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5 Vegas Cask-Strength

A luxurious encore presentation.

The term ’cask strength’ is a term single-malt scotch and malt whisky enthusiasts are familiar with. Cask strength refers to whiskies that are undiluted, usually creating a powerful bottling strength, high alcohol content, and ample character. That was the inspiration for 5 Vegas Cask-Strength and the blend lives up to the name....and then some.

Hailing from Esteli, the cigar-making capital of Nicaragua, 5 Vegas Cask-Strength will captivate you from the get-go. Dressed in a stunning, reddish-hued Corojo wrapper from Nicaragua - one that’s dark and oozing with oils - this 6"x52 Toro is lovingly box-pressed for maximum flavor. Beneath this exquisite wrapper, a bold combination of aged ligeros from Nicaragua, Honduras, and beyond has been expertly blended. Cask-Strength opens with a feisty bouquet loaded with hearty spices. An eventful opening indeed - which prepares the palate for a deep series of oak, cedar, earth, and toast. Spicy throughout with a warm, toasty aroma, expect a full-bodied and full-flavored crescendo as you gradually approach the nub. Marvelous!

Cask-Strength is also available in a 6"x60 Firkin size - with loads of extra flavor and body, this cigar is perfect for those who love big-ring value.

PackIn StockMSRPPriceQtyCart
Firkin (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
Pack of 20In Stock$180.00
save $55.0031% off
Firkin (Gordo) (6.0"x60)Sale
Pack of 5In Stock$35.00
save $15.0143% off
Toro (6.0"x52)
Box of 20In Stock$170.00
save $50.0129% off
Toro (6.0"x52)
Pack of 5In Stock$42.50
save $6.5015% off
Overall Rating4.49 out of 5 Based on 101 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “5 Vegas Cask-Strength”

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4 out of 5
5 Vegas Cask-Strength
Excigarcellent smooth
5 out of 5
Very good
These are very good, full flavored cigars.
5 out of 5
Consistent quality
For years I’ve smoked these and have yet not had a single badly-rolled example. Full, smooth flavor, even burn.
5 out of 5
4 out of 5
5 Vegas
Good good smoke
4 out of 5
cigar review
a good cigar to smoke
4 out of 5
Good cigar, full strength. Will
Good cigar, full strength. Will buy again
5 out of 5
One of my all time favorites.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
good stuff
good stuff
5 out of 5
Delicious as always
Can never go wrong with Cinco Vegas
5 out of 5
This is definitely my favorite Cigar by 5 Vegas. They have a couple in their arsenal but not usually what I'm looking for. This one hits the spot every time. They came fast and fresh! Thanks guys!
4 out of 5
Good Quality
I enjoyed the smoke . No issues. Usual quality from Vegas 5!
4 out of 5
Good smoke
Draws nice, easy smoke!
5 out of 5
Great cigar for the price
Great cigar for the price & fast delivery. Good job folks
5 out of 5
5 vegas
Superb cigar. My favorite.
5 out of 5
Great cigar!!! Each one better
Great cigar!!! Each one better than the last.
4 out of 5
Good smoke mild medium bodied. Enjoyed it to its end
5 out of 5
A Great Deal on a Great Cigar
These treats are very similar to, but MUCH better than, CAO Flatheads. At a nice low price. They are full bodied and well crafted creating a wonderful experience from your first puff to a nub you will not want to put down.
5 out of 5
it a really cigar
it a really cigar
5 out of 5
5 Vegas Cast strength
My favorite cigar.
3 out of 5
A solid smoke
Good, not great, but good smoke. I have purchased on special several times and will do so again. 5 Vegas is a consistently good product.
5 out of 5
Great cigars
Mild. Great taste.
5 out of 5
Great daily smoke
4 out of 5
well made cigar
I got Joe's deal 10 pack and am sad to see they are almost gone. nice thick wrapper, tightly wrapped requiring a pretty good draw, even burn. as the name implies, the flavor is bold, intensifying toward the nub.
5 out of 5
Cask review
I have had these before and forgot just how good they are. That was a great price to get 10 if them. Thanks CI.
5 out of 5
smooth and tasty
smooth and tasty
5 out of 5
5 Vegas
Smooth & mellow cigar, one of my favorites.
4 out of 5
Strong but not over the top. Slow burner. Rich flavor and nice nicotine amount. A great speacial accasion stick for people who are used to the kick. Not a beginner stick. No relights. Strong Ash. A little uneven on the burn. The last third was magnificent.
4 out of 5
Great everyday Stick
A very tasty cigar especially for the price. Quality smoke.
5 out of 5
Consistently an all around good cigar.
The 5 Vega Cask cigar goes a consistently good flavor, well constructed, and always has a good draw. It is also one of the few cigars that have not become bored with smoking. All things considered, you can't go wrong with the 5 Vegas Cask Strength cigar!
