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5 Vegas Motherlode Sampler


Quality. Value. FLAVOR. 5 Vegas has got it all!

5 Vegas is easily one of the finest values in the world of cigars. The charming mellow-bodied Gold blend, the 90-rated Classic, and the robust Series A have all been selling like hot cakes for as long as we can remember. Their recipe is simple: use good tobacco, apply quality controls for consistency, and charge a fair price. As one of the most popular brands we carry, these guys have earned their crown. Now, with three new(ish) blends available, we had to throw them all together so you can give the whole lineup a try. Pick up a pack and discover your favorite today!

The 5 Vegas Motherlode includes:
5 - 5 Vegas Nicaragua Robusto (5.0" x 50)
5 - 5 Vegas Gold Churchill (7.0" x 50)
5 - 5 Vegas Classic Double Corona (6.0" x 48)
5 - 5 Vegas Series 'A' Archetype (6.0" x 50)
5 - 5 Vegas Cask Strength  Toro (6.2" x 54)
5 – 5 Vegas Big Five Toro (6.0" x 60)

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