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CI Legends Series Sale

CI Legends is undergoing a packaging change, so help us clear out the older boxes and enjoy additional savings in the process. Discount reflected in prices below.

CI legends is a series of cigars you can't do without.

Legends started out as a small project. We originally asked four top cigar manufacturers to create the best damn cigar they could for $5 retail or under. The only condition is, the cigar had to be 5.75” x 54 in size. To get their competitive juices flowing, I let them know that they'd be competing for supremacy with other top makers! That was 6 years ago. Today, six more manufacturers have entered the ‘competition,' with several others chomping at the bit for a chance to join the fun. Enjoy the delicious fruits of their labor, blends that are among the very best that can be had for the money....on the planet.

Legends E.P. Carrillo
If you've been paying attention over the last couple of years you have likely heard of Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, the man famous for creating the Dominican La Gloria Cubana line and now the proud creator of his own highly-rated brand. He's a legend, no doubt, and the success of La Gloria - and his newer E.P. Carrillo brand - is plenty of proof. The E.P. Carrillo Legends showcases the classic, medium-bodied profile that made him famous.  Draped in a silky-smooth Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper and loaded with rich Nicaraguan and Dominican long-fillers, this smooth, Cuban-esque blend delivers plenty of flavor. Medium-bodied with a creamy core of coffee, oak, pepper, earth, and toasty tobacco, the Brown Label Legends is a flavorful, easy-going handmade you'll enjoy any time of day.

Legends AJ Fernandez:

Arguably the hottest cigar-maker and blender in the industry, AJ Fernandez's edition of CI Legends is probably long overdue. With a deep bench of top-sellers and coveted blends, AJ is responsible for brands like Diesel, Man O' War, San Lotano, and a wealth of other blends for Gurkha, Padilla, Rocky Patel, and more. When it comes to AJ, flavor and quality are always top-notch - each blend offering a rich, Cuban-esque character and plenty of well-blended boutique charm. His blend for the Legends Series is no different. Crafted with a dark, top-grade Sun Grown Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper and brimming with a robust blend of vintage Nicaraguan long-fillers, CI Legends by AJ Fernandez offers a hearty, medium-bodied profile. Notes of cream, oak, earth, coffee and pepper coat the palate before a clean, slightly sweet finish completes the ensemble. Delicious, expertly blended, and suitable for palates of all types, CI Legends by AJ Fernandez is an exceptional that's most definitely on par with his much pricier offerings.

Legends Graycliff:
Avelino Lara’s achievement as the creator of the Cuban Cohiba blend could be considered a curse to some, as each of his new blends must live up to the incredibly lofty standards he set....for the industry and for himself. And time after time he clears that bar, as evidenced by his outstanding array of Graycliff blends. As you can imagine, Graycliff’s entry into the CI Legends series is bound to be an exciting one. A dark and oily Habano wrapper from Nicaragua cloaks a fine 2-country blend of supremely aged tobaccos from the Dominican and Nicaragua. This balanced mixture produces an explosion of rich and hearty nuances, noting hints of leather, earth, and coffee bean throughout the slow, smooth burn. Medium in body, balanced, and complex, this Legends is indeed delicious.

Legends La Aurora:
Known to the world as the Dominican Republic’s oldest and longest running cigar factory, La Aurora is a giant among giants. Guillermo Leon and Jose Blanco, the men controlling the high-end blends coming from this factory have taken this daunting task by the horns, in order to continue La Aurora’s legendary lineup of top-shelf classics and rival the already existing, highly popular Legends blends. Using a mouthwatering blend of aged tobaccos, their entry accomplishes both. Within a toothy Nicaraguan leaf, lies a fine blend of Corojo, Cubano Piloto and Nicaraguan tobaccos that has been aging since 2001. Experience an eventful bouquet of flavors with this mild to medium-bodied beauty. A subtle peppery note mingles with an amaretto-like sweetness, complemented by an enjoyable, woodsy aroma and spicy aftertaste that lingers just long enough to satisfy til the next puff. Smooth from start to finish and pushing out plumes of thick, white smoke, Legends by La Aurora is a treat for the senses.

Legends Nestor Plasencia:
Nestor Plasencia was a natural fit for the Legends Series. He is one of the world's leading tobacco growers, owning fields throughout Central America and beyond. In fact, most of the cigars you enjoy on a regular basis contain tobaccos grown by him and his father, Nestor Senior. His supply and variety of fine tobaccos is limitless, granting him the potential to blend masterful cigars, which he has down with the Maroon Label. Dressed in a rich, redolent, and oily broadleaf maduro wrapper from Honduras, this fine cigar utilizes a long-leaf mixture of aged, Nicaraguan-grown ligeros bound by a dark Nicaraguan leaf. The result is remarkable, a medium to full-bodied array of flavor, including leather, earth, and coffee delivered throughout the smooth, chewy core. A pleasant sweetness finishes each savory puff, completing an eventful and memorable smoke.

Legends Pepin Garcia:
To keep it simple, Pepin Garcia is ‘blowing up.’ Famous for creating the heavily sought Tatuaje and Padilla Miami 8&11 brands, expect nothing short of spectacular from this intoxicating submission. Upon first glance, it’s easy to see Pepin’s Cuban heritage. The veiny, natural-colored wrappers and well-placed triple-caps. A spicy, earthy pre-light aroma. Handmade in his new Nicaraguan factory, this impressive blend utilizes Pepin’s prized, 1st Generation Habano seed tobaccos, all grown in the black soils of Nicaragua. The Corojo wrapper is top-notch, delivering a strong, spicy flavor even before the cigar is lit. Inside, a well-aged mixture of select Habano-seed long-fillers combine to deliver an assortment of satisfying flavors. Sit down before lighting, because this gem is a powerhouse. Expect a peppery burst of flavor upfront, which gradually mellows into chewy notes of wood and earth. This transition makes the cigar’s spicy character an afterthought, lingering long on the aftertaste urging you back for another puff. Naturally, construction is incredible. Enjoy the even, cool burn thanks to a beautiful, solid roll. Delicious.

Legends Perdomo:
Nick Perdomo, founder of Tabacalera Perdomo, went against the grain by producing the only figurado in the bunch. But it’s hard to argue after looking at the end product. In fact, it’s hard not to be downright giddy before, during and after sparking this beauty. Aesthetically, the cigar is stunning, a tightly wound, bullet-shaped smoke with a dark, positively first-grade sun-grown Nicaraguan maduro wrapper leaf. This leaf is eye-popping: smooth with nary a vein, glistening with natural oils, and giving off a lovely sheen. The tip of this torpedo is masterfully formed into a sharp, very pointy head. Filled to the brim with an intricate blend of aged Nicaraguan fillers, Perdomo’s medium to full-bodied treat instantly awakens your taste buds with a potpourri of wide-ranging flavors. It’s not overly rich however, and the well-balanced smoke mellows as you go, occupying the palate with clearly discernible earthy notes, followed by a slightly cedary undertone and mellow spiciness. The draw is impeccable - slow, cool, and deliberate - making this cigar journey one you’ll want to take over and over.

Legends Rocky Patel:
Within the past few years, Rocky Patel has reached super-stardom in the cigar industry. Indian Tabac helped put him on the map just 10 years ago, and more recently his astounding RP blends, including RP Vintage, RP Sun Grown and Edge have taken things up a notch. Each successive new blend seems to instantaneously become a darling, not only of Cigar Aficionado but of cigar smokers everywhere - pleasing the most discriminating of connoisseurs. So we're proud to bring you Rocky’s entry into the sales juggernaut that is the CI Legends saga. In fact, I anticipate that CI Legends by RP will quickly be in competition among the top spot among all the Legends blends ....and that's some rarified air to begin with. His blend features a rich, patiently-fermented Corojo wrapper leaf that’s simply gorgeous – oily and toothy. The supremely-aged Honduran long-leaf fillers are plentiful, resulting in layers upon layers of deep, complex flavors including a toasty, coffee-like character and sweet creaminess, complemented by a pleasing charcoal aroma and medium-bodied profile.

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Legends AJ Fernandez (Toro) (5.7"x54)
BOX OF 20 In Stock $140.00 $54.82
Legends E.P. Carrillo (Toro) (5.7"x54)
5-PACK In Stock $15.00
Legends Graycliff (Toro) (5.7"x54)
BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $140.00 $54.82    
Legends La Aurora (Toro) (5.7"x54)
5-PACK In Stock $15.00
Legends Nestor Plasencia (Toro) (5.7"x54)
BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $140.00 $54.82    
Legends Perdomo (Torpedo) (5.7"x54)
BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $140.00 $54.82    
Legends Perdomo (Torpedo) (5.7"x54)
5-PACK In Stock $15.00
Legends Rocky Patel (Toro) (5.7"x54)
BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $140.00 $54.82    
Legends Rocky Patel (Toro) (5.7"x54)
5-PACK Out of Stock $15.00    
Overall Rating 4 out of 5 Based on 5 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “CI Legends Series”

