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5 Vegas Triple-A

I don't want to overstate it, but this cigar is an opportunity for moral improvement....something to enrich your future, broaden your horizons and elevate your standing among peers. It's widely accepted among cigar experts that your transformation from deviant to upstanding citizen will be complete after nubbing your first 5 Vegas Triple-A. I made that up. But it's true that if you like gloriously full and rich, deep and dense blends, you are gonna find Triple-A shockingly refreshing.

This devilish handmade is a marvelous creation of bold, finely aged tobaccos precision blended to generate a uniquely satisfying profile. The heart of this blend is its Cuban-seed Nicaraguan ligeros. Fillers from Esteli were chosen for richness and body, Condega fillers were added to promote a dense, aromatic bouquet, and tobaccos from Jalapa contribute balance and smoothness. Together this fine recipe, when topped off with a thick and oily Pennsylvania Broadleaf maduro wrapper - a coal-black beauty that generates a rich array of searing flavors - delivers a full-flavored experience to the core, with cascading notes of oak, leather, espresso, and toasty spices throughout. A hint of sweetness lingers after each puff, just before the dense, charcoal-like aroma fills the nostrils. Each of the flavors seems to come consecutively, a series of layered sensations that hits your senses without overwhelming the palate at any given point.

Man. I just re-read that. Was it over the top? All I know is I am diggin' this cigar - it's become #1 in my rotation among full-bodied 'gars. 

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Triple-A (Robusto) (5.0"x56)
Box of 20 In Stock $140.00
save $45.0032% off
Triple-A (Robusto) (5.0"x56)
Pack of 5 In Stock $35.00
save $7.0020% off
Triple-A Box-Press (Robusto) (5.5"x55)
Box of 20 In Stock $150.00
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Triple-A Box-Press (Robusto) (5.5"x55)
Pack of 5 In Stock $30.00
Overall Rating 4.64 out of 5 Based on 44 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “5 Vegas Triple-A”

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5 Star
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5 out of 5
5 Vegas Triple A!!!!
Excellent cigar. Affordable and excellent taste. Love this Maduro!
5 out of 5
Excellent sit back cigar
This is one of my favorite light up, sit back and relax cigars. Sitting on the deck with a AAA and a good bourbon is as good as it gets. Good bold cigar that smokes slow and even. And a great value on top!!
5 out of 5
5 Vegas is best bang
5 Vegas is best bang for your buck
5 out of 5
it's a Five!!
This is how I personally grade a cigar. 0-2 points for the following: Appearance, Flavor, Burn, Smoke and Price. Then divide by 2. Appearance: 2.The cigar has good construction; Gold Label contrasts against the dark color of the cigar which is very eye catching. .Flavor:2.Full strength cigar, hint of coffee and spice. Burn: 2. Easy draw stays lit without having to baby sit. Smoke: 2. Lots of smoke which I enjoy and one of the reasons why I smoke cigars. Price: 2. I like a good bargain and the higher the price, the higher the expectations. The cigar overall exceeds my expectations. So 2+2+2+2+2=10 divided by 2. So with that said a total point score of 5. Awesome!
4 out of 5
The 5Vegas Triple-A Triple-A were some what stout but enjoyable and tasty.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Great cigar
5 out of 5
5 Vegas Triple A the big brother to the little Animal A
I figured this would be a good cigar after having the 5 Vegas A Animal & really enjoying the flavors, size, smoke. Thing to myself that the Triple A would rock the park if you know what I mean. It has forfilled my thoughts of it. Great smoke, much stronger flavors than the regular A's but the same taste just tripled. I know cheesy right I hope the box pressed is better, can't wait to try them.
5 out of 5
Great cigar, will buy more
Great cigar, will buy more
5 out of 5
They are a great smoke. Burn really nice. Great cigar to have with friends
5 out of 5
A consistent, flavorful full bodied smoke.
The Triple-A robusto is one of my favorite cigars. It is a full bodied, flavorful smoke with excellent construction. The burn is razor sharp and the gray ash usually falls off in inch and a half or longer chunks. It is consistent from stick to stick.
