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Indian Tabac Super Fuerte

Firmly square-pressed and aged to perfection.

The Indian Tabac Super Fuerte line from Rocky Patel is a beauty. From first sight right down to the finger-burning nub, this cigar will captivate you. Handmade in Honduras, this gem employs an awesome blend of long-leaf tobaccos from Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras to generate voluminous clouds of thick white smoke and a creamy, rich flavor with hints of chocolate. To tame this robust blend, a luscious wrapper is applied - either a dark, Nicaraguan Maduro or a flavorful Cuban-seed Corojo - just before aging each cigar for a minimum of 4 years. This patient aging process leads to a mature, round character that's buttery smooth and ultimately satisfying.

Note: Super Gordo size IS NOT box-pressed like the rest of the line.

Indian Tabac Super Fuerte received a well-deserved '92' point score from Cigar Aficionado, which added:
"A dark, well-built cigar that draws well. The flavors are rich, round and elegant. The smoke is nutty and spicy, with a medium- to full-bodied character."
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Corona Grande (Double Corona) (6.5"x47)
BOX OF 25 Out of Stock $167.75 $59.99    
Corona Maduro (5.2"x43)
BOX OF 25 Out of Stock $126.25 $49.99    
Corona Maduro (5.2"x43)
5-PACK Out of Stock $18.00    
Double Corona (Presidente) (7.5"x52)
BOX OF 25 Out of Stock $178.75 $69.99    
Double Corona (Presidente) (7.5"x52)
5-PACK Out of Stock $24.00    
Robusto (5.0"x50)
BOX OF 25 Out of Stock $136.25 $55.99    
Robusto (5.0"x50)
5-PACK Out of Stock $20.00    
Overall Rating 1 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “Indian Tabac Super Fuerte”

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1 out of 5
Rocky's finer days are long gone
Back in 2000-2005, these were amazing. They had habana 2000 wrappers and there wasn't a bad choice in the entire Indian Tabac line. Now they have ultra-generic corojo wrappers that all but make these cigars obsolete and a bit pricey for what they offer today. Rocky has an extensive line today but even the Patel cigars of today aren't as good as the Tabacs of yesterday.
Customer Testimonials
The ITSF is a tasty cigar. At first, it was very spicy and then it mellowed out into a sweet spicy that is really good. I like it!
I could chain smoke these bad boys. Rocky Patel strikes again with another classic smoke. I ordered the Super as I never want to put these down even when they're burning my fingers. 94 rating from me. As good as it gets.
My favorite!
Have smoked these cigars in the past, and although these cigars have always been a favorite of mine, I must say that this box has been a let down, although the taste was still there, the way it burned was not as I remember them. This particular box looked good upon opening, very pleasing to the eye, but a bad burn took away from the enjoyment of this once good cigar. Maybe it was just a bad patch, Toro (6x52) Maduro disappointed this time around.
Big fan of Rocky's Indian Tabac line. The Super Fuerte Super Gordo's (Maduro) were out of this world. Make sure you stick them in your humidor for at least a day before you light up. I couldn't wait, and the first one I pulled out was hard on the draw, but the second sent me straight to smoky heaven. Highly recommend. 5 stars!
Delightful, the maduro makes this a full flavored masterpiece, just delightful!
Good good cigar! You can't miss with Rocky and this is no exception. No need to describe the taste, plenty has been said already. Leave the label chasing to people with more money than sense. For me, I will take a good smoke that leaves money in my pocket all day long!
Hard to beleive all of the other raves about these sticks, but to me, stick better describes what they felt like. Hard draw, inconsistent burn and no thick clouds of smoke as described. Steering clear of getting any more. I'm even avoiding the brand.
I have to say that Indian Tabac Super Fuerte is a super disappointment. Each and every cigar had soft spots, and not one in the entire box burned evenly. And it's not the humidification in my humidor. Their taste was one dimensional and was not worth the trouble in keeping the cigar lit....
Nice for the price, pull the trigger on this one.