5 out of 5
Very good cigar at a good price
The cigar smokes and burns well and it has a robust flavor that is not overpowering. I will buy this cigar again.
4 out of 5
vegas 5
good construction and draw.Full bodied smoke. Price was better than other smokes . Would buy again
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Full, rich 5 Vegas
This is one of my favorite cigars. Full, rich flavor, always enjoyable.
4 out of 5
Nice change in the 5 Vegas lineup. Very well constructed, rolled tightly enough to last a good hour plus but still draw nicely. Flavor in not timid but fairly rich and meaty but not overly complex. Comparable to many cigars costing much more, I think these will be on my watch list for good buying opportunities.
5 out of 5
5 Vegas
These stogies are just what you want after all those "Honey Do" jobs around the house. They pair well with a glass of your favorite spirit.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Great cigar, well made, burns even, easy draw, stays lit.
2 out of 5
Only OK.
Have smoked other stocks from 5 Vegas, and I've never been impressed , this one doesn't either. I don't think I'll need to try anymore
5 out of 5
Thumbs up
The cigar was a pleasant surprise. I have never been a 5 Vegas fan. Always felt they were good cigars but not great. This one truly surprised me. Very smooth, full flavored and long burning.
5 out of 5
Love 5 Vegas cask strength cigars
5 Vegas cigars in general are a great smoke. I especially enjoy the 5 Vegas Cask Strength with the 5 Vegas Maimi close behind.
4 out of 5
Good strong stick.
This is another good smoke in the 5 Vegas line, my favorite being the Serie A. its a good slow smoke lasts for at least an hour and has a rich flavor that I love to indulge in. it starts out a little rough for some but levels off as you smoke. the only downside to this was the box press, I am not a big fan of square-ish cigars, but sometimes that's all you can get.
4 out of 5
Rick deep flavor
5 out of 5
High Quality Cigar
I have smoke two of these cigars, one right off the truck and another after one week of humidor time and both cigars were fantastic. The draw was perfect with only a slight amount of resistance, the soft box press feels very comfortable, and the smoke output is phenomenal. The body and strenght are medium - medium/full with deep sweet and spicy flavors. These are an incredible value when they are on sale.
4 out of 5
Great cigar all the way
Great cigar all the way up to the band smooth and not too strong even burn I would buy it again
5 out of 5
nice and strong
great taste great draw very satisfing
5 out of 5
Absolute Favorite
I was introduced to 5 Vegas about 20 years ago by a guy that was rolling these cigars at an event at Islamorado, FL. I fell in love with the brand and have bought a great many over the years. But the Cask Strength is a cut above all their other products. A quality smoke at a very affordable price. You can't go wrong!!!
4 out of 5
Vegas at home
I was happy to put one of these on rotation for the evening cigar and found they satisfy. I enjoyed the flavor and the burn rate.
5 out of 5
Nice Cigar
Very nice cigar. Got them in a 10 pack and the have a lot of flavor and burn without relighting. Will buy them again.
5 out of 5
Good taste and construction
Good taste and construction
4 out of 5
Top notch cigar
Good construction. Great flavor and perfect burn. Worth the money.
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Cigars are well constructed and have a smooth flavor.
5 out of 5
Vegas 5 50th
Great smoke, right to the end
5 out of 5
Smooth, husky flavor. Some spice, but generally a good smoke with a hint of sweet.
5 out of 5
Good all around smoke!
The 5 Vegas Cask-Strength is one of the best all around cigars that I have tried. Smooth but strong, smokes and ashes perfectly. A very enjoyable smoke.
5 out of 5
Vegas 5Cask
Excellent taste, full of flavor but smooth at the same time. This is a great sit by the fire with a beer kind of cigar
5 out of 5
One of my favorites!
Great flavor. Love the box press especially when I can find them for such a great price.
4 out of 5
I will buy more.
these are a good smoke.
5 out of 5
5 Vegas cask strength
Plain and simple? A very mice cigar that I like!
5 out of 5
good stuff
Smokes good Need to run on sale more often. Thanks
5 out of 5
Great tast! Very happy with
Great tast! Very happy with them!
5 out of 5
Great tasting smooth smoking stogie.
Great tasting smooth smoking stogie.
4 out of 5
In all categories!
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
Great Smoke
4 out of 5
Hoo ha
Power house... not for beginners but a good smoke non the less.
1 out of 5
Can't recommend this 5 Vegas at all. Doesn't live up to the hype.
Picked up a five pack of these new 5 Vegas Cask-Strength a couple of months back. Lite up my first one today, and I am very underwhelmed and disappointed. The draw was hard, the taste was not spicy or flavorful, and in short it is the worst 5 Vegas experience that I have ever had. I have been smoking 5 Vegas cigars for over a decade and this is truly a bad cigar. Thank God I have some older 5 Vegas left, I will be buying no more.