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3 out of 5
I wouldn't call it a true Lengend
So far as the Rocky Patel name, this isn't it. I bought a box of these hoping for a less expensive RP, but I ended up with just an average less expensive knock off. Smoked a couple right off the delivery truck, they were OK. Let them sit 4 weeks and my humidor, no real difference. Probably wouldn't but again.
2 out of 5
Okay, Connecticut wrapper would be better
The filler may be Dominican but overall these were no where near as smooth as some of the cheaper Rocky's. CI makes some good knock offs so try a Connecticut wrapper if you're looking for a good cheaper mild-medium alternative
5 out of 5
Right on!
Excellent job with the orange label RP! Great way to end a long day at work! Thanks
5 out of 5
Wonderful cigar
Can't beat this stogie. Smooth smoke ,well worth the price. You got to try it.
5 out of 5
CI Team is the best
Been ordering from CI for nearly 9 years, great deals and excellent delivery. Never disappointed with the quality. CI Legend Graycliff one of my favorites.....
Customer Testimonials
CI Legends (Orange label) by Rocky Patel: Truly a great deal! These cigars have a superior flavor, provide a mouthful of taste, draw really well and provide a long ash. For the price, these are a steal!!
CI Legends are great not a bad blend in the bunch. As far as I'm concerned this is a crown jewel.
Having been a fan of yours for quite some time and always finding myself trying some new things with your crazy deals, it was time to try the CI Legends. A buddy of mine came over with the Perdomo (red label) and I found myself cutting into a Drew Estate (copper label). From the very first puffs we knew that these were both smokes that would live up to not only their brand names but the CI reputation we've come to expect. What we didn't know was just how legendary out little mini-herf would turn out to be. As we puffed away, before we knew it we both had an ash that was to die for. Almost half the stick was gone and we both had the full ash hanging on. As we got further and further down the stick, we realized that these would become nubbers of "legendary" proportions. With both cigars still burning cool we finally had to stop because there just wasn't any room left for our lips or fingers to go any further. There just isn't much more I can say about these smokes and I feel the pictures I have included will do this little story some more justice. I can't wait to try the rest of the CI Legends series. Thanks for bringing them to us!
I have been buying the CI Legends Copper Label for 3 years now, and have never found a better smoke. From the start you get a great draw, lots of smoke, and the flavor is something you just have to experience for yourself. It is one great cigar! I also buy the 5 Vegas #1 , and the 5 Vegas Limitada....but the Copper Label I smoke 5 to 1 of any other. I buy 4 boxes at a time to make sure I never run out.
I have been savoring these CI Legends Orange Label cigars for a month or so. I am a HUGE Rocky Patel fan. This cigar is my absolute favorite. A genuine super premium. Enough said!
I just smoked a CI Legends Green Label from the mild and mellow sampler, and I can't believe how great this smoke is! I figured it wouldn't be that spectacular because of the price and was even more skeptical because Puros Indios is generally known for their extremely intense and powerful smokes, but this cigar is must-have for mild smokers.
I like the idea behind the Legends Series. I love the way Perdomo in particular responded. The red label is a blue collar, I smoke cigars and don't traffic in pretense, I'm kicking back on the back porch and you better have a good reason to bug me, why yes, this is my fifth beer, kind of stick. Straight-up goodness. A stocky torpedo that looks a little rough but burns great nevertheless. I've burned through a few boxes of these and am always a little miffed when I can't find one in the humidor cabinet. A terrific value -at least try a fiver.
I ordered the humidor combo and so far smoked the White Label. This is an awesome smoke with a good draw to it. Can't wait to try the the others.
After having tried the sampler (CI Legends Series) I ordered the Rocky Patel orange label and am extremely pleased. The taste was great, it burned will, had a real nice aroma, and the price was right especially for a Rocky Patel smoke. Will reorder these beauties again in the future. The free humidor was also very nice.
Buddy and I picked up a 30 pack sampler (CI Legends Series). Last night we tried the Perdomo (Red label) and it dang near blew our heads clean off! Can't WAIT to take that trip again. Possibly the best constructed torpedo I've ever smoked, rich, creamy, spicy smoke, perfect draw. We were impressed.
Gotta say, the Legends White Label was tres magnifique!
I bought some of the CI Legends by Pepin Garcia a while back and they had been chillin' in the humidor for a couple of months. I broke one out for the weekend as I had a BBQ contest to do. I smoked it on the drive back and I was VERY impressed. It had a great feel in the hand and the construction looked wonderful. I love the triple cap. I could hardly wait to taste it after toasting the foot. The aroma was a wonderful blend of earth and wood. After lighting it though is when this baby starts to grow on you if you like spicy cigars. It has tons of pepper and spice from the get go. It burned very evenly and had a very white long ash. I was sorry to have it end... I'm glad I have more.
I just finished the Blue label from Matasa (CI Legends Series) today and it was a very good smoke. The decription was accurate with an abundant cedary flavor staying consistent. A mild sweet creaminess is accompanied throught. The draw was reasonably tight making it last longer, which i wasnt complaining about. Overall a great cigar for the price, again i cant wait for the next legend series! Heres to tomorrow! Thanks again CI!
I just finished the Camacho White Label Legend (CI Legends), and i must say this is one of the finest cigars i've smoked. The flavors are very robust and rich. The smoke was very full bodied. I enjoyed this legend til my fingers burned. I would recomend this cigar to any medium to full bodied smoker. Can't wait to try the other legends. Thank you CI for an amazing series!!
I just fired up my 1st CI Legends Green label and I love it, a great mild smoke from begining to end. I will be buying these on a regular basis. Thank You CI - a fan forever.
I just had my first CI Legends Cigar yesterday while doing some work outside. It was the Copper Label by Drew Estates. Let me tell you I was blown away. It tasted sweet, very mild, had a pleasant aroma & had a perfect draw. I must admit I was a little nervous at first having been burned in the past by other company's cigars. However, I'm a believer in this brand & will be keeping a box of CI Legends in my humidor from now on.
I've never been a big fan of "house" brand cigars but I decided to try a box of the Graycliff and I must say, they were far beyond my expectations. The construction is superb as well as the taste and aroma. This is one house cigar I will definitely buy in the future. If your looking for a top-notch cigar without top-shelf prices, the Legends are for you.
Just got a box of the Red Label Perdomo (CI Legends Series) smokes. Each and everytime my friends and I smoke one of these, it turns out to be a nubber. A beautiful medium/heavy bodied smoke, that is smooth throughout. Every puff is accompanied by large billows of smoke that slowly reveals a perfect white ash. For the money, these are perfect!
Just got done with number three (CI Legends) The Rocky Patel Orange Label today. This cigar was fantastic. It started with a good amount of flavorful spices and then mellowed out into a smooth creamy smoke. A nice 1.5hr smoke with a gradual rise and fall of flavors, until the nice long finish. Overall another great cigar in the Ci Legends series. Great job CI, keep em comin!
Looking for a replacement for Drew Estate Java? Look no further. After finding out that Java is not being produced anymore I took a look at the Legends Copper label by Drew Estate. It may not look or feel like a Java but it is so close in taste to it that it will be my replacement in the future. The only difference I found was that it was a hint lighter in taste. That may be due to the lighter wrapper. I'll tell you what though it's definitely a great smoke. I smoked it all the way down to the nub. I was also concerned about the size. What I mean is I saw a difference in taste in the size ranges in the java line. I smoked robustos mainly. I tried the Super Toro's and the flavor wasn't there. The Legends was a great taste but not overpowering. Only thing missing was it being box pressed. Take a chance on a five pack if your not sure. Hats off to Drew Estate and our friends at CI for bringing this to us.
My compliments to the staff at CI! I received my first order from CI yesterday. All the cigars in the sampler packs and cigar club pack were in excellent condition (Not so for some of the products that I have received from other mail order companies). Today I started on the CI Legends. First was the green label. As it turned out to be a bit on the mild side it should have been the first cigar of the day not second. Nice smoke though. Burned well down to the stub. I do prefer the larger ring gauges. Second was the Blue Label. Ok, now were starting to get some where. I smoked it down till I could not hold on to it any more. When it's time was no more I was ready to put the torch to another one. Oh was that good! A hint of spice with a slight caramel flavor. Tomorrow will be time for the Red and White. Keep up the good work.
OK - so I am late to the punch on this one again since I am post #102....but I wanted to send a big hats off to CI for the Legends line. This has been a great opportunity for me to sample some outstanding smokes.....and the element of competition between the current brands is great! I got a sampler pack of Legends offerings and am enjoying the hell out of them. I did get a mazo of the Red Label (Perdomo) prior to the sampler pack and will say that this is a fine smoke. For those that are new to the Red Label I will say give it at least 1.5 inches to form an opinion. This smoke really hits stride after 1.5-2" and is pure joy. I just smoked one to the nub in the remnants of Hurricane Hanna and did not regret it one bit. These Legends offerings are all great smokes and I am really enjoying contrasting them against each other. Keep up the good work CI!
Order the 30 cigar CI Legends Series sampler. You WON'T be disappointed! I just finished the Graycliff Purple Label...WOW what a fine smoke! 29 more to go...I'll have to reorder soon, as my humidor won't be full for long.
I recently won a box on your Legends Series Matasa cigars. I wanted to write and say how impressed I am by the quality and taste of this cigar. I have smoked a ton of different cigars and this is at the top of my list. Thank you.
I'm a long-time cigar smoker and have many boxes of cigars in my humi. I am usually a bit shy of private label brands. But I just smoked a few Legends (CI Legends Series) in both the Blue and Orange labels and am a convert for sure. What great smokes! Construction on each is superb. Firm draw but not too tight. Both are clearly made from well-aged tobaccos. Medium body, lots of good tobacco complex flavor, hints of sweetness, just delicious! Easily beats out many cigars costing 2 or 3 times as much. Buy these because you won't regret it!
If you don't know who Don Pepin Garcia is you have been living under a rock. Cuban born Don Pepin is one of the hottest blender/rollers of our time. Blending or creating in his little factory in Miami/Nicaragua such lines as Tatuaje, 601, Padilla (although not in the near future), Don Pepin Cuban Classic and even the San Cristobal for Ashton (yes I said Ashton). Don Pepin had 4 cigars show up on CA's top 25 cigars of 07 (Tatuaje, Cuban Classin, San Cristobal, and the Padilla Signature) that is pretty impressive considering that the only other multi top 25 maker was Montecristo and they only had 2 sticks make the list. His fame and ability is well noted. So how in the hell did CI manage to get Pepin to create a stick for their Legends line? I have no idea but I am sure it was underhanded and seedy (the same way they get us as consumers some of their AWESOME deals). Even though I am a Pastor and I loathe immoral activity, I don't care how they made him a "offer he couldn't refuse", I am just glad they did. I just had the blessed opportunity to sample a wonderful yellow label. To start off the smoke is spicy, with lots of pepper. It then mellows quite quickly and smoothly. The smoke stayed consistent throughout with pepper, and some coffee undertones. The ash was firm and the draw was flawless. If you like a fuller cigar with lots of punch and flavor buy a box or two of these. Pepin's fame is going to grow and so will the prices of his rare sticks (try and find some Tatuaje's). Happy Smoking.
Just received my box of the Legends Copper by Drew (CI Legends Series). I could not wait to fire one up. This is the best cigar I think I have had thus far. All I can say is WOW. This one will always fill a spot in my humi. Thanks CI
Just smoked the Matasa Blue label and all I can say is "WOW!" This is one of the best cigars I've ever had the pleasure of smoking, regardless of house brand or not. A fantastic cigar in every way.
Just tried the Legends Red Label by Perdomo. Wow! I was very surprised by the great flavor and perfect draw. Started pretty strong but mellowed about half way through to a great finish. Absolutely the best value in a premium cigar you can find. Worth it at twice the price. I'll definitely be getting more of these! Thanks CI!!
Legends Review (CI Legends Series) Redux....Just tried the Patel cigar that came as part of the freebie with my box of Drew Estate Copper Label. Another Holy Cow! I love Rocky's cigars. And this is just another reason to keep on lovin' him. A wonderful cigar. We can't always afford the more luxurious models, and the offering he has made to this series is top notch. As soon as I finish writing this, I'm handing over my hard earned dough to CI for a box. If you're Patel fans, don't miss this.
Let's get to it, the "C.I. Legends Series", orange, Wow! A really nice coffee, espresso flavor with a very slight peppery zing. Also a sweetness that is much different than i expected, unusually creamy. A terrific smoke, ill rate it a solid 90. Enjoy......later.
Received my CI Legends sampler. Except for one of the labels they were excellent. The one I didn't like wasn't due to craftsmanship but was too mild and tasteless for my liking. The remainder were varying in strength with lots a great flavor. Have been reintroducing my dad to cigar smoking after 50 years and he has been impressed with the construction and taste for the price of these cigars. Will be ordering them again in the future.
The "C.I." Legends Series Purple Label....creamy, smooth and nutty, that sums it up. Very flavorful. The draw was fine and it burned well. However there was a negative, I bought only one case. I'll rate it a 88. Enjoy and inexpensive Graycliff. Waiting on the maroon label. Later.
The "CI Legends Series Red label", enjoyed my first Legend the other evening.....waiting right now for the UPS delivery. C'mon bell....RING!
These CI Legends are terrific! I have had the yellow, black, red, and maroon. NONE were disappointing! The Pepin is my favorite. It is a great cigar that could sell for twice the price. The Plasencia is one of the best looking cigars that you will have in your humidor. I kept looking at it for days, waiting for it to age a little. Man, was it worth it! I could go on with all of the typical adjectives for each, but I'll save space instead. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO TRY THESE! You'll thank me later...
