Indulgence Table Humidor
  • Indulgence Table Humidor
  • Indulgence Table Humidor
  • Indulgence Table Humidor
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Indulgence Table Humidor

The Indulgence is a big mother of a humidor that holds 500 cigars.

The finish is dark rosewood and features include:

- Glass display
- Full Spanish cedar interior lining
- 3 large humidifiers
- 1 hygrometer
- 2 lift-out cedar trays
- 4 dividers
- Bottom drawer for accessories
- Lock & key

Dimensions - Length x Width x Height
Interior: 12.75" x 20.5" x 9.5"

Note: Price below includes oversized shipping charges.

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Indulgence Table Humidor - 500-Capacity Shipping Constraints
500 Cigar CapacityIn Stock$430.99
save $48.0011% off
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  • Oversized items ship to street addresses in the Continental USA only (no PO Boxes or APOs). These will be shipped via ground delivery services and cannot be expedited.
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Overall Rating4.82 out of 5 Based on 22 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Indulgence Table Humidor”

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5 out of 5
Worth It
I purchased this back in March of 2020 and waited a bit to see how it held up before I reviewed it. I was running two desktop 30 counts, and wanted to take it to the next level and decided to jump into something big. I ordered it with the Humicare EH plus based off a recommendation for the capacity. That did not work for this unit, as it was too big to fit in the lower half of the humidor without adjusting the shelves, which was not worth it to me. I ended up using the large Boveda packs (320g, 75%) two on each shelf. It still left me plenty of room, with sufficient circulation to all my sticks. I am just about to place an order for replacements after having them in for 5 months with apx 300 +/- cigars across the three levels. I maintain 69-71% at all times, and the unit seals it in extremely well. I try to rotate the sticks around atleast once a month to maintain somewhat of a balance, and every time, the stick is in perfect condition. They all smoke well with no dryness present. I'm back and forth on what to do next with regards to humidity control, but the boveda packs just work so darn well..why mess up a good thing? As far as the unit goes, it definitely seals well and holds its humidity perfectly. Its clean, looks sharp and is well made. It's held up against temperature changes in the house and even a new puppy going through teething.. Overall, this really stepped up my game and has led to me sleeping peacefully at night knowing my smokes are safe and sound. The only downside is in my wallet now that I have enough space to order more sticks from CI whenever I see something I like or want to try, which I could not do with the 30 counts. I 110% recommend this as your next humidor!
5 out of 5
A Superb Humidor
Absolutely excellent humidor. It seals extremely well and has held humidity between 68%-72% for the entire time I’ve owned it, which must be the better part of a year by now. I keep my home temperature at 70° and the humidor, which I keep in my bedroom closet, holds a consistent 69°-71° temperature. It looks great as well and has a pleasing amount of space in the drawer for accessories. You almost certainly won’t find a humidor of this quality and size at a better price. Shipping was just as fast as when I order a box of cigars and it was packed very well. It’s very easy to assemble as well—you just attach the legs. I couldn’t recommend it any more highly. I don’t do reviews for the most part, but this humidor deserves it. —Tom F. from WV
5 out of 5
Excellent humidor.
Beyond my expectations. I seasoned it twice and is holding 67 to 68 which is what I prefer. I do have four boveda packs and humidty is constant. I put accessories and smaller cigerollios in drawer area. The appearance itself look really nice you will be happy I know i am. This is my 14th humidor and it has become my favorite.
5 out of 5
My Wife Loves it!
Great humidor. My wife likes the look of this product and doesn't mind that it is in our sitting room! Function is great. During the cold dry winter months on the northern US, this unit keeps my sticks fresh. Thinking about a second one!
5 out of 5
Great buy!
My husband loves it!
5 out of 5
Mega Humidor
I had three humidors with a jumble of cigars at various humidity's. Now they are all separated, organized and at one humidity. Actually works so well I have to try to bring my humidity down to 70%. One problem! Looks like I don't have many cigars. I think I can fix that.
5 out of 5
Fantastic buy! Highly recommend!
This thing is gorgeous. The picture doesn't do it justice at all. I seasoned with one wipe-through of distilled water, let it sit for a day, then threw all of my sticks in there the next day. It's been sitting at 70% since without wavering at all. I would buy this again simply for how beautiful it is, how efficiently it holds RH, and also for how organized you can be with it. PS: I'm not using the humidifiers it came with, but instead I'm using the Humicare HX10, and some Boveda packs. Works great.
5 out of 5
Excellent item
I needed a large humidor because I got tired of using four smaller ones. This one is nearly perfect. It is well made. The only change I’d make is to make the legs straight and have it available in Black with nickel hardware.
