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Ave Maria Reconquista

An extraordinary achievement

Reconquista from Ave Maria is a thing of considerable beauty. Spectacular, inside and out. I would comfortably stack this against any medium to full-bodied blend available say Reconquista will compare favorably is an understatement. Gorgeously packed in heavy, giant chests – inside each cigar is individually encased in cedar coffin boxes then laid neatly over a bed of tobacco leaves. As good as this looks, the real juice is unquestionably the blend itself. Reconquista is made in one size only: a stately 7”x54 Torpedo.

This big, yet manageable, vitola optimizes the rich blend of aged tobaccos….a size perfectly tailored to the cigar’s formulation. The wrapper is a dark, toothy Habano Oscuro variety grown in Brazil: thick and oily, sodden with a feisty and voluptuous character. Its filler tobaccos combine rich, well-aged, Cuban-seed, Nicaraguan-grown leaves from Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa. The combination explodes with uniquely rich and dense, finely balanced, and smooth flavors. Hearty notes of espresso, pepper, oak, spices, tobacco, and cocoa lightly dust the palate, leading to a toasty-sweet finish. 

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Reconquista (Torpedo) (7.0"x54)
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Overall Rating 4.79 out of 5 Based on 14 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Ave Maria Reconquista”

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4 out of 5
Got to try 5 of these cigars as part of an AJ sampler pack . I liked almost everything about it.Great construction,ash,aroma,along with a variety of flavors throughout. The DRAW WAS WEAK. That is why I gave it 4 stars. Would'nt pay more than $4 per stick. Geoffrey A
5 out of 5
Ave Maria Reconquista
top of the line for me in the Ave Maria line. full body great smoke.
5 out of 5
Please Make These in 5x58 Morning Star Size!
A truly wonderful cigar and a joy to smoke. I'm not a fan of the size offering, however. I'd love to see them market the Reconquista in the "Morning Star" 5x58 configuration; that would close the deal on this stick having a permanent spot in my humidors. They have made 5x58 Reconquistas for Ave Maria samplers. Sell Reconquista Morning Stars in a pretty box an I'll place my order tomorrow.
3 out of 5
Magnificent Appearance
Reconquista is fabulous looking cigar with excellent construction and beautiful graphics. Smoking it was not as satisfying as looking at it. The black pepper aroma was so singular and intense that it wasn't much different than putting my nose in a bottle of peppercorns. I like pepper, but not when it's the only thing on my plate. The second half of the cigar had a mitigated pepper aroma, and there other earthy scents and leather mixed in -- not bad. Overall I'd have to say it's not my cup o' tea. There are many other blends I like much more. I have one left, and it smartly dresses up my humidor so there it will stay.
5 out of 5
Outstanding. This is a cigar
Outstanding. This is a cigar I keep for myself
5 out of 5
Was included with the variety pack. An outstanding all around stick. A delicious smooth flavor. The ash did not drop more then half way through. Will definitely be ordering more of these.
5 out of 5
Reconquista Powerhouse
Ave Maria Reconquista is a beautiful constructed cigar that packs a smooth flavor bomb. When I want a cigar that I truly want to enjoy that will smoke consistent all the way through, then this cigar ranks up there with the best of them.
5 out of 5
One of the best!
This cigar is one of my all time favorites. If you don't enjoy this stick, you may want to consider giving up cigars...
5 out of 5
My top cigar!
I absolutely love this cigar which is my favorite smoke on special occasions.
5 out of 5
Awesome Ave
Perfect in every way! Be careful before you try bc u will buy them..
5 out of 5
Don't let the price fool you (its worth every penny)
Sometimes when a bold price is put on something I think of it as bait to make you believe it's special. This smoke is not trying to be anything. It is in fact a champion by all standards.
5 out of 5
Fantastic !
Ive been smoking Cgars for approximately 3 years and have never written a review but just had to on this one. I scored a box of 12 for a ridiculous price and have throughly enjoyed the first 2. The pre-lite was amazing with a chocolate, earthly, wonderful smell. The burn was average and the flavors were strong and extremely smooth. This is the best Cgar I have smoked in 2 yrs. I highly recommend the Ave Maria Reconquista and look forward to the next one. 1 word : F'ing Fantastic, sorry that was 2 words.
5 out of 5
Pure pleasure
Have smoked just about all of the Ave Maria line but the Reconquista is just head and shoulders above all of them...from the individual coffin boxes they come in to the full bodied yet mild smoke they provide added to that they burn down nice and evenly and you have one of the best cigars I have ever smoked
5 out of 5
My all time favorite!!!
I gotta tell ya, I've been smoking cigars for around 30 years and I've smoked a whole lot of different ones including many Cubans while in the Caribbean and never have I ever ever never smoked a better tasting Cigar than the Ave Maria Reconquista. It excites me just opening up the coffins and looking at them. If I didn't know how Wonderful they tasted I would just mount them on top of my dashboard, my dresser or even on top of my humidor. They look as great as they taste. Buy 'em, you will love them!
Customer Testimonials