4 out of 5
Need more!
Really great smoke. Its really consistent throughout and the taste is just as good. The problem is that I ordered 15 to hand out at my wedding but I have already smoked 2 of them and my wedding is 2weeks away. I'm pretty sure I will have to get more!
5 out of 5
Freaking WOW!
I tried 5 Vegas when I first started cigars. Didn't like them at all. I had one of the guys recommend that I try one insuring me I would like it. He knows my palate to be strong. So I bought one and had it at home. It WAS awesome!! Chocolate of the wrapper, increasing in taste and potency!! Definitely not for a new smoker! I love them. Added them into my regular rotation!! Price is right too! Surprised it isn't getting the notoriety it deserves. But good for those of us who love them!!
3 out of 5
Short Burn
Cigars go out about the area tip of the second band. Hard to relight. Have to pinch roll befor smoking. Disappointed!
5 out of 5
simply a great smoke!
simply a great smoke!
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Great cigar burns gore at nice smith full body cigar
5 out of 5
Reordered these because the are just simple , full of flavor , easy to smoke
5 out of 5
Full body
Make sure you have some food on your stomach,excellent cigar.
4 out of 5
nice smoke
Well made, even slow burn. A bit too powerful for my everyday smoke, but nice on special occasions.
3 out of 5
Too strong for this kid
I'm a newbie to the cigar world. This cigar is just too full for my liking at this early stage. It has all the characteristics of a quality cigar, but just too strong for me.
5 out of 5
Wish I could order the 7 x 50 which I received in a sampler...
Received one AAA in a seven pack sampler. Loved it! But I've got to tell you, horribly disappointed that it was a beautiful 7 x 50, and I now find when I try to order a box of that size, they are not even offered. What gives? Oh well, don't know if I want to buy the shorter 5 inch ones or not.
2 out of 5
Not the flavor expected.
Not the flavor expected.
5 out of 5
Triple A smoke
The premium smoke at affordable prices. Invest in this smoke and it won't crash on you
5 out of 5
On time!
Cigar is in good condition.
3 out of 5
Pretty Good
These are pretty tasty. Better than I thought they would be. I bought 5 and smoked one. Letting them sit in a box in my humidor for a few months before I try another one. I feel I'm really going to like them more after some time in the box.
4 out of 5
One of the best cigars around. 5 Vegas is a heavy hitter and the Triple A's are certainly one of their top tier smokes. Only comes in one size, but it burns well and draws very good. The smoke is wrapped in a beautiful dark wrapper and presents delicious nutty flavors with hints of wood. FULL bodied!! Loved it...enjoy.
5 out of 5
Favorite 5 Vegas Vitola
I've had a box for Years in my Humidors! They are a near perfect strong cigar that everyone should give a try. My favorite 5 Vegas Smoke
5 out of 5
Vegas Cigars
I bought these for a close friend of mine as a gift. He liked them very much and has requested your website information. He should now be a regular customer of yours. Thanks. It meant a lot to me for this outcome.
5 out of 5
5 Vegas AAA
Box pressed awesomeness. This cigar is a pleasure to smoke,it has a lot of flavor going on and puts out great smoke with a pleasant aroma. If I had to describe this cigar with one word it would be "Damn". I would definitely buy this full flavor mofo again.
5 out of 5
Best I've Had
Vegas Triple A is a smooth yet bold taste that is for cigar lovers.
5 out of 5
Perfect Gift!
My gift recipient was overjoyed, he said this is fave cigar, full of flavor!
5 out of 5
5 Vegas AAA
A great cigar, highly recommend it. Good construction, descent volume of smoke, full body.
5 out of 5
Very pleased
I bought two boxes of this wonderful cigar based on a review I read with some CI bucks I got for Christmas. Buying two boxes of an untested cigar was a leap of faith that really paid off. Ironically I just smoked one just before receiving this review request. This was money well spent. It is a cigar that while smoking it I keep looking at and saying WOW!
4 out of 5
It's all good
Vegas 5 AAA is a good solid smoke. I'll buy them again cause they are consistent with burn, draw and taste.