Tried a sampler of the CI Legends Copper by Jonathan Drew. Creamy and smooth with just a hint of sweetness. An excellant cigar. Got to order a whole box real soon!!
What a wonderful smoking experience your CI Legends project produced. Bravo!
When I read the preview of this series - "well stack these up with any premium brand," I thought, "Yeah, yeah. Hype it up, toot your own horn." But WOW!! As of this writing, I have smoked two and already I can hardly wait to order more. I would (and will) recommend Legends to every cigar guy I know, or ever meet. Did I already say WOW!!? The only warning I give, make sure you have enough time (about 1 and a 1/2 hrs.) to really enjoy one of these jewels. You'll want to savor every moment, all the way down tot he finger burning nub. Thank-You, Thank-You!!
Just smoked my first legend. One of the Rock Patel Orange Labels. While the flavor wasn't exactly my cup of tea it was still very good. However the construction of the cigar was superb. Drew nice, burned even, didn't get hot. I will definately try the other varieties and am sure I will find one that hits the right spot. Don't get me wrong I am not poor mouthing the one I had, it was a fine cigar. Flavor is just a matter of individual taste and that's that. Definately a bargin.
Okay so I bought three more varieties. White, Purple and Yellow. I am looking for the one that suits me best. The first thing that always strikes me when I smoke these Legends is the quality of construction. To me that is one if not the key element in a cigar. It has to draw easy and burn evenly. If not it can taste like beluga caviar for all I care but you can't enjoy them when they are burning up one side or you have to draw til the veins on your forehead pop out. So I love the construction. The size is ideal for me also. To each their own I like this size. The flavor. That being an individual taste I don't think anyone can tell anyone else what is good or bad each person gets to decide this for their selves. I really like the white. I normally go for much stronger flavor in my cigars but the white is just tasty. Mild flavor, smooth smoke, just (to me) an amazing experience for a 4 or 5 dollar cigar. The purple was another delight for me. Different from the white but still a really enjoyable smoking experience. The yellow...well again to each their own, great construction, good burn, easy draw, didn't get harsh, but not my cup of tea of flavor. Not bad but like I said each person gets to decide on flavor. All in all I have had four of the brands now and each time I smoke one I am surprised that they are as cheap as they are. These are quality cigars and a reasonable price and I am sure there is a variety that will suit nearly everyone. Try 'em if you haven't already, I think you will be pleased.
Drew Estates Copper series best of the bunch. Most representative of the Drew Estate signature without the price tag. I call my Copper legend "The Super Sherman" because it's flavor reminds me of a Nat Sherman punched up a notch. Want to try a Drew Estate on the cheap? Pick up a five-pack of the Copper Legend.
This (Legends La Aurora) is a mild to medium-bodied stick that had very little spice at the beginning; almost a sweet taste. As it got to the 1/3 point it started to pick-up a little spice and it stayed consistant to the nub with no harshness and a light aftertaste. What I really liked is the volume of smoke this thing put out...the smoke just expanded and exploded in your mouth. The construction and burn were perfect! I was expecting this stick to be too mild for the evening, but it surprised me as it left me with a very pleasant experience. If I had another hour I would have fired up another one. It held up to the Crown Royal very well. Not a real complex smoke, but a straightforward solid value like most of the Legends, which can be appreciated by a variety of smokers.
Well its now time, my first CI fan mail. I think I've bought bout 15-20 boxes of Pepin Yellows this year. I'm totally hooked, completely addicted to these things. To me, they are the best freakin 4 dollar smoke you get your hands on. If you haven't tried these babys, your missin out... but then thats good it leaves more for me. Thx CI, keep up the good work, but I think I have enough ashtrays for now! LOL.
Well, I have finally got around to trying the CI Legends Series and all I've got to say is, "What have I been waiting for?" I have the Rocky Patel selection and it is everything I expected from Rocky and then some. Every one of his blends that I have tried so far I have enjoyed. I am now looking forward to trying each and every one of the Legends Series form all the other cigar maker's. I always look forward to trying something new and then re-ordering my favorites. Boredom with cigars just doesn't happen in my house. Thanks for getting good cigars to all of us happy customers.
What a great series...and value! I have smoked all of them, several boxes of many of them. Rocky Patel's Orange has got to be my favorite, although I usually have some White, Black, Blue and Yellows in the humi at any given moment. If you like aroma, the Drew Estate Copper is a nice diversion. The Perdomo Red hasn't always been as consistent as some of the others, and I didn't find Graycliff's Purple to be as good as some of the others, although it is priced a premium to most of the others. The only one I didn't buy more than one box of is the Green, and that was more just personal preference. Can't go wrong and they stand right up there against most other brand labels costing considerably more!
WOW, WOW, WOW, what a cigar, Legends Drew Estate, wow. Great taste, beautiful smoke, nice white ash, more than I ever expected, even being an Acid fan. Very smooth and mellow, WOW!!
Smoked most of them now. Just got done with some Graycliff Purples. They are great. Good bargin there. I won't go on about cream and coffee and chocolate and leather (what does leather taste like anyway?) This cigar has a great flavor and as with all of the CI Legends it burns and draws perfectly. The construction of these Legends is second to none.
First off your Email Specials are the best anywhere! I love the Legends Series. They are the perfect cigar size. I talked my wife into the Legends Sampler for Christmas and enjoyed every brand. I like Drew Estate [Kuba Kuba is a regular], so the copper was a favorite. I fell in love with the Graycliff, but the Pepin has to rate with my favorite All Time Cigars[Cubans included]! Keep those Legends rolling !!
I've been a fan of the red label (CI Legends Series) for a couple years, they are oh so good. Then recently got some white label, and to mY amazement these were equally good but different. Don't know what you boys over there at C.I. are doing to the producers of these fine smokes (i hope theres no hostages being held) but keep up the good work. A loyal compatriot!
Tried the Legends Nestor Plasencia - Maroon Label(CI Legends Series) for the first time. All I can say is: "What was I waiting for?" "EXcellent" EXcellent" Is all I can say. Thanks CI, your the best in the business. To bad my local cigar store here in lower Bucks County doesn't carry the selections that you offer. Thanks again. best regards, L. W. Buskirk
CI has hit one out of the park on these (Copper label)! I buy a couple of boxes of the CI Copper labels every couple of weeks. Every one of them has been consistent. They are well made, smoke great and have a very pleasent aroma. The highlight of my day is sitting down and lighting up one of these after work. Try them, if you have not already, you will NOT be dissapointed!
Perdomo-Red Label Thank you for giving me an intro into the Perdomo family! Its peeked my interest after ordering this cigar. Its very well balanced and the quality of this smoke shows well from start to finish. A buddy of mine spent a lot of time in the Perdomo factory and when I gave him this cigar he told me he could smell the Perdomo in the cigar. Folks this is the real deal, if your a Perdomo fan this one should be at the top of your list. Thank you CI for great smokes, great service at always great prices!
I bought a box of CI Legends Yellow Label (CI Legends Series) and just had the chance to try one. It has been so cold this past week that cigar smoking has been nothing short of undesirable. Anyway, I fell in love with the Padilla Achilles, and when the last one burned down I became a little disheartened. Tonight the weather warmed above freezing so I thought I would give this corojo wrapped gem from Don Pepin Garcia a test drive. Initially it looks and feels super solid- top 90-95% of all cigar makers: A+ construction! Pre-light made my mouth tingle a little and I knew I was in for a high caliber smoking experience. Upon lighting, the corojo wrapper made its presence known. I love the way that wrapper just finds a way to make your throat and nose tingle. I was surprised as it initially tasted quite different from the Padilla Achilles, but had characteristics of Don Pepin's midas touch. Not so much a brother or sister to the Achilles blend, rather a very recognizable first cousin. The first third or so brought back a subtle impression of a Puros Indios Piramide that I had tried sometime back which was a nice surprise. A Nicaraguan undertone appeared that I hadn't accounted for but surprised me as it entered the palate. The last third was the magic that the Achilles has which put a huge grin on my face: that spicy straight ahead flavor and feeling you get from a very high end, full bodied corojo wrapped smoke. A different corojo spin for Don Pepin Garcia, but a winner through and through. Great draw, perfect burn, and a slightly different flavor profile (but uniquely showed why this blend made the ranks of the CI Legends) make this an absolute winner! Great job on the blend, quality, and value of this exceptional cigar!
I purchased a box of CI Legends MATASA Blue labels several months ago and just received the CI Legends Patel Orange label last week. Both were winners! I loved the complex flavor of the Blue label but the rich yet smooth flavor (and super quality construction) of the Orange label are my favorite. At $3 per stick I can't remember being this satified with such quality smokes. I have had few cigars I've liked as much and those cost 3 to 4 times as much! I look forward to trying your other Legends as well. Keep up the great work!
Having been a fan of the Cusano 18 line I decided to try the Legends Series by Cusano, all I can say is they are fantastic. The cigar has a great taste, beautiful draw & looks great. Great job. I will be purchasing more of these beauties real soon.
Perdomo CI Legend is a good little Maduro. Not too strong or light - just right. Construction is excellent. As Mr. Perdomo said in his audio clip about this blend, he and CI experimented with the blend. Hey for the money it is a good medium priced Maduro.
You won't believe this.... My wife found a Rocky Patel Orange in my car that broke down and was left for scrap for over a year in the heat and cold. When she was cleaning it out so the wrecker could haul it away she found a cigar in the glove box. The cigar was not even in a baggie. She gave it to a friend of mine to give to me for a pool party without telling me it was mine. I remebered they were great, so I smoked the freaking thing. I was a little dry but still was an outstanding smoke. When they told me where they got it, I had the last laugh. Believe it or not. LOL
I'm usually not a fancier of infused cigars (CI Legends Series), but the Copper is really good and I'll buy more, probably as singles, as a bit of a change. The Green is a mild version of any Rolando Reyes cigar, but still packed with plenty of flavour.
Nick Perdomo's 'Legends' offering is a superb cigar, but there's little surprising in that statement. Beautiful appearance, excellent construction, perfect draw and even burn. The flavour? Superb.
I received the CI Legends humidor/sampler this week and have been enjoying all the different blends. Each label is unique and delicious in it's own right and I have had so much fun smoking these great cigars! I will comment on my two favorites: Orange label (Rocky Patel) is incredibly complex and impressive. Red label(Perdomo) is full, very rich and complex. The humidor is cool too! I hope to see Cusano and Carlos Torano join your Legends "team" some day. Thank you for providing me with so much smoking pleasure at such a reasonable price!
never liked sweet cigars tried a 5 pk of CI Legend copper label Drew Estate, habit forming ordered a box even my wife likes them great smoke.
Got some of the CI Legends Blue labels (MATASA) in the Fonseca Mega-Sampler. The Blue label has a flakey ash, with a mostly even burn with some unevenness in spots. Flavor - WOW! Starts off very nice, lots of cedar, some great creamy, slightly sweet/toffee notes. Half way through the cedar is still present, but the sweetness has changed to spice. A third of the way through, the wrapper unravels a bit :( I hope this is an anomaly. Smoke it to the end and your rewarded with a barrage of spice and other bold tasty flavors. Aside from the wrapper issue, a dreamy smoke, lots of flavor, more on the mild to bold side IMO. As long as the Cu-Avana's are decent, I'd say the Fonseca Mega-Sampler is a terrific deal!
I just finished smoking a Red Label Perdomo Legends...HOLY CRAP!!! I'm an avid cigar enthusiast and generally smoke 1 a day and I tend to prefer the darker, fuller-bodied, so I'm not a weakling when it comes to cigars. This cigar completely kicked my butt in a great way. Tons of flavor, firm draw (but not too tight), and lots of smoke. It is unbelievably stout though, so be prepared. Excellent cigar!!!
Legends Green Label (CI Legends) Nice easy draw tons of smoke Rolando Reyes Sr has again shown off his mastery of blending. This is on the mild side with a nice flavor and really even burn. I made a mistake and smoked one after I opened the box (could not wait) I did not give them time "to relax" BOY OH BOY one really nice cigar after they relax in your humi. I ordered some Red Label (I like everything PERDOMO)and some Blue Label and cannot wait to spark those up. I am sure that the Legend Series will be a staple in my humi. LEGENDS ARE A WINNER
The Legends Yellow Label (CI Legends Series) by Don Pepin Garcia is as I expected it would be - FANTASTIC! Don Pepin truly is "The Maestro" in the cigar world.Just like his other products,Padilla Miami 8&11,Tatuaje,and his own label these Legends Yellows are powerful and loaded with flavor.At this price do yourself a favor and at least try a five pack.Thank you Don Pepin for bringing your Cuban craftsmanship and know-how to America for us to enjoy some fabulous cigars.
I bought a box of the maroon label(CI Legends) and have smoked three so far. The first was okay, and the second a little better. However, the third was a classic of a smoke. After only a week the humi, these babies can become one of the best smokes around! To my palate, the flavor and aroma was a cross between the Perdomo Reserve maduro and the Gurkha Black Puro. These are a must for any collection and a delight to smoke. I know it is a hosue blend, but I would rate this stick as 91!!! Great smoke...
Just smoked the yellow label (Pepin Garcia). I have to say this is one of the best cigars I have ever had. It is full bodied and full flavored just like the review cites. In my opinoin, it compares to Cubans I have smoked which cost $20 and up. Spicy, sweet, earthy, and a nice smooth finish that lets you know, you're smoking one of the best around. Garcia is definitely a master blender. For the price, it is one of my all time favorites, and I have smoked them all (Ghurka, Partagas 150, Rocky Patel, etc.). Thanks to all of you at CI for selling superior cigars at the best prices around. I will now only buy from your site.
