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Gurkha Beauty

A work of art from Gurkha.

Built for the true connoisseur, Gurkha Beauty is a sophisticated, relatively moderate cigar loaded with elegant and enjoyable flavors. Each patiently crafted cigar comes attractively packaged inside a heavy, opaque glass tube....incredible presentation, the norm for Gurkha cigars. Utilized is an ultra-rare blend of 5-year old tobaccos and a superior Connecticut-seed wrapper that might bring a tear to your eye. Beauty offers a divine experience that’s deep in rich, luxurious flavors. Limited, rare and truly one-of-a-kind, the Beauty is a wonderful new addition to Gurkha’s high-profile Special-Edition series. A must-try for those enthusiasts looking to treat themselves to one of life's finer pleasures.

NOTE: Only a box purchase will come in the tubed packaging. 

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Beauty (Gordo) (6.5"x58)
Box of 25 In Stock $770.00
save $175.0023% off
Beauty (Gordo) (6.5"x58)Sale
Pack of 5 In Stock $150.00
save $130.0187% off
Overall Rating 4.08 out of 5 Based on 25 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Beauty”

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4 out of 5
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5 out of 5
Gurkha Beauty
Very good construction. Consistently even burn, flavor, and aroma from one cigar to the next. Easy draw and you can put it down for a few minutes without having to relight.
4 out of 5
very good cigar
very good cigar
5 out of 5
Gurkha Beauty
It is and always has been a good cigar. I noticed that the bands were taped. This is different but still never undercuts the great cost and the great smoke.
5 out of 5
Gurkha Beuaties
Great cigar. Not the first time I've ordered them. Good flavor burn evenly and you can smoke them down to the nub.
5 out of 5
Smoke em if you've got em
Beauties are one of our favorite cigar brands.A little expensive if purchased by the box. We buy them on sale, or in bundles. It's a better value this way. We try to do the same method of purchasing with Rocky Patel Decades.
5 out of 5
Smooth Taste
Gurkha, never fails to satisfy my craving for a good cigar.
5 out of 5
Need more!
5 out of 5
Great Gurkha's Ghost
The Beauty is my favorite cigar. Great smoke. Can only do one a day, so this it it.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Got this one with the glass top humidor package. Best stick in the package. Produced tons of tasty smoke and absolutely perfect draw and burn. Will order more of these!
3 out of 5
Gurkha beauty beauty
Just OK for the price. Not bad but nothing special
4 out of 5
After waiting for this moment for a couple of months I finally pulled one of the Gurka Beauty's out of the humidor. It's been sitting there for a few months waiting for the right opportunity. Tonight was it. Now I usually smoke Robusto's, but these were too good of a deal to pass in a five pack. After addressing the cigar and letting all of the senses soak up the feel and aroma. After toasting it up and savoring the first few puffs I waited, and waited for the nuances of this heavyweight to kick in. It didn't at least not for me. It remained pleasant but relatively flavorless to the end. Now this was my first stick of the day, after dinner so I was primed. Now it didn't let me down, but it didn't live up to expectations. Maybe next one.
5 out of 5
It's a Beauty
The Beauty is as its name implies: well built, elegant in appearance, good burn & draw. On the medium side of mild, its flavor profile starts out as an easy, clean and slightly sweet smoke, but slowly develops a richer and more complex offering of earthy spices and slight nuttiness, maintaining just a hint of sweetness. It's a long smoke, so don't limit yourself to a mere half hour. The Beauty never gets harsh, so she's good to the nubbins. If she was your wife you'd be a lucky man; if she was your mistress you'd be really lucky.
5 out of 5
Great Cigar at a great
Great Cigar at a great price
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Smoked one on the golf course could have played another18 with the same cigar! Burns nice and lasts a long time⛳️
5 out of 5
Beauty is a Beauty
great smoke
3 out of 5
Inconsistent at times but worth trying