I've been smoking cigars for almost 20 years...even worked in a cigar shop where I had the chance to try everything the industry had to offer (including world famous Cubans like Hoyo Double Coronas and Monti #2's, etc)...this cigar might be the best value I've ever witnessed in the cigar world...delicious, well built, and affordable...what else could you ask for?
Great cigar! The Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Maduro burns nice. It produces ample amounts of smoke. It tastes of chocolate. This was one of my favorite cigars until I bought the big fat one, which is not the same cigar. It's bundled, not boxed, and it is not the same cigar, different wrapper leaf, and different filler... Buy the rest though, they're great! PS: CI was nice enough to let me return some of them [Gordos].
Good, inexpensive cigar of my yester year, so I thought ....why not? Well, it had the same flavors I remembered. Coffee, earth, pepper and a touch of leather. Nice. The problem was cigar after cigar, I had to keep relighting them over and over.
Super Fuerte Toro Maduro (6.0"x52). Nice appearance...Lots of creamy flavor... Poor burn requires a lot of touch up...Rolled loosely.
Not a big Rocky Patel fan, and this cigar doesn't change my mind. About as exciting as a Marlboro Red. "Wrappers" are so flawless for a cigar at this price point, that I suspect they are either homogenized like a machine made or just printed brown paper.
These are excellent cigars, BUT, I wish the description was a little more clear that they are box-pressed. Unless you click the "More" button, there is no mention of that, and I'm not crazy about this style. Again, very good, very strong smokes, but I would have ordered the Gordo, which is not box-pressed, if I had known.
Real good. Indeed, they are "super fuerte" (which means super strong). Full flavor. Full strength. Great value for the price.
After looking at some of the reviews, it looks as though some weren't smoking the Indian Tabac Super Fuerte. The reason I say this, I honestly don't see how any one could not any joy a smoke of this nature. The aroma was outstanding, and a flavor that kept me wanting the cigar to never end. Hell, I even took a small wood screw to make a roach clip so I could smoke it down to my fingers. Easy draw. billows of smoke, a flavor that stays smooth to the last inch, and a very even burn. While it was more full in body than some others, the charater of the smoke almost didn't allow you to notice it. An hour of smoking pleasure, that will bring me back for more.
Very surprising. Well constructed with a loose but appropriate draw for the taste. Medium to full bodied. Excellent flavor profile for my taste. Tons of smoke that nonsmoking women at the party commented on how great it smelled, bonus. Box on the way.
I received one of the box-pressed maduros in a sampler from CI recently. I honestly didn't expect much after seeing a few of the reviews here, but I'm glad I tried it! This cigar was beautifully constructed, the draw was perfect. When I lit it I was really suprised by the rich flavor of the Super Fuerte. I expected a strong, harsh stick and instead experienced a very earthy, flavorful smoke. Volumes of smoke and a nice firm ash. I wasn't expecting this cigar to be so good, but now I'm going to get a box. I can only imagine that a little humidor time will only make this cigar better.
AWESOME find. I bought these gems over a year ago. let them age a bit and you will not be disappointed. Fresh out the box they will knock your socks off, but leave them (or forget ,in my case a year) in your humidor and you'll find all the complex spiciness mellow out. I am a fan of this cigar. try it.
"I smoked several cigars today before going to the Indian Tabac Super Fuerte! I must say this little power house suprised me! Perfect draw, decent burn and tasty rich flavors of chocolate and coffee! This cigar packs a punch, so I recommend for those who like strong cigars! No harshness...but full body capable of delivering a slight buzz!"
Was not impressed. It started of smooth and creamy and turned to a god awful bitter wet burnt wood flavor. If it requires more resting time than 10-15 days in the humi, then I'm out (I can't wait that long).
Gotta say, that this particular cigar needs some resting time. The first time i had this cigar, it was harsh, and had a very tight draw. I tried again 3 months later and I Had an entirely different experience, The draw was perfect, the flavors mellowed out to a smooth and earthy medium bodied profile. I do recommend this one with the condition that they have time to rest in the humi.