The CI Legends Series (Purple Graycliff) is a great cigar! This is one of the best cigars I've ever had. I was really pleased with how good this cigar was. I smoked it down to the knub. I can't wait to try the other legend series cigars! Thank you CI for putting this together!
Last night I enjoyed my first taste of the Red Label Legends (CI Legend Series). Great cigar!! You can never judge this book by it's cover. Expecting a strong full flavored cigar... It was a mellow, had great taste, smooth throughout the "ENTIRE" cigar. I actually did not want to put it down but eventually you do come to the end. I know where the next one is!!!
GREAT CIGAR (CI Legends) !!
I just tried the copper "Drew Estate" (CI Legends) and was completely blown away. This is an absolutely impressive cigar acording to my taste. I will be ordering a box or two of them asap. Thanks for the great smoke.
CI Legends copper label...Jonathan Drew has outdone himself on this one! There is not a finer mild premium cigar at any price anywhere. This tender morsel is very well constructed, and has a superb flavor resembling amareto. It burns even, although a bit quick. It is very appealing to the palate and is a most satisfying smoke. All in all, it is a rare gem, one of the finest cigars ever to be crafted. I give it a 96 rating. Do not miss adding a box to your rotation. I recently purchased four boxes so that I would maintain an ample supply.
CI Legends Copper were recommended by a staff member. Wow! Thanks, great choice, wonderful for us mild, mild to medium fans. Thanks Drew Estate.
I just finished my (CI Legends) copper label by drew estate.well to sum it up simply....,wow,godamn drew your a master.Bilowing smoke,thick clingy ash,beutiful on the palet.damn.............
just got my box of Drew Estate Copper lable good looking cigar pulled one out put it to my mouth and was dissipointed it was sickning sweet and has some kind of flavor not what i expected i am not a fan of flavored cigars and if i would have known drew estate was a flavored cigar i would have not ordered them so buyers beware if you dont like sweet tasting cigars dont buy them
The CI Legend Olive Label by AJ Fernandez is featured this weekend, so I thought I'd read any reviews that may have been posted. I know that one frequent poster on the banter had mentioned them in a very favorable light. Since I saw a few Legends that I have tried, I thought I might briefly mention the CI Copper Label made by Drew Estate. Some reviewers thought that it was too sweet, but many more say how much they like them. For me, they are an occasional treat. I don't think they could be an every day cigar for me, I like too many other smokes. But as I said they are a treat, like a special dessert. I really enjoy them on a weekend morning with a steaming cup of black coffee, and a stack of hot pancakes, with melting butter, maple syrup, and a side of smoked apple wood bacon (or any type of good bacon for that matter), and my secret pancake condiment, natural ground chunky peanut butter. You just have to try it to know what I mean, the CI Copper Label with its hazelnut liqueur taste, is just the nicest compliment/contrast with all of those other flavors. (P.S. It's not the only CI Legend I like)
I recently purchased a box of the Drew Estate cigars in the Legends (CI Legends Series) series - copper label. For about $ 3 each I wasn't expecting a great deal. I sure was surprised when it turned out to be the best smoke I've ever had! I've smoked a couple of cigars in the $ 20- 30 price range, and I can honestly say that this is every bit as good, if not better. I really can't understand how this cigar can be sold for so little. It's certainly the best deal out there, in my opinion. Incredibly smooth and delicious all the way to the nub, there wasn't a hint of harshness at all. I also enjoyed the free humidor, which appears to be very well made. All in all, the best cigar experience I've ever had. I'll certainly order these and other Legends again. Keep up the good work CI !
Smoked a Copper Label (CI Legends Series) the other day over some coffee with a buddy of mine. It was SOOOO GOOD, 1.5 hours of bliss. I want to give Jonathan Drew a big hug! The construction of this cigar is top notch. Yeah yeah yeah its an infused cigar, so what its a refreshing change of pace. I shall be ordering a box of my own soon. I am also obsessed with the size of this cigar, I personally think it is the perfect size for a cigar. I can see myself smoking many more of the Legends brands.
Just got some Legends-Maroon label and I had to smoke one right away. This cigar is really nice. Smooth and rich. Can't wait to see what some humi time does to these!
Of all the ciagrs sold at CI the Legends Series are my favorites. Only stands to reason that if you take all the best blenders and put them into a kind of contest like this to see who can make cigar at a moderate price, you'll get the best they can do in representing their talents. Only one I haven't tried is the only one that had to be higher than the rest for whatever reason. Hard to pick a favorite as they are all great but the Perdomo and La Aurora are worth much more than the price suggests.
I have loved all the Legends so far and I finally picked up a 5-pack of the Copper Label to try. I enjoy Jonathan Drew's many cigars... but this smoke smelled and tasted like the new Helix Remix. I think it missed the mark and I do not think it should have been allowed into the amazing Legends series entries. Make sure to try a 5-pack of these first before venturing for a whole box. On the other hand, dive right into buying boxes of the Perdomo, Patel, La Aurora and the best one...the Matasa entries! Superb, especially for the money. The only one I still need to try is the Graycliff and I'm sure this one will be good.
Drew Estate - Copper Label (CI Legends Series) Amazing cigar! Not only is it beautiful, but the taste and smell are aromatic and sweet. Highly recommended for the lighter smoker.
The RP CI Legend is superb! The RP CI Legends Orange Label is in my top 5 (where 3 out of 5 are also RP). I can't believe the smokin' deals that CI brings to the table. It is my favorite source of Herfage.
I have recently Purchased your CI Legends Green Label and was not disappointed. The slow burn lets you relax and enjoy this blend to its extent. The flavor is mild and enjoyable, and one of ths smoothest blends I've tasted. I think I'll have another one.
The red label is one of the best cigars I have ever smoked.(CI Legends Perdomo) I had such a buzz I could hardly stand up. I would recommend this cigar to anyone who likes a stout smoke.
i wanted something dif to enjoy over the holiday -- so i grabed a few singles and a couple 5 packs and so far Legends Nestor Plasencia - Maroon Label has beat the rest i still have a few to try but it will be hard to beat-- im so glad i grabed 2 of them i still have one in the box and that will be my dont even think about bothering me smoke on new years eve haha -- very tasty - well made - i live in the desert and unless i over humidify my stogies they crack and peel before i can finish them most days -- i didnt have to do it with this one- smoked the first one almost right off the truck and it never blinked haha -- (well worth the try) -- another box buy next order
My friend gave me a Legends Copper Label on the golf course and it instantly became one of my favorite smokes. I ordered a box in no time and now always keep them stocked in my humidor.
The CI Legends Series continues to impress. It seems each new one becomes my favorite, replacing the one I most recently tried. I purchased the Plasencia Maroon Label. Man, what a powerhouse of flavor! If I can sense the flavors on a 40 degree night, imagine how these sticks will taste when I'm out grilling in the warm weather! Try 'em, they're terrific!!
cant go wrong with these (CI Legends Series), milds, mediums and full bodies, first off is the copper label. this is by far my favorte flavored cigar. in fact, the only one ive ever really liked. sweet vannila amaretto pre light, first inch is smooth as silk ,creammy with a cherry note, then things spice up, very peppery and lighly earthy all the way to the nub, the sweet cap really wears off half way through and your really smokin a straight forward cigar. the thing that surprised me the most ,is the complexity, something i never associate with flavored cigars. next up is my personal favorite , the yellow label , cuban like in its profile, full body and spicy with an earthy core, impecable construction, with a smooth velvety ,creamy undertone that takes just enough bite out the spice, actually, ironically im reminded of the patel edge , if peppin garcia wanted to put a serie j. j. band on this it would do that justice as well.fantastic. and lastly ,the graycliff purple label, i have never been overly enthusiastic about graycliff, mosty due to the caddilac pricing. but this badboy delivers the goods, at ford focus prices. medium body, but very earthy, deep earth. walnuts, mushrooms and black olives are detected ,not much spice, but so flavorful and clean in its straightforwardness in its tobacco taste. the finish was long and eventful ,always surprising in its complexity. this is a carnaval of cigar, lots of things going on and very enjoyable.these are the 3 ive really focused in on . they are all worthy, and ive also thought the camacho one was a stand out too. ill have to reinvestigate that one.
Because of the current one day deal, I thought I'd better try a Perdomo Red Label CI Legends torpedo that I had on hand before ordering more. Adding to what everyone else has said about it ... great draw, smooth, good flavor ... it paired wonderfully with a Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, making it easier to bear the winter's cold on the outside screened porch. Yeah, I already put in my order.
These cigars just do not suck. CI Legends Series Plain and simple. My two favs are the yellow and orange label. Just smoked an orange that has been sleeping for a year, and it was a real pleasure. Other honorable mentions go to the red and maroon label as well.
I've tried several of the Legends now, and my favorite is the Red Label by Perdomo. I like his cigars, and I like torpedoes -- I thought this was a natural. It is a beautiful cigar -- the mottled wrapper looks a little like koa wood. Harsh at first, it seemed more like a full body smoke than a medium. But if you wait for it, this little beauty really puts out in the last three inches. Burn right past the band and enjoy a suddenly smooth, flavorful cigar!
Wow. I just tried the Grey Label (CI Legends) and was very impressed. I must admit I did not have very high expectations for this cigar (a house blend) and only got it because it came in a sampler, but I must say again- wow. I originally planned to use these to burn through while I wait for my "good" stuff to age, but now I have to get more of these to age as well.
Just received a box of the Orange Labels - Rocky Patel, Honduras, corojo wrapper- (CI Legends Series) yesterday and have already smoked two down to the nubs. Asthetically, the cigar is absolutely beautiful. The construction is superb. And the flavor... tremendous! $59 per box? It's truly a steal. If you're the type of guy that needs a smoker's review to persuade you to buy a particular brand, then take this smoker's review to heart - this is one hell of a smoke!
Copper label.......Awesome!!! From the initial lighting all the way through this cigar I was in heaven! Nothing out there that I have found to even come close to the savory blend this cigar offers. I liked Drew Estate's Kahlua cigars but I love CI's Legends Copper label. If you like a sweeter cigar then I highly recommend this masterpiece!
I have been experimenting with quite a variety of your cigar offerings and the CI Legends Copper Label by Drew Estates has become my favorite cigar. Whether lighting up in the morning with a cup of coffee or enjoying one on my patio after dinner in the evening, it truly is a quality smoke. A hint of sweetness upon lighting up is followed by a smooth draw, even burn, and consistent medium body flavor all the way to the nub without the bitter aftertaste experienced with so many cigars. A true legend!!
ok ,now ive tried em all (CI LEgends),they are all good but 3 stick out to me,the graycliff purple,the drew estate copper,and the peppin garcia yellow,but the one i liked the most was the copper,im surprised i liked this as much as i did, the sweet cap is not for everyone ,this cigar really reminds me of an arango sportsman crossed with a baccarat the first inch in ,a very relaxing aroma ,vanilla and hazel nuts on the palet ,but this thing quickly goes from mild to medium real quick with spice and pepper flavors,with just a hint of the vanilla flavor of before ,it even gets spicier and full bodied as the finish comes with the sweetness returning,i bought a box of these smoked em all,they are all very conistent with easy draw and a lot of smoke, one thing i would suggest is make sure your first copper is humidified a while , i smoked one i left in the glove compartment, and it was bone dry and woody beyond belief. they just had a one day sale on this ,45 dollars with free shipping[ ci strikes again] .if you like a flavored cigar that not really a flavored cigar ,this is it,i would like to know if any one else ,thought of an arango sportsman.
Wow, I never thought that a house brand cigar would be this good! (CI Legends) I guess Patel did as good a job on this one as he does for his own. Very smooth with just enough coffee flavor. Very satisfying but very smooth and creamy. Good right down to the shortest nub. The wrapper burns a little uneven but an excellent value at this price!! Very good everyday smoke...
If you read a bunch of the reviews you will see everyone rave about the (CI Legends Series) copper label and the hype is true it was the first one i tried and is still on the top of my list. It tastes so good you will lick your lips after each puff. the only problem i have is they dont have a simpler sampler pack without the humidor and no doubt about it that thing would sell like no tomorrow
I love the flavor of these orange label cigars by Rocky Patel. They are medium to bold, but they don't bite you back. The size of these cigars for me are perfect and the draw is excellent. Now the BAD; the only problem my friends a I have is the burn. CI and Rocky should smoke one and see what I mean. It burns very uneven, so you have to light it more than you usually would probably have too. But here's the interesting part, when you're getting to the butt end, it corrects itself to an even burn (Huuu...?). Why cant it be consistent thru and thru? Saying that I will continue to enjoy them even though they're not perfect.
WOW!!! I ordered the copper label (CI Legends Series) about 2 months ago and I cant get enough. I enjoy sharing them with friends who dont smoke cigars as often as I do and seeing their reaction. They love them and as well cant enough of them. The flavor is amazing and last till the very end! I will definately be ordering more!!
WoW! I have to say from the get go Iwas impressed. My brother lit his first, and I love to enjoy the aroma if it deserves it. The aroma was exquisite, was so tremendous, typical of the ESG wrapper. I was taken by the earthy, cedary, sweet smells. As I lit up, I gotta say it was delicious. Cedar, earth and a slight creaminess were tantilizing my tastebuds. That cigar stayed consitent, with clouds of gray smoke and a beautiful even ash that I didn't lose until there was about 2.5 inches. I love this cigar, and am looking forward to the Pepin Garcias next. Legends, are the stuff real cigar legands are made of. Way to Go CI!
