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Caldwell Lost & Found Holy Braille

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What was lost, now is found.

Among the swaths of delicious cigars that make it into full production, there are small batches of custom-made cigars or test blends that never end up seeing the light of day. Deep within the aging rooms of the most prolific factories, delicious boutique cigars wait for the day when they’re rediscovered and given the appreciation they deserve. Great cigars the world over calling out for someone to bring them into the world and into the hands of everyday cigar lovers like you and me. Robert Caldwell has heard that call, and presents to us the Lost & Found series.

The Lost & Found Holy Braille was rolled by an undisclosed factory in the Dominican Republic, and blended by Francisco “Chico” Rivas, of Quesada fame. This cigar is 100% Dominican, from the 2008 Vintage Habana HVA wrapper all the way down to the well-aged long-fillers. As soon as you light a Holy Braille, you’ll notice a rich, unique profile only achievable through masterful blending and patient aging. Full-flavored notes of cedar, earth, barnyard, and chocolate are produced by the excellent burn from start to finish, and the agreeable aroma will pique the interest of anyone in the immediate vicinity. This is a must-try cigar, released in extremely limited quantities. Never again will this blend be seen on the market, so stock up today before they disappear!

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