with My top five. The first thing You will notice is the flawless construction. It is surely a thing of beauty. Light it up and You are hit with some of the most enjoyable flavors imaginable. It is so tasty it will send You into Cigar nirvana for sure. Highly recomended. The regular price is kind of steep but if You hunt around You can score some at a cool deal like I did.
Wow do I really Love this Cigar! So full of mouth watering yummy flavors that You may go into overload. I just can't get enough of these, They are that good. They are a bit expensive but I guess You get what You pay for. You have to at lest buy one of these to give it a try. You too will Love it.
The La Herencia Cubana CORE Toro measures 6.5" X 52 & is box pressed. Despite its hefty nine dollar price tag, I found it to be a very good full bodied blend. It is loaded with flavor & even though it is strong, it is as smooth as any stick in recent memory. I find it difficult to compare with other blends. It is that unique. If pressed for comparison, I would echo the reviewer who likened it to a Padron, circa 1990. Cool & slow burning, CORE emits many flavors including earth, oak & raisins. Well worth a try & if you can afford it, maybe even the steep price point it commands. Bottom line is that CORE is delicious.
Brock's review is dead on. elegant is a fair word to describe this stick. Beautiful rich brown oily box press. The leather and pepper balance beautifully with a slight sweetness at the end. Full bodied but not overwhelming. Just a rich, tasty cigar.
La Herencia Cubana CORE is one of the best cigars I've had! I say this as a new cigar smoker however, I have been able to share this with many friend who agree. It caught my eye similar to the Rocky Patel Decade with it's nice box press. The description of CORE really hits the taste buds, as it is described which I have found to be a nice treat for review. Pick up the sampler pack, or even a whole box. You won't be disappointing.
This cigar ain't too shabby. I should begin by saying though, if you're buying it expecting them to look like the pictures, you'll be slightly disappointed. That being said, these things are tasty. They're a slow burner despite their size. They're packed full of flavor, and depending on what you're accompanying the cigar with, any one of the great flavors can be accentuated. I've had an abundance of cocoa. I had an over-all tobacco flavor. I've tasted earthy blended with spices. This cigar has never been a let-down other than that it doesn't look like the stick of oily chocolate that the CI pictures had me believe they were. They were worth the purchase for me, and the *extreme* box pressed shape is growing on me.
I received this cigar in a sampler and proceeded to smoke the more well-known brands and they were good, but when I got around this stick, I couldn't believe the flavor and awesome taste. Superb construction. Great burn. It is, hands down, my new favorite cigar. I smoke them on Saturdays with my home roasted coffee and it's like I have died and gone to heaven.
La Herencia Cubana CORE Salomon (7.1” x 58)...This came in the Salomon Sampler. I lit one when I left the house this morning. Stopped to get an espresso then went down to the river to let the dog swim for about an hour. Stopped for some milk for my breakfast. Well, I made a big mistake firing this thing up first in the morning. WHAT A POWERHOUSE. I have to have something to eat. Absolutely a delicious cigar. If you like Diesel and Man of War, you will love this one. Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat! By the way, it is still burning.
This cigar came in a sampler pack I bought a few weeks ago. I smoked it last night and can not wait to smoke my next one. One of the top cigars I have smoked.
I smoked the Toro last night and was very impressed! Wow, what rich flavor! It was not particularly spicy like black pepper, but rich in toast & leather & of course, classic premium tobacco. The burn was even, draw was perfect, smoke copious—all mechanical properties, that if absent, will diminish even the finest aromatic pleasure. Over the last couple years I’ve smoked almost every blend from A.J. Fernandez, and everything he touches seems to turn to gold.
I am very new to the cigar smoking culture. Initially, I found that most of the full strength cigars overpowered me, leaving me to enjoying everything below the scale of full...until now. I found that this cigar is bold, but beautiful. I used a punch and had nothing but nice, smooth, cool, flavorful draws with each pull. I found my salivary glands to be a bit on overload...but in a great way. Though this cigar is a bit on the pricier side, I must admit that I am quite certain I will need a few of these for my humidor, just because. The overall dark color and box-pressed shape of this cigar (I had a Toro), was so appealing to look at. I am not yet well versed on describing my cigar experiences, but if you enjoy a bold, rich flavor, this is a must have.
Wow, very complex and flavorful! Burns great too. Spicy, oak, coffee, powdered cocoa, creamy and buttery. Been smoking cigars for about 40 years. Being a retired Marine I have smoked cigars all over the world, and I will always remember the first time I tried a La Herencia Cubana CORE forever. It was a bad day, but it turned out great with this cigar. In fact I could not remember what I was mad about. Now that's a great cigar.
This cigar is great, plain and simple. Construction, burn, draw, flavor the complete package! Once you fire one up you will be hooked. I only bought one single to try it. Now that I finished it I'm wiping the tears from my eyes to order more. This one of the best kept secrets out there. Wow!!
This is one well made, well blended cigar. I tried the the La Herencias and even the Cubana Oscuros and they are pretty good cigars but the CORE takes the cake. It's nice to see a cigar with some strength but full of well balanced flavor. These cigars have achieved my highest level of praise- these cigars are "box worthy."
Got three of the toros (6.5" x 52) with the Delicious Dozen II sampler and it was just that - delicious. Everything was right about this cigar. It was well constructed, very light in the hand, slow burn, lots of thick smoke and great taste. It burned a little unevenly at first, but corrected itself. I considered smoking another right away, but resisted the temptation. It was nearly 1 hour and 45 minutes of cigar bliss. I will definitely order more, probably with another Delicious Dozen sampler.