I have liked the flavor of any cigar I have ever smoked by the Reyes family of Puros Indios fame, but have often been disappointed by the construction and appearance of the cigars. The Legends Green Label, is the best Reyes cigar I have ever smoked. The flavor is there, but it is smoother than most of the other blends and the appearance is better and the burn is long, slow and even. Definitely a top quality cigar at a budget price!
I usually do not have much faith in the value of Cigar Store brands....BUT the (CI Legends Series) Yellow Label Pepin Garcia is a great value IMHO. Have yet to try any other Legends, don't know if I will being "DPG" Tennesse Chapter Fan Club Pres. !
If you are a fan of R. Patel smokes, you will LOVE this stick (CI Legends Series)! I actually found the flavor description to be dead-on. Beautiful mottled ash that I had to knock off at 1.25 inches. Ample, generous smoke, chock full of sweet, complex flavor, with a great aroma. Never hot or harsh, but with a powerful and pleasant after-taste. I generally smoke everything that happens along--maderos are a favorite--and buy everything really worth the money (these were in one of the excellent specials CI offers). I commonly smoke a good cigar down to the shoulder, and these just get creamier and more complex as you near the roach-clip stage. These are SO recommended!!!
I got a 10 pack of the White Label (Camacho) CI Legend on a Joe Daily deal a few weeks back. I've smoked 5 so far and was not impressed. It's not because of the flavor, the flavor is decent, but the burn is horrible. Everyone runs like a mad man in the first half and wont stay lit to save the world in the second half. Frustrating....
I just wanted to provide some praise on the Copper. I'm not a big fan of "flavored" cigars but this is one awesome smoke! I have tried every offering (purchased to sampler twice) and I absolutely loved the Copper. It's like smoking a high quality tobacco that hints of toasted marshmallow. I find myself smoking it until my fingers burn....
I just recieved a 5 pack of the copper band the drew estates legend series and it is an amazing smoke I found myself having a hard time putting it down Ill definatly be getting more of these I would recommend them to anyone.
I've been giving great referrals on the CI Legend RP Orange Label. Always a good burn, great flavor. They are great in Iraq, Afghanistan, on a cruise ship, or whenever I'm actually home in FL. Want to burn a good one?...then try the Orange Label.
over the labor day holiday i've been smoking the Nestor Reserve what a fantastic stick this starts off with a salt and pepper flavor and continues into a very sweet smoke. thank nestor plasencia for me. what a deal and expresso tasting cigar this is right down to the nub.thanks ci you have done it again.
The Copper Label is one of my absolute favorite smokes. Every once in a blue moon they have these on the daily deal or during the jam and I pick up 20 or so of them. Just a word of advice though, these are infused cigars so you might want to store them in a separate Humidor or you run the risk of the flavors crossing over.
I received 4 Purple Legends in a Graycliff variety pack(Cigar madness flight sampler) and all I can say is...WOW. I didn't expect to enjoy it this much. Burned long with a terrific taste. I Smoked a G2 the day before, but this one killed it. Smooth, nutty and had plenty of flavor. I will be ordering these again in the near future. You can't go wrong.
Just finished my first pack of the copper label and what else can I say the best cigar I have had if you like drew estates and like sweet cigars this is the best out there!!!!!
I had a CI Legends Copper Label by the Drew Estate. I was VERY surprised by the taste. The taste is SWEET (not sweet as in "awesome" but sweet as in "sweet - like honey/sugar"), don't buy this cigar if you don't like a sweet taste in your mouth. It's not a flavored cigar, but man that nub has to be dipped in something......Kaluah-amaretto taste. After getting most of the sweet taste off the nub the cigar was absolutely perfect. A very interesting blend of tobaccos that give a unique one-of-a-kind taste. Very well constructed and burned great. I think Mr. Drew needs to tone down the sweetness just a touch and it will be pleasent upon lighting all the way to end. The smoke reminded my wife of pipe tobacco - not as strong but similar in smell. Overall a very nice cigar.
Hey gang! Just scored a great deal on 15-pack of CI Legends-Maroon Label-Plascencia on MMAO-Wonderful experience-very,very,rich and heavy pre-light taste and aroma that you really hesitate to burn it -like caramel and cashews.Straight,slow burn and complex ,medium to full body and full flavor,tastes,smells and burns like it should cost 2-3x more.Thanks again CI and Plascencias.
Plenty good has already been said about the copper label, all of which I agree with. I would like to add that the box itself was also impressive. Cudos!
I got a CI Legends Green Label (Puros Indios) in a sampler awhile back and was thoroughly impressed. Not only did it open me up to trying other cigars by Puros Indios, I just ordered 5 other Legends singles to try some new brands. Can't wait for them to bring back the one-of-each Legends 11-pack sampler.
I bought a 5 pack of Red Label(Perdomo) back in early September and tried my first one last night(10-27-11). It started out with a slight spice, but turned bitter quickly. I realized I needed to smoke it very slowly to get the bitterness to die down. It was an o.k. smoke, nothing to brag about. The burn was even, with no re-lights or touch-ups needed. I think i'll give the other four cigars a little more time in the humi before lighting them up. BTW, i'm a big fan of Perdomo cigars, but these might need to sit for a while before enjoying.
The (CI Legends Black Label) is the smoothest of all the Legends Series. Excellent construction and draw, with a nice toasty/woody flavor. I am very glad I jumped on this deal.
The CI Legends series "Red Label" from Perdomo is flat out what a medium-full cigar is all about - rch, flavorful and a perfect smoke. Mr. Nick Perdomo outdid himself with this gar. Well worth every single penny and rivals every medium-full cigar out there. Absolutely intense!
I'm impressed with the yellow label. They taste so alike I can't tell the difference. This is my first legends. Now I feel like buying different one's just too see what their like. I bet the same results. I'm smoking the same one while I post this and I'm still trippen out. I've haven't been drinking so I known this is for real. Great job.
I just got the 10 pack CI Legends introductory pack although I have already tried the copper label by drew estate and the orange label by Rocky Patel. I now tried the purple made by Graycliff and I think my expectations were a little too high. It had a flawless burn and wrapper but I think the blend had a little too much Nicaraguan tobacco for my taste. Upon the first few draws I was disappointed and hoped that it would improve but found myself putting it out about half way to finish later. I am sure I will find some more favorites among the rest of the sampler. I really liked the copper and orange label so far.
Just got my order of the Orange label in yesterday 6/1/2011. I smoked one upon arrival. Good, good, good Smoke...I'd buy a box.
Copper label, one word: AWESOME!
Loved the Rocky Patel offering. Very smooth, very tasty. But I've been dying to try the Nestor Placencia cigars and they are always backordered.
I have to say I was honestly a little disappointed with the Orange was just bland and undistinct--not what I'm familiar with other RP brands. However, I can't deny that I got an amazing deal on a 5 pack from MMAO
I just finished a "maroon" label. THANK YOU SIR MAY I PLEASE HAVE ANOTHER!! Full of flavor and no "foo foo" about it. I like coffee black, I think the smell of gasoline is soothing, and yes sand can double as a form of toothpaste. Great Smoke. No BS. Not bitter but a full bodied roll of heaven.
Ordered up the sampler about a month ago and have enjoyed most of them (especially the orange and the white) but the purple was a total disaster. The wrapper literally unraveled and fell off about 1/3 of the way through, and then the binder started doing the same thing. Don't let this stop you from trying them, it was still a good tasting smoke - I just hope the next one has better construction.
Add me to the long list of satisfied Legends smokers. Have not gotten through the whole line yet but really like the Green, Yellow, and Blue. Every cigar is well constructed, burns well, and give excellent value for the money. I now have 1 humidor (out of 4) dedicated to the Legends line. Try the sampler if your not sure, if your tastes run from mild to stout you'll find a winner.
Hats off to CI for coming up with this idea a few years ago. If the others are like the Purple I received, they are worth far more than they cost. Well constructed, great flavor, easy draw, and even burn. This is what I am looking for in every cigar I purchase. It really ticks me off when I take a higher priced cigar than this one out of the same humidor. Only to have it, start falling apart, draw like a broom handle, or you can't keep it near the even mark. You did well CI on giving the cigar makers the mark you were shooting for. It was right on target.
Smoked the yellow label last night and must say was really surprised. After having the white label a few days ago I was not expecting the yellow label to be as good as it was. All in all a really good smoke.
Yellow Label: This cigar reminds me that cigar ratings are crap. From the moment you light it you get tons of flavor, tons of smoke, and never a bad burn. I'll be buying these monthly. Why this isn't 90 or higher smoke I haven't a clue.
Here's my quick two cents... I prefer medium-full sticks, and my favorite weekly smokers include labels like Torano Exodus, CAO Aniv Maduro and a few others. Now, I'm not much one for infused/flavored/sweetened cigars really, in fact smoked my way through the ACID sampler and didn't really think any of them were terribly special. Maybe the Kuba and one other, but most were "diabetes sticks" as the catalog says. Anyway, all of that being said, I kept hearing amazing things about the Drew Estate Copper label, so I went against my better judgment and got a box. I was not disappointed. Initially sweet, yes, but not overly so, with interesting notes of (as many others have said) hazelnut, maybe a dash of cherry, but nothing too overpowering to me. This is the one flavored/infused kind of smoke that I've found that I can literally smoke every day. It settles in and is fairly bland, maybe some pepper, but again for a flavored lighter-side smoke I actually find these highly enjoyable. Can literally have one of these with coffee in the car every single day. Has some qualities that remind me almost of pipe tobacco. Long story short, if you're on the fence about these like I was, try them. You may end up having a new "go to" smoke, like me.
Just got through the sampler this evening, and must say I will be ordering more. I'm a medium guy, so was quite surprised (and a little delighted) that it was the stronger labels that I enjoyed most. The yellow label I saved for last (smoking it now) and can honestly say that although I know there are better cigars out there, I just don't need one better than this. Perfect, in every way. The other standout for me was the blue label Matasa - certainly the most rich and flavorful medium I've ever had. It will be my new Saturday morning stick - it makes the copper label seem like some kind of diet cigar (I did also like the copper label, though). All in all, wonderful selections I'll be enjoying for years to come.
Just had to post again in praise of these Blue Label Matasas - still my favorite weekend morning go-to smoke. Well into the second third, ash is perfectly straight, draw is ideal, smoke is plentiful and delicious. In the words of the great Nero Wolfe: most satisfactory.
I love the idea of these cigars and have been smoking a few lately. I liked the Drew estate offering with its nutty sweetness, but that artificial sweetness takes away from the nice nuts and leather taste hiding underneath. The Comacho blend just sucked, with no real flavors other than a creaminess and tasty tobacco (they need to stick to maduro and corojo wrappers!). The RP blend was nice, with a great leather and nuttiness, but also a few tastes I honestly could not identify... and that's what makes me want more! I love when a cigar is so complex I can't tell what the heck I'm liking so much! The MATASA blend is by far the best I have smoked, rivaling sticks I have dished out $10+ for in terms of taste and complexity. I was initially struck by the smoothness of the smoke coming from the sun grown wrapper, which I generally find quite spicy and relatively tasty. Anyways, the MATASA started off slow with a slight spice and toasty woodsy taste and the smell in the room from the smoke was teaming with a creamy nuttiness. About an inch in, this nuttiness I can only describe as smoking a pack of peanuts or almonds or something strolls on up the stick and deposits itself onto my eager pallet, plants it's flag and screams "LOVE ME!" and love it I did! The rest of the stick was a FANTASTIC marriage of oak or cedar, this profound nuttiness, and a very nice package of spices I honestly could not get enough of. I literally burned 2 of my fingers and singed some of my facial hair nubbing that first stick down... and the second... and the third. See a pattern here? BUY THE MATASA! it blows me away every time! I gave one to a good friend of mine who has been smoking cigars for over 30 years and he swore up and down that this stick was just too good to be true. He will need to buy his own stash as he has used up all of the ones I've compiled!
I picked up an assortment online a couple months back. (CI Legends) The Cusano Grey Label and Graycliff Purple Label will forever be in my top 10. From start to finish they are even and full of flavor! The only thing that beats the taste are the prices! Way to Go CI!!!
Love the Rocky Patels. One of the best cigars I've ever had!!.
I am a weekend smoker, one or two at most. I just bought a box of the CI Legends in Copper Series and I am hooked. Smoothest, best tasting cigar I have ever smoked, my wife even liked the aroma. I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet wrapper, something I haven't had since my Swisher Sweet days. I think my one or two a week is going to turn into three or four.
Just had my first Copper Label last night. The good -- great, even burn, excellent construction and tons of smoke. The not-so-good, at least for me, is that this was not "slightly sweet" as the description says, but rather overpowering. I was hoping that the sweetness and flavors would be subtle, but this is a Swisher type of smoke on steroids. If you like that sort of thing, you will absolutely love this. But if you are looking for a "normal" cigar with some flavored nuances, I would avoid this one.
I've been a fan of the Drew Legend for awhile, it's amazingly smooth and very satisfying. I just tried the Rocky Patel Legend, and it too is amazing! Great taste right from the toast, smooth and slightly sweet smoke, and the draw and burn were spot on. Probably one of the best cigars I've put in my mouth. Buy this with confidence.