3 out of 5
Not For Me
Excitement turned to disappointment. Looked forward to trying these and finished not impressed. Very average flavor.
5 out of 5
New Favorite
What a great cigar. Burns nice and smooth and great flavor. This is my new favorite cigar!
5 out of 5
Best cigars
Enjoyed these cigars, great flavor, smooth smoke
5 out of 5
Good smoke
These are as good a cigar as I have smoked ay any price.
5 out of 5
5 Star for a 5 Star Cigar!
They were really strong which my husband LOVES! He says they were nicely packed, wasn't too hard to draw on, and had a really nice flavor! I really liked the smell of them, and I hate the smell of cigars! Great choice for sure!
5 out of 5
Great stick.
Durable wrapper, Full of flavor. All the way thru
5 out of 5
good pick
Great smoke
5 out of 5
5 Vegas triple a
5 Vegas triple a have become my favorite cigar. The draw is perfect, as is the burn. They taste great, smell great, and feel great.
5 out of 5
It's a great cigar. In my opinion the best 5 Vegas in production. These will always have a spot in my humi.
5 out of 5
5 Vegas Triple A is a great cigar.
The 5 Vegas Triple A is a great cigar and is wallet friendly. It's the best of the 5 Vegas line that I've tried. Highly recommended.
5 out of 5
Thats what you call a perfect smoke
Its a very smooth smoke, with a full body, good for smoker that like a full cigar. No regrets, will definitely buy more of this cigar 5 Vegas Triple-A.
Customer Testimonials
While this is not my favorite cigar it is very high on my list. It is a very well made cigar. It is quite harsh at the beginning but just give it time and it is amazing. I will definitely be ordering more.
Now I'm not a 5 Vegas kind of guy, but I got this cigar in a value pack one day. After a few weeks in the humi, and one cold day later, I fell in love. I will warn you, don't smoke this cigar on an empty stomach. I'm buying a 5 pack next time I head to CI... great smoke.
Smoking my first one right now, bought it as a single and it's only been in the humi for about a week and a half, but this thing is awesome! The flavor is perfect. Distinct but not overpowering, and the aroma is nice as well. I'll definitely be buying a box soon. If you haven't tried one I suggest you go ahead and at least get a 5 pack.
This is a great bang for the buck! Buy it if you like a black peppery, spice Maduro. Toothy, leathery wrapper. I loved it.
Once again, you should never equate price with a great cigar. Just finished my first AAA, and it was fantastic. Deep, dark tobacco, black coffee, chocolate, light spice. This might be a "strong" cigar, but if it was, I couldn't tell. Burn, draw, and overall construction was top-notch. Highly recommend for the cigar enthusiast. Great cigar. 5 Vegas never disappoints.
A must in your humidor. Read the review of staff, but first try it, then read the reviews. You won't be disappointed. One of the best of my collection.
What can I say? Peppery notes, notes of leather, and a great flavor. It is a little light on the palate but it's still absolutely delicious. If you like full bodied smokes then you gotta have these in your humidor. The burn was a little erratic on mine but that may have been the cold weather.
Without a doubt, the best maduro I have ever smoked! Full-flavored stick that runs the gamut on adjectives. Simply outstanding!
One of my favorite smokes, love the PA Broadleaf and the ligeros. I owe a debt of gratitude to the so-called "expert" reviewers for their middling opinion of this stick. It has helped keep it in my price range. I also thank all the other AAA-lovers who buy these in droves. It keeps these an important volume product for 5 Vegas, and I'm sure they will continue a "maximum effort" in product quality. I also really enjoy the special sizes one can infrequently find....
The 5 Vegas Triple-A is a nice blend between spice and flavor. Not overly complex but nice consistent smoke. The first third the accent is spicy; the second third is a nice balance between woody, nutty flavors with spice and stays that way to the nub. Burn is relatively even and smoke output is good My only two cautions are that it does seem to burn hot so smoking it slowly is the key to keeping the flavors balanced. Also the draw seems to "snug up "as you smoke it so a guillotine cut is better than a V-cut or a punch.
