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Drew Estate Undercrown

A high-end cigar for the working man.

Normally known for their infused cigars, Drew Estate’s made a huge splash with their traditional Liga Privada #9. A favorite amongst the factory’s rollers, Drew Estate had to tell the rollers to stop burning the blend because of the high demand of the cigar. So the working man had to adapt…

And adapt they did. Created by the rollers of the Drew Estate factory, Undercrown uses tobaccos similar to the Liga Privada #9 but that are more readily available. While the Liga Privada #9 is full flavored treat, the Undercrown is a little lighter on the palate. Wrapped in a dark San Andres maduro wrapper, the Undercrown starts with notes of coffee with a slight hint of spice that becomes more prominent as the cigar progresses. Even as it progresses, the cigar still manages to round out as a medium to full-bodied treat.

Drew Estate Undercrown received a well-deserved 90-rating noting: "Dark and imposing with a full, substantial draw and even burn. Initial nuttiness and woody notes take on a spicy licorice character and a touch of sweet vanilla on the finish."

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Overall Rating 4.85185185185185 out of 5 Based on 27 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Drew Estate Undercrown”

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5 out of 5
Nice! Some of the best !👍
Last for a long time, burns even, good smoke
5 out of 5
Love the Undercrown. Consistently good smoke.
5 out of 5
Excellent cigar, great service, fast delivery, and great prices, what more can you ask for?
5 out of 5
Dark chocolate you can smoke!
Have never been a dark wrapper fan until now. Flawless blend and construction, balanced and delicious...cocoa, pepper, creme. Bold not overpowering. Must try/buy.
5 out of 5
good cigars and customer service
good cigars and customer service
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Good smoke
I have smoked theses for years. Classic full taste. Enjoyable.
5 out of 5
Signature Cigar
I've smoked a lot of cigars and The Undercrown corona viva is my official signature cigar. It has a perfect draw of smoke and every hit provides me with everything I want in a cigar and great to pass out to friends. About to purchase my 2nd box soon, can't wait!
5 out of 5
Daily smoke
Nice draw, consistent burn, tons of smoke!! Fantastic daily smoker right here!!
5 out of 5
I found the Undercrown Gran Toro to be a very good cigar. It has all that I look for, i.e., Nice draw, even burn, stays lit, & has a very nice aroma.
5 out of 5
I love these sticks they are my go-to smoke. Mainly the gran toro, but golly the pigtails, they are so good. So so good.
5 out of 5
always a great smoke
always a great smoke
5 out of 5
Quickly became a favorite
DE Undercrown is on the top of my list of favorite smokes. That is the reason I purchased an entire box for my humidor from CI. Every time I light one up around non cigar smokers the response is the same....."wow that really smells good, what kind of cigar is that?" Perfect draw, even burn, and great smoke. This one will remain in my humidor at all times. Get what you pay for.
5 out of 5
Looking for the post man
Bought a 5pk of both Undercrown and Liga Privada #9 BIG MISTAKE!!!! The Undercrown is a good stick but trying to alternate between two was totally unfair to the Undercrown. Made it down to my last #9 and for a couple of days I'd open my humidor then close it, thinking I could hold out seeing it was my last one PURE TORTURE.
4 out of 5
Good stick one of my
Good stick one of my go to smokes
5 out of 5
I think they are a good stick
5 out of 5
WOW! Tasty cigar. Nuff said.
This is a fantastic little smoke. I like to taste the flavors in my cigars so I don't usually do churchills, gordos, etc. I tried to Toro size & loved em so I decided to take a chance on the corona viva. I was not disappointed. As with most Drew Estate cigars it was an enjoyable experience. Flawless construction, burn & draw. Medium to full body with some coffee & cocoa notes with some oaky undertones. Little strength but lots of flavor. Consistent not transitional. If you like those things in a good stick you can't go wrong with these. Easily in my top 5.
4 out of 5
Drew Estate is officially my favorite brand. I highly recommend trying these. You can't go wrong!
5 out of 5
Big band for your buck!
These cigars are one of the most affordable cigars that actually have a perfect taste when I pair it with my Delmore Cigar Blend Scotch. I've been buying these for years and they are a real go to if you can't get T52s or No.9s.
5 out of 5
Me Gusta
i am really enjoying these. They have a cold, mellow, smoothness but great mouth-filling smoke output. They are noticeably different than other cigars I have smoked. Especially when smoking this back to back with another, or when sampling a buddies cigar of another brand. I will buy more.