Got the 5 pack dirt cheap during a special. After aging for about 11 months, overall the cigar smelled great, had a decent draw, construction was good. Upon lighting it had a smooth flavor - very earthy, but then the smoke became very harsh and grassy as others have described. I was almost ready to toss it for something else but at the 1/2 way mark it became creamy with a bit of pepper, even picking up some fruity notes. Overall not a bad cigar, but I would only get more if they were seriously discounted.
2 out of 5
This "Beauty" is a "BEAST"!!
NOT worth the money! I expected a delicious even burning cigar, what I received is a box full of uneven burning cigars that don't taste well at all! Constantly relighting the cigar not only is frustrating, but makes it difficult to enjoy or actually see what this "beauty" tastes like! They should've named this one BEAST!
5 out of 5
Excellent smoke
Excellent smoke, burned evenly and ashed well. It had nice draw that let you experience the flavors well without overpowering you. I was was very satisfied with the the cigar and understand why the cigar is always out of stock.
2 out of 5
Take a gamble it's worth it.
Looks great, smells great....but that all ends when you light it....sometimes. I wanted so hard to like these. I'll give them another go when I have nothing else to smoke. Not just this cigar but other Gurkha cigars as well have been missing the mark for me which is a shame considering they are a very attractive cigar. ItsJust a huge gamble on which Gurkha shows up that night. When you get a good one its great... like finding a 20 in the pocket of that jacket you wore last winter.....or you get let down and suffer half way through the paper thin wrapper chemical aftertaste on your lip sour smoke come undone Gurkha before snuffing it out in the yard or whatever else you can muster up just to put it out of its misery ..... I don't know why I feel compelled to babble....seems everyone already knows about Gurkha's consistent inconsistency.
2 out of 5
Not for me
This one is not to my taste. Rather one dimensional, grassy and dry. Draw was difficult. Ended the smoke half way through and discarded the other four. Not worth the effort.
5 out of 5
Gurkha did not disappoint.
I really don't do many reviews but I thought this Beauty needed one. I've read other reviews that say the draw is poor and flavor is also bad after half way through. I can say I have not experienced this. While I usually go for something more full bodied Gurkha does not disappoint. The burn has been good and mild flavor has lasted me till the nub. While maybe overpriced in my opinion I would not pass over this experience.
5 out of 5
would definitely recommend to a friend
This is my first gurkha so I cannot say anything about consistency, however it was a true mild to medium body, and burns very well no touch ups no relights, and fairly easy draw. I would recommend as a midday cigar.
2 out of 5
not a fan but try
Not a fan of this one. I tried to give it a chance and half way threw it I gave it to the dirt. Some people may like this cigar and that's great. It's just not for me and by all means try one for yourself.
3 out of 5
Pretty good on sale
Would give it 5 stars but a little inconsistent. Buy on sale age for a while and enjoy. Seems to get better about 3/4 down and pretty good for a mild smoke. Have had better but will buy again.
2 out of 5
Stressful smoke
GURKHA cigars have been extremely inconsistent in my opinion. One is too tight rolled, the next to like breathing through a 1" straw. The Beauty has decent toasty flavor for a mild cigar. Overall though, I won't be buying Gurkha cigars anymore. It turns a relaxing evening into a stress storm hoping to get a good draw. Good flavor Mostly even burn (most of the time) Poor roll consistency (humidor set at 69%)
Customer Testimonials
I normally go for a heavier smoke, but the Connecticut wrapper was calling to me today from my heavily Maduro favored humidor. Smoked about as advertised, butter & toast for the first third, then a pleasant spice developed up to about the half way mark then remained constant. Ash held well almost to the first ring, then began to burn a little uneven, but self corrected. Slight sweetness came in & out thru the entire smoke. All in all a pleasant offering with no harshness I've associated with other Gurhka offerings. Not sure I'd buy at msrp, but well worth picking up a few if they can be got on sale.