So I took a chance and got a five pack of the copper label. All I have to say is it is a keeper and I will be ordering a box. This will be a main stay in my humi. The taste is smooth and creamy not overly sweet and towards the end you get the faint hints of the cherry. Also what seems to be a hint, or maybe it's me, a taste of toasted marshmallow. This is one great cigar and the price is right.
The Drew Estate Copper Label is one of the best $5 cigars I have ever smoked. If you like sweet and smooth in a cigar, this is what you are looking for. Well worth the money!
I loved this sampler! Over the years I have become a J. Drew estates junkie. I like what he does with sweetness right from the start with all his cigars, which for me gets my taste buds going. I also like that the fillers are placed in short intervals and not run for half the stick like many other makers. If you like things a little on the milder side, with touches of creamy, nut, coffee and sweetness then this is for you. If you prefer stiff strong tasting cigars that can bring a tear to a glass eye, than pass these by.
Loved the Drew Estate copper label. Great cigar. The lightly infused flavors are understated and add nicely to the rich, smooth, earthy/spicy twist of the tobacco flavors. Great construction and draw. Loads of creamy smoke. I tried them on a whim and enjoyed them immensely. This batch seemed to settle from good to great about 1/3 of the way in. Wait for it.
While I am generally not a big fan of infused cigars, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the Drew Estate Copper Label CI Legends Toro. It's just perfect in so many ways. This cigar had a great even burn, plenty of balanced flavors, but not overdone. The ash is crisp and the aroma lingers with plenty of smoke. I'll definitely be buying more of these. Thank you CI and Drew Estate for creating this work of art...
This review covers the quite established CI Legends cigar, the Orange Label from Rocky Patel. I have high hopes, being that I enjoy Rocky Patel cigars and am also a loyal CI customer, so we'll see how this goes. From first smell, the scents I receive from this cigar are an earthiness as well as hay. There is a sort of barnyard and hay-like flavor on the pre-light draw. At first light, I'm instantly hit with spice on the tip of the tongue and an earthy spice kick on the finish. The aroma of the foot smoke is a spicy, nose tingling aroma. The smoke rises from the foot in a consistent and even stream; quite airy for now. There is a lot of pepper thru the retro-hale and a slow, fairly even burn line.
Ci legends copper label. A mainstay in my humidor great price size and the flavor is terrific . Great summers night cigar to sit on the patio with some whiskey and burn for 70 plus minutes and relax without the head buzz.
Rocky Patel Orange Label - after trying all the legends series I found this cigar to be hands down the best of the bunch. A complex med-full smoke, smooth and flavorful. RP stays true to form - great quality for a fin.
I purchased the CI Legends Series some months back and thought I had smoked them all but a pleasant surprise was hidden on the bottom of my humidor - La Aurora's CI Legends Black Label. WOW .I will be keeping a handful of these along with the RP Orange Labels I recently purchased in my humidor at all times.
Legends White Label: Huge Ernesto fan since day one, so I bought a box on a whim. Honestly if I took off the band I would think I was smoking an EPC Core. Awesome smoke at any price. Thanks Ernesto and CI!
Drew Estate Copper are really good. I'm about to buy my second box. Can't wait to get some for my buds.
PERDOMO (red label)!!!! This cigar is the only torpedo in the bunch of CI legends series. It boasts a chocolate looking wrapper and tons of smoke. Upon first light, tons of smoke fills the air and the rich tobacco hits the palate nicely. Flavors of chocolate and leather are complemented by a touch of spice and pepper. This is definitely a go to cigar for me. I smoke the regular Perdomo line (mostly 20th anniv and noirs) and this cigar holds its own. For the price, it's a great stick and is enjoyable any time of day. I normally enjoy these first thing in the morning with my Latin coffee. One thing I can say is that you won't be disappointed by these.
Got my humidor and the cigars last night. So far only smoked the Green label and it was amazing. good draw. great smoke all the way. Can't wait to try the rest of them.
I am all about traditional cigars, but every now and then, I enjoy an Acid Kuba Maduro. Bought a 10-pack of the Copper Label some time ago. Not one flaw, in any of them. Great draw, quality construction, even burn, not one touch up, and Im 8 deep. If you like the Acid line, you will enjoy this stick, in every sense. Im nubbing number 8 right now. I guess I should start trying other CI Legends labels.
iwould recomend the ci legends intro sampler to beginers.because you have to learn about the smoothes cigar makers at there best cigars
I'm half way through my fourth CI Legend blend (RP, to be sure) , and about my 20th, or so, overall Legends cigar. RP, Drew Estate, Don Pepin, and the like, will likely never have to worry about their cigar industry security. However, these Legends submissions are ridiculously incredible in every way: appearance, draw, construction, taste, quality, right down to the burn, for fractions of these big names personal blends. You just cannot lose with these cigars. I get 95% of my cigars/supplies from CI, so Im a fan to begin with, but these Legends submissions are slowly becoming my favorites. There is not one negative thing I can say about these blends, which is more than I can say for some overpriced, overrated sticks. I hope these stick around for a while. Value, dollar for dollar, cannot be beat.
The CI Legend Graycliff started off smooth a peppery then it got very hot and peppery not a good taste at all then smooth and back to hot again very inconstant flavor.
After reading all the reviews I had to try these. I bought the sampler and enjoyed all of them but was really surprised by the Drew Estates copper label. I never thought about even trying a flavored or infused cigar but this one is now my go to! You do have to get past the sweet cap. After about 3 or 4 puffs the sweetness calms down and the rest is great! My wife even likes the aroma. You have to try this one!!!
There are loads of mild and medium cigars, but step it up to the really full and bold and the selection is whittled down considerably. Camacho has a rep for fuller bodied smokes and The White Label CI Legend delivers an extremely tasty and full smoking experience. This stick has the required spice a bold stick must have yet it has some nice nuances of oak and fruit. It's got a dry and clean finish with nary a harsh note. This is an excellent blend that isn't a "me-too" tasting smoke at all, quite original and recommended.
At first, I didn't want to review the OLIVE LABEL by A.J. Fernandez. I wanted to keep it a secret. Well, it seems nobody knows much about the Olive Label since no one else has reviewed it (consumer or staff). And it made me worried today when I received the new CI magazine in the mail and noticed that the OLIVE LABEL is the only Legends Brand with a $10 discount off the normal price. That tells me that people aren't buying it. Word hasn't spread about how good this smoke really is. So I'm here to bring you the breaking news" OLIVE LABEL is a top tier cigar (one of A.J.'s best smokes for sure) for about half the price of any other high quality A.J. made premium. Quality on par with Ave Maria, not kidding. And with a similar taste/profile too: thick smoke laden with cream, pepper, wood and spices, along with a Nicaraguan goodness that so many of us crave. Yet, it is also Cuban-esque, something you Pepin fans will appreciate. Medium to Full bodied, with lots of ligero and perfect construction and consistency! One of my favorite cigars at any price. At $3 a piece, you're stupid, yes stupid, not to pick up a box. If Ave Maria prices were slashed in half, CI would sell out in hours. Yet so many of you goofballs pass on Olive Label to the point that CI has to discount them, when they were already a steal. Now I have to worry, because you know what happens to a great cigar that nobody knows about and consequently doesn't sell. Wake up people. "Hurry up and buy"! The diamond in the rough of CI Nation is A.J.'s OLIVE LABEL.
BROWN LABEL by E.P. CARILLO is a premium cigar at the ridiculously low (for the quality) CI Legends price. A perfect medium bodied (approaching full at the end) stick with a long woody/spicy finish. Thick hearty smoke, a sign of premium tobacco with no skimping of ligero. But it's that type of ligero that provides density without the pepper. More Nicaraguan tasting that I'd anticipated, which is always a good thing IMO. Not as strong as most E.P. Carillo blends, not complaining about that either. First you taste that classic tobacco core, then the somewhat dry zesty finish lingers. This will not blow your mind in complexity, but for $70 you get the same quality as any other E.P. Carillo blend, but more tolerable on the strength side. If I didn't know, I'd have thought this was made by Oliva or A.J. Fernandez. It's on par with them no doubt. Give it a try if you're a fan of medium bodied quality Nicaraguan tobacco and woody/spicy profiles. Another winner in the Legends Series..BROWN LABEL by E.P. CARILLO.
Rocky Patels are usually always good with my favorite being the 1990. That said, this stick stands beside it and even the Decade. Excellent flavor and smooth doesn't do it justice. Some may like more spice, but this one is strong and flavorful enough to be very satisfying.
Just lit my first Legends White. Wow! A cigar I'd be happy smoking every day!!!
Smoked a CI Legends Purple Label (Graycliff) last night with some Heaven Hill on ice. Not bad at all. A little spicy out the gate. About a third in it mellowed out to a very smooth and creamy flavor. Not as full as I normally prefer but it was a fulfilling cheap date. A $5 Graycliff? I'll buy more.
Best cigar for lounging and enjoying an adult beverage! CI Legends Series Copper Label Has it all!
Smoked my first Mac knockoff. Ok, I am not going to tell you this is the best cigar ever but it is very good. It is somewhat like a Mac but during the smoke I actually found it to be better in my opinion at times. As the 'gar burnt down the flavor became better, stayed cool and was wonderful. Great volumes of smoke and a fairly even burn. Only two days in the humi, I am looking forward to more of these after setting for a while.
Outstanding cigar! One of my favorites. I don't tee up on the golf course without one.
I have quickly become a great fan of this series. The white label Camachos are outstanding! Very straight forward medium-bodied Honduran. Extremely well made! I also got a box of the orange label Rocky's. An absolutely gorgeous oily wrapper! The flavor profile is medium that flirts with full-bodied, but, doesn't quite get there. A great summer cigar. My main concern with splurging for a box was the notorious Rocky draw problems. With about 6 left, only 1 has had to be tossed as un-smokeable. A 5% fail rate on a box of 20 I can live with, any more and as much as I like the smoke, I won't be getting again and can't recommend.
High quality smoke at an affordable price. Good construction and nice draw... some have been dry on delivery.
Bought two boxes of the Oliva as a CI special hoping they would be at least OK. These are really, really good. Wish I would have gotten lots more. Smoked the first one just three days off the truck, in a 15 mph wind on a 50 degree day. No split wrapper, wonky burn or loose ash with these goodies. Flavor is incredible in this price range making these an everyday treat. Waiting for the next sale.
Just got a box of the legends by Oliva. In one word "AMAZING"! An excellent smoke from the foot all the way to the lip/finger burning nub. For the price its unbeatable. This cigar is comparable to many cigars that are PRICED WELL ABOVE THESE. Thank you Oliva and thank you CI for giving us such a tasty excellent and a very affordable top notch cigar. I WILL BE GETTING THESE ON A REGULAR!
AJ Fernandez Legend is a very well constructed cigar with real nice flavor. A great smoke when kept properly in the humi. Definitely a go to cigar when dipping into the humi.
Good flavor and construction. Really earthy tasting. Have to admit it was my first Oliva I have tried so I am not a good judge. Not to bad overall though. Will order again.
I haven't been smoking that long, but the Copper Label is one of my favorites. If your on the fence about the CI Legends don't wait any longer. These are good smokes.
Rocky(Orange) Perdomo (red) Drew estates(copper) are all excellent cigars. AJ Fernandez wrapper cracks easily and had too much mixed filler mixed in with the long leaf. Disappointing.
The AJ Fernandez legend is one of the best tasting, smoothest, medium bodied cigars I've ever smoked. I've smoked everything, you name it, and I just keep coming back to this cigar. It has a slight hint of pepper, earth,and a nice sweet tobacco finish that marry together beautifully. DEFINITELY worth trying. You'll see what I mean if you do.
The Drew Estate Legend is really, really sweet. It is obviously a flavored cigar and smells like one as well. Not exactly what I like to smoke often, but once in a while it's ok. It's light in hand, but smokes evenly and burns at a nice rate.
There's barely a week that goes by that I don't buy at least one of the several Legend series. I have tried every one, several times over, and I don't think there's a stinker in the bunch, and none that's not worth every penny you pay for them. The RP Orange are probably my favorites, although I have really enjoyed the Garcia's , and now the EP Carrillo's. These are my go-to cigars and I hope all the makers, and soon, maybe more, will continue to send them our way! Smoke responsibly, my friends....and often!
Truly qualifies as a legend; superb, awesome flavor!
This batch was really a good tasting Garcia cigar.
Great smoke for low price. Taste good, aroma good, burn good.
I picked up a 5 pack of the Graycliff purple label. Good draw, plenty of smoke and lots of flavor. Great cigar for the price point.
Maroon Label is an excellent stick. Smooth and thick rich smoke with some spicy meaty flavors. If you like RP Edge Maduro, 5 Vegas AAA, Oliva O Maduro and the types of flavors you get from dark dense Nicaraguan tobacco, you'll definitely enjoy this one. Easily in the same league.
Love these sticks. My two favorite by far are the Black and Copper labels. Black label IMO is a great anytime smoke. Clean, crisp, mellow, with a hint of sweetness when you lick your lips afterwards. Copper label is the perfect infused summer stick, paired with a spiked ice tea or lemonade on those hot days; just wow! Don't hesitate to order any one of these selections.
Hi CI. I just got my package of Cooper Label and I could not wait to fire one up. Let me tell you they are awesome; the best cigar I've tried in the CI line beside the Black Label IMO. Thank you and keep up the good work guys.
This is the best cigar so far that I have bought from you guys. it's rich and creamy with a slight nutty salty taste. They are packed perfectly and the draw is fantastic! I could smoke these every day for the rest of my life!! I'll be buying many more of these to be sure!
little sweet. very nice flavor.
Without a doubt my new go to cigar. Everything from the draw to the taste is amazing. The best part is the smoke doesn't offend my you know it's good!
Love the CI LEGENDS copper label. Sitting on the patio after a round of golf even the ladies like the aroma.
The Drew Estate Copper label was awesome, creamy, nutty.. touch of sweetness. Great smoke JB Sr

