La Gloria Cubana Rabito de Cochino Cigars
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La Gloria Cubana Rabito de Cochino

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Rabito de Cochino - a new twist to La Gloria Cubana.

La Gloria Cubana has long been one of the industry's premier, full-bodied cigars. This legendary name is synonymous with flavor and quality. However, Rabito de Cochino takes things up a notch, using ample Nicaraguan ligero inside a traditional Lancero format to yield layers of satisfying flavors.

Named for its Cuban-style 'pig tail' head, La Gloria Cubana Rabito de Cochino redefines the Lancero size. Thick and leathery Ecuadorian wrappers conceal a bold blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican long-fillers to promote a full-flavored charisma only LGC can provide. A rich, hearty profile swarms the palate, dusting the taste buds with spicy, woodsy notes complementing the deep, Cuban-esque core perfectly. Delicious with every puff, LGC Rabito de Cochino is no doubt a classic in the making.

In addition to a spot among the world's Top 25 Cigars, LGC Rabito de Cochino received a well-deserved, 92-point rating, noting: "The Rabito de Cochinos are balanced and elegant, with substantial woody notes, followed by hints of cocoa and toast."

Overall Rating4.67 out of 5 Based on 9 Ratings

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5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Pig tail and uncut foot
An amazing smoke at a very affordable price. I don't smoke them every day but it's a nice break in my routine.
5 out of 5
One of the best, I love it
4 out of 5
I enjoy the flavour of
I enjoy the flavour of this cigar
5 out of 5
3 out of 5
La Gloria Cubano Rabito de Cochino
As advertised, a bit strong but not bad for the price.
5 out of 5
La Gloria
Good solid Cigar as always from La Gloria
5 out of 5
Smooth sweet Smoking One.
Smoking one and this is a very well made cigar for the money. Cigar had a perfect burn and excellent draw. The Flavor was too excellent with small hints of sweet black licorice and sweet aroma creamy smoke from start to finish. The ending increased with a bit more spice down to the nub. I would recommended this as a good end of the day or work cigar to anyone. I look forward to buying another box in the future.
5 out of 5
Customer Testimonials
At $3 per stick this is a great any time, every day smoke. Perfect burn. Spicy, nutty taste, medium body, just the right amount of strength and right up my alley size wise. I prefer the narrower ring gauge and at 46 this is perfect.
I really enjoy the subtle, underlying pungent whiff that occasionally picks up smoking these cigars. The Gloria 5 also has it. I just wish these weren't so elaborately packaged since I feel guilty tossing out the many "coffins" and large box shaped in such an impractical way.
MK of Waianae, HI
This was a nice smoke. Not very strong, but a pleasant taste. It burned well. It's not on the top of my list, but I'll probably keep some in the humidor for a "cheaper" smoke.
SR of Peyton, CO
Fantastic smoke. I haven't been a fan of LGC's recent offerings, but these are box worthy.
Full circle brothers. I started smoking cigars as a senior in High School around 2000. The first cigar I ever bought, when I turned 18, was the original La Gloria Cubana brand. Subsequently, the first full box of cigars I ever bought was the LGC Serie R Natural a few months later. It's been years since I even picked up a La Gloria. Smoking countless new brands and boutique brands, it's been a few years since I smoked anything from the big boys at General Cigar. But today I had my first coffin of the LGC Rabito de Cochino. And I say coffin, because I just finished the third cigar today. As most have mentioned here: refined, elegant and complex. But even better, it brought back great memories. And I'm in love with the size. I'm definitely planning to buy an entire box from CI this week.
This really is a refined cigar: shy of full-bodied, but richly layered and perfectly constructed. It begins with a deep, woodsy aroma and then develops quickly into multiple flavors, each affecting the palate in a unique way. The various tastes don't collapse or get muddled; they maintain their structure all the way through, like well-orchestrated music. Only the Ashton VSG charmed me more (and, in my joy, slapped me harder). For the price, however, the LGC Rabito de Cochino takes the gold medal.
LB of Oshkosh, WI
Elegant in every way. The best cigar I've ever smoked was the Ashton VSG, and I adore the 5 Vegas Cask Strength, which is half the price (and quite different). Both are deep and intoxicating--more so, I think, than the A. F. Opus Opus X. But this Rabito de Cochino is a true contender--at almost half the price again of the 5 Vegas. It seems to be only a medium-strength cigar at first light, but then it turns rich. The blood rushes; the complexity surges; the lights dim. And yet it burns slowly, evenly, gracefully. I don't rush it. Only toward the end do I need to touch up the burn. But, oh, she's worth it. I'm in love.
LB of Oshkosh, WI
A Medium Bodied Creamy Cigar, Well Deserving Of The #18 Cigar Rating Of Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 Cigars of 2011.
MF of Bogalusa, LA
I usually don't smoke a slender cigar like this one, but I bought a box of three anyway. When they came in I was not over zealous to smoke one as they looked like an old crusty cigar that was in the box for years. I finally light one up after months in my humidor. It light up with lots of smoke and a toasty smooth draw. Oak and mild cocoa start out this smoke as it crackles like a fire burning. Halfway down intense cedar and a spicy sweetness dominate as it all picks up right down to the end. Like the Camacho Embargo, this cigar has that something extra. Refined full flavor and price, another home run for E.P. Carillo.
PW of Charlestown, RI
My Fiancée surprised me a box of these as an early Christmas present. Presentation of the packaging is beautiful and each cigar is well rolled. Lit one up on the porch and enjoyed about 35 minutes of pleasure. For a smaller cigar they burn slow and even. Flavor is earthy and leathery with spice and a hint of nutmeg. Totally worth it - if they are in stock you must try them!
JP of Xenia, OH
Just got a my box and was blown away. These are great cigars for the price. To look at them, they appear a little rough. But don't let that fool you.These cigars are packed with flavor, burn even, and leave you wanting more.....Get u sum!!
JA of Toledo, OH