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San Miguel

A classic, Cuban-style beauty.

If cigars were judged on looks alone, San Miguel would have the biggest McMansion on Easy Street. Fortunately, it ain't just another pretty face. In fact, it's a legit super-premium to the core.

Boasting a golden, sun grown Sumatra-seed wrapper from Ecuador, San Miguel brims with a rich blend of long-fillers from Central America's most fertile growing regions: Esteli, Jamastran, and Ometepe. Fire it up and you'll notice immediately how it makes its presence known, overflowing with an abundance of flavor....notes of cedar, earth, pepper, and a hearty tobacco core meld perfectly into a round, balanced smoke. It's nicely Spanish-pressed, which amplifies its smooth, creamy elements. Medium-bodied and fully delicious.

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Torpedo (6.0"x52)MAZO OF 20 Out of Stock $130.00$49.71    
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Customer Reviews of “San Miguel”
“Lucky, Lucky, me...was smoking one of these torpedos and patiently waiting for different Joes deals to pop up...had an order already in cart for a 5 pack at $30.00..up popped JD at 10 for 32.50..ordered 2 packs so I beat the box price by a whopping got to stay on top of CI between 9 and 11 p.m...they have the best deals, any rate, nuff said about this is just awesome and is my favorite along with pueblo dominicano, don linos africa (duma), Ghurka Master Select and Fonseca 5-5...I am not a snob, but I smoke only the best cigars I can afford and the best price is by far, CI's deals..why else smoke a cigar?”
JH of Crowley, TX
“The flavor is wonderful. I am not old enough to have enjoyed a pre-embargo Cuban but the flavor of San Miguel is what I imagine it would be like. A good solid medium with flavors of nuts and oak.That said, the ash falls off quickly, not like any long filler cigar I have ever smoked. There is a cone in the center indicating the presence of ligero but all ash falls off after no more than half an inch. Maybe the tobaccos used are very delicate? I haven't cut one open, but this behaves like a mixed filler cigar.”
DC of Beaufort, SC
“Excellent, without getting into the flavor of nuts, light white pepper and an underlying of sweet spice this is one VERY good Mild-Medium but more on the mild side. The San Miguel is packed with flavor and gives the smoker Plumes of smoke. My wife who on occasion puts nose to unlit cigar usually comments "Smells like HorseSh*t but upon the San Miguel said Wow this one smells good" Thank You to CI for allowing me to purchase Joes Daily deal and when I am done with the remaining 9 I will order a box.”
WS of Woodhaven, NY
“This cigar reminds me of RP's Olde World Reserve Corojo. The cigar itself is gorgeous. The wrapper was smooth like butter and vein free. The draw, burn, and construction were perfect. The flavor was of clean tobacco and cedar and was medium bodied. There was a crisp and clean aftertaste. This cigar is just below OWR but just as good. I do love this cigar and just ordered another 20 via Joe's Daily Deal for $37.50 per 10 pack. That's a steal! I am running away with them and you can't catch me! :)”
EW of Mclean, VA
“This one is, I think, an excellent cigar. Good looking, very well made with a near perfect draw and even burn. Flavour is, to me, very slightly peppery throughout...quite pleasant. I'll have more of these.”
MM of Leesburg, VA
“I really like this cigar, especially the torpedo. On the milder side of medium but not wussy. Excellent draw, flawless construction and burn with a creamy white pepper spice especially through the nose. The finish is just a little dry, but does not take away from the flavor at all. The current clearance price is quite a gift from CI.”
JS of Fleetwood, PA
“As soon as I opened the box I lit a cigar I never heard of, the most artistic wrapper I'd ever seen and the box press sure made this cigar look fantastic. I'm at the half way point and from puff one I knew I was smoking a good quality cigar, its a medium smooth smoke with a nice easy draw that burns perfectly even and many thanks for joe's daily deal making me a happy camper.”
MS of Milford, CT
“Just finished my third San Miguel torpedo. This a fantastic smoke. It is smooth and creamy with just a touch of spice on the finish. Perfect with a cup of coffee in the morning. Will be better after a little time in the humidor, must get some more. If you haven't tried this new release you must.”
TF of Seadrift, TX
“Absolutely love this cigar. It has a distinct sweetness, a little bit of fruitiness and some nice coffee flavor, especially toward the end. I've had "full" cigars that I thought were mild-medium and vice versa. To me this is a fuller side of medium cigar with great flavor. A fantastic smoke at a good price to boot. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. (the band is awesome, too)”
DM of Sheffield Lake, OH
“Didnt get to finish the gar (family emergency) great smoke burned even tight draw for the first few puffs then it waz perfect.Smoke a little more than half beautiful ash had to knock it off twice a tad stronger than medium but not kick tour butt (wont taste it in morning). definately a brand every one one should try for a great any time smoke!”
LH of Oneida, NY
“This cigar has nice creamy notes from start to finish. A wonderful smoke.”
CM of Havelock, NC
“The Belicoso is a perfect morning smoke. Short and sweet. Very well balanced with an excellent draw. Medium power with a slightly spicy kick. Cedar and toasty nuts stand out with a molasses sweetness. I may buy a box.”
PW of Charlestown, RI
“Backyard on the swing. Perfectly beautiful day. This is a beautiful cigar. Love the label. Nice nose, and good aroma. Easy light. Light pepper in the first draw. Perfect draw and thick rich smoke. Moving on into cedar, the ash is holding well. Last third gets smoother and darker. Solid smoke. Think I should get more of these. I made a horrible mistake when transferring these to the humidor. I got distracted, and ended up putting my second 5-pack in the trash! Did not notice until several days later! GONE! STUPID! So, to fix things, I just got on to MMAO and hopefully, San Miguel will be winging his way to me again tomorrow. In the meantime, I still have four more to keep me company.”
DB of Baker, LA
“Tried my first one tonight while tinkering in the garage with one of my toys. I love this stick. I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on cigars but I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this smoke.”
BD of Houston, TX

