Fields of Gold Corona Connecticut (6.0"x44) Single
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Fields of Gold Corona Connecticut New

The impossible 80-cent cigar!

Hell has frozen over. Pigs are flying. Beer is now available in all water fountains. So go ahead and buy that lottery ticket, because the impossible is now a reality. There's no other rational explanation for Fields of Gold. With 3 different wrappers to choose from, at less than a buck a stick, and yet made with care...yes indeed, this is one cigar you need to give the hairy eyeball, STAT. These sticks are perfect for just hanging around, or for handing out to all your friends. For just 80-cents apiece, you can afford two, buddy! That's right, just 80-cents apiece. Get in on the action now, because this deal is crazier than a tank of sharks with laser beams attached to their heads.

Connecticut – This extraordinarily mellow, smooth, and creamy Connecticut is as easy-going as they come.

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Corona Connecticut (6.0"x44)
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