Nice presentation: lovely box press, nice wrapper oil, well-made look. Excellent construction and draw, straightforward tobacco tastes, no memorable development of flavor, like a medium maduro bumped up w some straight ligero, slightly harsh, then settles in, but not a stand-out.
Most cigars are constructed to be either extra flavorful or extra strong. This one is different. A good even flavor profile and A good balance between strength and flavor. I had no burn problems as others have stated and no issues with the blending of the flavors. The cigar that I smoked was great. I will definitely be ordering more. In my personal scorebook I gave this cigar a well deserved 97. Some people may say that I'm too generous with the way I score cigars, but I know what I enjoy and this cigar suits me fine. If I smoke A cigar and can find no fault with it, I will not hesitate to rate it accordingly
Scored an ITSF natural in a grab bag. Sat in the humi for about two months before I got to it. Low and behold I dropped the humi lid on it and damaged the wrapper! I thought well I better smoke it now since its toast. Go figure it was the best smoke I had yet. Nice even burn, tight ash, great peppery, cocoa, smooth smoke. I have a box on the way!
I bought some of these just after the earth's surface began to solidify. They only get better with age. If they don't burn well after you first get them then let them sit for a year. They will be a "near perfect" smoke after they age.
You can't go wrong with this cigar. It is "excellent" in every way!!!
This cigar is awesome. From the time you toast the foot to the time you nub it to the end. I have been wanting to try this cigar for a long time now. Being a big Rocky fan I have tried lots of different blend that he makes, but for some reason I have not gotten to this one. Well that all ended today. I ordered some CI singles and made the Super Fuerte Natural one of my picks. I am telling you I was blown away by this stick. Right off the bat it engulfs your mouth with a thick cloud of heavy, dark grey smoke. You get a wonderful surprise full of wood, coffee, and coco with just a hint of leater. It is somewhat sweet but not over powering. Through the nose expect a sweet coffee, wood, earth and I detected a slight hint of a floral sent that really surprised me. This is an awesome after dinner cigar (or anytime for that matter). I for one will positively be ordering more as soon as funds are available. Happy Smoking
The first few puffs hit hard with a powerful spice which soon mellows into a nice, rich smoke. I’m not usually a fan of maduros, but this cigar is certainly the exception, not the rule. I didn’t expect to smoke this one to the nub! This is the perfect after dinner (or anytime!) cigar.
To the guy who said he wouldn't risk buying another box, I want to thank you, just means more for me! This was one of the first cigars I smoked a couple of years ago. It is like "comfort food". You get a nice familiar flavor and lots of smoke. While not overly complex, it is smooth and satisfying to the end. Thanks to CI for the good pricing and availability.
Just a few words to say thank you for the prompt service on a killer introduction package ya sent me...I ordered from the would be competition at the same time, and I have yet to receive my cigars from them; I have just two of my 8 cigars from you left..So where do ya think I will buy next? You guys have just received my new order...Not all the cigars were to MY liking, but thats why ya get a sampler... I loved the IT Super Fuerte, really enjoyed the Olivia series G and RP Connecticut.. didnt care for Nica Libre or G2 or Padilla Achilles...thanks guys for the amazing fast service, the great deals, and greater cigars !!!.
The ITSF is a sleeper cigar, the 90+ ratings don't do this cigar justice. Maduro fans should have this one in their humi at all time for 2 reasons: It's extremely affordable, and it's just freakin' that good!
Hoooo weeeee! Weekly special on my favorite smoke! What a great day! I love these babies!
Just to add my two cents... yes, they can be inconsistent, the burn issues are real, but not terminal, in my experience. Overall a good tasting cigar at a good price, and sometimes a great tasting cigar at a great price!!!
I have enjoyed many boxes of these babies in the past, but the box i got a few months back was bad or something. Every single cigar in the box but one burned uneven and to hot. I don't think i will risk it and buy another box.