Read the balls-on description. Buy the cigar. Thank yourself. It's a perfect full bodied, rich cigar. Consistent every time. Cannot go wrong with this one.
After being a little disappointed with the 5 Vegas Gold Maduro (not giving up on it) I tried the Triple A. It really surprised me in a big way.... I have had two of these thus far and they are big on flavors and a complex smoke. Like others have pointed out; pepper, coffee, chocolate and earthy tones. Cream pokes his head in every now and then. My second one was not quite as good as the draw was tight.... It caused some uneven burn as a result. But the flavors were still present. I really am liking this beautiful stick! Some bad mouth the brand 5 Vegas, but if you can pick these up on the cheap you best do so! I just got my box along with the box press 5 Vegas Classic 55's!
I reread my earlier review & it only serves to verify that it is often prudent to reserve comment on a blend until you have consumed more than 1 & have let the cigar(s) rest for at least a few weeks. AJ Fernandez's 5 Vegas Series "A" AAA is a case in point. You would think I disapproved of AAA if you read my previous posting. Or that it somehow doesn't measure up. Nothing could be further from the truth or more misleading. AAA rocks & could conceivably stand alone atop the super full bodied maduro blends. It certainly is a hearty offering, emitting clouds of thick white smoke that is filled with notes of leather, black tobacco & currents. For all its strength, nothing about it is over the top or cloying in any way. It is actually smooth, even as your head swims & your gut tightens with the effect of superior ligero leaves so skillfully wrapped up in a Pennsylvania Broadleaf. I will say it is not for the weak of heart or mind. It is a powerful concoction & another testament to the brilliance of the blender. With such outstanding vitolas already in the stable, 5 Vegas must have thought, "who can we get to create a REAL full bodied maduro?" After all, Series "A" is almost perfect in it's own right. But it's not super full bodied & AAA most certainly is. Enter AJ & the rest is, as they say, history. My revamped rating after smoking a dozen sticks, most having aged at least 3 months. 91/100 Unique & delicious!
Evidently this cigar is beyond my unrefined tastes or perhaps I need to let it rest longer. It was hard as a rock and I found it hard to draw and the burn was very uneven. The mouth feel and smoke was intense. I won't criticize for that because it may be that this was me and not the cigar. There are several full bodied cigars I have enjoyed but this one was too much for me. BUT, again, I am far from an expert, so take this for what it's worth.
Think of Triple-A as a 5 Vegas "A" on steroids. The use of a Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro wrapper tips the scale & provides a slightly more full bodied experience. I have had the opportunity to try a few special Toro sized Triple-As & really like the added smoking time. AJ Fernandez offers so many top Maduros that my personal feelings are that Triple-A, while good, doesn't measure up to Nica Puro, San Lotano Maduro & Oval Maduro, or even Estd. 1844, which costs much less. I do enjoy the full flavor components of this cigar. Black tobacco predominates the experience, but the overall flavor profile seems a bit one dimensional, when compared to the elite maduros like Black Market or Tempus maduro. I intent to stick to my other favorites like the 5 Vegas "A", but can recommend this to full flavor maduro enthusiasts. 89/100
Fantastic cigar. Great, even burn. Wonderful earthy and leather aroma. The finish is a bit on the short side. There was strength to this cigar. Definitely see this as a good golfing cigar. Definitely recommended.
Just received my 5 pack of the 5 Vegas triple A. I didn't wait to light one up. After lighting and the first few minutes, I already know a 5 pack is not enough. This is a great cigar. Great taste and perfect draw. Next time, I'll be ordering a box of 20.
