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Corn Cob Pipe Starter Kit

Everything you need to dip your toe into the world of pipes

There's nothing fancy here, but what this Pipe Starter Kit No. 1 lacks in flair it more than makes up for with function and an ultra-low price. If you're new to pipes, everything you need is here, pre-assembled, and massively discounted.

CI's Pipe Starter Kit No. 1 includes:
2 - Corn Cob Pipes
1 - Captain Black Cherry 1.5oz Pouch
1 - Sutliff PS Golden Age 1.5oz Can
1 - Sir Walter Raleigh Regular 1.5oz Pouch
1 - Silver 3-in-1 Pipe Tool
40 - BJ Long Rough Bristle Pipe Cleaners

MSRP: $34.38

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Customer Reviews of “Corn Cob Pipe Starter Kit”
I was a little disappointed as to the small size of the pipes, but as time went by, I found they conveniently disappeared in my pocket. The aroma and taste of the cherry blend brought me back 45 years when I smoked a pipe for a short time when I was a kid. This package gives you all that is needed to get started. Since then, I got a better pipe with a larger bowl for longer smoke times. Its a nice switch, now and then, from cigars.
FS of Gaithersburg, MD
Golden Ages review "1" meaning never again "10" meaning the best I ever had. I would say 6.50. Very smooth and cool I loved it. (Cap-Black Cherry) I would say okay, 3.00.
RH of Coxsackie, NY
Ordered this for something different as I've wanted to try a pipe for a while, but never gotten one. The small size was a little sad as I only get about a 20 minute smoke from it, but it's something different from a cigar. The Cherry is not so great. It smells nice but I didn't like the taste as much. The Raliegh was better and had a nice smell and taste I felt, but the true winner to me was the Golden Age. It has a fruity flavor and is the one I have found myself going back to when I want to smoke my pipe.
KS of Lockport, IL
Nice starter kit!
JN of Aransas Pass, TX
Just received my kit in the mail and I'm hooked!!! I'm a first time pipe smoker and I was hesitant at first to try it, but I'm glad I did :) .
WW of Columbus, GA
Not bad for what it is. I mean, arguably, it's $20. On the other hand, the two corncob pipes are the ultra-cheapies made in China (in my case, both had wildly different bowl sizes, one being way WAY too small), the tobacco is okay OTC stuff, the cleaners are the hurts-to-handle-from-all-the-sharp-wire variety, and the multitool is useless once you spend 5 minutes on youtube learning how to pack your bowl by hand. So, don't expect anything amazing is all I'm saying.
AB of New York, NY
Great starter. Not a big fan of the flavored tobacco but the price makes that a little bit of a moot point. It is a good starter kit for those who want something less drool inducing than a cigar for snow blowing the driveway.
DH of Gorham, ME
very nice for the money its a great value one pipe worked great the other was a little rougher but ok and the tobacco was great
BF of Rio Rancho, NM
Very pleased with this pipe starter kit. After reading the reviews I expected the corn cob pipes to be really poor but I guess CI has upgraded them as the two I got were exactly alike and well made for the price. The tobaccos are well thought out as I got the Sir Walter Raleigh Classic Burly, Captain Black Cavendish Blend with Cherry, and the Sutliff Private Stock Golden Age Blend. A straight burly, a Cavendish Cherry aromatic, and a Blend which gave me a taste of three types of tobaccos all respectable. The pipe tool was heavier medal than I expected and I use it with every bowl. For the price I am very pleased and have enjoyed many hours of smoking pleasure and it helped me decide which tobaccos I wanted to explore more. For about $20 bucks a bargain, educational, and and flavorful experience for the money.