5 out of 5
5 vegas cask strength top shelf smoke
My absolute favorite 5 vegas cigar. They actually approach perfection the longer they rest in the humi. Excellent balanced earthy flavors, no bite, ample smoke on the draw. Great after a heavy meal. Pair well with red wine and coffee.
4 out of 5
Never been disappointed with 5 Vegas and that's still the case!!
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 vegas cask strength rocks
Great cigar with coffee or after a heavy Italian meal. Flavors are smooth. A must buy!
5 out of 5
5 Vegas cask strenth
Excellent cigar for a good price.
5 out of 5
Perfect smoke
Love them
5 out of 5
One of the best I've tried.
Very nice smoke, I really like these.
5 out of 5
WOW, now that is a true cigar, I have not had one that good in some time
5 out of 5
Superb smoke.
Smooth, rich smoke from start to stub. Sweet with great ash and an even burn.
4 out of 5
Another Great 5 Vegas Stick!
Got these on the daily deal and I would definitely pick them up again. Cask strength is right: they have a good, woody flavor reminiscent of cask-aged alcohols. Good quality construction, tasty wrapper, and nice smoke.
4 out of 5
Not a Vegas fan but these are worth a try.
Its hard for me to give Vegas 4 stars because I am just not a fan of their Cigars. However with that being said I had one with a friend and these burned very well, amazing flavor and were very enjoyable. Now the reason why it didn't get 5 stars. No matter what we did, the paper on the wrapper couldn't be removed without taking some of the leaf with it. Tried heating it up, cutting it, no matter what the sloppy glue job was on the leaf. Other than that it was a good cigar and I am thinking about trying another round of Vegas
5 out of 5
Awesome flavor and consistent burn
2 out of 5
Draw too tight!
Good tasting cigars although the draw on my first three was way too tight! Would've been rated higher otherwise.
5 out of 5
Excellent smoke
One of the best that I have ever had.smooth with a nice draw.
5 out of 5
5 Vegas cask strength toro
Great cigar
4 out of 5
good and strong
like it - I do like a few of the other vegas cigars better. tried these recently - would buy again
5 out of 5
Really enjoyed them
Excellent! Smooth, even burning. Nice draw. Will be buying again.
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
I love these. Some people comments were about staying lit. Any Viola should be in your own Humidor before being lit. Of course, sometimes there is going to be a Bad One. I haven't had a problem and I Love the strength and fullness of this wonderful Smoke!
4 out of 5
worth a try
2 out of 5
Cigar could not stay lit for more than 30 seconds after you put it down. Constantly relighting the cigar which kills the mood for me and my guest. Will NOT purchase again.
5 out of 5
5 vegas best
These are terrific cigars! Always a pleasure
4 out of 5
Got a good deal. Very tasty but not for mild smokers
4 out of 5
Not bad but a bit stout for me.
3 out of 5
Disappointing cigar.
Beautiful shiny Maduro wrapper and good taste. Cigars may need more aging. Draw is tough and burns very uneven.
5 out of 5
Cigars and Humidor
5 Vegas cigars didn't disappoint and the portable humidor is working amazing over here for all my traveling. Highly recommend both.
5 out of 5
Best deals on the web.
Best deals on the web. My two favorite cigars are Cuba Libre and 5 Vegas Cask-Strength. The Cuba Libre is a medium bodied smoke that is consistently good, and very reasonably priced, with a wonderful draw from every stick. And the Cask-Strength is a fuller bodied cigar that is a superb smoke every time.
1 out of 5
A lot of marketing hype that does not deliver
Sounded like a great idea at the time, but as it turned out, this cigar was a big disappointment. Roll was consistently poor and would not stay lit neither right out of the cask nor after sitting in the humidor for months. Taste was a disappointing medium with a pepper-woodsy flavor. I would steer away from these. Unfortunately, this was the first 5 Vegas I tried so it tainted my view on these cigars.
4 out of 5
Try these!
This is one of my favorite daily smokes. It has a great bourbon-esque flavor. It is on the more fuller bodied side of smokes which is what I personally prefer. Construction could be better but a great smoke for the money.
5 out of 5
Great Smoke!!!
Very enjoyable to smoke... Not as strong as I imagine they would be... Will definitely buy again!!!
3 out of 5
When they say cask strength, they really mean it
When they say cask strength, they really mean it. It's probably one of the strongest cigars I had. Nice draw, even burn, really really strong. Two of my friends got sick after having one, one of them puked.
5 out of 5
Fast ship. Nice specials.
Very fast shipping. Thanks for specials. Like your MMAO. But put my brand back on. Thanks.
5 out of 5
5 Star Deal
GREAT smoke in a really cool cask!
4 out of 5
5 v cask was the best i have smoked to date would recommend highly
5 out of 5
US Army First Sergeant
Absolutely beautiful smoke. Haven't had a bad one yet. Even burn and great draw. I hide these from my friends so I can enjoy them all by myself, but I do tell them about them.
5 out of 5
More than I expected !!!!