San Miguel

Posted by Steve R

I’ve been on a hitting streak as of late. The tail end of 2010 spoiled us with a healthy list of tasty new releases from big names and top-notch blenders, and I’ve been burning them all at a feverish pitch. My latest find, San Miguel. A product of Nicaragua that screams old school, old world. These boxes hit our receiving docks and I had to try them at first glance. A gorgeous, classically-packaged premium hugged by an inviting leaf with gorgeous oils and a sharp box-press. Win, win, win.

San Miguel is a beaut. In fact, it’s almost hard to clip the cap. In my hand is the larger of two figurados in the line, a 6”x52 Torpedo. The wrapper is a milk chocolate brown Ecuador sun-grown leaf that’s silky smooth and seamless in appearance. This wrapper offers a subtle spice on the front of my palate during the pre-light draw. I also notice a unique, almost raw earthiness in the middle of my palate during this time, likely a result of the Ometepe long-fillers beneath the hood. A blast of flavor smacks every part of my palate after lighting. Earth, tobacco, wood, and pepper....lots of flavors, especially when I roll the smoke around a bit before exhaling. Through the nose, rich tobacco and pepper....nice. I love the start, a real eye-opener.

The pepper mellows a bit as I burn deeper into the cigar, releasing a rich tobacco flavor that seems to flood my palate with each puff. The smoke is abundant and creamy, leaving behind a velvety texture after each exhale with lingering notes of sweet cedar and a classic earthy tone that’s bold yet balanced. There’s no doubt I am tasting Ometepe tobacco here. It’s hard to explain, but unique enough to pinpoint – just look for the earthy element at the midway point. This tobacco is responsible for the cigar’s strength, while the aged long-fillers from Esteli and Jamastran work to maintain a full-flavored, yet mellow bouquet that’s medium in body.

I’m about 2/3 of the way through and the cigar has not let up one bit in the complexity department. Lots of tasty subtleties going on here, and I am loving them. There’s no build-up in strength, but that’s not very important to me as long as the flavor profile has substance and entertains my palate. Entertaining is a good word for this looks fantastic and offers an eventful series of flavors that seem ‘new’ to my taste buds each time I draw on this slow-burning Torpedo.

The cigar is done. I honestly could have burned this one for days. Smooth, creamy, interesting flavors with a strength level that invites you to light up another immediately. In fact, I think I will.