Just a quick reminder. No cigar, IMHO, is worth $20.00, unless money is no object. For the tiny few who can squander that sort of cash for a single vitola, great. For the other 99.9% of cigar smokers, it is nice to be able to try a spleef like Ave Maria Reconquista, due to the sales, specials, bargains & just plain low prices here at CI. I got mine when "The Chosen Few" sampler was on sale, reducing the contents cost per stick to $6.67. That's still pricey in my eyes, but obtaining the six sticks individually would consume most of a Ben Franklin. My confidence in knowing I had found a bargain, calmed my jitters over having to pay even what I did for them. Reconquista is a big ol' 7" X 54 torpedo that feels heavy in the hand. The most interesting element is the Brazilian grown Habano Oscuro wrapper. I have a taste for this type leaf. My Father uses a Nicaraguan version on its excellent La Reloba Oscuro blend, while Alec Bradley's outstanding American Sungrown features a similar wrapper. The nuts & bolts of Reconquista shows off its pedigree. Full bodied, with woody notes & light spices, it really does remind me of Diesel Hair of the Dog in taste. My palate perceives Reconquista as being less complex & not as strong as HOTD, yet they both have a unique floral, menthol undertone that is quite uncommon in my experience. It's a good cigar. Maybe even a very good cigar. But there are too many vitolas I like better, that I can have five of for the cost of one of these, to consider it anything more than a curiosity, that I am glad I got to try.
Amazing cigars. Worth the price. What a way to enjoy some luxury. Silky smooth and holds up well when compared to cigars at this price point.
The Ave Maria Reconquista is one of the finest cigars I have ever tried. It was delightful from start to finish, and I intend to buy more of them in the near future for that very reason. Don't be dissuaded by the price: these cigars are worth the money and I am certain that you will enjoy them as much as I do.
So the packaging is over the top and adds $3 to the price; it does add to the ritual. Enjoyed it immensely!!! Take this one to your face and you will not regret the price.
Amazing cigars, but too pricey to be smoked on a regular basis on a fixed income. I enjoy these on my birthday and very special occasions, such as my recent graduation from college. Highly recommend trying them at least once in your life!
I have ordered some pretty high priced cigars in my time but they have always contained at least 20 cigars in the box. Every time I see a box of 10 cigars going for more than ones with twice the amount I get really angry. After smoking the AVA Reconquista I had a whole change of mind, and said I will buy these regardless of how many come in a box. One of the best if not the best cigars I have ever smoked. I used a stop watch and this stick lasted more than an hour and a half. The smooth rich flavor remained from beginning to end, and I hated to see this cigar come to an end. This is a must try cigar for every lover of a fantastic smoke.
I wasn't overly impressed considering their price point. It's definitely full, and very fermented. Reminded me of the cask strength fermentation-wise. I smoked it after the MOW Armada and the combination gave me a buzz. I smoke a lot of cigars and that rarely happens. Discounted I'd consider them, full price I wouldn't think twice about moving on.
I love Ave Maria cigars Im relatively new to cigars about two years now and Ave Maria was and still is in my top two. At about $7 a piece I feel they are well worth it but I was worried I couldn't afford the Reconquista until now. CI you have out done yourself with the weekly special you mean I get a 5 Pack of Reconquistas plus 10 other 90+ rated sticks for $40? The Reconquistas alone are worth more then $40. My order came today and I can't wait to light up a Ave Maria when the time is right I can only imagine based on these reviews thanks CI
Excellent. As complex as the Liga T52 but not as subtle. Very much worth the price. Mine sat in the back of the humi for a year at 67.5% and came out as a celebration cigar. Will buy more.
Absolutely THE best cigar I've ever had. PERIOD.
What an awesome stick! This thing is a work of art. From the beautiful packaging to the gorgeous band to the magnificent wrapper. This cigar is a winner all around. Very smooth & very flavorful. Mostly a sweet hay/tea leaf flavor throughout with a toasty coffee finish drifitng in & out. Nice even burn. Beautiful solid white ash. It went all the way to the first band! Probably would've gone longer but I knocked it off to remove the band. Moderate smoke output. Wonderful aroma. No flaking or flowering on the ash. Just an all around pleasant smoking experience. Wars could be ended by this cigar alone. If world leaders would only sit down with one of these, two fingers of scotch & some Loius Armstrong/Ella Fitzgerald in the background, no more wars! Not a quick smoke by any means. It took me an hour to hit the first band. Then another 20 to hit the second.Another hour to the nub. Flavor intensifying all the while. They're a bit pricey but dont let that turn you off. When you smoke one you'll feel like a king. HIGHLY RECOMENDED! Pick some up today. What are you waiting for? Go....NOW!
Real nice smoke! This is a special occasion cigar for me. I bought several grab bag specials that included this cigar in individual coffins. Well packaged and a very good smoke. Overall I like the Ave Maria brands and the Reconquista is top of the line. In conclusion you can't go wrong with this smoke.
One of the best cigars of ALL time in my opinion! if there was ever a cigar that every cigar lover should try it's this one!