Really nice cigar, especially for the price! Quality construction, excellent draw, flavorful, and enough of a punch to keep me happy. I smoked my first one yesterday evening and had another shortly thereafter to see if it was as good the second time around. It was. Gave one to a friend of mine and he was also very complimentary of this cigar. My initial three words in this review, "really nice cigar," is actually an understatement. It's a really great cigar!
excellent smoke. Full-bodied
Another winner from 5 Vegas. My favorite is the "A" & it comes in a myriad of odd sizes. "AAA" is limited to the gordo robusto, but a fine example of medium bodied maduro goodness, none the less. Creamy smooth right off the truck, I have half a dozen in a deep cedar slumber. I will report on how they age when I break them out this Spring. For now, I will say "AAA" delivers scads of smoke from its firmly packed frame. Toasty & satisfying, the taste is spicy without being overbearing. I would rate it highly. I can see it in my regular rotation of fine maduros like the "A", Felipe Gregorio's "52", Leon Jiminez's "Imperiales" & the incomparable "Black Market" from Alec Bradley. I will be looking for a deal on this one.
I wouldn't call this full, MAYBE med-full, but more towards med..... It's a decent smoke, not one of AJs best. Very good by 5V standards.
Great smoke, but give it 3-4 weeks in the box. I've read reviews here and elsewhere that say this and I agree with it. I smoked the 1st one the same day it arrived and wasn't thrilled. I waited 3-4 weeks and the rest are like butter. I love this stick.
I tried one of the 'A' series by 5 Vegas in a sampler I got and wasn't blown away. A good cigar to be sure, but I've had better maduros. However, there was a 'AAA' in there as well. I thought it was going to be ok but man was I wrong. It was fantasic! Incredibly smooth and a flavor and smoke so full you can practically chew on it. I was also fortunate enough to get this one when they had a torpedo 10-pack deal going on one of the weekly specials. They ever have that again I'm stock piling them! (wink wink, nudge nudge CI). In the top 3 maduro cigars I've ever had. If you hate full, rich, smooth cigars run like hell from this one.
This is a *fantastic* cigar. It has a good, silky smooth and cool draw. The flavors contain rich notes of chocolate and espresso beans. It's definitely a personal favorite... an absolute pleasure.
I was astounded by the quality of this smoke for the price. I didn't find it quite as full bodied as advertised, but it was a smooth, tasty, nuanced smoke all the way to the nub. Very enjoyable. My only regret is that I only ordered 20.
Out of the 5 Vegas line this one is my favorite. I just wish there were more sizes to pick from. Maybe a corona or even better a double corona? CI are you listening? :)
I've always liked the 5 Vegas line and these are the crown jewel. I always say something good about CI in my reviews, 'cause, honestly where else are you going to find name brand cigars at these prices? I would be smoking a lot less often and much worse cigars if not for these guys.
This cigar is consistently my favorite. I have tried a variety of high rated cigars and this meets or exceeds any of them! Very spicy with a nice pull. If you like a full bodied cigar this one rocks!
Was just OK until about an inch into it. Then it transformed into a great cigar. I will definitely be ordering more of these.
I'm not going so far as to call this my favorite cigar, but if I happened to be stranded on an island, and stumbled across The Hatch from LOST, and said hatch was full of nothing but this cigar ... I think I'd say, "Yep, this'll work." This cigar has rich flavor - many flavors - manly flavors without too much sweetness. It draws and burns great all the way, and it holds the honor of being the first cigar I've ever reviewed ... while still smoking it. Way to go 5 Vegas, you've got an all-star line-up. Must stop - clouds of white smoke blocking my laptop...
I have been smoking cigars since the boom in the 90's. My tastes are simple, I like the best! This cigar has been in my rotation for about a year now. I love this cigar. It's rich, well constructed, full bodied with a wounderful finish. Keep it up 5 vegas.
The first time I smoked this I was sittin here in Afghanistan enjoying a nice coffee and the freezing cold weather. Half way through the first one, I look down at my coffee disappointed and realize that this cigar has way more flavor. It's wonderful. I don't know how to describe it without using every other adjective used with amazing cigars. I've run the gamut of cigars having been here, and the only one that competes flavorwise for me is the MOW Armada, but at 25% of the price, I'll smoke my weight in AAA's within a month.
I had to write another review on this cigar. I am simply amazed at how great they are. I received a box of these from CI and was a little skeptica because of the date on the back. It said it was the 11th box made on 03/09/10. That's almost two years old. But all skepticism disappeared when I smoked the first one. It was perfect! Very moist, great full bodied flavor, and perfect construction. I absolutely love these! I gave one to a buddy and he fell in love with it too. He's buying a box as I write this.
