Dallis Bros Coffee - Red Den Blend Gourmet
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Dallis Bros Coffee - Red Den Blend

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A dark roast in the den

Dallis Bros has a few simple motivations that drive them, but there’s one at the core: making the best, small-batch coffee they can. I’m no coffee snob, but I can tell good beans from bad, and let me tell you, Dallis Bros is the real deal. And it makes sense. Dallis Bros has thrived in the highly-competitive New York coffee scene for years by using some of the strictest quality control on the market. Dallis Bros is everything small-batch coffee should be, and you owe it to yourself to give these blends a shot.

Central America, South America, and Indonesia combine in this 100% certified Organic and Fair Trade coffee. Darkly roasted, Red Den is a smoky and smooth blend that’s loaded up with rich chocolate notes, and tons of natural earthiness. The acidity is low, making this a robust cup that pairs perfectly with any rich foods, desserts, or a nice mix of cream. And don’t get me started on the aroma. These beans explode with an awesome smoky note as soon as you pull the bag open. Get your mugs at the ready, Red Den is going to have you drinking more coffee than ever before.

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