I've been smoking cigars for almost 50 years and I've never tasted anything like the Indian Tabac Super Fuerte. The natural is smooth and creamy with toasty, nutty overtones and tons of spice. It's easily one of the top four or five cigars on the market today. That's including the power-houses like Montecristo and La Gloria Cubana. The maduro is even better. It has a rich flavor that you've got to taste to believe. The aftertaste lingers for a long time after you're done smoking one, and it tastes just as wonderful as when you're smoking.
I received one of these (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte) in a CI Grab Bag. I had been interested in them so I was excited about this one. Even before I lit up, it was tasty. Then I lit it and was equally impressed. I will be adding a box of these as soon as I make some room in the humi!
i have found these to be wildly inconsistent. every 3rd one has burn issues, and can get a little hot, ruining the flavor profile. but 2 out of 3 are very tasty indeed. spicey coffee and black pepper abounds. then at the midway point cocoa takes over untill the very peppery charcoal finish. if you can get these at less than 2 dollars a stick i doubt you could find better for the money. also with the burn issues, patience sometimes rewards. but expect a few canoes.
The super gordo maduro is ABSOLUTELY one of the best smokes around.I just bought a mazo of 25 cigars and just a week later I am almost out.This cigar has lots of flavor and smoke with a nice even burn.I just cant stop smoking them.And at the price they are offered I will definitly be ordering more.
The IT Super Fuerte Maduro is a rich medium bodied and oh so smooth cigar. The Belicoso is close to being a perfect smoke! I long for these to show up on Joe's daily deal again.
Cool packaging but only average smoke. Uneven, soft, hot burn. Maybe I just got a bad box, but in my opinion there are better smokes out there for the price.
Just took a trip to Cigarfest and visited the CI store (since I was already so close), where I bought a box of these tasty maduros. I just gotta say, "Great!". This is an excellent end of the day smoke. Smooth, gobs of crisp smoke, and tiny tastes of earthy-goodness. You can't go wrong here and I plan on stocking up on more just to make these my regular stick of choice.
Just smoked my first one (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte) and I was so pleased with the quality of this cigar. It was truly a delight to smoke. I was also very impressed with the quality construction of this smoke. Its burn was almost perfect and it wasn't the least bit harsh, even at the end. The flavor is rich and full of tones of leather and coffee. I WILL buy more.
I have just begun my adventure into the word of fine cigars(Indian Tabac Super Fuerte), I have smoked cigarettes for over 12 years now. It has been several months into my 'adventure', and I will say I have been taken over by 'the madness' which some fellow cigar smokers call it. I am as I type this fan mail smoking a Tabac Super Fuerte Maduro, and I have to say that Rocky is my hero! I have tried his Edge, Maduro, IT Camaroon Legend and now the IT Super Fuerte. Every single cigar that bears his name I try without wondering if it will be any good, anything the guy makes seems to be fantastic one after another. The IT S Fuerte Is smooth, has a great draw and produces creamy and sweet billows of smoke. Hints of chocolate and even slight coffee hints with near every draw, a slightly nutty yet sweet after taste. Another winner in my book, I do not think I could do without a couple of smokes by Rocky in my humidor.
Wooo wooo woo woo....wooo wooo wooo woo ...wooo wooo woo wooo. I loved this cigar (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte) so much, I'm thinking about naming my first child after it.
I picked this one up on an unreal CI deal. (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte) I got my first super fuerty in a special, then I think joes daily deal offered super fuerte's for like 29.99 for 20 of them. I really liked the cigar (only had one) and said heck yea, 1.50 per, done deal! These are a medium to full flavored smoke that burns fairly evenly (6/10 of them anyway) and a few of them will leave you wondering why you didnt pay $10.00 a piece for them. This cigar is probably one of the best buys on the site when on a special. Look out Gurkha, Rocky Patel is fighting for your CI buisiness!