Ok now that i have just smoked the last one i had i see there on backorder! Awwwwwww man this sucks. This is one very well made cigar. Its full flaviored with an easy draw, and it is very consistent. The burn is dead on and cool clowns of taste smoke you will enjoy down to the nub..... Hope the Belicoso are back soon, but no need to rush them if they are not ready!
I like box pressed because the darn things don't roll away. I would not go out of my way to buy box pressed over taste though. After all, for us engineers form always follow primary function. This was a toasty pleasant smoke but I have not had enough of them to really come to a final conclusion. Will check them out again.
Now this is a great cigar. Lots of coffee and cocoa flavors and super smooth. A very refined smoke. I would have a difficult time understanding how anyone would not enjoy these.
I lit this cigar and I swear after about a 1/2 inch of burn, I thought I was smoking rolled up dirt! Or should I say earth? I've seen plenty of reviews on many cigars that stated 'hints of earth', but never experienced it, UNTIL now! Nuff of that...this cigar changes flavor throughout. It pairs well with Cognac and Prog Rock music. Dang, wish they cost a bit less...I'd buy a plethora!
I bought the 12 pack sampler and i have to say that the cubana core is the best cigar i have smoked in years. Even bought another sampler just to get three more!!
Just fired up my first La Herencia Core..........whooo, why call this the core, This is the whole apple!!! Now this is a cigar, perhaps one of the best I have smoked in a few years, plenty of chewy stuff in this cigar. Ok, so they ain't round, but box-pressed sticks have advantages too. No more waiting until the drapes catch fire to locate a roller after a few beers, these stay at the edge of a table when placed there, rollers now are a thing of the past. Too bad I didn't run into these smokes before my wife left me, she would have liked them too. Excellent smoke.
Wow!!! The best smoke I've had all year. I picked up 3 of these in a 12 pack sampler and these are the best out of all of them. This smoke reminds me of the "old" Padron Aniversarios back in the late 1990's. Even burn, great taste from the get-go and even gets better. Clearly a "top-shelf" premium cigar and for less than $10 a stick, blows away many smokes for twice the price. Heck, get the 12 pack sampler just for these 3 sticks alone. Cheers!
A super full-body cigar! This is definitely Pinar Del Rio's top cigar by a long shot. The construction is far superior to any of their other selections. Full of flavor and very well constructed. This one needs no enticing to stay burning and gives plenty of tasty smoke. Definitely worth the price in my opinion. No need to wonder, these are great!
One of the finest from this year. Perfect draw and burn, especially for a box pressed cigar. Very complex and flavorful! Spicy, oak, coffee, powdered cocoa, creamy and buttery. Thanks AJ!
A classic example of ligero-heavy full-bodied smokes, such as the MOW Puro Authentico, Diesels, Cain, and even reminiscent of the RP Decade. But even better than those smokes because of the greater level of complexity and elegant balance. A vibrant smoke that never quite overwhelms you. Should become even better and more refined as it ages in my humidor.
One of the smoothest draws I've ever gotten from a cigar. Got this from the Delicious Dozen II. Easily my most favorite of the bunch, even more than the Ave Maria. Burns niiice and sloow too. Best cigar I've had in a good long while.
If the situation ever arose in which I had to choose to smoke one cigar for the rest of my life this would be a serious contender. It's incredible!
After you read so many staff reviews of cigars, you wonder if ANY are true. I am yet to find a cigar that remotely fits their poetic imaginations. Words like "chewy" are totally abused and "oily" over exaggerated. But the C.I. catalog pic flattering the color and construction of this stick pursuaded me to try a fiver in the Robusto size - and I am glad I did. It has an earthy flavor and body right from the git-go and it grows admirably throughout its burn. The initial taste, maturing flavor, and peak strength are all very nicely fused into a good smoke. The burn was even and its white ash was dense like the blend - not powdery or thin. The draw was nice too - not too easy like a loose roll, but correctly tuned allowing the smoke to weave the fillers and bring the total flavors to the mouth without effort. The strength is ample but it doesn't leave you dizzy. I found the experience consistent and enjoyable - even with a minimal of seasoning ( 5 days?) in my humidor. I recommend this to anyone who likes med/full darker tobaccos - and desires the rich taste to mature in its progression - right down to the nub.
Got these in a sampler pack and all I can say is What a Grand cigar!!! Great taste good burn held ash for at least 2 inches and did I say Great taste!!! I will be buying more of these awesome cigars!!
Excellent in all categories.Everything is right about this cigar.It needs no aging but imagine if you do!Wonderful,well done!CI,you da man!
Man O' War, Oliva serie "V", Pepin JJ serie, and Rocky Patels' The Edge. Need to know there's a bully in the play ground! Now dont get me wrong, I do so enjoy all the cigars I mention, but this cigar stands alone. I first tried them in the the Delicious Dozen"2" Sampler. I enjoyed them so much I had to get more. Try them in the sampler and you to will be buying a box.
WOW !!! CI's write up is exactly what I encountered... A handsome cigar with notes of leather, copious amounts of cream, nuts and a touch of white pepper (for me) vice black pepper but thats a trivial difference. Nice white ash although it only held for 1/2" to 3/4" but who cares the flavors are amazing!!! Full but not over powering by any means, now if I could only afford a box :-( I'll save my pennies as this cigar is worth the investment - hands down!!!
This blend is amazing.... Will buy more boxes ASAP . CI you did it again.