Absolutely fantastic! I've smoke a bunch of Maduros and didn't know what I was missing until I received a Triple A in a sampler I purchased from CI. I was looking for a "Go to" cigar to guy a box of and had settled on the Cohiba Red Dot. I quickly changed my mind when I tried the Triple A. The construction is simply amazing! I honestly stood the cigar on a 2" ash and it just sat there. Tight, yet has a pleasureful draw. The length and width are perfect in my opinion and the taste is out of this world! I always breath some smoke out through my nose when I'm trying a new cigar and everything about the Triple A just caught my attention and pleased my senses. I'll still smoke Cohibas from time to time, but I ended up going with a box of these masterpieces.
Tasty, tasty, tasty! Smooth, yet bold flavors of cocoa, a dark spice that leaves your tongue screaming for more, and a slight sweetness that calms everything back down in preparation for another puff! I love the thicker gauged ones, they draw so perfectly it's like smoking an angel's wings all rolled up! These sticks are so darn good it should be illegal!
This is one of my favorite smokes. AJ Fernandez really knows how to blend a tasty smoke. This gem will always be a staple in my humidor. Great construction taste and draw make this a real winner.
One of my current favorites. I love the taste, appearance, and aroma of this cigar. It's almost addictive. Don't buy this cigar, leave more for me.
Just bought a box of these little gems! Holds an ash tighter than a super models waistline, with quality smoking characteristics throughout! Packaging is elegant and well made just like this fine cigar. Nice draw, good construction and flavor that is rich and delightful! You know this tobacco came from a specal place that prides itself on cultivating quality! Excellent premium cigar at a more than reasonable price.
I have a ton of cigars in my collection I have 4 humidors and on average 800 cigars this is one I all ways have on hand. Even though I feel it is not much different from the A series this is still a great smoke- nice clouds of dense smoke. It can be a thought burner but for those into a power packed smoke with a head change, grab one and enjoy.
Nice cigar. I often see comments along the order of a cigar "aging" for several weeks in one's humidor. I only want to comment that it is wise to let a cigar "rest" after shipping, at least for a few days. Aging occurs after an extended period, say months to years of humi time. Weeks is not really aging - Having said that, I agree that a short rest is good. I also found that this cigar was a bit "muddled" immediately after receipt of the order. After a short rest of a few days, great cigar. I figure that if Steve-O has replaced the CAO 'VR" with this cigar as his current favorite, it had to be worth trying. This, my friends, was a good idea. If you have ever smoked a CAO 'VR' and enjoyed it, you will very likely enjoy the Cinco Vegas 'AAA' as much as the 'VR' or more. The flavor profile (to me) is similar, but a bit less leather and more richness and spiciness. Defeinitely more body and strength that the CAO. This is a fine cigar, well worth your time to try it out. Highly recommended from a guy who has enjoyed the 5V series A and CAO 'VR' for years. Good stuff!
Love em! Great oily wrapper. Amazing flavor profile with levels and levels of complexity. Can't get enough of these! AJF rules the cigar world.
Hands down the best of the 5 Vegas line,what else can i say??
WOW! What a great, rich tasting cigar. I think this is right up there with the Diesel Unholy Cocktail. This cigar has a slightly sweeter taste than the Diesel, but very similar in blend. LOVE IT!
I did not like the first 5 Vegas AAA that I had ... it was pretty strong, but tasted "muddy" to me ... not pleasant ... but someone on the (Joe Cigar) banter advised that this cigar improves with some cedar time in the humidor ... Right on! Tried one again about three weeks later, BINGO ... Great cigar! Highly recommended ... as for other sizes, check out some of the samplers ... one has this cigar in a 6x54 toro size.
