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Punch Bareknuckle Flight Sampler

For a limited time, take an additional $10 off every Punch Bareknuckle Flight Sampler purchased. Discount reflected in prices below.

The new Punch Bareknuckle is bold and eventful, offering a complex array of satisfying nuances layered by deep notes of pepper, earth, and espresso followed by a long, toasty finish that's sweet and cedary. Here’s your chance to sample the entire line at a massive discount. 

The Punch Bareknuckle Flight Sampler includes 12 cigars:
3 - Punch Bareknuckle Rothschild (4.5" x 50)
3 - Punch Bareknuckle Belicoso (5" x 50)
3 - Punch Bareknuckle Elites (5.25" x 45)
3 - Punch Bareknuckle Pita (6.1" x 50)

MSRP: $90

  Name Type In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Punch Bareknuckle Flight Sampler 12 CIGARS Sale Out of Stock $90.00 $39.50    
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Customer Reviews of “Punch Bareknuckle Flight Sampler”
Purchased this sampler firstly because of the name, then because it allowed me to try all sizes. Price is fair. Smoked well, with even burn. Nice banding which aids in its appearance of a smoke costing more than it really does. Satisfied.
LM of Joelton, TN
Currently one of my favorite medium - full smokes (more med than full). Excellent construction, so the burn is even and fairly slow. Smoke is moderate in production, but on the thick side in texture. My opinion is these are very fairly priced through CI - and now with the sale, an excellent bargain! I prefer the shorties - a bit more potent than the others for a nic 'punch'. Pick up a flight sampler - you won't be disappointed!
Have you tried a Bareknuckle yet? Believe me, when you do, you will be sold on them, as I am. Those familiar with Punch, will be happy to know that Bareknuckle doesn't stray too far from the flavor profile you have come to identify with the Villazon factory. It's just a bit more aggressive, a tad bolder & truly full bodied. Best of all, it's still affordable.... Normal prices for Bareknuckle are decent enough, but the amount of lettuce you will part with to lay hands on all 4 sizes in this deal, make them even more attractive. One size is as good as the next, in that I see no appreciable differences in construction, flavor or burn. After lighting, you will be greeted with that trademark Punch, punch, as the level of strength intensifies along with the burn. Leather & expresso, oak & black tobacco, are just some of the many flavors involved. The burn stays cool and even as the smoke reaches full bodied & remains there for the duration. Not for beginners, but well worth the investment for medium or fullheads alike. As with most Cigars International Flight Samplers, the savings per stogie is substancial. I often see other offers associated with Bareknuckle, giving us several chances to stock up on these humidor musts, at a greatly reduced rate. Overall rating 91/100, plus one for the great deal!
Tried this bad boy as part of a sampler. My first impression, oily and well constructed, the belicoso looked great. Second, it burned even, drew smoothly and the initial flavor was rich. Third, the finish was a sure as*kicker. Smoked it down to about a half inch refusing to the end to give up on this fantastic smoke. Wow! Not for beginners but if you have some experience give this a try!
JD of Mesa, AZ
Great cigar!
Great deal! I'm going to buy another today!
On the plus side, not a bad smoke. A little nutty in flavor and great for a "quickie" smoke, as they are small in size...almost like tinnies... On the minus side, kind of smokes like a short filler...quick burn, a bit raspy, especially near the end...the torpedos were a little nicer, but overall, just an average smoke.
I would call it a medium flavor cigar even though some call it a full. It does burn even and gray ash as you go. It burns all the way to the end evenly and not too harsh. Not a bad cigar to have in the box.