Bought a 10 pack of these on special about a year ago and split them with a buddy at work. The first had burn issues and wouldn't stay lit. The second did much better. Now, a year later, I'm enjoying the third. Halfway in, perfect burn, good mild flavors like a bread. The ash holds on for days. The only negative I have is that it requires a double or triple puff to get good smoke out of it. If you're a fan of milder sticks, give these a try. Don't pay full price though.
Very mild at the start, the draw is great. I tend to like mild cigars and this one was not bad at all. Q: Would I try it again? A: Yes, without a doubt.
I am a newcomer to cigar appreciation. I bought a sampler that included a Gurka Beauty. The first thing I noticed was it was wrapped in plastic as were the other nine. It was a smooth smoke, but continued to burn unevenly. I re-lit it three times before giving up....
Bought these on sale. They're ok, but age poorly. Same problem with Titans. After aging the draw is poor, and the wrapper falls apart while smoking. Buy on sale and smoke them quick.
Just received a 10 pack yesterday and lit one up before putting the rest in the humi. Same experience as a few others regarding the draw. Almost like a thick milkshake...mmmmm...milkshakes are great but made the overall experience a bit meh. Nice mild flavors but minimal smoke (due to the draw?). I'll let them marinate a while and try again. Cheers!
Gurkha Beauty XO (6 x 60)...CI describes this as "A Work of Art"...maybe, but I'm not going to hang it on the wall or put it on a pedestal. I'm going to burn it! The first 3rd was very dry, grassy tasting and left a cotton mouth finish. The second 3rd transitioned to a slight spiciness and the dryness diminished. Still somewhat grassy in taste. The burn went lopsided and required two touch ups because it would not self correct (3/4" difference from side to side). At the start of the last 3rd it began to tunnel and required a further touch up....
Love the Beauty! It's a creamy, nutty, and mild treat. Great taste all the way through. Be sure to buy if there's a sale!
Love these but they tend to have burn issues....
I completely agree with MH. I'm almost universally full or med-full smoker, so wouldn't touch this simply based on the mild description, but after trying the Black Beauty, I have to say I prefer this stick. Can't believe I said that! Goes to show that taste is individual, sometimes even by the person AND the stick. I didn't take this out of my mouth until 1" and really enjoyed it's creaminess, hazel nuttiness, and increasing spiciness. I am also very leery of Gurkha due to marketing over-hype and pricing, so was quite surprised to enjoy this stick as much as I did. Excellent first stick of the long as not at the regularly listed prices.
I got these for $2.50 a stick in a weekly special. I like them better than most mild smokes, especially for that price. They are well constructed, tasty and they burned great. I won't complain about them being "bland" because they are a mild smoke. They aren't supposed to overpower. I would definitely not purchase these at anything over $4 per stick. If you are looking for a great mild smoke and these are on sale buy them up, but if not its hard to beat rocky patel connecticut at the $3-$4 price range or some oliva connecticut reserves.
Bought 20 thought they might be a steal @ 3$ ea. three out of five were plugged so tightly I could not light them. Will leave them for one more month in humi. Then in the garbage they go! Live and learn. Would not recommend.
Bought the 20 bundle on sale expecting a mid grade cigar. They were way to tight to even smoke and zero flavor when you pulled like crazy. I am not a high end smoker (Flor De Oliva) so when I say you cannot smoke them they are not very good. 14 of the 20 were traded away for 5 Olivas.
this is a great mild smoke the taste is creamy wit a sweet after taste.It is a bit pricey but the folks at CI make them easy to get in sample packs .Into this cigar the flavors hint up a bit of spice but stay sweet through out.I like to smoke Camacho corojo ,cohiba,ava maria,punch and victor sinclare maduro .I like fuller flavor smokes, but for a mild this tastes awesome!Nice tight ash ,draw is a little tight but not all that bad,mouth full of flavor on every pull .I liked the gurkha blue steel but cant find them any more .Foe me this is the mild smoke I have been looking for .Hey CI ,like allways you guys rock .If this samplers still on sale at end of the week ,Ill be ordering more!!!