Being a fan of 5 Vegas, I was happy to receive this cigar in a sampler I purchased. It was a work of art watching the white ash buid up to over an 1 1/2 inches against the dark color of the cigar. The only bad thing I have to say about it, and this is something that I only apply to me. I'm not a fan of cigars under 6 inches. Each person has the right to smoke any size cigar they choose. I'm one that just dosen't understand those who smoke 4 - 5 inch cigars. The only reason I can think of, are they smoked because they don't take as long to burn down. Then again, maybe due to my lack of knowledge they can smoke as long as a longer cigar. Either way, I would have prefered the cigar to have been the same ring size but six inches in length.
Honestly, not too impressed... burn was good, smoke output was good... the flavor, not so much. Med-Full bodied; however, the flavor was bitter cocoa, charcoal, and woodsy... not my ideal flavor profile.
Well, not many cigars have a WOW factor but this one does. I like four of the Vegas cigars, best of all the Relic. This one is as good as the Relic but stands on it's own. WOW!!!!!!!
My sales rep knows of my affinity for 5V cigars, and also knows I am a huge fan of the 'A' series, so when the 'AAA' came out, all one could ask was how could they improve on an instant classic in the boutique cigar arena? The answer was readily available when you burn one back... simply put, the fine folks at 5V went in another direction entirely. This stick has Texas sized cojones! After you take your time to burn back a clean crown of ash and let this thing start to breathe a little, you immediately get hit with pepper notes, the pack is a traditional Honduran (meaning) not quite as tight as a Cuban... but enough to let the oily and complex blend flow through as you double down on this bad boy. The draw is smooth and consistent as you get near the middle of this beauty and you will begin to detect leather notes as well. There were some comments in this thread that referred to this stick as "meaty" -- I have to agree... it's a prime slab of Angus in world of hot dogs. Nice job on this one. My rate on this stick: 90
I feel like I smoked a new york strip with the 5 Vegas. It was meaty, full of flavor, and it looked damn good. Much like a good steak, it starts off peppery, thick clouds of smoke, almost instantly I caught a hint of charcoal and mesquite smokiness. My only problem was a little bit of an uneven burn and a hard draw. My bugatti was being an a$$ that night. Otherwise, I would not hesitate to try it again, but this time I'll do it justice by actually having a steak before hand.
Just lit up my first 5V AAA. Man what a great hour and a half cigar; upon spark up big plums of white smoke, easy draw and great spice up front. You can't go wrong with 5V AAA.
The 5 Vegas Triple A is an awesome cigar. The visual appeal alone is very inviting. The wrapper is dark, oily, and smooth. The construction is excellent. I've smoked a handful of these so far and they have been very consistent. The draw is excellent and the burn is good. The flavor profile is outstanding. This cigar starts out with a monster sized blast of delicious spicy flavor. As I smoke this, the in your face-ness of the initial spice throttles back a bit and settles in at solid medium,with tons of great flavor. The cigar is very well balanced too. Here's a request for you CI. Make this cigar in a 6 1/2 x 58 "super toro" so I can have it last longer and enjoy it even more. Outstanding cigar. Well done again. Cheers!!!
I just received a box of triple A's last Wednesday and I'm having a hard time letting them sit for awhile. Right off the first puff the cigar produces thick clouds of smoke. The clouds lingered around like it was about to rain and the aroma was candy for my nose. I was blowin' this cigar out on my front porch on a cool, calm night and couldn't help to admire the quality of it. The draw was great and the burn was even. And no joke, the cigar reached the nub point before the ash fell off! If you want a good quality cigar, I highly recommend the 5 Vegas Triple A.
These are by far the best new blend I've had in years. From toasting down to the nub, these are the smoothest richest most buttery cigars anywhere near this price range. Every draw rewarded me with pleasant flavor and aroma but a complexity hard to find in cigars three times the price. It's not a 5 Vegas 'a'. It's more like that one cigar in a box of series a that was absolutely perfect, not to mention a healthy nicotine punch in the gut. I'd like to see these in other sizes. These are at least a 90 minute burn for me. The triple a is rapidly pushing my rocky patels towards the back of my humidor.
