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ACID Ltd. by Drew Estate Def Sea

My personal favorite in the ACID cigar line.

Drew Estate's ACID cigar line is undeniably the best line of infused cigars on the market. Year after year, these blends are at the top of the charts. And Def Sea is one of the best-sellers in the whole lot. Indeed, I am not alone when I say the Def Sea is my favorite blend from Drew Estate's highly enjoyable ACID family of cigars. In fact, many believe this big perfecto is the tastiest cigar Drew Estate manufacturers.

ACID Ltd. Def Sea showcases a well cured Sumatra seed wrapper. This silky and reddish wrapper leaf perfectly blankets a mixture of Nicaraguan long-fillers underneath to create a pleasant medium-bodied experience. Def Sea is infused with an exotic mixture of honey water, jasmine, and double cured sugar cane extract. The result is a masterpiece. Experience a highly unique profile layered with rich tobacco flavors, complemented by sweet, soothing aromas and nuances.

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Overall Rating 3.89 out of 5 Based on 44 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “ACID Ltd. by Drew Estate Def Sea”

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5 out of 5
Another great cigar from Drew Estate
Drew Estate is my go to cigar. Def Sea didn’t disappoint. Great burn and mild. Glad I bought a box.
5 out of 5
Great cigars
Acid cigars of all types are my top pick for a great cigar, whether on the go or enjoying with friends.
2 out of 5
There are better options
Lackluster taste and burns too hot. Big disappointment from the Acid line!!! Time to take a break from infused cigars at this price.
5 out of 5
Great cigars, always good!
Great cigars, always good!
5 out of 5
Excellant cigars at and economical
Excellant cigars at and economical price to good to pass up. Thank you CI for your customer loyalty.
2 out of 5
Def Sea
Not to impressive to be honest. I would say I should’ve gotten Cuba Cubas.
3 out of 5
Def Sea
I like these Def Sea cigars however I prefer the more infused taste like the Acid one, Blondie and Kuba Kuba.
2 out of 5
Acid smokes...
I feel like they use great wraps with subpar tobacco. I really thought they had higher standards
3 out of 5
No Infusion
I did like the way it burned, and the draw was nice. However, there is no detectable Acid infusion in this cigar. No great aroma or taste. It does not live up to the Acid line, but a half decent smoke if you have a bourbon with it.
4 out of 5
Good choice
I’m usually smoking Acid kuba Kubas for my dessert cigar, I thought I’d try these at a great price. Much lighter smoke and taste. I thought that there would more honey or sweetness, but not on this one. I’m keeping them in their box inside my humidor with hopes of a stronger taste next time. The chocolate/coffee infused cigars were quite interesting. Not a bad tasting cigar, and small enough for a quick 45 min smoke. They go great with a nice Cabernet.
2 out of 5
Ehhh? No thank you
Bought 2 boxes by mistake and decided to keep both, came with great Acid sampler, thank goodness, I really enjoy Acid cigars and always have a few in my humidor. These guys were a disappointment, burn was fine, some wrapper issues about every 3 rd one. But not the best infused Acid out there, actually the worst. So if you want a light infusion maybe it's for you. I won't buy this stick again
5 out of 5
never a bad one
Whenever I am indecisive on what to get, ACID is the fall back cigar for me. No matter if its the Blondie or Kuba Kuba, never a bad smoke.
4 out of 5
Great smoke!!!!Acid DefSea
Great smoke
5 out of 5
I am very impressed with the cigar quality. Thanks Guys. Vaughn Riffe GM Old Line Wine and Spirits! Cheers
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Great smoke
3 out of 5
There ok thought they would
There ok thought they would of had a better taste and been more mild
3 out of 5
Def Sea does not amaze
The cigar is OK, but I suppose I was looking for something spectacular. The roll is a bit loose, and the sticks run hot and smoke fast. Not my favorite, but a good one to have as a spare for those who know no better.
4 out of 5
Another great Acid
Nice smooth smoke, Good flavo, and very enjoyable.
1 out of 5
Def Sea
Did not like the flavore. I love most cigars by Drew estate.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
I am no cigar pro and smoke Acid blondies regularly. The Def Sea cigars are incredibly smooth and feel well made.
1 out of 5
no flavor
i thought from the description it would have more flavor. very plain
3 out of 5
Def Sea
I was expecting a lot more taste from this stick.
3 out of 5
wasnt as favorable as I thought I will experience.
It burned well and decent smoke but I was searching for the favor of the cigar. Didn't get much of the taste but enjoyable.
3 out of 5
Not too bad but not great
Drew Estate is one of my favorite Cigar makers. The Kuba Kuba is the favorite but this Sea Def Sea was a little bolder and not as enticing. If its not a COHIBA or a ROMEO JULIET the Kuba Kuba will be always be my good to go.
5 out of 5
Acid cigars
Love Drew Estate products they never fail to satisfy. From mild to full or flavored their cigars are first rate
5 out of 5
Israel'S review
Very good customer support service, received ok on time, very sactified with all the treatment received
4 out of 5
Nice smoke
Was very pleased with the blend. Another winner by Drew Estates.
4 out of 5
Eric Havel - Drew Estate Def Sea
Big fan of Drew Estate cigars .... this one threw me off ... but in a good way. Most ACID cigars are sweet like Kuba Kuba or Roam. This one to me had a cedar wood note to it. Definitely a good smoke.
5 out of 5
ACID Cigars by Drew Estate
They were fantastic. First time I ever tried them.
5 out of 5
Acid one of my favorite
Acid one of my favorite cigar
5 out of 5
