Pipe Accessories Kit #2

Accessories included.

Thanks to this accessory kit, you can properly clean, display, and carry your pipe all for a fraction of retails. Indeed the value is great, and the savings even better, but don't take my word for it. Look at the selection at hand, all for under 25 bones. Bask in the 60% savings, you can thank me later.

The Pipe Accessories Kit No. 2 Includes:
32 - BJ Long Fluffy Pipe Cleaners
56 - BJ Long Regular Pipe Cleaners
1 - Plastic Folding Pipe Stand
1 - Silver 3-in-1 Tool
1 - Vinyl Combo Pipe & Tobacco Pouch
1 - Acrylic Pipe Tobacco Jar

MSRP: $61
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Customer Reviews of “Pipe Accessories Kit #2”
“I have just received my kit and I am very pleased with it. The acrylic jar came out better than what I thought it would. It does do a good job of storing your tobacco. I am also very pleased with the tobacco pouch. I definitely would suggest this to someone who has just started out enjoying a pipe AS well to an experience pipe lover. With this kit I am using as a sampler kit, a way to store my new flavor pouches of bulk tobacco. It also makes it convenient to share with my pipe smoking group at work.”
PL of California, MD