5 vegas triple A wow what fine maduro the burn even the draw easy a great cigar for the money 5 vegas cigars are my sable cigars all there lines you cant go wrong with any 5 vegas
The 5 Vegas Triple-A is truly a fantastic cigar, and I've been smoking premium cigars for a very long time. Imagine a cigar that gives a good deal of strength, AND complex, rich flavors (nutty, creamy, and even fruit-like flavors!), AND also a good deal of peppery spice! Further, imagine that these three things are in a dynamic balance that changes a little over time to keep the stick interesting, but never gets lopsided enough to cause problems. This cigar is a must-try, gentlemen. It's truly world-class.
I finally had a shot to light one of these up from a special 10-pack deal that I grabbed. About a month in the humidor and it was time. Let me tell you, I wish I didn't wait that long! The draw is perfect and the flavor is a virtual bomb. You read a lot about how cigars claim to have the perfect balance of strength and flavor without being overpowerful; well, this one has it nailed. Full body, spice, and yet the ability not to be harsh and still mix in a great flavor profile throughout. If that sounds like a "worth-it" cigar to you, this one indeed scores the hat-trick! Enjoy!
This is a fantastic stick. Smoked my first one two weeks ago with freinds and we all thought it was great. Full flavored, rich, peppery, smooth What wore can you ask for.... a larger size maybe??
...wait til you spark up one of the Triple-A. Freakin’ Ligero awesomeness!
The 5 Vegas Triple-A is a masterpiece. The cigar evolves 2-3 times thoughout the smoke making it a complex and delicious totally worth-while one to one-and-a-half hours of your time!
Superb blend! Reminds me of an RP Decade for the first half with the peppery spice of the great Pepin blends dominant throughout the second half. A top contender for one of my favs this year!
It's pleasure to be one of the first to provide feedback on this cigar because it is a true joy to smoke! To me the Triple-A represents everything that a full-bodied maduro cigar should be. If I'm not mistaken, this is the same (or very similar) blend as the Diesel. The flavor profile is pretty much identical but here the larger ring gauge provides even more abundance of delicious nuance. AJ Fernandez is damn good at what he does! If you can pick these up on special they are a steal. Even at regular price they are well worth it. Fantastic!!

5 Vegas Triple-A

Jeff K

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m feeling the holiday spirit all through my veins. Grinning from ear to ear, drinking eggnog, trimming the tree, decking the halls and singing Christmas carols all throughout the CI office. Actually I’m not, but I figured it sounded nice. In reality, I just sat down to do what I love – burn a tasty, tasty cigar. That puts a smile on my face every time.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve become quite attached to the newest installment in the 5 Vegas line – a rich, dark maduro beauty by the name of Triple-A. A new extension to the Series ‘A’ line, the Triple-A boasts a dark, oily and toothy Pennsylvania Broadleaf maduro wrapper that is simply oozing with richness. On the inside lies a hand selected collection of bold, Nicaraguan ligero long-filler tobaccos ripe with flavor.

Dressed in a mouth-wateringly handsome wrapper and complete with a two shiny, crisp bands (I like shiny!), the stout 5” x 56 Triple-A is quite a sight. Firm, dense, and heavy in the hand, Triple-A is well built too.

When lit, the Triple-A doesn’t disappoint, billowing out thick clouds of cool, velvety smoke. It’s surprisingly light on the palate, but there’s plenty of power waiting in the wings (just blow it through your nose and you’ll know). Sweet, rich and bready notes dominate initially before more intricate flavors come into play. As it burns, the flavors develop significantly into a truly complete smoke. Subtle notes of pepper, nuts, espresso and a long, toasty finish round out the mix. There’s a lot going on – tons of well-balanced flavors that mingle, harmonize and play off of each other well. And most impressively, despite the abundant flavor and full-body, Triple-A is impressively smooth and balanced. Never harsh, never hot, always delicious.

I like it, I love it, I want some more of it. Yeah, it’s good. 5 Vegas Series ‘A’ Triple-A is among the best. Elegantly refined, full of flavor, and interesting from start to finish, this is a good cigar. 5 Vegas Triple-A is a cool, slow burner that you will savor.

Enjoy a good cigar, enjoy friends and family, enjoy good food and drink, and enjoy the season - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

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