Great cigar!
I don't smoke, but my guy does and I surprise him by having cigars from CI shipped to his house. He loves the Acid brand and says the Def Sea are a great smoke!
4 out of 5
Great Cigar in Time
The first few I smoked fell apart as they burned. I left them in the humidor over a week. That made a huge difference. This is a great smoke. One of the best cigars I've had.
5 out of 5
Not your typical Acid.
I agree with many of the reviews. This cigar is not typical Acid. I'm not a fan of Kuba Kuba and most of the others in the Acid line but I'm a big fan of these. If you like typical Acid then these may not be for you. If you enjoy more of a traditional non-infused cigar then you may really enjoy these as I do.
4 out of 5
Again very nice cigar from Drew Estate. My go to cigar is the opulence but decided to try after reading reviews.
5 out of 5
Try it, you'll like it
These are my favorite premium cigar. I wasn't a fan of flavored cigars but this one changed my mind. I smoke one almost every night. My only complaint is that they seem to be a bit dry when I first get them and need time in my humidor to become the perfect smoke. Best price is from CI.
5 out of 5
I'm back
While I was in Korea, it was not easy to order from CI. Now that I am back in the US, it is really easy, safe, and fast to get fantastic cigars from CI. Thank you.
2 out of 5
Bland like a Liquid
Good for a traditional cigar, but lame for an ACID. This was a hug dissappointment. The box smells great when you open it. But it's as if the infusion was on the box not the sticks. No taste whatsoever in the smoke. Not much difference between this and a Baccarat. Drew tried this approach before...Ronin Deluxe, Liquid....etc. If I wanted a plain ole smoke I wouldn't be buying ACID. Wish I could return the box for something better. If you like ACID, stay away from this. The SHORTY is better.
2 out of 5
Maybe mine were old?
I'm normally a fan of Drew Estates, especially the Naturals and Acid lines, but these guys were fairly flavorless. There seemed to be a film in the inside of the wrappers I've not seen in any other Drew product almost like where the infusion had somehow sweat out of the cigar? I'm chalking it up to a freak occurrence or perhaps they were just old and got marked down to move. Everything else about the smoke was good- burned well, etc., there just wasn't much of the trademark ACID flavor to them. I kinda want to pick one up at my local shop and see if Def Sea is just a much, much, much milder flavor or what.
5 out of 5
Def Sea Drew Estate
The only problem is they went to fast I enjoyed them so much. I just ordered a box of Cold Infusions to try next
4 out of 5
Good Cigar
I am no my opinion show be taken as the casual smoke who is just trying different things. My favorite cigar from ACID by Drew Estate is still blue label Kuba Kuba. The Def Sea was good but was to close to an average cigar for me to think it stood out among the crowd. Would not turn it away and would suggest to friends to try.
5 out of 5
A lovely cigar
Great tasting cigar with a sweet, floral hint. A beautiful aroma. Acid cigars are the best infused cigars on the planet.
5 out of 5
Great awevice
CI is great best way to buy my drew estate cigars
4 out of 5
Acid Ltd. Def Sea review
They are a very good cigar. smooth and easy to smoke. They are a bit too strong for me (got me sick), so I may not order these again base on that. But otherwise its a great cigar for someone that can handle the strength.
5 out of 5
Acid Def Sea cigars
A great value, not the best smoke in the Acid line, but the price was rite, also liked the wonderful gift, and the free shipping. My wife likes the Acid box. Let me know if the earthiness are ever sale priced. Bye have a nice day.
Customer Testimonials
Great cigar...I give it on a scale from 1-10-an 8. Subtly spiced aroma and taste...perfect for the Fall season.
Drew Estate is my favorite brand. Def Sea will be put at the bottom of the list. I bought a 5 pack, left in humidor for a week or so lit one up tonight not that impressed I don't think I'll get these again. Just my opinion.
Great draw. Even burn. Medium-bodied. Cigars smell great!
Let me start by stating that ACID cigars by Drew Estates are my go to sticks for pretty much anything. Three of my five humidors have nothing but DE's in them. But this one was a shocker. First the good construction is top notch as always the wrapper was immaculate and the seams tight for the entire length of the smoke. And that's it for the good. Now for the bad.. upon removing the cigar from its cellophane wrapper I notice immediately that it hade an odd feel to it, rough and somewhat gritty.
I ordered a box of Ltd. Def Sea on MMAO and sadly my offer was accepted and I received them, worst choice I ever made. I expected more from the Acid line, the Acid Def Sea cigars were as loose as a joint rolled by an 80 year old glaucoma patient. The imperfection in the wrapper was immediately apparent upon arrival; the wrapper was torn, cracked, and or very thin on most to all of the cigars. Although the fresh cigars were a delightful aroma of sweetness prior to lighting, the disappointment set in with the first draw. It seemed as if the cigar was not infused but rather sprayed with a scent, as no flavor permeated the cigar. I will not purchase again, nor recommend these cigars.
Im not going to lie, i really didnt like these at all. I tried them in Afghanistan from a friend of mine that i knew spent meticulious amounts of time preparing and seasoning his cigars and was just disappointed with this cigar. Love acids and most of Drew Estates cigars, just not this one.
They are so smooth, but will put you on your butt if you don't pace yourself.