Wasn't impressed. rolled way too tight, nearly impossible to draw. flavor was mild, but I barely got a taste because I had to draw so hard for a little bit of smoke, eventually I just gave up on it and lit a different Gurkha.
To me, this was a creamy, mild, mellow smoke. The wrapper was a true beauty, and , of course, smoked perfectly. The result was a tasty treat for me, even though I usually prefer something heavier with hints of pepper, chocolate, or coffee. In all, obvious quality and very pleasant mild cigar. Would I pay retail price for 1? Not as long as I could buy a Gurkha Ninja for just a few bucks
Good morning cigar, light on flavor, lots of smoke, great aroma. Creaminess goes good with coffee
I'm smoking my third Beauty....all three that I've smoked have an intense biting spiciness from the start that I find to be a bit severe for what is said to be a mild smoke. It's good, I love the draw, I love the ring size and the long, tight ash on every's consistent, but it isn't a mild taste and that's not a bad thing, it just isn't wasn't I was led to expect from this Gurkha. Enjoy!
After smoking the Gurkha Titans, Centurions, Beasts,etc. I expected a little more from the Beauty XO with all the hype I read about. Don't get me wrong, the Beauty is a very mild, smooth, even burning smoke, but lacked the flavor I am used to from Gurkha. So I ask myself, would I go out of my way to order these, no...but I would be glad to get one or two in a sampler pack once in a while. On a scale of 1 to 10 it's an 8 in my book.
This is a really good cigar. Buy'em up in the samplers or if they go on sale.
Just my opinion...When it comes to a Connecticut Wrapper, this it what it should be. The Beauty is so creamy it is like using heavy whipping cream in your coffee or tons of butter on your toast. Your mouth fills with a light, creamy taste and never stops all the way to the nub. The wrapper is smooth like a baby's behind. A real pleasure to hold and smoke anytime of the day or night. I would rate this cigar a 94, just about as good as you can get.
The first non-Acid cigar that my wife has ever claimed to enjoy the smell of! Excellent flavor (I consistently get a hazelnut taste) and nice, mild body.
Not to pick nits or anything, but is there more than one variety of blend offered of the Gurkha "Beauty"? I pick up a box of salomons every couple of months for when the mood strikes to have a nice mild blend. They easily hit the mark in that area for me. If you catch a sale you can get the box for 50 bones - WAY more than fair, again, i.m.h.o...
After burning 2 sticks I have to agree with others who say it is quite bland (even for a mild). I would venture to guess if you're a Gurkha fan and like very mild cigars (and I do like them in general) then you will probably be somewhat satisfied. I say somewhat because for the price for these, there are indeed better to be had (Oliva CT comes to mind).
Wonderful! Smooth, mild, consistent all the way through! Lots of pleasant smoke with each draw.
If you like mild cigars, the Beauty is just ok. I can think of a hundred others that are better (EPC New Wave, Oliva Connecticut, Man O' War Virtue Mini Salmon, Rocky Patel Signature, San Lotano Connecticut....just to name a few). But if you like Gurkha, you'd probably like this cigar. Me? A lot of air and little flavor, not for me.
After wanting to try a Beauty for about 2 years, I finally got my hands on a 5 pack of the Beauty XO 6 by 60. Started out very mild, and worked it's way to a medium by the halfway point. First cigar I have smoked that I have removed the band before loosing the ash. Very well made, and a perfect burn. Couldn't ask for a better cigar. When you get ready for a Beauty, sit down with a nice drink, and get ready for a 1.5 to 2 hour commitment. Take your time, and don't rush it, or Beauty will get a little harsh.
I didn't care for this cigar, but after a couple more I decide I really do like it. It's mellow and will burn harsh if you draw fast but other then that it's amazing.
Buy these when they are on sale, (my regret is that i didn't purchase a lot more). Excellent medium bodied cigar. It rates an A in all categories, except standard pricing which shows these at $595.00 /25 which puts them out of reach for most. As a very acceptable alternative try the Stratus or Blue Steel from Gurkha. Both a lot less money and real close to these.
Too mild and bland for me.