This was my 1st time smoking a Vegas I was very surprised , the taste the bouquet awesome!!!! .I would highly recommend it >
Customer Testimonials
I recently picked up a 10 pack of Toros on the Daily Deal. I have been wanting to try the 5 Vegas line for awhile so when I seen these on sale I went for it. Boy, I'm glad I did. Great in every aspect, appearance is top notch, nice box press, nice draw with a punch cut, and the taste is out of this world. I enjoyed this cigar more than some other very expensive brands I've tried. If you have not tried this one, you should. You won't be sorry.
BB of Delran, NJ
I got one of these in the Backyard Boogie sampler. It's a great smoke. Construction and burn was flawless, nice easy draw, great flavor, and a good price point. It would be nice to a have smaller gauge options like a Corona or Robusto.
CM of Webb City, MO
Loved these... I'll be getting more.
JM of Las Vegas, NV
Haven't tried ALL the 5 Vegas cigars, just a couple or 3. (The Gold is a great milder smoke, for sure.) I got some of these Cask Strength bad boys a while back in a mixed sampler. At 1st I was not super impressed, but I'll be damned if this puppy hasn't grown on me. Maybe a little time in the humidor really does make a difference. I am really digging the balance of spice & leather. I'm enjoying this one with a Sweetwater IPA - NOT my go to beverage to accompany a cigar, BUT this combo is working beautifully today! I NOT ONLY RECOMMEND THIS CIGAR, I'LL BE GETTING MORE. CHEERS!!!!
PS of Decatur, GA
This cigar is one really powerful full flavored beauty that also looks stunning. If your new to cigar smoking this one might be a little too strong, but a seasoned smoker will definitely love it. Very highly recomended.
GP of Lake George, NY
“I bought the "Legal Limit 18-Cigar Sampler III" wanting to expand my pallet into the Full strength cigars and thought I'd write a review from a novice's point of view. I enjoyed this full flavor smoke that did grow in flavor & body. On my buy again list, might even be a top 5 for me!
TN of Valrico, FL
Hands down the best 5 Vegas offers! Good burn & decent taste!
TR of Garden City, MI
This has got to be one of the best full bodied smokes on the planet. I ordered a box on sale and I'm hooked. Very heavy in the hand, a hearty smoke with excellent flavor. A medium draw I guess because it is jam packed with goodness. I had a problem with the packaging and had to take a knife to it to get to them. Unfortunately I sliced on of the twenty. This is a special cigar. I will be buying these again, sale or no sale.
SS of Chapin, SC
A good cigar. A bit spicy and for the first couple, an uneven burn. Remains consistent throughout leaving a very pleasant taste on the palate. Would highly recommend this cigar
SS of Chapin, SC
Let me start by saying I am no expert. Having said that, in just a few years of smoking good hand rolled cigars this is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ever! Strong but not overpowering, earthy and to me a nice but very smooth chocolate flavor. Try these, you will not be sorry you did, a great cigar.
DF of Carrollton, GA
After a long day, I pulled out one of these guys from the humidor and sat down with a cup o' joe. Right off the bat some spicy goodness. Then it mellowed a little into a smooth and toasty smoke. The earthy, cedar description is right on. From beginning to end it was a great smoke, and the mild coffee worked very well with the 5 Vegas. I can't wait to smoke the next one. Very good stuff.
GR of North Little Rock, AR
I have found my favorite 5 Vegas and this is one of my top 10 favorite cigars. Very smooth with only a week to rest in my humi. Even burn, easy light, cool to the nub. This is medium/full cigar with plenty of smoke produced. Picked these up on sale and can't wait till I see them come around again as I will be stocking up. As always thanks CI! A premium smoke for a deal that can't be beat!
JN of Cincinnati, OH
Flavor-spicy,peppery, with some tanginess like a light rum or whiskey influence.Strength-full body,lots of power.Conclusion-It goes without saying that 5 Vegas draw and construction are perfect.This stick hits with both barrells from foot to head yet remains smooth,well done!
Hands down a solid smoke and for sure a must try. Surely in the medium body categorty, this smooth-as-silk stick is right up there with the best in the business. Beautiful box-press presentation and oily wrapper are just the beginning. Do yourself a favor and fire a few of these.
CH of Magnolia, TX
Got a 5 Vegas sampler as a gift from my brother with a humidor, lighter and cutter. This was an awesome gift. The best smoke out of the group. I love this stick. The 5 vegas cask strength is a winner in all categories. I am huge fan now and want more of these for my humidor. Well done on this one 5 vegas!
DS of Cedar Falls, IA
I did not like the taste of the Cask Strength as much as I liked the other 5 Vegas cigars that I have smoked. I felt the tobacco flavor was somewhat bland. Not a bad cigar, just not as enjoyable, to my taste, as, say, the Classic
I've had a few of these and like them as most of the 5 Vegas is a solid favorite of mine, but there is a slight inconsistency to how it burns...front end of the stick goes fast, middle tends to bog down a little, then the back end goes fast again...did make for an uneven burn on one of them I had recently. However, flavor-wise and smoke-wise, I can't complain. It could've just been a batch that wasn't rolled evenly or packed evenly. I'll still get them from time to time...