I received a 5 pack from Cigars International & after a couple of days in the humidor, I decided to fire one up. I found it to be a mild well balanced cigar, perfect for an after dinner treat. I just started to appreciate the Drew Estate family of cigars & so far this is one of my all time favorites.
Fine, quality cigar, but no wow factor I've come to expect from Drew Estates.
The smell of this cigar is unreal. I found myself just smelling it for 30 minutes before I lit it up. Unfortunately it got a little damaged on the ride over to happens. It wasn't too bad, but I completely lost the wrapper about half way through. Even with the damage you could tell it was a well made cigar and the draw was perfect in spite of that. Even though it is infused (and it certainly smells infused) you don't really get that experience when smoking it. What you get is a nice, mild smoke, with subtle little flavors popping up here and there. On the whole this cigar had me thinking about some kind of oriental tea.
Best Cigars ever, smooth, mild. Taste awesome
First off, I LOVE almost every Acid cigar. This one is not one of them. It's too mild for me and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I ordered a 5 pack and am currently smoking my second one. These have very little infused flavor compared to its brothers and sisters in the Acid line-up. Skip these, go for the (new) old standby Kuba Kuba or an Atom Maduro if you want a rich, delicious smoke with an excellent infused flavor.
I love acid cigars, but these are not your typical acid cigar. They are far milder and there is less of the infused oils. They are a pleasant smoke, but if you enjoy the typical acid taste I do not recommend these. I purchased a box, because they included a natural sampler a few years back and I just smoked the last one just to get rid of it. I gave most of them away. Even after aging three years in the humidor they did not develop a complex taste.
Does Jonathan Drew know how to make a poor smoke?I think not.The DEF SEA is another winner.I have smoked over one dozen different Drew Estate cigars and after each one I think to myself "it can't get any better" that thought lasts until I try the next DE smoke in the humi.Top quality cigars from Drew Estate and EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE FROM CI.KUDOS to both.
smoked a few now... they smell and taste of the 'essential oils' i.e. they smell and taste like ... incense... these are very different, try before you buy...
My favorite of all the ACID cigars (ACID Ltd. Def Sea). This one taste smooth and doesn't leave a funky flavored aftertaste like some of the others do. The smoke isn't too heavy and I always get people asking me about this cigar due to it's aromatic smell. I'll probably get lectured for this, as I'm not a cigar afficianado, but I like throwing these in the humidor with my CAO Blacks (also a great smoke in my opinion) as it mellows out the smell in the humidor.
A great dessert smoke (ACID Ltd. Def Sea), very light, great aroma. I usually smoke while grilling out, and while this doesn't go well with things that get grilled, it does go well with the things that come afterwards! Nibble on some chocolate while smoking this for an even better experience!
These are Mild as can be.ACID Ltd. Def Sea. To me the best situation to smoke one of these is on a nice hot day with a nice lemonade or something as it goes well with sweet drinks. This Is not your average Acid as It tastes very mild and although it is infused it seams not to effect the taste but the aroma. So this is a cigar that no one will turn your nose up at you while your smoking one. Some may even ask you about it. I like there is no sweet tip which some Acids have. The sugar tip to be is undesirable due to the aftertaste, It tastes like artificial sweetener and I don't like that. This cigar does not. It is loosely filled but it still holds at least an Inch of ash and has a loose draw also. In all this is a good summer smoke that I said will please the noses around you it would go well with a nice summer ale with a lemon wedge or a lemonade IMO. To me this is the summer cigar mild smoooooooth to the nub and smells great. It has a medium finish that isn't that great but it is a smoke that would be for me out of 10 a 6 purely due to the fact it is infused as an infused cigar I would give it a 8 out of 10 only due to the loose roll and draw if it were made the same way with the same amount of tobacco but with a gauge size of 50 or even 48 would make it perfect.
This is such a well balanced cigar (ACID Ltd. Def Sea), I don't know what took me so long to try it. The blend is excellent, with a medium to full body, buttery character, but that added 'herbal' from Drew Estates makes them simply "exceptional". If you haven't already, try a five pack. You won't be sorry.
These (Acid Ltd. Def Sea) are unusual. I bought a box of five on the recommendation of a pal of mine. They are OK, but for an "old country boy" who enjoys a good cigar while playin' a few holes over at the local club with the boys...It may be a bit "much". Not to say I don't like it...but; it perhaps is a good choice for an after dinner smoke when you've eaten Chinese, Thai, VietNamese or something that leaves an unusual spicy or gingery taste on the palate. Or with a glass of white or blush wine of some sort..But for trying to win a few skins on the back nine or to accompany a draft beer or cup of strong black "joe"...I prefer my Puros Indios 6X60's, Nestor Reserve Maduros, or Padilla Especial Obsidians....But that's just me.
anything from johanthan drew is excellent but you have to try this one (ACID Ltd Def Sea). great cigar plus you cant beat CIs prices and service.coming from CT i know about tobacco
Strange yet awesome (ACID) - I can't get enough!
The ACID (ACID Ltd. Def Sea) cigars are top notch. Each different cigar gives something different. There is nothing better than the Blondie! Also, the red cameroon, is perfect for a quick smoke.