Wow, I have to admit, this one blew me away. (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte) Just when I thought I had gotten to the point where all "strong" blends tasted alike, I got one of these as part of the CI "brown bag special". Very nice flavor, and unique. Dances on your palate, leaving a nice finish, almost salty, like after doing a tequila shot with salt. Burns even, draws smooth, but also a nice, relaxing slow burn. I'll be buying more once I have room in the humi...
A very well made, full flavoured cigar with quite an even burn, excellent draw and firm-ish ash. Hard to go wrong with this one. (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte)
Rocky you're killing me. (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte) After ordering a replenishment of these box-pressed masterpieces I thought I ordered incorrectly, but after smoking one there was no doubt it was the same delicious cigar.
I have become a total IT convert. First the classic and corojo and now the super fuerte maduro. It's chewy, chocolatey, flavorful and utterly delicious. The first time I smoked one I couldn't stop gushing about it to my buddies. I make sure that no less than 30 are in my humidor at all times.
Usually a Maduro will have more taste than the Natural wrapper cigar, but this Indian Tabac Super Fuerte fills ones tastebuds with intoxicating flavors in both wrappers. I love them both. Hence I just love to purchase the samplers to keep in my rotation. Ha, what rotation! I only rotate from the Super Fuerte Natural to Maduro. One could call that rotating.
got these on a 1 day deal. Indian Tabac Super Fuerte for 29.99 if i knew they were going to be this good i would have ordered way more. Reminds me of an RP 90 just a little lighter in richness but with more of a creamy tobacco taste, no bite and smooth as my girl Jesses legs. I don't want to smoke anything else in my humi. Thanks CI and thank you Rocky for making a great affordable smoke. You'd be as dumb as me for not order more, if you don't give this a try.
My wife surprised me with a box of the 'Petit Belicoso Maduro' (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte)... Wow, they are great....They are very tasty and 'draw like a pencil in the hand of a fine artist'.... Rocky my friend, you are 'The Man'!
HEY NOW, broke out a few Corona Grande box pressed SUPER FUERTE NATURAL's 1st time, for my bass fishing trip on famous CASTAIC LAKE. Man let me tell you this is one Awesome smoke, I was drinking my favorite soda Dr. Pepper as there is no alcohol aloud on this lake, what a GREAT combo, smooth & mellow gar with a even draw and burn. Caught 6 nice stripers up to 12lbs. and a few Large Mouth Bass, 1 over 7 lbs., WHAT A GREAT DAY ! Indian Tabac Super Fuerte ........... GETTTTTTTTTTTER-DONE !
Just received my bundle from the deal of the week. DAMN I wish I would have stocked up. These babies are just the perfect cigar. The flavor is incredible, the construction is flawless and the draw is right on. Please put these back on the deal of the week soon. Thanks for the killer deal and turning me on to Indian Tabac Super Fuerte.
For the Habana wrapper (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte) - These are real beauties, immediately expoding with a rich, smooth flavor from the first few draws. Well balanced, medium-full bodied smokes with perfect construction. I find this to be a very subtle complex smoke - there is a nice nutty quality to the taste, a hint of chocolate, and an oh-so-subtle mintiness to the smooth, sweet aftertaste. Excellent "bang-for-the-buck". A great cigar at a very nice price. Captivating, indeed.
Hey NOW, received my IT Super Fuerte Mega-Sampler "A" 21 CIGARS yesterday, broke out a box pressed super fuerte maduro, let me tell you this gar is the SH-T ! Oily, easy draw and oh so smooth, "TASTE GREAT" I had to use my roach clip, so not to burn my fingers, it was that GOOD. " I'LL BE BACK .........FOR MORE ! " .............
I picked these (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte) up in a Friday Night Fights package deal, (Undercard 2), and I couldn't wait to get into them! Everything CI says about this blend is true. The looks, the roll, the press and most importantly, the taste. Smokes like a dream, right down to the very end. I cannot say enough good things about this one!! Thanks CI for the package deal...I'm an Indian Tabac fan now!