Wonderful, spicy full-bodied smoke… But am I the only one that has trouble keeping it lit?
Amazing cigar. Wish we could by without fancy packaging!!
When I smoked my first Reconquista I didn't quite know what to think. Was it a good cigar? Was it a bad cigar? Was it a great cigar? After flame met the Reconquista and caused the combustion of its contents, which caused heat and smoke (which I then inhaled), I was overwhelmed by the peculiarity of all the different and complex flavors contacting my palate. It was like a symphony of different sounds billowing from different instruments that were trying to come together with the help of a conductor to form this beautiful experience (at least one would hope). However, were these instruments and sounds, orchestrated by this conductor, shaped in a way to form that melodic experience? After smoking my second Reconquista I came to my final conclusion. After being hit with the smooth, earthy, and banana like flavors all at the same time I realized that this is a great cigar. The conductor (Ave Maria) performed an excellent and beautiful symphony (Reconquista). At no point was there a bad taste. The cigar burned evenly and the flavors were rich, smooth, and robust throughout the whole cigar. Although, admittance into this performance is pricey, but it is totally worth the fare. Save this cigar for a special occasion and enjoy a magnum opus.
All I can say is Holy S***. Bought a box of three to save for a special occasion here in afghanistan. Two of my fellow coworkers were departing and we have become quite good friends. I wanted to sent them off in style for their last night. We broke the box open and smoked them. I was apprehensive having never smoked these before and not knowing anyone who had. Just read reviews. I was promising my friends a quality smoke on the electronic words of others. I have smoked several premium cigars with a price tag that was no where near close to the quality you would expect. In fact in today's new cigar wars there are many that just do not deliver for the price you pay. God of Fires come to mind. Well, I rolled the dice and came up a winner. What an awesome smoke. Every bit worth the $20 price tag. Starting off you think it is a mild smoke but you can actually taste the rich creamy boldness increase as you work down the cigar. In fact the roll is so perfect and the burn so smooth that you will be looking for a clip or pliers to smoke it to the absolute end. Flavor does not diminish. Also, it is a cigar that that leaves you with a contact high at the end. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a glass of bourbon or scotch. I also bought a box of crusaders with the deal of 10 lion hearts thrown in. Ranking the three I would say 3rd place went to the crusaders, 2nd to the lion hearts, and the winner in a blowout was the Reconquista. I am definitely buying the bigger box and Reconquistas will become a permanent member of my personal stock and lineup. Thank you CI for stocking these beautys and having such a great price deal.
This was a very nice cigar! Smooth and tastey to the end.
Just got my box in yesterday, I couldn't leave it shrinkwraped! I had to see those coffins for myself. I intended to age them for a year at least, but, have convinced myself that I can allow myself to smoke one on the next BIG occasion. The other 2 I plan on saving. At the price I feel I will be getting a couple more boxes to leave sealed... I want to say DON'T BUY but that would be over sheer greed for not wanting CI to run out before my next order.
I just ordered these cigars and from the time the order started processing, my legs started to tap the floor with the excitment of getting them to my front door. Being in Afghanistan on my 3rd deployment, I am sure these will be the highlight of this trip. Just the presentation of the box and the description I have read on them makes it so much sweeter. In one week when they arrive I will plan my two hours of quiet time in a nice spot to enjoy life as good as it gets.
Absolutely phenominal cigar! Everything about this one was perfect. The presentation with the cedar coffin and the beauty of the construction just added to the overall experience. I was pleasantly surprised upon first light to find that it has kind of a sweetness in the finish. Definitely one of the most flavorful and pleasant full bodied cigars I have smoked. I honestly can't find anything wrong with this cigar. Definitely not an everyday cigar but well worth the price for a once in a while or special occasion stick.
I was worried that the price would just be for the production value of having the individual coffins inside of the tobacco graveyard and, of course, the intricate oversized Ave Maria label, but I was wrong... This cigar was incredible! Unbelievable smoothness from the start down to the nub, with a sweet tabacco aftertaste that pleasantly lingers long after the last puff. That said, the Reconquista is by no means easy to tame. I usually smoke fairly quickly, yet this took me an over an hour to conquer. It is a full bodied giant and definately not an everday smoke IMO (obvious by the price point), but any Ave Maria or AJ Fernandez fan owes it to themself to stash a couple of these in their top shelf for that special occasion. To further put it into perspective, my favorite cigar is Morro Castle, based soley on the fact I "could" smoke those daily, but I recognize Reconquista as a more complex and superior offering.
I got the Ave Maria Reconquistas as a gift to my brother for Father's Day. Highly recommended!
My NEW favorites have just arrived.........a father's day gift....can't ask for more than this!