CI Legends

Steve R

Due to several requests, I’m killing two birds with one stone. This review is going to be long, so please stick with me here.

CI Legends has turned into a vicious monster with razor sharp claws and long, pointy teeth. In the beginning, we asked 4 of the world’s most recognized premium cigar makers to compete for the best $5 handmade. A blend of their choice rolled into a nice, 5.75” x 54 shape. Since this time, 4 more top manufacturers have created a blend that, we as a whole feel, fits the mold of this enormous CI Legends project.

The latest Legends have landed. Submissions by two manufacturers positioned on opposite ends of the cigar world spectrum, La Aurora and Drew Estate. One, the oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic, a name known for creating some of the world’s finest traditional cigars in the world. The other, a factory bubbling over with creativity and originality that, within just over 10 years in the business, has grown famous for its combination of old world traditions with unconventional tobaccos and unchartered blending processes.

Right off the bat, I am going to tell you that I enjoy these cigars. Think about it, if we didn’t like them, we wouldn’t have added them to the series. It took months filled with countless samples to finalize these submissions. And, in addition to rejecting plenty of samples from these manufacturers, others have sent promising hopefuls that didn’t make the cut. Legends is a roaring success, we want to keep it that way.

Legends La Aurora

As expected, La Aurora’s submission is a solid mild to medium-bodied cigar, with a little more emphasis on the medium side of things. It opens with a creamy, chewy burst that, thanks to the dark Nicaraguan wrapper, slowly molds into a rich, smooth smoke. A blend of Corojo, Dominicano Cubano Piloto and Nicaraguan tobaccos (all from 2001) offer a woodsy flavor and aroma riddled with spice, while the toothy maduro-like wrapper leaves behind a pleasant sweetness after each puff. As per the usual, performance is not a factor. La Aurora is a finely tuned machine when it comes to quality control. Slow, straight burns, consistent flavor and easy draws are commonplace, and this soothing cigar is yet another example of the factory's prowess.

Legends Drew Estate

Throw all assumptions out the window. Once people hear Drew Estate, they think one of two things, 1) I love their stuff or 2) ick, flavored! Wake up, Drew Estate does not make flavored cigars, and saying so in the presence of Jonathan himself could cost ya a limb. In my eyes, it’s safe to say that Drew’s submission is one of his best creations to date, as it seems to be a fusion of Kahlua, Natural and traditional cigars all rolled into one relaxing smoke. The tobaccos incude a Connecticut shade leaf grown in Ecuador, while the long-filler combination employs Dominicano Cubano Piloto and Nicaraguan leaves. Silky in appearance, this chestnut colored handmade is extremely creamy in character. There’s a little bit of pepper throughout, complementing the subtle, hazelnut-like sweetness. As expected, the aroma is nothing short of luxurious. Sweet, enjoyable and only evident while the cigar is burning – no, you will not notice an ACID or Natural-esque aroma after opening the box, which also puts the creativity of Drew Estate on display.

There you have it, the latest inductions into the CI Legends Hall of Fame. 2 more fantastic cigars from big name makers that won't break the bank.

Legends Nestor Plasencia

Steve R

The Plasencias have been in the tobacco business for over 150 years. Currently, Nestor Plasencia Senior and Junior operate seven farms throughout Central America and beyond, maintaining well over 2,000 acres worth of tobacco crops. Throw in six factories and over 5,000 employees, and you have one of the largest tobacco suppliers in the world. In fact, it’s safe to say, you’re enjoying tobaccos grown on one of Nestor’s farms with almost every premium cigar you burn.

Also, did you know, the Plasencia’s created the Habana 2000 wrapper? Criollo, too? And, did you know, the Plasencia’s were the first to grow certified organic tobaccos? So, why do I tell you this? Simple. To truly appreciate their tobaccos, one must truly understand their love and passion for cigars. The Plasencia family lives, breathes, and eats tobacco.

Their passion for growing tobaccos carries over into their love for premium cigars, and producing some of the world’s finest. For this reason, top brands such as Rocky Patel, Alec Bradley, Gurkha, El Mejor, and Cuba Libre call the Plasencia’s factories their home. And, we asked Nestor to craft our most prized blend, the CI Anniversary. Therefore, it was only natural for him to utilize his unlimited supply and variety of fine tobaccos to create an exciting new addition to the Legends Series.

Legends Series Nestor Plasencia is coated with a dark and oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper from Honduras. This leaf is loaded with oils, offering a rich, wet, and chewy character with ample sweetness on the finish. Inside, Nestor married a rich, long-leaf mixture of Nicaraguan ligeros bound by a robust Nicaraguan leaf. Up front, the outside leaf dominates, coating your palate with a buttery richness that’s smooth as silk, masking a faint spiciness. After a few minutes, the fillers beneath begin to shine, promoting a bold core of earth and leather, while the cigar develops a meaty, medium to full-bodied profile. The sweeet aftertaste lingers long on the palate, and smacks of coffee bean, a common characteristic of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. The cigar pumps out a truckload of grey smoke, filling the room with a pleasant, charcoal-like aroma. The final 2 inches are robust and satisfying, rich and spicy; completing an eventful experience that evolves several times throughout the burn. To be honest, I'll be honest if you're not tempted to light up a second immediately after finishing your first. I've done this several times, and am amazed at just how tasty this cigar is, and powerful, yet it never overwhelms.

It is a pleasure welcoming Nestor Plasencia to the Legends Series. Compare this to the Legends Perdomo. Dark, toasty smoke with notes of coffee and comparable strength, but less focus on spice until the end.

CI Legends Pepin Garcia

Brandon S

It goes without saying that Pepin Garcia has exploded onto the cigar scene as one of the premier makers of spicy, full-bodied cigars whose flavor and strength profiles are oh so reminiscent of true Cuban cigars. Just take a gander at the man’s portfolio of blends and you’ll notice that there isn’t a mild or light-bodied cigar in the lineup. Finally, a man after my own heart!

Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoy all types of cigars including mild, medium and even some (dare I say it?!?) flavored or infused cigars. However, I’ve found that over time my preferences have migrated towards full-bodied smokes. So, needless to say I was waiting with eager anticipation for this new blend from Pepin to arrive. I snatched up a box real quick like and burned through all 20 over the course of a week…

Out of the box the very first thing I noticed is the triple-cap that adorns the head of this cigar. Triple-caps are a feature that most people associate exclusively with cigars rolled in Cuba and are typically regarded as a sign of superior quality. The cigar itself is solid and heavy in the hand and the Corojo wrapper is thick and shiny with oil. Toasting the foot yields a nutty, earthy aroma that “tingles” the inside of the nose. Upon lighting the cigar my eyes immediately began to tear as a peppery sensation envelops my entire mouth. In true Pepin fashion, this cigar promises to deliver flavor and strength by the boatload! At the one inch mark I find that the spiciness has started to subside. Taking its place is a thick and leathery smoke that is robust in character with a peppery finish. From here on out the cigar slowly gains strength yet remains balanced and enjoyable. Best not to smoke the Legends Yellow label on an empty stomach though! This firecracker will catch up to you in a hurry and will leave you weak in the knees yet giddy with delight. For an everyday “go-to” cigar that is full-bodied, complex and can easily compete with cigars costing three times as much or more, the Legends Yellow label delivers it all and then some.

Trust me on this one. I know that you might be thinking that this is simply a shameless plug to sell you a superior CI private label and well, you’re right. But, Pepin Garcia is a man who just wants to make top-notch cigars regardless of what band he puts on it. In his eyes every cigar that he makes is either first-rate or it doesn’t leave his factory, period.

CI Legends Pepin Garcia

Steve R

Yes, it’s true. Another fantastic blend has been added to the illustrious Legends Series. After tasting hundreds of samples from various top manufacturers over the past 6 months, one blend proved worthy of joining the ranks.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll likely say it again…this is going to be a favorable review. We invest a lot of time, effort and money in the Legends Series. Far too much blood, sweat and tears to add an inferior cigar. You want and expect the best of the best and that’s exactly what we demand out of each potential cigar submitted. That said, let’s get on with the review.

Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia (otherwise known as Don Pepin) began rolling cigars in Cuba at the age of 11 and quickly worked his way up to maestro-level, the most experienced of Cuban torcedores. In 2002, Pepin opened a tiny Miami-based factory called El Rey de Los Habanos, where he employs a Cuban-trained team of 8 rollers. Here, some of the industry’s most exciting and highly-rated cigars are made, including Tatuaje and Padilla Miami 8&11. In 2006, Pepin established a second factory in Nicaragua. That’s where we step in…

We’re big fans of Pepin’s cigars - especially after receiving the Padilla Achilles, his second joint venture with Ernesto Padilla. Over the course of 2006 we received a nice supply of concept blends from Pepin’s Nicaraguan factory, using the same tobaccos that made his prior releases so damn popular and, in turn, nearly impossible to find. One sample in particular blew all of us away. Now known as the Legends Pepin Garcia, this is the cigar I am currently enjoying.