They are here!!! My "Indian Tabac Super Fuerte's". Now, I can get to some very musical dark place (PINK FLOYD}....when the wife's asleep.... "LEAVE ME ALONE", to enjoy my fix. A guy's gotta have some space.... Thanks friendly favorite dealer. Oh, by the way...keep the deals coming, I've got plenty of time and good guy's can take care of the smoking
This smoke is a great value (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte). It's super tasty and does not leave you wanting more as with other smokes in this price range. Don't let the deal fool you. You will enjoy this smoke. It's complex yet smooth down to the nub. The mini belicoso is the perfect size when you need to fit in a smoke in about 30min. but don't want it to be a cheap/bad cigar. Otherwise, get a larger size and cherish the aroma and wonderful flavors. I'm big on these in maduro myself.
Just got some Corona Grande Naturals on a weekly special. I knew that I already loved the Maduro Super Fuerte and wanted to try the Habana 2000 wrappers. Unbelievable! Spicey, delightful, creamy finish, box-pressed beauties with a perfect draw! Yum.
I'm on my second bundle (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte), the first being the super fuerte maduro. The longer it stays in the humidor, the better it tastes. For the money, its the best cigar I've ever tasted. Better than many brands more than twice the price. I truly recommend this cigar for those who enjoy a bold but smooth and never bitter cigar.
I love this cigar (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte) so much I nearly cry as I finish it - in fact my wife was watching me burn my fingers on the nub and ask me if I needed a roche clip to finish it!
I usually only buy the lower cost cigars, but got a bundle of these (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte) on special a while ago. Certainly, the best cigar in my humidor. I only have one on special occasions so they will last. The slow burn and the rich mellow taste could really spoil a guy.
What more can I say, I simply love this cigar (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte). The construction, complexity and most of all consistency all combine to make the 'Super Fuerte' one exceptional cigar. I think i'm showiing signs of addiction.
By far one of the best cigars on the market (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte). Excellent flavor and excellent construction with very few veins. Truly a piece of artwork.
This is an outstanding smoke (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte). Great taste, even burn and does make you want to pull off the ring and smoke it to the (not bitter) end.
I got a box of the Indian Tabac's (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte) that you had on special last month. Hit the links on HHI with sunny weather and the IT Toros. Smoked 2 a day and enjoyed each one. The Indian Tabac SF line has got to be my favorite.
This is the third batch I've ordered (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte), the second of the Super Gordo, super mega, yadda yadda yadda. I still have some of my 1st Box pressed SF's and after a year of aging they are a supreme smoke, cool and full of flavor, a perfect afternoon cigar...
I just bought a bundle of these babies(Indian Tabac Super Fuerte) you had on special about a week ago, and I am kicking myself for not buying more than one bundle. Now these are going to sit at the bottom of my humidor until you have another special. Very familiar to the Rocky Patel Vintage 90, this cigar is bold and has a creamy note to it. Even burn, thick white smoke, and a smooth draw throughout. A wonderful cigar. Thank you for the fast turnaround, because I wouldn't have been able to wait long for these to arrive.
I just received 2 bundles of super fuerte toro maduro (Indian Tabac Super Fuerte)in the 6x58 size. The size is perfect and the cigar is the best i have smoked.They have a great chocolatey taste but not in a sweet way.They burn slow and steady and feel great in your hand.I can see these cigars won't last long in my humidor..Great smoke at a great price.
I just got my bundle of these Indian Tabac Super Fuertes from the weekly special that I had ordered and all I can say is.. Wow! What a tasty cigar, so smooth I almost burnt my fingers on this one because I didn't want to put it out...
The Toro Maduro's(Indian Tabac Super Fuerte) are one of the best cigars made, smooth mild with plenty of taste.
Yesterday, I ordered a box of Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Toros. The packaging was excellent and the cigars are in perfect condition. I have been smoking Indian Tabac Super Fuertes for a while now and they are one of the best smokes on the market. I have smoked Cuban Cohibas, Cuban Montecristos, Partagas Black Label, etc., and the Indian Tabac's are right up there with the top brands.