5 out of 5
Just as tasty as #9
Very tastey and very rich.. This cigar is not for the beginner,if you love a strong well burning cigar this is your baby at a more reasonable price
5 out of 5
amazing !!! Simply the best
I love everything I order from ci but the are known to have great prices on the undercrown... Thanks again as always.
5 out of 5
A great smoke ever time.
A great smoke ever time.
5 out of 5
Holy smoke
All credit goes to a couple of priests at our parish for getting me to try Drew Estate brand be it the liga #9 or the easy on the wallet Undercrown if your looking for a smooth easy on the palate smoke that lasts, you can't go wrong with this choice.
5 out of 5
Try them already!!
I don't know which I like best; Undercrown, MUWAT and Kentucky Fire Cured. For those that think Drew Estate is all about sugar flavored sticks, pick up a few of these. You just can't beat them at a medium price.
3 out of 5
5 out of 5
Excellent cigar
Excellent cigar
Customer Testimonials
It's no T52 or No. 9, but it's a great cigar for the price. A true working man's cigar.
This is a remarkable cigar in every way.
My FAV... period! For me this is what a cigar is all about. Give me an Undercrown Gordo, a good scotch, and an hour to kill...
I read the story behind this cigar. I don't purchase the pricey Padrons or the Liga Privada, but I will keep smoking this awesome cigar from Liga. I was surprised at the low cost, so I pulled the trigger on some. Beautiful tasting cigar. Especially if you like the No.9.
Undercrown by Drew Estate has to be one of my favorite cigars on the market. I have smoked about 15 or more, and have a box in my humidor waiting to be enjoyed. The wrapper on this stick is nice and smooth, rich oily body with the nice maduro wrapper. It starts off with the nice notes of coffee, and ends very similiar, but add a splash of spice. If you haven't picked this stick up I would recommend it. I prefer the robusto, but that's just me.
These are good. The #9's are not "twice as good" so you're getting decent value. Good burn, dense smoke, consistent from box to box. Great with a heavy beer such as a Belgian Dark Ale or Brandy. I always have a box of Doble Corona's or Toro's in the humidor.
The Undercrown is a well constructed cigar...easy draw, and a nice even burn. It does not compare to the T52, but worth a try.
The appearance is great, and the hearty feel is misconstrued at first. If coffee wasn’t used to describe its character, it might be better categorized. I didn’t find it anywhere near a “café” like cigar. More of a social gathering after a heavy meal type of cigar. Ginger spice? Or Black pepper? Both? Smoke does get thick and very noticeable, but the flavor isn’t what it is as described. I wouldn’t recommend this cigar if you’re looking for “coffee” or related like spices that marry with coffee flavors.
First review of a cigar ever. I am not the biggest BOLT and have found my go to's I am happy with. Was at a local shop and was looking for this guys more expensive brother. Had no idea this was the little brother. LOVE this guy. Going to order a box and 5 pack of #9. Well done Drew Estate!
Like many reviewers out there, I have been eyeballing Undercrown, because the Liga Privada #9 is too pricey for my budget. When I saw the freebie deal of 15 Joya de Nicaragua & Drew Estate cigars, 3 of which were Undercrown robustos, I had to buy a box of the Celebration coronas. Now, 2 days after delivery, I am trying my 1st one ever. This vitola is hard! The San Andres wrapper leaf is snuggled over what must be a lot of filler tobacco to make the stick so rigid. I used a punch cutter to make a hole & the pre light flavors were cocoa & spice. Nice. The stogie is heavy in the hand & lights easily. Burn is straight, with a solid ash. Medium bodied, but full flavored, hints of coconut, green pepper & tanned leather are present, in a long cool smoke that seems to maintain its level of strength throughout. The head resists my chomping & stays firm, where most succumb to my gnawing. I can see why so many praise this blend. Super smooth & fully inhalable, even a non-infused offering from Drew Estate seems touched by their mastery of that art. 93/100 At around 6 clams, this robusto is a bit pricey, so it is nice to see them available in a freebie. I intend to order a box of JdN Antano Consuls before that deal goes away.
Just finished an Undercrown robusto - and enjoyed every minute - particularly the nub. It reminds me of a Liga No. 9 in many ways - not as intense but really enjoyable. A great smoke for the price. The ash was almost pure white and the burn was perfect - no issues. As with other Drew Liga's, the volume of smoke is humongous, and I could rest the cigar for five minutes without having to re-light. I have a wonderful, earthy taste in my mouth after finishing the cigar - true satisfaction.