Corojo lovers rejoice! 5 Vegas has outdone themselves with this beauty. Not quite a Camacho Corojo, IMHO, but dad-gum delicious, by any standards. 1st deal I can find on a few of these, I will throw them in the humi next to my High Primings & "A"s.
The most flavorful 5 Vegas. Can't wait for more!
This was in "The Motherlode" sampler and I have to say it was a tough decision, but after smoking all of them, the 5 Vegas Cask Strength finished in a tie for 1st place with the Cohiba Extra Vigoroso. If you want a beatifully made, delicious cigar at a not bad price, try this one. I would put it at a Medium to Full strength just a hair shy of the mid-point between the two. An absolutely wonderful smoking experience.
Great burn, easy draw, and tons of smoke, as I've come to expect from 5 Vegas. The burn is so even that when I start to think it's starting to burn more to one side it's only off by half a fingernail at most. Very smooth, slightly spicy but mostly woody and earthy. Not a very complicated cigar, but good nonetheless. Stronger than anything else that has passed through my humidor, if cigars usually give you a buzz you may want to wait for a special night to smoke one of these. Definitely buying more to fill out my humidor since they're supposed to get better with age, but right now they're my go to cigar so they don't get to sit around for very long.
NG of Essex, VT
Although I am not typically a fan of "boxed pressed", I have got to say I throughly enjoyed these beauties.....certainly know what I will be reordering soon.
A friend of mine gave me several different cigars out of his humidor for my birthday and this was one of them. This is the first 5 Vegas I have tried and was pleasantly surprised by the med-full bodied flavors as my friend has told me that the other 5 Vegas cigars he smokes are very mild. I will be getting some of these in the future.
A friend of mine gave me several different cigars out of his humidor for my birthday and this was one of them. This is the first 5 Vegas I have tried and was pleasantly surprised by the med-full bodied flavors as my friend has told me that the other 5 Vegas cigars he smokes are very mild. I will be getting some of these in the future.
Toro (6.0"x52) A beauty to look at. For being a full bodied cigar, it is extremely smooth and enjoyable.
ND of Nooksack, WA
This is one of my favorite cigars. I've smoked quite a few of these and they all seem to be a consistent burn, with no need for touch-ups with the lighter. I love the flavor, this is a very full bodied cigar with earthly and leathery flavors and if that is your taste profile, I gaurantee you will not be disappointed. The very thick billowing smoke that rolls off this treasure is just the "icing on the cake" for me with this cigar.
I might have a new favorite 5 Vegas cigar. Great smoke.
5 Vegas has a winner on their hands with this one. It's nothing like their classic, gold line which are more on the mild end of the spectrum. On the other hand, Cask-Strength actually has good strength behind it with what I'd consider a traditional complex flavor profile. It burns well leaving behind a dense solid ash. And the price, can't beat that!
PS of Silver Spring, MD
I have smoked about 7 of these now. They are excellent cigars. Not as good as Man-O-War ruination, but very close and at 5$ a stick they are a good buy. If you can catch a sale, they are a fabulous buy. I highly suggest them.
RG of Micanopy, FL
I always take the wrapper off, and smell the cigar immediately. When I smelled the first Cask Strength cigar, I knew it was going to be a treat. In my opinion, this is 5 Vegas' best. Love all the flavors you get with this one. I also had a problem with one of them burning quite unevenly, but won't judge all by one. Will get more, and more...
RD of Sugar Hill, GA
I am still fairly new to anything other than mild cigars, but this one is full of great flavor and not too overwhelming in strength. It definitely has a hint of liquor taste on the finish, and would be perfect to smoke along with a glass of Crown Royal or bourbon.
SW of Hephzibah, GA
To preface this review I will say that I am a fan of 5 Vegas products, particularly the Gold, Limitada, AAA, and Miami offerings. I received a few "Cask-Strength" 5 Vegas as part of the "Heritage Collection." Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed by this offering. Maybe, my box of cigars sat at Kandahar for too long an dried out a bit, or I possibly got a "bad batch," who knows. The Cask-Strength I had both burned pretty unevenly, had a poor draw even after re-cutting, and I had to relight them multiple times. To sum it up the "Cask-Strength" hurt my feelings. I'll continue my patronage of 5 Vegas, just not this one.
BC of Apo, AE
Wonderfully unique flavor; almost a sweet liquor nuance. Bursts of spice backed up by woody and earthy tones, with a slight but very present creamy toastiness after the halfway mark. THICK, heavy smoke. I've smoked two so far and had some pretty significant burn issues with both. The burn was uneven, and one had bad tunneling problems. For the other, the burn corrected itself by about the middle of the stick.
