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Joya de Nicaragua The Ultimate Jewel Collection Sampler New


The Crowned Jewel of Joya de Nicaragua!

The Joya de Nicaragua Ultimate Jewel Collection Sampler was originally conceptualized by a conversation had between a factory visitor and JDN’s master bonchero, Aristo Torres. When the visitor inquired as to what Aristo’s role in the factory was, he gave the response “I’m a jeweler. But not just any jeweler. Each of my hand-rolled creations is a man’s best friend.” And thus, from this glorious statement, the idea was sparked to create the Ultimate Jewel Collection Sampler, a sampling of the best JDN has to offer!

This sampler includes: 

1 x Cuatro Cinco Toro '90' Rated

1 x Cinco Decades Diademas

1 x Numero Uno L'Ambassadeur '95' Rated

1 x Cinco de Cinco Robusto Gordo '92' Rated

1 x Antano Original Robusto Grade '93' Rated

1 x Antano Dark Corojo El Martillo '91' Rated

1 x Antano Gran Reserva GT20 '93' Rated

1 x Antano CT Toro '93' Rated

1 x Joya Cabinetta Toro '90' Rated

1 x Joya Red Toro '91' Rated

1 x Joya Black Toro '93' Rated

1 x Joya Silver Toro '93' Rated

1 x Clasico Medio Siglo Robusto

1 x Clasico Original Toro

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