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The Chosen One IV Sampler

If I offered you Cohiba, Rocky Patel, Gurkha, Montecristo, La Gloria, and more for just $2.85 per cigar, you'd ask what the catch is. If I promised to stock your humidor with 35 of the biggest brand name cigars for less than $100, you'd say I was crazy. If I were to tell you I could save you over $350 on one sampler, you'd call me a liar. But a crazy, swindling liar I am not. And I'm delivering as promised. The proof is in the pudding, just look below at what's quite possibly the finest sampler ever created - the aptly named Chosen One.

The Chosen One IV Sampler includes:
5 - Cohiba Black Robusto (5.5" x 50)
5 - Montecristo Media Noche No. 2 (6.1" x 54)
5 - Gurkha Beauty (6.5" x 56)
5 - Ramon Bueso Odyssey Toro (6" x 50)
5 - Xikar HC Series Criollo Toro (6.5" x 52)
5 - La Gloria Cubana Serie R No. 5 (5.5" x 54)
5 - Rocky Patel Fusion Robusto (5.5" x 50)

MSRP: $459.15

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35 CIGARS Out of Stock $459.15 $99.99    
Overall Rating 4.6 out of 5 Based on 5 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “The Chosen One IV Sampler”

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5 out of 5
A great intro to cigars
This was my first sampler purchase, after smoking only a handful of cigars. It taught me a lot about what I like, or don't like, in a cigar. I think it was a great introduction to cigars because it had such a nice balance of mild/medium/full bodied, tall/short, and big/small ring size. I wish they'd bring it back !
5 out of 5
Always safe, quick ordering and shipping. Great sampler
Great sampler! Would but again
5 out of 5
Chosen One IV Sampler
Best sampler I have ever ordered!
3 out of 5
Overall a good value
A great value but some of the cigars are still hard even after 2 weeks in my box. Cohiba's label was not on tight. Did not seem to be an authentic one. It was as if someone stuck a cohiba ringer label on the cigar and threw it in with the mix. Not upset though most other cigars were great.
5 out of 5
Great Sampler
As always, CI delivers and for a great price. The Chosen One IV Sampler has some great sticks and great flavors. I’ll do it again!
Customer Testimonials
This was my first purchase from this website, and boy, what a doozie it is. Loved the Ramon Bueso's, the Serie R and the Monte's. Quite a tasty offering. I will order again when they come back in stock. You hit it out of the park on this one CI...
This sampler is absolutely amazing. I have not had one bad cigar from this package and the value with all of these brands of cigars is unbelievable. Hands down, I would recommend this sampler all the time as I have already ordered two of them.
Honestly, when I purchased this sampler I expected to receive some dried out cigars CI put together and called it the "Chosen One." Upon delivery, each and every cigar was packaged very tightly and nothing short of amazing quality. They only had to sit in my humidor for no more than a week or two before they were ready to smoke. I still haven't gotten through every brand in the sampler, but the other night I smoked a Cohiba Puro Dominicana, and I must say, it was the best smoke I've ever had! From what I've heard from others, they're really a love or hate cigar. For the price, you simply cannot beat this deal... the price on the Cohibas alone is worth around $80. The only problem I ran into was not all the cigars were the sizes listed in the description, but they did compensate me with larger sizes of the other cigars if they were out of a certain size. Overall, this sampler was my favorite purchase from CI; with top-line cigars like Glorias, Cohibas, and Montecristos, it's got a wide variety at a stupid-low price...this is a MUST!!
What an incredible deal; 35 premium smokes, delivered in perfect condition for $2.85 a stick! Wish I could afford two but it's Christmas!
Found 3 of my favorite cigars in this sampler. Media Noche, Genesis, Serie R.
Best sampler ever.
Great deal and a great selection of high quality cigars, especially for the price. I was only disappointed in the Xihar cigar - just wasn't for me. Everything else though was top-notch!
Great sampler. Has all the hits. Lots of different tastes and flavors.
Super deal with some excellent premium cigars at low prices.
You guys hit a home run with the Chosen One IV sampler. What a deal -- 35 premium cigars for less than $3 a stick. This is my second order of this sampler...obviously pleased. Expected a bunch of out-of-stock rejects the first time. Amazed at the quality and freshness of the order -- smoked them in no time and headed back for more!! I'm a believer and will make you my primary vendor. Keep up the great work!!
Excellent sampler, well worth the price. Amazing!
This is one of the best bundles I have ever purchased. Great value!
This is without doubt the best deal in web cigars. The cigars are all very good and top quality, I've ordered 3 so far and will order this sampler exclusively for as long as they offer it. It's actually worth around 300 plus if you bought each separately. My sincere thanks to the CI staff for giving us this one, after years of feeling like a fool for paying astronomical prices, I finally have no buyers remorse for the first time. Thanks - Jeff in Honolulu
This was a great sampler the cohibas and the monte cristos were worth the price alone...Bob DeGirolamo
The Cohiba Dominicans were probably one of the best smokes I've ever had!!! AMAZINGLY GOOD.
Really good deal. I have not tried all of them yet, but I smoked both the La Gloria Cubana Serie R and the Xikar so far and really liked them both. Both had a nice full flavor, kind of a nutty rich flavor, and smoked that way from the first puff right down to the very end.
I've bought this twice now and couldn't be more happy with the quality and value. A screaming deal on top notch sticks. CI must have ran low on the Rocky Patel Fusion cigars in the advertised size because they shipped larger than advertised the second time I bought this. That is just like CI - instead of making me wait or slipping me a smaller product and hoping I wouldn't notice, they upgraded me and shipped immediately. It is this type of great customer service that keeps me coming back to CI.
Great deal! Love every cigar in the bunch. Pleasantly surprised by Xikar HC and Genesis: The Project. First time I have ever been compelled to post a review. A steal at 3 bucks apiece!
Get this whenever its available!!! Amazing cigars, easy to give a few away making you look like a hero while still enjoying quite a few for yourself!
I can't explain how happy I was to open this package for this price! Excellent and unbelievable that I got this deal! I love cigars international because of these amazing deals! The ramon bueso and 5 red dots! I really don't have to say much more! Btw my first comment on CI! :D