JD of Little Rock, AR
This is my favorite cigar. Smooth all the way. Let's face it, the packaging (cask) is beautiful and appealing in itself (they make great gifts). At around $5.00 per stick I don't think there is a better value out there. Truly a fine smoke.
GJ of Grand River, IA
I have had quite a few different 5 Vegas cigars and this is by far the best. Next to the series A that I have had it tastes great looks great and smells even better. The only bad thing about them is that you can never get enough to keep your humidor stocked. You want to keep smoking them. All I can say is thank you CI for great cigars and great prices.
DN of Fairport, NY
Simply incredible flavor! Not harsh in the least and has a smooth creamy aftertaste! My new favorite cigar!!
TS of Murrieta, CA
Pros: great aroma and flavor! Lots of smoke and overall it is delicious. Cons: a few 5 Vegas cigars including this one burn unevenly.
CB of Lincoln, RI
The best 5 Vegas cigar being offered right now. Appealing full flavor as good as any cigar made. A must try for any smoker who loves a boat load of good flavor.
RH of Coraopolis, PA
Now I've added fan mail about this cigar before when I had it in a sampler but was lucky enough to receive an entire "cask" for Christmas, having just enjoyed another one I have to say you don't smoke the 5 Vegas Cask Strength, you experience it. If you haven't given this cigar a try yet you're seriously missing out.
JK of Cape Coral, FL
I've had a couple of these and couldn't be more impressed. These are very leathery and flavorful. Simply a great burn! I will definitely buy these again but wish 5 Vegas would make them in more than one size.
ST of Fpo, AP
I really enjoyed this one from 5 Vegas. Very flavorful and strong. Burned great, great draw, and great construction. This is definitely not an every day cigar, but great to bust out every once in a while. I got one of these with a sampler and order a single Firkin version to try out. I can see this cigar making it into the rotation.
ST of Fpo, AP
Where do I start. How about fantastic, awesome, great taste. Got these in a boxed press beauty sampler and they are just a great cigar. The whole sampler is just fantastic. Cannot say enough good things about this stick. Great right out from the start, even smoke, not too harsh, great flavors, stays lit the entire time. I paired this smoke twice, once with Johnny Walker Black, and the other with a local pilsner beer, and both times the cigar complimented the drink. I would recommend this stick to anyone, and have told many about it. give it a try you will not be disappointed.
RH of Pittsburgh, PA
This is a phenomenal cigar from it's it's reddish, oily wrapper to the finger-burning nub! It has a dominant flavor of leather with subtle shifts in flavor as it burns. I'm a fan of the box-press, so this didn't disappoint in that area, either. Frankly, the only bad thing is that I smoked them all in about 2 months. I recommend the Ferkins-pack upgrade thing (if CI is still offering it). Those babies were plump and extended the clock-time goodness of a 5 Vegas Cask Strength. And if you're a sucker for cool cigar boxes like I am, the Cask Strength comes in a wooden barrel. A wooden barrel, for heaven's sake--way cool.
MP of Canoga Park, CA
Wow! Just got these out of the box from UPS and had to fire one up! The term "Cask Strength" really misled me: I expected something much stouter, maybe even harsh, but this cigar is none of that. Smooth, cedar and spice with a buttery aftertaste and lots of fragrant smoke. Beatiful wrapper and the box press is a nice touch. Another home run for 5 Vegas! Thanks CI!!!
EK of Duncan, SC
I got this in a sampler but it's been on my radar to try for a while now. I have to say that I was seriously surprised by it, it blew me away. From start to finish I can't find a bad thing to say, it looks great, burns evenly, perfect draw, & the flavor is amazing; this cigar quickly rose to one of my favorites & I only had one! This cigar will definitely find a home in my humidor that's for sure.
JK of Cape Coral, FL
I got some of these in a sampler pack. 5 of them. I fired one up and as usual with 5 Vegas brand it burned perfectly. I didn't like the cigar, thought it was bitter. A few days later tried another. Didn't like it either so I left the other three alone. They sat in my humidor for nearly a year. I finally thought what the heck and tried another one. I liked it. I smoked the other two and liked them too. What I am trying to say is a little aging in the humidor mellows out the bitterness I encountered and turns these into a really enjoyable smoke. The flavors change throughout the burn and all in all by the end I was completely satisfied. To each their own but for me if I get more I will age them. Good cigar
DO of Soldotna, AK
I think the 5 Vegas Cask Strength is an excellent cigar, strong without being over-powering. The pre-light aroma is, to me, very pleasant and that, added to the excellent draw and burning characteristics, make for an enjoyable smoke.