This stick has quickly become my favorite smoke. The smoke output is great, the taste is smooth and creamy with hints of coffee.... Wonderful smokes at a fantastic value.
I found this at a local cigar shop and it was everything I have ever wanted in a cigar. Starts off peppery, then gets into a deep cream. The cigar burns even, easy draw, changes, and lasts. I have yet to have one that had a bad wrap. Easily my new favorite. I am onto my second case. I think this is the type of cigar I would show someone who has never had a cigar. The cigar is pretty damn phenomenal. If you haven't tried it, try it. If you are hesitant, try it. I was skeptical of the shop I was in, but the guy talked me into it and I haven't looked back. I am now a regular at that shop and I keep coming back. I've been fortunate to try many different cigars and different styles. This is my new favorite. Really can't say enough good things about these guys. Big fan. Haven't branched out to other cigars from Drew Estate, but this guy is too good.
Great stick. Drew nails it on all aspects- looks, construction, performance and taste.
Love these cigars! As enjoyable as the more pricey Liga Privada's (an AMAZING cigar as well!) for me. I have a new favorite smoke! #DE4L #BOTL
A wonderful, rich cigar with great draw. This cigar burns slowly and evenly giving me lots of time to enjoy the flavor of leather and chocolate. I know I spent at least an hour and a half enjoying this flavorful treat and I was fully satisfied with this cigar and intend to include these in future purchases.
This is a good cigar but not one I would add to my list of cigars I purchase on a regular basics. I would still suggest giving on of these a try, many would really enjoy what this cigar has to offer.
A really great cigar. I tried this before the Liga Privada #9 and thought it was so good I could not wait to try its more expensive brother. I finally got ahold of a robusto and several torpedoes of the #9 and was not impressed, I actually think the Undercrown is better and at least as good. The Undercrown has a flavor similar to the La Herencia Cubana Core, which I also like very much, and they are among my favorites now. I also am a great fan of Cain Maduro, Diesel Unholy Cocktail, and La Herencia Oscuro Fuerte.
Love this stick! Great smoke output, good flavors, medium to full bodied. I have had some burn issues, I can't seem to get the wrappers to burn evenly! Oh well, a couple touch-up's and good to go. Great price, I like the 6x60. Don't hesitate, it's a must try!
This cigar is PHENOMENAL. My absolute favorite that I have ever smoked and I have smoked about 50-100 different brands. The construction is perfect. The flavors are complex and leathery. I chew on the end of my cigars when I smoke them and the Undercrown holds up well and releases an explosion of flavor when chewed on. If you like medium-full cigars this one will be one of your absolute favorite.
Chose this cigar as a change from my usual preferences..Explore a little bit and found this little diamond at my local cigar shop.. Needless to say, I have not been disappointed with the Undercrown... I would definitely suggest this cigar to anyone looking for a nice smoke, but doesn't want to spend a whole lot and enjoy a medium-full cigar..This is another brand I keep in my small rotation and have yet to be disappointed with it..
I don't really do cigar reviews mostly because I think flavors are very subjective but construction is not....I decided to try one of these (belicoso) and am smoking it (trying to) right now. I cut the cap and the cigar split an inch and a half down one side and two inches down the other. I have never seen anything like it, not from Drew Estate or even on super cheap cigar. I've been thinking about smoking this for two weeks and split. I sure hope the No 9 and T52 don't fall a part like this.
The Liga Privada Undercrown has an easy draw, produces nice smoke, and is full of flavor. As for my personal favorite it's a toss up for #1 between the Liga Privada No.9 and the Liga Privada Undercrown. If the No.9 is a bit our of the price point for the day Undercrown is definitely the way to go.
I smoked my first Undercrown this morning. I was driving in my car responding to a crisis situation (beyond the scope of this post), but in spite of the events at hand I couldn't help but notice how fantastic this cigar is! My impression is espresso, espresso, and more espresso! Medium bodied, maybe more toward full at the end, but absolutely savory! This one is definitely on Dad's list now. More please, preferrably with a good cup of coffee!
Very nice tasting cigar would get it again!
