Stogie Cigars and Other Cigar Terms

When it comes to the English language there are without a doubt some oddball names for things like hullablloo, ragamuffin, gobbledygook, discombobulate – the list can go on and on and stogie makes the cut. Named after Conestoga, Pennsylvania where one of the first Pennsylvanian cigar factories was built, stogies were brought about in the Lancaster to Philadelphia region renowned for tobacco growing and cigar making. 

This unique term is also derived from the wagon masters at the time who smoked long cigars resembling the spokes o the wagon wheels. Now, the term stogie is associated now as a generic slang term for a cigar. Stogie is not the only way to describe a cigar. If you’re not familiar with the vast terminology for a cigar, don’t worry, CI takes care of you and provides all the info you need to know on premium cigars. Keep reading to get in the know-how. Cigar terms:



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