MM of Leesburg, VA
The Cask-Strength is one beautiful, box-pressed cigar, with a beautiful mahogany-colored Corojo wrapper. Pre-light, it smelled wonderful: smoky and leathery and spicy and flowery(?) all at once. It felt good in the hand, too: solid, evenly packed, slightly oily. The construction was as close to perfect as I've seen yet. It lit easily and burned evenly and cooly for a little over an hour. Punch-cut, the draw was perfect. The tastes were many and varied, but never muddled or overpowering - leather, smoky whiskey, oak and mild spices throughout, with a faint white peppery tingle in the first third and an unusual "red" fruitiness, like cherries or plums once I got past the halfway point. It's listed as medium-full bodied, but I'd say it's definitely closer to full. In fact, it's a touch stronger than I normally prefer, but absolutely delicious nonetheless.
CS of King George, VA
Being the first person to give a negative review on this cigar, I'm living life in a dangerous mannEr. However, in order to give those who don't care for the taste of over powering cigars. It then becomes my duty to offer another side. The good: The long even white ash that builds up on the end of the dark brown cigar is a picture of colors. The easy draw, slow burn, is the way all cigars should be made. However, back when I was in Vietnam there was a few times I had to be awake while others slept in the jungle around me. In order to not fall asleep while on an ambush, I would take a tea bag and just suck on it. By doing this, I was getting all the caffeine possible out of the tea. As soon as I lit this cigar, floods of memory that I had rather forget about came into my head since the flavor reminded me of sucking on the tea bag. Not wanting to waste the cigar, I tried to smoke it to the end but was unable. It had nothing to do with the strength, the bitter taset was more than I could handle. Again, I'm the only person on here that has given it a bad review so it would appear that I am in the minority. Just thought there should be something written on behalf of those who may not want to rock the boat by disagreeing with all the rest.
DM of Taylor, MI
This cigar can go head to head with and $15 + cigar on the market. AWSOME SMOKE!!!!!!!!! i give this my highest regard. Perfect draw, perfect burn, perfect ash, and the flavor is complex... Its spicey but not overpowering.. It is a cigar that any smoker will enjoy
JP of Yonkers, NY
In posting my opinion regarding a cigar, I try to give those who havent yet tried a paticular cigar a honest review so they can make an informed decision. With that being said. I have a few statements to make about this cigar. The Burn, Draw, and Smoke were excellent. The cigar had a Velvety smooth wrapper which I suspect added much to the flavor. I havent put my finger on all the nuances of this cigar, so Im finding it to be somewhat more complex than I expected. I occassionally got a sweet almost floral smell from the smoke of the cigar, I also tasted what seemed to be a chocolately or probably more like a caramel rum flavor. In the beginning I tasted a light or white pepper that gave way to the rum and also nutty or woodsy flavors, These are all very subtle and I may be way off, As my palate may not be as in tune as others. In any event in my opinion this was an outstanding cigar that was very smooth all the way through. Definately nothing overpowering Maybe thats the accomplishment of a good cigar, when its rated on the full spectrum but its so smooth one tends to think its more of a medium blend. Ill be looking forward to smoking more of these in the not so distant future. Thanks CI for bringing us all these wonderful blends and even more wonderful prices.
RR of Spokane, WA
WHOA!!!! OK, I had a feeling by the wrapper things were going to be good, but you can't always judge a book by it's cover....ugh this one you can. GREAT FLIPPEN CIGAR! I"M BUYING A BOX AND I ONLY SMOKED the first inch. I'm eating some Hot Wings..and can taste the hint of whiskey too! There is another brand who tries to do the whiskey thing, but kills it period!
CO of Monrovia, CA
This is one of my staple cigars. Will always be room for them in my humi! To me, these are medium in body, no strong weird after taste, very spicy! Good all the way to the nub, perfect even burn, overall just a BAMF cigar!
MW of Ofallon, MO
Hardly a cigar expert, but I just really like these. Really good flavor, nice draw and the price easy to handle. I would say try'll probably like them.
JW of Port Orchard, WA
Honestly to me, it is somewhere in the middle of the good full flavor brands.
CS of Rock Springs, WY
This was the first cigar i had smoked in a couple of months and man did i underestimate it! The flavor was great, complex with spices, leather, and woodsyness but not overpowering. Caught me by suprise though just past the halfway point. I am more of a mild to mid strentgh ciger fan and this definelty lives up to its name. Excellent but strong, recommend this as one of 5 Vegas' top smokes.
BO of Apo, AE
Spice and leather. The best draw and burn of any cigar I have smoked so far. Full body but not overpowering. I am buying more.
SA of Hiram, GA
5 Vegas cask II is one of the better cigars on the market full of flavor great construction perfect burn. Very limited so get 'em now because when there gone they are gone. Oh yea if you like the first series of the cask you will love 5 Vegas cask II.
GP of Simi Valley, CA
This is a very fine cigar. Instantly from the first puff, you become consumed in flavor. I love the liga privada no.9 and I can easily compare this smoke to it. good burn, awesome draw, and and ash that just wont let go. Will definetly get more of these babies when my hummie gets room for more. 5 vegas makes a fine cigar, and thanks to CI I can get them.
