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Diesel Salomon Super-Sampler

Diesel cigars have been one of the top dogs around these parts for years. With tons of limited edition blends, and high-octane handmades, you may be wondering how Diesel could get any better. How about with Salomons? Beefy, 7.1" x 58 boomsticks, ready to overload your palate with some of the best flavors around. Need another incentive? Sure. We'll knock almost $140 off MSRP to bring you this sampler at an astounding 71% off.

The Diesel Salomon Sampler includes:
3 - Diesel Rage Salomon (7.1" x 58)
3 - Diesel Wicked Salomon (7.1" x 58)
3 - Diesel Unholy Cocktail Salomon (7.1" x 58)
3 - Diesel Hair of the Dog Salomon (7.1" x 58)
3 - Diesel Unlimited Salomon (7.1" x 58)
3 - Diesel Unlimited Maduro Salomon (7.1" x 58)

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18 Cigars In Stock $204.00
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18 Cigars + Lighter In Stock $244.00
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Overall Rating 4.56 out of 5 Based on 9 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Diesel Salomon Super-Sampler”

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5 out of 5
More aging required.
Try aging for at least a year. Smokes great all flavors. Best price for a great cigar.
4 out of 5
Young cigars that need to age!
Purchased in January of 2018. I put them in my humidor for about a week. I had to try one as curiosity about smoking a Salomon was killing me. The draw was perfect. I smoked the Wicked. The flavor was good and the strength to me was mild to medium. However after an hour I was down to the final third, the strong taste of ammonia started to show up. It kept getting stronger to the point I couldn't finish it. I am going to let them rest for six months. These must be very young cigars.
5 out of 5
great bundle
great quality and taste
5 out of 5
Happy happy happy
Great cigars. Some of my favorites. Arrived in great shape and timely manner. Sale price was an added bonus
5 out of 5
Quality Cigars at a Great Price
This sampler was outstanding! I'm a big fan of AJ Fernandez and the Diesels do not disappoint. The Wicked is one of my favorite cigars to smoke, but so hard to find; the sampler was worth it to me just for those 3. I will definitely be buying this sampler again.
2 out of 5
Good value, Quality builds, Disappointing flavors
It's a good buy, so you get a lot for your money. The cigars themselves are well made. No major issues with the burn or anything. However, the flavor profile of the whole lot to me is very acidic, generally without any kick, and without anything I want to re-experience. I was hoping they would become more differentiated and palatable with some time in the humidor but that hasn't really happened. The presentation is quality high quality, which you don't seen in every cigar, but the smoke itself is a let down. To me this is a kind of smoke you give a way to a bunch of non-connoisseurs if the situation arises. The colors and names of each stick lead you to believe there's some differentiation here but it's really just some bite a little more than others and all leave a pretty lousy afterburn taste. In the end, they're savory to the eye but not in the experience. I can see myself leaving Diesels alone in the future.
5 out of 5
July 2017
Bought the 6 pack of Salomons (3 packs) Not sure which is which (no indication from wrapper). The only one smoked, so far, was the one with the white/green-blue ring. Wow!!! think it might have been the hair-of-the-dog. Best cigar I have ever smoked, ever. Love the salomon shape as well. Very light aroma (under the nose) but extremely satisfying flavor and aftertaste, drew differently after an inch of ash fell off. Became more robust, added bonus!!!
5 out of 5
Diesel is a fantastic brand to catch on sale
This was a nice selection of Diesel cigars, considering the price. The flavors were very solid and all of the sticks in my bundle burned evenly. While not necessarily my absolute favorite premium cigar, Diesel is one of my favorite cigars to catch on sale. When you catch a Diesel at an "everyday cigar" price, it makes "everyday" a real treat.
5 out of 5
No Brainer for the Diesel fan...
If you love A.J. then this is a no brainer! I purchased this bundle which is a awesome value, and am about half way through it... All I can say is wow! Great construction, burn very well, and smooth creamy flavors... I'm now a Diesel die-hard fan! Thanks CI for superb service!
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