I was surprised to find this to be a very enjoyable cigar. When I smoked it, I enjoyed the earthy, rich flavors, that reminded me of the way a Partagas Black smells when lighting it. I'm usually a bit skeptical when it comes to new cigars, or cigars that receive lots of hype, but this was really good. The price was right, too, since I got five as part of the Cigarfest Sampler special, that included 20 good cigars for about $60. I believe the size I smoked was a Gran Toro.
I smoked my first Undercrown tonight and my first impression was not a good one. As many of the previous reviewers have stated, the cigar is well constructed. I also concur with the comments about the slow burn, smoke and ash, however the flavor just didn't do it for me. I have several more, so I will give it another go. I'm hoping the second time around will yield a different opinion.
These Smokes Are Smooth With A Great Draw And A Fantastic Leather/Spice Flavor. They Burn Even And Hold A Good Ash, Both Qualities I Have Come To Expect From Drew Estates. The Robustos Are Definitely One Of My Go To Cigars. For About $7 Each, They're Hard To Beat.
I had one of these sticks last night, It was fantastic. It has a full easy draw that creates a great amount of smoke. The after taste is non intrusive and very nice. After I finished the stick, I was wishing I had another one to continue the relaxing deliciousness. Its a must buy if you haven't tried it yet.
Never was a Drew Estates guy..... I know alot of people who are Drew Estates diehards, for the longest time I scoffed at them. Finally I was gifted a Gran Toro Undercrown. I was surprisingly impressed. Licorice, leather, dark chocolate, earthy, far more than I was expecting. Gives off a wonderful amount of smoke with a solid grey-white ash. Not ashamed to say I keep at least a box on hand at all times. My favorite go-to smoke.
Definitely one of my favorites. Affordable and delicious. The under crown is really a unique experience. Starts off slightly sweet with a subtle spicy undertone, which gets more and more prominent as you go on. My coworkers that usually hate the smell of my cigar smoke say that it actually smells quite pleasant. Loads of smoke both off of the foot and the draw. It starts off medium and ends medium full. I love this cigar and I can't get enough of it. I am now on my third box and don't plan to stop anytime soon.
I have had all three in the Liga line & like them all, but for the money you can't beat the Undercrown ! It is one of the few cigars I did not have to get very far into it to know this is a keeper. Loads of flavor & flawless contruction made me pull the trigger on a full box ! And that does not happen often Gents !!!
As some have said, and as simple as I can put it... Liga Privada UNDERCROWN, is NOT the same as a real Liga Privada. Not bad, but nowhere near the same experience for almost the same price.
Smoking the gran toro as I write. Given a bit of aging, this cigar is very pleasant. Flavors are there but not overpowering. Flavor disappears quickly. Produces a ton of smoke! Draw was just right. Aroma was cedar/charcoal,with slight sweet nuttiness. Did not leave a harsh or bad aftertaste. No pepper noticed. Would buy again. Easy smoke for breakfast!
Since I have been unable to try the Liga Privada #9, I Been eying these, so decided to pay an inflated 11 bucks for one at a local shop, I have to say the torpedo I had was extremely good, very well made, I knew I was in for something pretty good, just from the pre light draw, I was right, deep earth and full body, cocoa and licorice flavors, a hint of black pepper, but not over board pepper, but full body for sure, The finish is long on this as well, with the earthy cocoa lingering, I nursed this thing for over 60 minutes, ash held for 3 inches, before I flipped them off, A five pack for 40 bucks seems very reasonable to me.
I tried my first Undercrowns and I was quite impressed. The draw and burn were perfect and the taste was very pleasing. My favorite was the Gran Toro. I found these to be well worth the price.
This is a tasty smoke,but a more scaled down version of the LP# 9.That being said,the construction is perfect,the burn is straight and very slow with a nice aroma.I got a 5-pack of the robusto (5×54)and it was a 90-minute smoke.I gave it a day in the humidor and could not wait any longer.I also noticed that this cigar has a" quiet strength"that sneaks up on you around the last 1/3 that is cloaked by the mild-medium complex flavor.I'm exited to see what some aging will do to these Undercrowns.Congrats J. Drew and your whole organization thanks CI!
Had my first Undercrown today and I must say it was fantastic. Great smoke to the end and held the ash very well. I can see this one making my top ten.
This is NOT a No.9 or T52 experience. Well built, burns great, slow burning and extremely smokey, but forgetable for me. I plan on giving it another try, but I think between the difficulty of finding Ligas(which are awesome) and the hype behind the undercrown, I was expecting more.

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