JP of Margate, FL
Not a big smoker of fuller flavored cigar, but enjoyed this one enough to give it a 8.5 out of 10. Might enjoy one of these occasionally just to have a bit of variety in my humidor. It burned well and have a consistent flavor all in all a good cigar.
DF of De Queen, AR
Outstanding full bodied cigar! Not overpowering, just great full cigar flavor. Burned nice, good draw. A perfect compliment to a good bourbon. Good to the last 1/2 inch.
MR of Dell Rapids, SD
This is an amazing cigar. The rich, robust flavors immediately kick your palate upon lighting. Yes, it does have a sweet spot- the entire cigar. I like to call cigars that never ash and taste wonderful until they burn your fingers a "roach-clip" cigar. This is a true roach-clip cigar. The strength is apparent after smoking about an inch. The effects of the tobacco are heavy, but even. The construction is as you would expect, perfect. Draw from one end to the other is smooth, and the burn, for two that I've smoked so far, was a perfect halo. The ash column was half of the cigar at one point, and hit the concrete with a nice thud when it finally detached. Overall, one of the best.
SN of Glen Burnie, MD
WOW! Just tried my first 5 vegas cask and it is Fan-damn-tastic! I think 5 vegas is a Great cigar and these cask cigars prove it. What super a cigar to smoke. The construction, flavor and enjoyment of this cigar can not be put into words! This cigar is sooo good, it was "love at first light" !
J. of H. V.3Long Island, NY
The 5 Vegas Cask Strength II is the best of the 5 Vegas line. Great spice and earth. Real smooth and produces copious amounts of smoke. Excellent taste.
GR of Sterling, VA
Okay, the Cask-Strength is a freaking fantastic cigar, but someone needs to fess up... this cigar is strong, but it ain't the strongest smoke out there. If you are looking for a phenomenal, well constructed, tasty med-full smoke, here you go; if you are looking for knee-knocking gut twister... you might want to look elsewhere, depending on your tolerance to strength.
JK of Chicago, IL
Just had another Cask-Strength II ... it is about as full a strength cigar as I've had ... it is smooth, rich, loads of flavor ... started out with just ice water, then paired it with a fine scotch on the rocks ... best to have on a full stomach and prepared for a leisurely & powerful smoke (don't want to rush it) ... in my humble opinion, the best 5 Vegas that I have tried (I haven't had the Miami) ... a rare treat.
S. of P.Northern , VA
Got these as part of the sampler. Really like the nice oily wrapper, more like the Miami than the Red or Gold. Great flavor: like dark chocolate and some spice that has a clean finish. I think it a perfect full smoke for most. I plan on buying more.
JD of Aurora, IL
5 Vegas cask II is a nice cigar plenty of flavor, good draw and a decent price. Another fine cigar made for the 5 Vegas line, don't miss out on these.
g of psimi valley, CA
Beautiful presentation, nice looking stogie, full flavor. Pleasure experience to smoke. Two down, 18 to go.
JG of congress, AZ
I've tried all the other 5 Vegas varieties except the Relic and this is the best. Great draw and burn, beautiful to look at, and flavor in spades. A pleasure!
DF of West Hartford, CT
I bought a single Cask Strength with my regular shipment and let it sit in the humi until I was done with all the other cigars, about a month. Upon lighting, that 'hope this is worth it' factor was high. This cigar takes over 2 inches to open up and hit its stride flavor-wise but when it does it is very good. There is some of that 'leather' some 'wood' a good, strong 'native' tobacco feel and taste. The flavor towards the end can best be described as 'horse hair', like sticking your face in a wet horse's tail. Sounds strange, but it's a good cigar. That said, it does have very solid construction all the way down to the nub, no heat cracking or any dumb stuff like that. I guess the best way to describe the flavor is smooth. I'd imagine it would go very well with a subtle Merlot. I personally had two B&B's (Benedictine and Brandy) with the cigar which I find compliments most mid-flavor cigars very nicely. Overall, a treat which lives up to its name. I would love to try one of these with some MacAllan 15 year. Maybe after I rob this bank I'll consider doing just that!!! SMOKE!
IT of Peters Creek, AK
Got to say this is my favorite (5 Vegas Cask-Strength II) , too. Smooth in draw and smoke, rich in flavor. One good cigar.
S. of P.Northern, VA
Finally got my paws on one of these today (5 Vegas Cask-Strength II), and now once again I can say that I've tried all flavors 5 Vegas. After just having a Relic a few hours before I can say with a renewed pallet that these cask strengths are indeed slightly better. While both offer a full bodied experience I lean towards the casks because they draw a little better giving me a mouth full of flavor on every pull. the crisp ligero spice I Adore so much is very evident, and there are hints of earth, and I get some nice cedar time to time. The wrapper is very oily and the burn is straight, and unwavering. Once again the lead has changed and now goes to Cask Strength as my fav cinco Vegas offering... now if I can just get a case before they go on back order again I'll be happy...
R. of T.Norwood, OH