La Herencia Cubana CORE


Just when I think A.J. Fernandez has finally put together a cigar so grand that I consider it his pièce-de-résistance he puts together a new blend that proves me wrong.  How can this one guy make so many terrific cigars, really?  Never before have I become so fond of a cigar that falls near my upper price-range of my cigar budget (that price is at the $10.00 mark if you’ve read my AVO 85th review) that I’ve purchased so many 5-packs & eventually a box of the new La Herencia Cubana CORE cigars.  And not only have I purchased so many of these cigars, but instead of taking them home to put in my aging humidor, I’m enjoying them one after another.  I honestly do not know if these cigars will benefit much from aging them because they are made using such quality, well-aged tobaccos that they are in their prime as soon as the shipment came in.  If these cigar do get better with more age I will not only eat my words, but I’ll certainly be buying even more of these!!

After trying every size, it was tough to pick one.  There are 3 classic vitolas & one that’s pretty unique – The Dagger (which, unlike the rest of the lineup, is a round cigar with a chisel-type torpedo head.)  Just to be fair, I randomly picked - and I blindly chose the Belicoso for this review.  The hearty torpedo measures a healthy 6.25” x 52 that’s gently box-pressed, being more rectangular than it is square which then rounds out as you approach the cap of the tapered head.  The cigar is beautiful - solid in my hand with considerable heft and ‘gift-wrapped’ in a toothy, oily, dark-brown Habano sun-grown Ligero wrapper that’s almost oozing with oily goodness.  And it’s packed with 3 different Nicaraguan ligeros as well as a little PA Broadleaf tobacco making this one of the most unique blends out there.

Upon toasting the foot & lighting up I’m met with chewy, dense smoke that fills my mouth causing my salivary glands to kick into overload.  It’s as savory as a dry aged, N.Y. Strip Steak from the finest steak house.  Its initial flavors stand out as rich, toasty with sweet spice.  It produces a very “chewy” plume of smoke that’s starting to form a beautiful blue-white cloud all around me with a nice oaky aroma.  I’m in sheer bliss at the one inch point, and the ash is light gray, rock-solid & hangs on until almost the 2-inch mark when I gently tap it off into my tall Stinky Ashtray.  As I’m getting down into the ‘meat of it’ now it’s gaining flavor with each puff and the spicy-sweet, leathery character I love about fine, aged Nicaraguan tobacco is coming out along with a creaminess that complements the strength & flavor -  bringing together a harmony of rich-toastiness that I’ve never experienced with any other cigar.  The flavors are so unique that I know my description isn’t doing it justice, but it’s the best that words can do.

I’m into the last third of this incredible cigar now, and I’m in a very relaxed, almost trance-like state.  A few guys hanging out at the shop are laughing at me because I’m talking so slowly & typing much more deliberately at this point.  I pay them no attention; nothing can separate me from the enjoyment that this cigar is giving me at the moment.  The flavors are quite intense now, but still not overbearing & still amazingly balanced.  The creaminess is still present, but the predominant flavors are toasty spice & leather.  I finish the cigar with less than an inch of it left & leave it in the ashtray to extinguish itself gracefully, with dignity.