Gurkha Beauty


There’s a lovely young lady that stops by the CI Super-Store from time to time and, for the sake of anonymity, let us refer to her as “Lola”.

Lola is an avid Gurkha fan and has a way of pushing the brand on me (keep in mind, I’M the cigar salesperson and she’s the customer!) Days ago, she graced us with her presence at the shop and, while it’s tough to get my male co-workers to focus on other customers, it’s always a joy to have her in, no matter how much she busts our stones!

I'm enjoying a cigar that remains unnamed when that zealous Gurkha fanatic asks me, “Brock, what are you smoking?”

I briefly reply to her question, then as fast as I could take another puff, she scathingly states, “When you’re ready to smoke premium quality cigars, I will show you some Gurkhas.”

A Gurkha fan myself, I pay no mind to her contemptuous banter and continue with my daily routine.

Several days after my encounter with Ms. Lola, I'm in the squeaky clean stadium parking lot in Philadelphia tailgating with one of my best friends and his family. “Herby” and I are enjoying some fine tailgating cuisine, cocktails and people-watching as we're wearing our favorite jersey, #20, which is being retired at halftime.

As the smoke from the grill flourished into the air like the burgeoning smog in the Philadelphia city skyline, it's about that time to put some smoke of my own into the air.

Before I could pull out a cigar from my Diesel 2-Finger brown leather carrying case, Herby busts out his 15-count herf-a-dor and offers me a puro of his own.

There were some tasty morsels in there…5 Vegas Cask-Strength, Man O’ War Ruination, Punch Bareknuckle and so-on-and-so-forth. However, I recall my encounter with the Gurkha faithful days prior and spot a beautiful Connecticut Shade cigar known as the “Gurkha Beauty.”

Not wanting an extremely full-bodied cigar, I pass up on the aforementioned offerings and divulge my interest into that eye-catching Gurka Beauty. A corona guy, I tend to stick with thinner vitolas but there’s something about that rotund 6.5” X 58 size that has me dribbling all over my green football jersey.

After I toast the foot, I fire up this Nicaraguan gem with my double flame butane lighter. On a side note, I will never touch the flame of a butane torch directly onto the foot of the cigar as this can detrimentally char a significant portion of your wrapper leaf, thus, inhibiting the desired flavor. Plus, the wrapper is damn gorgeous!

The stunning, chestnut Connecticut-seed wrapper is grown in Ecuador, and then aged 7 years before being applied. It encompasses a rich blend of unidentified 5-year aged fillers.

The first half inch of this tasty treat features a bready flavor accompanied by an effortless draw. Into the middle third of this cigar, the flavor changes into a creaminess which is complemented by a nice, natural sweetness in the smoke. As I pass about 25% of the smoke through my nostrils, it is smooth and painless. 

Between puffs, I take sips…well, take a drink…ok, a better word, quaff…ok, let’s be honest…I guzzle my rum and cokes while heckling the opposing fans in “blue” that walk by our tailgate party. It’s the kind of treatment one should expect if they come into Philadelphia wearing colors other than green. 

As my jeers persist, so does the ever-increasing flavor and enjoyment I receive from the Gurkha Beauty. As I make my way into the final third of this well-aged masterpiece, I get a clean, slightly zesty finish which builds to the very last puff. Upon finishing the elegant Gurkha Beauty, I forcefully spike the remainder of my cigar on the withered, cracked pavement of the parking lot as if I just scored a touchdown. However, this smoking experience was worth much more than just six points.

If you like mellow, Connecticut Shade cigars such as Montecristo White, Ashton and Davidoff, this blend is for you. My smart shopper advice to you is this…never, I mean, NEVER purchase the Gurkha Beauty on its own. It’s fairly high-end and expensive but is available in numerous Gurkha variety samplers as affordable as $3.00 a piece!

In conclusion, I saw my Gurkha-smoking friend Lola a few weeks after enjoying that Gurkha Beauty.

I tell her, “Hey. I had a Gurkha Beauty the other day.”

Elated, she responds, “Awesome! How was it?”

My answer, “Meh. It was alright.”

Brock’s Rating: “90”

Expert Philosophical Insightful Inspirational Thought for the Day for your Personal Edification and Enlightenment: Before kickoff of this divisional football contest, the “normal” referees who had “locked out” for more money and a bigger pension ran out of the tunnel and took the field. Disgusted with the incompetent “replacement” officials who botched calls and altered game outcomes in weeks prior, the Philly faithful cheered the men in stripes. However, I, for one, did not cheer them and, as a matter of fact, I booed them. I yelled, “Why are you people cheering for these imbeciles!?!? Boo!” Collectively, I received the question back, “Why are you booing them?” My response was, “You will see.” Literally, after two minutes into regulation, the zebras made a call in favor of the visiting team and, ironically, the enlightened folks in Section 101, Row 9 said, “Hey this kid was right! Bring back the replacements!”

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