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Gurkha Widow Maker

Widow Makers don't come cheap!

Few boutique brands carry the all-around gravitas as Gurkha. Actually, few brands even come close. Known for exceedingly flavorful, high quality handmades crafted from the world's rarest, oldest tobaccos, the Gurkha name represents prestige and luxury. Centurian, Beauty, Beast, Titan, Crest, Triad....Gurkha's list of fine achievements is long and distinguished. Add Widow Maker to the list, because this rare specimen is ready for the masses.

The medium to full-bodied Widow Maker is all substance. Available in two formats - Ecuador Connecticut and Connecticut Broadleaf - this ultra-premium is made entirely of extensively aged tobaccos. Rare, vintage tobaccos sorted countless times to obtain only the finest, highest quality leaves. Both varieties are bold and complex, offering soothing layers of robust, satisfying flavors delivered in a methodical, expertly balanced fashion only true vintage tobaccos can provide. Expectations will no doubt be high due to the price point....but a cigar of this caliber has the ability to meet, and also exceed, these expectations.

Widow Maker Natural
Wrapper: 10-year-aged Ecuador Connecticut
Binder: 7-year-aged Dominican Habano
Long-Filler: 7-year-aged Nicaraguan / 7-year-aged Honduran
Experience: Exceedingly rich and creamy to the core with zesty spices, rich black tobacco, coffee, earth, and toast. The finish is long and luxurious with an elegant trace of toast and black pepper.

Widow Maker Maduro
Wrapper: 10-year-aged Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: 8-year-aged genuine Cameroon
Long-Filler: 8-year-aged Dominican Habano
Experience: Rich, rich, rich. Rich tobacco, rich espresso, rich cocoa bean, rich oak. Then there's the sweet, peanut influence and touch of sweet-spices from the Cameroon wrapper, adding yet another layer of complexity.
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Churchill Maduro (7.0"x52) Sale
10 CIGARS Out of Stock $500.00 $34.99    
Churchill Natural (7.0"x52) Sale
10 CIGARS Out of Stock $500.00 $34.99    
XO Maduro (Gordo) (6.0"x60) Sale
10 CIGARS Out of Stock $500.00 $34.99    
XO Natural (Gordo) (6.0"x60) Sale
10 CIGARS Out of Stock $500.00 $34.99    

Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Widow Maker”

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The Gurkha Widow Maker Connecticut Churchill is very good, and VERY similar to Man O War Virtue. As for the Maduro, it will be a hit or miss. Not bad in any way, just not your standard Maduro. Has a unique flavor, that at times is not very Maduro-like. It is a cigar you have to try for yourself.
Wow! Could be the perfect cigar. Burns true. Great draw, great ash, even burn, great flavor, lot of smoke. Ecuador Conneticut was way better for me than the maduro. I thought the La Aurora Preferido was great. This is better. Way better than the Gurkha Centurian.
The Gurkha Widow Maker is on the mild side of mild. Not a bad smoke but not much a presence. There are too many great Gurkhas out there to spend your time on the Widow Maker.
This is an "OK" cigar. Flavor is good, but not what I assumed with a name like "Widow Maker". wrapper is very light and unnecessarily delicate. Didn't mind, but probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy again.
After being disappointed with the Maduro version ( way too minty sweet). I had little hopes for the natural to be a great smoke, but I was wrong! It was a wonderful mild-medium Churchill that tasted great, creamy and smooth.. Kinda like how a Churchill was always supposed to taste in my head whenever I saw Winston puffing on them.
If you are in the mood for a Partagas Black, try a Gurkha Widow Maker Private Reserve Maduro: Just as "black", similar taste off the start but by midway there's a hint of full bodied red wine through to the nub. Gurkha Widow Maker Private Reserve Maduro is AMAZING! Even though filler is Dominican & Partagas Black is Nicaraguan, this Gurkha is similar to yet a step up from PB in all aspects.
Gurkha Widowmaker Maduro Churchill is a medium bodied cigar. Dominant flavors was of dark cocoa, molass, nutts, and hint of dark cherry sweetness. Short cocoa nut finish. Draw was a little tight. Main issue for me was construction. Required constant light ups. If functioning well id rate a 89, when its not an 86
WOW, What a smoke! These cigars came perfectly humidified and ready to smoke (Thanks again CI). Great burn and draw (punched) through the first 2 I've smoked. Possibly the best flavor I have smoked in the last 5 years. The blend of tobacco is perfect. I kind of laugh at the MSRP of $500.00 for 10 cigars, but these are really really good.
The Gurkha Widow Maker is very smooth and complex in flavor. I thought it would be a power punch, but it is still a great cigar. As usual, the Gurkha labeling is the best I've seen. It's a great cigar with good aromatics too.
Great Cigar!!! I am not sure why it would have cost 50.00 per stick but I am will take it over many natural Connecticut cigars on the market! Perfect with a good coffee in the morning or on the back nine. Trust me you can't beat these prices on CI. I would try it because the great deal and a above average smoke.
Not impressed at all...... POOR construction ( wrapper cracked throughout cigar as it was smoked).... First 3rd was week.... Second 3rd got a little stronger.... Last 3rd bad taste, so I put is out... Would not recommend this....
One of the best Gurkha's I have smoked it has an even draw not overpowering and burns slow and steady. This cigar has first place in line for any travel humidor I pack be it for fishing,camping or deployment and is priced really reasonably an excellant cigar overall
Very, very tasty! Very complex and tasty! Did I mention they're tasty?
Very smooth cigar with little body...and then...POW RIGHT IN THE KISSER! What an after taste. Straight to the moon with that one. I guess that's why they call it the widow maker. 7/10 Rating.
Disappointing, to say the least. Very hard draw; flavor is off. Better to stay with the Park Avenues.
As the man says...nice cigar. I smoke 1 cigar daily, switching between Habano and Connecticut. I do not like Maduros. I was apprehensive when I bought this because of the name...WIDOW MAKER. I thought it would be strong...but I've been wanting to try it for a long time. I was pleasantly surprised. I can't detect all the nuances of flavor...I just know what tastes good to me and what I will buy again...not just smoke again, but actually buy it. This cigar is now in my rotation.
Excellent cigar that can not be had for less than you'll find it here. Thick pillows of smoke are produced and the cigar almost smokes itself. The name sounds like it would be stronger but a little more than mild with notes of leather and earth with a coffee and pepper note about half way through. My go to cigar.
....burned significantly uneven causing the stick to curve like a banana. Also, some of them had plugs somewhere along the length making them hard to draw....
Ok so not a cigar aficionado but think I know a good cigar when I smoke one and this was a great cigar (maduro).
Again, thank you C.I. for the killer deals. Loved the Widow Makers since the first one I tried. And now they are even better, knowing I don't have to break the bank to get them. Like high dollar wine, for beer budget prices.
An OK cigar but not in a class above the others.