4 out of 5
Generally pleased
I've only had it a couple of weeks but I can tell you it looks great, especially when you consider the price. Nicely finished & appears more expensive. After seasoning for less than a week, I put about 200 cigars in there - so far the humidity is constant around 68 with just a couple of jars of the beads. Two complaints: (1) The glass in front is useless since all it reveals is the front of the two trays. (2) The bottom drawer is way too big for accessories, I would prefer more room for cigars. I'm aware that some people use the drawer for storing cigars, but it is clearly not intended for that purpose, there is no proper seal when it is closed.
5 out of 5
Exceeded Expectations
Really, a surprising value. A well made, well designed humidor that holds humidity well. Looks more expensive than it is. Not as dark in color as shown in the pics. Only issue I had was the adhesive that adhered the metal strips to the wood for the humidification elements didn't hold up, and I had to attach 'em with my own glue. Still giving it five stars, since it exceeded my expectations in every other way. Looks great in my living room.
5 out of 5
Great humidor
Bought this humidor to consolidate my 3 little desk top humidors into one main humidor. After seasoning it and loading it up, i cant complain! works great. Keeps a good seal, RH is stable. Good stuff, my cigars are safe. Its also pretty neat looking too.
5 out of 5
Amazing piece. My husband loves it. It had a small crack and I called and they accommodated me. This really takes your cigar game to a different level.
4 out of 5
I like it
Lots of room and looks very nice. The glass window up front is not attractive. All you see is a wood tray. The top glass is great. I put my hygrometer on the top tray so I can see it from outside. The tray depth is too short for an oasis humidifier to stand up so you need to lay it at an angle. All in all I would buy it again
5 out of 5
Best Humidor I've Owned
Based on other reviews, I decided to snag this gem. Despite it's enormous capacity, it maintains the proper humidity. It's a solid build and looks incredible in my office. If you're on the fence about purchasing this, like I was, grab it! I'm very happy with the purchase and you will be too.
4 out of 5
A very good deal!
A quality product. Beautiful and substantial (50lbs). It maintains it's humidity so well that you only need one of the humidifiers to keep it just above 70%. I replaced the analog humidity gage with a digital one and that was the only change I made. Although it appears black in the picture it is actually a rich dark brown.
5 out of 5
The Indulgence, using the bottom drawer as a humidor drawer. (Works Great!)
I thought I had already written a review, but I want to add, you CAN use the bottom drawer as a humidor also, I have a rectangle sponge style humidifier in the bottom drawer and it stays at 72-73 consistently. It works great with no modification to it at all. Granted I live in the Pacific Northwest and it's fairly humid here most of the time, but even when it was 80 degrees out and humidity was around 15-20 it held steady at 72... it seems to seal decent, I suppose you could seal it better if you wanted, but I'm not having an issue....
5 out of 5
The Indulgence Humidor Review. (GET ONE)
I've purchased a few humidors in my day, but I have to say without a doubt, the deals don't get any better than this humidor.. It seems almost to good to be true, the price really throws you off, this humidor is as good of a buy as you can get. It looks really beautiful, very solid, everything works like it is supposed to and it holds humidity like a champ. You can tell they put these together fairly quickly because if you look hard enough you will find some minor things that you see when they are trying to produce a quality product for an extremely low cost. There is nothing about this humidor that would cause you to say "I'm returning this thing because of ------!" It is way too inexpensive to quibble over a tiny rough spot, or a little over spray on the glass, BUY IT, clean it up a little (if it needs it) and enjoy. You simple cannot find a better deal anywhere!! Mine looks and works great!!!
5 out of 5
Love this humidor
Bought it for hubby. He loved it and it made all his friends jealous!
5 out of 5
1 Year Later Still Working Great
I own this humidor and it's great. Humidity has never been an issue. I have zero complaints and everyone who sees it is impressed. I've had this for 12 months and it is still working great.
4 out of 5
Beautiful humidor
Pros: sturdy construction, great finish, and maintains humidity level. Cons: the humidifier and hydrometer are junk. Just take them out of the box and deposit them into the trash can. You would think for the price you pay for this humidor, that might actually get some quality accessories. Lastly but not a big deal is, the accessory draw should have a lock as well.
5 out of 5
Wow! What a deal, great value for the quality and size.
Wow! This is a great deal and let me say "It looks even better in front of me than the picture". I'm consolidating from 3 fifty count humidors and one 150 count to this. Setup is a snap and I bought a Humi-care plus with 2 fans and it stays at 70%. Also, you can use the drawer for your cheaper smokes. I used the 3 block humidifiers it came with to use it as well. For the price, looks and functionality, if you are looking to upgrade I'd defiantly recommend this one.
5 out of 5