Pepin’s entry sports a handsome Corojo wrapper. Small white veins run throughout this smooth leaf, which is capped three times in true Cuban fashion. The foot gives off a peppery aroma highlighted by heavy doses of spice on the pre-light flavor. Upon lighting, bursts of dry pepper consume my palate and work their way through the nose. To say this cigar is zesty would be an understatement. If you’re having trouble getting up in the AM, the first inch alone will jump start your senses faster than a quintuple-shot of espresso injected directly into your bloodstream. After burning beyond the 1” mark, strong notes of oak and earth begin to dominate, pushing the dry pepper to the back of the palate on the aftertaste. An aftertaste that hangs around for about a minute. The cigar is somewhat creamy throughout, a characteristic I’ve yet to experience with any Pepin’s blends. The end was rich and satisfying, leaving me relaxed, mellow and wanting another. Construction-wise, Pepin's Legends drew perfectly with a slow, deliberate burn and a barrel that remained solid to the nub.

Overall, this is a fantastic cigar offering that fantastic Pepin Garcia ‘twang’ without the heavy price tag. Loaded with character, the medium to full-bodied Legends Pepin Garcia are as satisfying as they come.

CI Legends Graycliff

Steve R
Just when I thought my spending was finished this year, BOOM!, in comes a shipment of Legends from Graycliff. We weren’t expecting them to arrive until the early part of ’06 (the boxes aren’t finished), but our jolly friends from the Bahamas decided to send us an early Christmas gift. Naturally, I hounded the receiving crew to get them checked in, allowing me to be the first to make an employee purchase. Graycliff quality for just $5-$6 a cigar? I fully intend on taking advantage of this outstanding opportunity.

Before you ask, I’ll answer: Yes, the masterful hands of Avelino Lara blended this cigar. Yes, the same Avelino Lara that blended the original Cuban Cohiba. Yes, the same Cuban Cohiba that causes so many to practically contemplate selling their limbs just to try one. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move on to the write-up…

I’ve burned my way through 4 of these cigars prior to writing this review. I want to make sure it’s dead-on, because a lot of customers were ecstatic when word of a Legends by Graycliff got out. Currently, I am enjoying the last from my 5-pack and am now confident after experiencing the same enjoyable smoke from each sample. The wrapper is dry and rough to the touch – not toothy rough, but more of a thick, leathery rough. It’s slightly dark, with a consistent hue from head to toe. The aroma is subtle, with sweet hints of wood. The tight roll and neatly applied cap took to my Xikar with ease, giving access to draw that required the slightest bit of effort. After a quick light I am off and enjoying a cedary blast of flavor that’s smooth and robust. Thick plumes of white smoke fill the office, while a solid, dark ash seems to clasp itself to the end of the cigar. Normally, the initial flavors of a cigar will open with a pop and mellow soon after. This is not the case here. The cedary goodness holds strong right up to the midway point, where (almost instantly) a creamy note of cashews stops by to say hello. Although the visit is short, it’s sweet and a wonderful (unexpected) change of pace, just before the smoky, robust finish. A smooth, flavorful, well-built, spontaneous smoke. And, the best part: this cigar is medium bodied from start to finish - something that can be enjoyed all day long. Yes folks, an every day, all day Graycliff.

The lucky streak continues. Four winners in a row! If only the Eagles could be so fortunate.

CI Legends


I love the Olympics. I stay up all night watching the stuff. I don't care that I already know who won, due to the time delay and all, it's sports history and greatness at its best - I can't peel my eyes away from it. These athletes do some pretty amazing things. And, to think of the stage that they're performing at, one slip and a lifetime of training down the tubes. Did you see our US gymnasts? Wow! Could you imagine doing a flip on a 4" beam, I don't care how much training you have, doing that in front of the world is pretty friggin' amazing. Go ahead, call me a sissy, but I watched every minute of it - and I stood up and cheered when they took the Gold. Yeah!!!! U.S.A. !!! U.S.A. !!! U.S.A. !!! U.S.A. !!!

I'm a sucker for ESPN Classics as well. Call me up at 2am and I'm watching Ali v. Frasier, Jim Valvano and N.C. State, the Lou Gehrig story, Wilt Chamberlain and Dr. J, Broadway Joe and the Jets, Doug Flutie's Hail Mary, Michael Jordan in his first Slam Dunk contest, Walter Payton just running over people...these guys are legends. True legends. These sports legends are no different than cigar legends. Manufacturers that have devoted their lives to producing the finest, hand-made, premium products for connoisseurs like you and me. When we approached some of the cigar world's finest manufacturers with the honor to crown them Cigar Legends, we set the stage for them to shine. It takes a lifetime of devotion to the leaf to produce perfection, so we set the world stage, the Cigar Olympics per se, and gave them an opportunity to show off their best.

Manuel Quesada of MATASA (blue label)
- Julio and Christian Eiora of Caribe/Camacho (white label)
Rolando Reyes, Sr. of Puros Indios (green label)
Nick Perdomo of Tabacalera Perdomo (red label)

Their challenge: roll the best 5.75 x 54 ring cigar on the planet. Produce a cigar that will stand the test of time, and be ready for the most critical judges in the world.

I'll take this opportunity to see if they can stand having Gonz as one of the judges, here it goes...

CI Legends BLUE Label by Manuel Quesada of MATASA

This cigar is gorgeous - a smooth, sun-grown wrapper. The girth on these beauties is going to give us the opportunity to taste every nuance and flavor this cigar has to offer. Snip and light, as quickly as possible, we've got a lot of judging to do. The first few draws provide a rich, slightly sweet flavor and aroma, lending itself to perhaps a sensation of a mild bodied smoke. The fantastic draw is immediately evident. The initial flavor is fairly narrow, with increasing complexity, but never varying much throughout the cigar. There's a quick finish that dissipates quickly, leaving the slightest little spice on the front half of your tongue. The sweetness disappears quickly, no chocolate, no nuts, just quality, solid, consistent cigar. A dark gray ash forms, holds, and flakes when its ready, a pleasant burn through and through. It almost seems like there's a lion of strength attempting to push its way out, but it never does. I could smoke this one any time of day, won't leave you light-headed, the perfect complement before a meal that won't trap your taste buds. If you're looking for oomph, look elsewhere, if you're looking for the highest quality mild-to-medium bodied cigar you've every smoked, do it, do it now.

CI Legends WHITE Label by Julio and Christian Eiora of Caribe/Camacho

The wrapper on this cigar is going to make you say "huh?" It has an unusual appearance. Listed as a Habano wrapper (most likely Habano-seed grown in Honduras) it has a dark, flat, vein-free texture with no oily sheen. A bit papery and brittle, I had some trouble with my "nipper" (as my friend Jay so appropriately calls his double-blade guillotine) and my carelessness peeled off a small piece of the wrapper. No harm done. Firm and solidly packed with tobaccy, I applied my fiery torch to get this party started. Hmm, strange yet somewhat familiar aroma. I haven't smoked many Cubans, but this aroma is deep and strong and reminiscent of ISOMs, something that's guaranteed to linger for awhile (hint - smoke this a solid 20 feet from the house.) Whoah! The first few puffs instantly grab my attention with a spicy, nicotine head-rush that I'm bound never to forget. That little bag of animal crackers I had for lunch ain't gonna do much for me now. The smoke is heavy with no bite, but a little pepper that's long on the finish, with a deep oaky flavor that lingers on the back of your palate. This one's goin' to take me a while, you can't exactly puff away tenaciously or you'll need to be pulled down from the ceiling fan cause you'll be flyin' high. Don't be afraid to put it down for awhile, it'll stay lit, trust me, whenever I was ready for another "hit", it was ready for me. Never a re-light needed.

One of the terrific qualities of this cigar is that it burns slow and steady yielding a dark-gray ash that seems to never flake off, but give yourself a few hours. After the 1st inch, the high intensity settles a bit. The heavy body lightens and the character smooths out. The spicy finish settles down while a firmly gripped, almost nutty flavor matures. (I'm sooo jones'n for a thick rib-eye steak and mashed potatoes right now.) The latter 1/2 of the cigar, wow, nearly an hour later, maintains a strength of body that'll make you feel like you've been riding the roller coaster at Six Flags. I'm so impressed with this cigar, and I guess I shouldn't be surprised, Caribe is known for its powerhouse Camacho blend yet also for its mild Baccarat as well. This one finds a suitable partner closer to Camacho - one that doesn't lack in machismo and bound to put a few extra hairs on your chest. Yowza!

So far so good. 2 blends on the opposite end of the flavor profile spectrum, neither lacking in style, quality, or character. I'm loving every minute of this, the opportunity of a lifetime. I recommend taking the plunge to judge for yourself. On with the scoring...

CI Legends GREEN Label by Rolando Reyes, Sr of Puros Indios

In a blind taste test, I can tell a Rolando Reyes cigar before even lighting it up. A cigar with a softer feel to it - almost squooshy between your forefinger and thumb. This Legends entry is different though. A smooth, somewhat toothy Connecticut wrapper grown in Ecuador plus an abundantly filled cigar doesn't strike me as a typical Rolando, Sr. cigar. One thing is for sure, Don Rolando's consistent quality quickly shines through. I'd smoke anything he makes, it's just not in his blood to make a bad cigar, I've never been disappointed, and to boot, his cigars cover the entire spectrum of quality smokes.

Ahh, lighting it up is a pleasure...a slightly sweet aroma and a super-easy draw doesn't imply a 54 ring cigar. A chalky white-ash speckled with black quickly forms, this cigar burn faster than the previous 2 and produces a large volume of thin smoke that quickly dissipates. Probably the mildest of all four Legends, there are no distinctive spicy notes and the disappearing, extremely crisp finish leaves nada to linger on any part of your tongue. A perfect morning golf course cigar (when you're out there at 6am trying to play 9 holes before getting into the office.) A slight cedary note jumps out about half-way through, but relax away the blues b/c this mellow cigar smokes just right, perfect ash, excellent burn, nothing to disappoint any of your senses, you'll smoke it down to your fingertips.

CI Legends RED Label by Nick Perdomo of Tabacalera Perdomo

Aesthetically, this cigar really stands out from the other 3. First, it's torpedo-shaped (perfectly formed right to the tippy-tip-tip.) Second, it's a maduro wrapper (Nicaraguan-grown maduro to be exact.) The cigar is tightly wound and solid to the touch - like rolling a stick of wood between your fingers. My first impression is that this cigar is pretty, but will it lack in substance - and - will it draw??? Snip, fire, and light. OK, get that crazy "won't draw" idea out of your mind, the draw is superb, easy, and gentle. A tight, slightly gray speckled ash forms slowly, this cigar is packed with a tremendous amount of tobacco. The slightest hint of sweetness on the palate initially, but it disappears after just a few puffs. An inch in, a robust spiciness forms in the back of your mouth. The finish initially disappears leading you to believe it's a mild-bodied smoke, but beyond that first inch, you realize that this is a complex masterpiece. This cigar burns perfectly, slow and even. The mellow flavor and medium body produces a number of profiles - nutty, slight jalapeno-spices, vanilla-accents, even a woodsy aroma. Of the 4 Legends, this is the most complex, but mellow enough to fully enjoy anytime. Impressive showing and a tremendous cigar that most connoisseurs will find challenges their palate to uncover the different tobacco styles. You don't need to set this one down either, the underlying strength won't put you down for the count, you'll find it relaxing and fulfilling, down to the nub. Follow it with a hearty burger (or for you ritzier folks - a nice filet mignon) and you'll put the sizzle back in your grizzle!

I'll stand up and applaud these LEGENDS for producing the world's finest - 4 distinctly different cigars offering the very best in quality and construction. Legendary makers producing legendary cigars, but don't take my word for it, rate them for yourself, I bet you'll find yourself doing what I just did to light one after the other after the other after the other. True Olympians in my book!