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Gurkha Ancient Warrior S.E. Presidente 10-Pack

This gentle giant is simply decadent.

Gurkha’s Ancient Warrior is a phenomenal cigar – offering a rich opening, it develops a toasty feel and extensive depth of flavor, evolving into a red wine-like sweetness and even offering hints of vanilla as the thick cloud of velvety smoke envelops the mouth. The finish is ultra smooth and decadently rich, almost syrupy. A cigar I’d smoke anytime, anywhere.

The Gurkha Ancient Warrior S.E. Presidente measures 8.5" x 52.
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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Ancient Warrior S.E. Presidente 10-Pack”

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Settle in for the Ancient Warrior, this one will take a while. Get a good book and enjoy. This cigar has a heavy vanilla flavor and it's not too heavy. They do burn a bit uneven, maybe it's due to the 8.5 inch length I'm not sure. I've had 15 or so of these over the past 10 years with other Gurkha fans. They're worth a try for sure.
Talk about a smooth , good to the last puff. This is one hell of a great cigar. It's mild yet great flavor. Smooth draw from the first light till you regret burning your fingers as you finally give it up.
Having smoked a lot of Gurkha Cigars (and loving all of them) I felt a special need to comment on how fantastic this smoke was. I went for a long walk and this cigar was able to keep up, stay lite, not fall apart - in all it was a true champ. The cold weather and wind didn't stop it and it lasted my entire walk, I was truly impressed. Cannot wait to have one when things get a little warmer! All Gurkha fans need to try the Ancient Warrior
Absolutely phenomenal. Thanks to CI's awesome deals, I've tried over 30 different brands and their various varieties; with that being said, this cigar is far and above my favorite. CI's description nails it for this cigar as well: it's starts off with a deliciously warm, dark-chocolate sweetness and slowly morphs into a subtle cabernet sauvignon flavor before finishing on strong notes of toasted bread, leather, and dark earth. In short: a simply divine experience that often lasts me 3-4 hours of bliss. Pair it with a semi-sweet/dry red or my personal favorite, cherry brandy, and enjoy life. Having a bit of chocolate with the first hour of the cigar is also life changing.
This is my favorite cigar. I was very sad when they became unavailable. I even went so far as to talk to a Gurkha sales rep to see if he could find me a few boxes that might have escaped notice. I'm happy that they are back and I hope CI keeps them in stock from now on.