Pleasantly surprised
This is my first big humidor. My current humidor only holds about 75 cigars. I've only had this humidor for a day, but I have to say that pictures don't do this humidor justice. It's gorgeous. The top lid has a nice heavy feel when opening and closing it. I will definitely use the drawer as a humidor. It is split into 5 sections by wooden dividers, so it certainly seems designed to function that way. I think making sure that drawer shut will be the biggest trick, but it will work. The entire humidor is holding humidity well already. This is a great value. It would make an awesome gift.
Customer Testimonials
I had this Humidor for several years now and love it. The key is to rotate the shelves every 3 months or so. I run the Humicare plus with an extra fan. I dont agree with the last review. I used the draw for years for my Acids and flavored cigars with some Humicare gel crystals. I never had a problem maintaining 69-70%. No need to modify this unit.
JL of Peachtree City, GA
Bought this Humi with the intent of using bottom drawer as part of my humi for cigars... I made the proper seal to ensure that the drawer would be air tight.... When drilling holes in the bottom between drawer and cabinet... I unfortunately found that the bottom is just a vernier , and so are the deviders in the drawer..... I will have to replace these pieces with solid Spanish cedar...... Other than that .... I love it...
I've had the Indulgence now for about a week and am completely satisfied with it. I installed the Humi-care EH plus along with two fans and a calibrated digital hygrometer and am getting a perfect reading. The humifier wouldn't fit under the two stackable shelves however, so I shimmed up the rails that they sit on by about 3 3/4 inchs and just got rid of the middle shelf. Now the bottom is completely open for storing whole boxes and I still got one large shelf for storing loose smokes. Overall this thing is great and shouldn't disapoint anyone who takes the above notes into consideration.
TF of Hamburg, PA
I love mine, very nice and elegant and works great. Only one complaint, the rails for the bottom drawer to slide in and out on are made of pressed fiberboard, and are GLUED on instead of nailed. The whole thing is solid wood, and well constructed EXCEPT for the rails.... Anyway, I pre-drilled holes inside and nailed them on properly. Had it for over a year at least and I love it. Would recommend this to anyone who is a serious smoker.
TB of Mount Sterling, IL
I purchased this humidor about a year ago because I was increasing my cigar collection. When I received it I loved the way it looked. The seal is fantastic. The floor of the humidor can hold cigars 4 deep. Below the floor is a draw that slides open with 2 dividers giving you 3 slots that can hold any size cigars. In one slot I have 50 robusto's times 3 = 150 bottom draw alone. The 2 shelves are gigantic and come with two dividers. you can go 3-4 deep depending on the cigar ring on the lower shelf. On the top shelf you can stack as high as 4-5 cigars. It displays beautifully because I'm still married after buying 5 of them. DO YOU THINK I LIKE THEM? I KNOW MY WIFE DOES. I owned 4 treasure domes and replaced all of them with this. Last, I use 1 electronic humidifier in each, SM HYDRA & SM HUMI-CARE and buy a DIGITAL HYGROMETER. Enjoy.
VA of Ozone Park, NY
My wife got me the Indulgence humidor for Fathers' Day 2 yrs ago and I can't say enough about it. If you're into aging your cigars, like I am, this is the ticket; after it was seasoned, it has held a perfect 70%RH with very little maintenance since I installed the electronic Humicare (with 2fan kit); the slideout drawer on the bottom keeps another 100 'gars at a perfect 70%RH without any humidification device, a fact I only discovered by ruining all the matches I stored in there for the first 6 mos I had it!
TK of Belleplain, NJ
This is the best humidor I have ever owned. This humidor is my fourth (the others bought through different web sites) and it is by far superior to any of the others. I put it together in about 15 minutes and it cured in about 16 hours while i was at work. I just transferred all my cigars and cigar oasis today. The cigar oasis was running ever few minutes in my last humidor but has only needed to kick on a couple times in the 3 hours since installed. Highly recommend this to any real cigar lover. The rosewood finish is incredible and is sure to class up any room.
JB of Minooka, IL
Recently purchased this Indulgence Humidor, and WOW, what a great purchase. This is absolutely a Beautiful Piece of furniture, and sure does have plenty of room. Little tough to get it regulated at first (I like 70 % RH) but finally got there. The Humicare Digital Humidifier barely fits in there, it actually hits the bottom shelf, but with a little extra fan or two, got it regulated just Perfect. My wife even loves this thing. Thanks CI for a great product. Actually looking for a second Humidor now, and will definately go through CI as their service, reputation, quality, and prices are second to none. Thanks again!
JC of Vineland, NJ
I replaced my cao brazilia vs italia humidor with, capacity reasons, but I'm very impressed with it because there is lots of room for many sizes of cigars. It lacks the room for electronic humidfiers,but with a lil' shim of cedar I was able to fit my 2 hydra eh in it. Great deal and great service from CI and fast shipping. Thanks cigar joe
JE of Chicago, IL