ACID Ltd. Def Sea

Smooooooooooooooth! That's pretty much all this review needs. Soooooo Smoooooth!!!!

Spark'em up. This is a great summer smoke. This gar is the complete opposite of last month's pick. Let me start by saying I'm not a huge fan of anything imbued with anything. I used to think flavored cigars were for sissies. Well, things sure have changed around here. I've got two in the rotation now, Cuban Honeys (Vanilla) and Acid Def Sea. I haven't smoked too many Acids and my first one about a year ago smelled like potpourri (it was the Nasty size and boy did I think it was nasty.) It took me a full year to pick up another one.

When you open the box, you get a serious whiff of that aromatic smell, it seems a little less so than some of the others. Or, maybe I'm just getting used to it now. Either way, it's become less bothersome. And, you simply don't get that potpourri smell in your mouth. The flavor is awesome. It's a beautiful perfecto shape and I know most people clip both ends, but I'm not like most people. I only snipped the head and not the foot and it sparks up as quickly as can be. The fill seems a little loosely packed, but the burn is impeccable. In fact I smoked one tonight on the way home. Just when you think it's going to fall on your lap, it doesn't. It holds for another 10 drags. I'm not kidding.

Don't expect to be blown over with power. It's smooth, gentle, fresh, and gives just a little hint of spiciness. You'll enjoy this. The smoke is abundant, but so gentle, your wife won't kick you out to the yard. It leaves such a pleasant smell, no after-taste, and you really can't lose.

The burn is even and fairly quick. It'll last 40 minutes and is truly a nice refreshing summertime smoke. Oh, CI is throwing in a free cap just for grins. Enjoy.

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