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Gurkha Black Dragon

Behold, the Black Dragon.

Few cigars can match the caliber of Gurkha handmade cigars. Considered to be some of the world's finest and most prestigious super-premiums, the Gurkha brand represents a small-batch selection of ultra-elusive cigars that routinely receive top ratings in addition to 'Best of the Best' honors from the 

Robb Report

. Always pushing the envelope with exotic, high-end blends, Gurkha got another trick up its mighty sleeve, and it's called the Black Dragon.

Dressed in a dark and toothy, 5-year old Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper, the Black Dragon hails from Honduras and combines a vintage mixture of Dominican long-leaf tobaccos secured within a Cameroon binder. The smoke is thick and chewy, with a rich, leathery core and elegant hints of earth, complemented by an assortment of sweet spices on the finish. Medium in body and complex, yet buttery smooth, the Black Dragon is unlike any Gurkha you've tried before.

Naturally, these cigars come magnificently packaged. Inventory is extremely limited.

note: the package has recently been updated for the Black Dragon. We were fortunate to receive an advance shipment of this packaging, complete with new bands.

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Imperial Presidente (7.0"x56)
10 CIGARS In Stock $288.00 $79.99
Imperial Presidente (7.0"x56)
5-PACK In Stock $42.00
Overall Rating 4 out of 5 Based on 4 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Black Dragon”

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3 out of 5
Its ok But the most expencive, Marketing Ploy
I have smoked these for years off and on. They are not bad but not the best I have had burn issues with some of them and draw problems with others. I do like to keep a few on hand so if a buddy asks have you ever smoked a Black Dragon I can give him one and say enjoy.
3 out of 5
Great flavor with a canoe complex
Rich, smooth, roasted toffee and coffee flavor, but a propensity to burn irregularly.
5 out of 5
Wow! What a great find!
What a find! I expected a “full bodied” (very bold) cigar, but this is full of flavor and very smooth. My new favorite. Two thumbs up!
5 out of 5
My top pick
I buy and smoke a lot of cigars. I got a hold of a box of Cuban Cohibas that were very good. I honestly think The Black Dragons are better than the Cohibas; but that's just my opinion. Right now, this is my favorite cigar at any price.
Customer Testimonials
I'm just finishing the first third of a Gurkha Black Dragon robusto. It was not mild the entire first third. About halfway through the flavors really kicked in. If it gets any better than this it might surpass the Ghost. That is my favorite cigar as of now. But this one, my second Gurkha, is slowly catching up. The Ghost starts right off with a ton of flavor, so I'm very interested to see how this one adds up.
These are my favorite all time cigar. If you can keep them off of backorder I can guarantee a bi monthly order of a full box!
There really isn't a lot to say about this cigar, except, "Holy Jaw-Drop, Batman!" Incredible. I don"t smoke much (I teach elementary all day and go home to a three year old and a 5 month old) but I saved this for my birthday and sat out on the porch with a glass of whiskey and this bad boy. I stick to milds, but this came in a sampler my wife bought me and the smell of the unburnt cigar was enough to hook me. The start was just what I like, flavorful and smooth. Mild burn with delicious smoke! When those spices kicked in, it took me by surprise and I loved it! I call it the 2nd best cigar I have ever had the good fortune to smoke (behind the Cohiba Red Dot). Take some time and try this. You will be a believer in the power of Gurkha!
I cant tell you how great these are. Right from the light, till you don't want them to end
Really love this cigar! I had the Black Dragon Robusto and it was great! Very oily and very smooth. Lots of flavor and just the right size for its body. Already bought more!
When it comes to Cigar blends... Gurkha's Kaizad Hansotia is the "Great and Powerfull OZ"...excellent cigar!
Gurkha Beast has made a believer out of me. Very smooth!
Let be frank. For I hate murdoros. When I was young I could stomach Madriwitmadros' without a hitch in my stryde. But now I mostly smoke the medium to mild stuff. I bought a sampling of the Gurhka stuff and now I'am left with the longing of the most flavor stuff which is called Gurkha Pure Black. I know this is a premium cigar and I know there are many more like it!
This was A truly epic smoking experience. The Black Dragon is A buttery smooth cigar with A multitude of flavors that blend into A well balanced smoke that I enjoyed down to the nub. It started smooth and ended smooth. Not to be missed is the artwork on the band, Something to be admired on its own. I found absolutely nothing wrong with this cigar and I personally rate it A 100 accordingly. With out A doubt Gurkha's best work yet in my opinion.
Okay. I bought one of the these (Gurkha Black Dragon - Torpedo) from a local B&M for $14.50...not bad. After reading the reviews here and the name? Black Dragon? I mean, come on! I had high hopes for this baby. First construction... an 8.5 as it required one touch up with the torch. Flavor? Well, the first third was BORING! Some of you may say smooth or mild, I call it boring. BUT wait for it... Here come the second 1/3! Now dats what Daddy's talkin bout! Strength and spice and it's nice! The last third?... Holy elbow drop from the top rope Batman! It's pepper time! Lovin it now! What a wallop at the end! It took a while for it to live up to it's name, but it got there. I'll give it an 89 rating. I really wish the strength and flavor would have 'kicked in' sooner. This was my first Gurkha, maybe my only. For my money, I'll take a DPG or Padilla any day and twice on Sunday. Overall, this was a good smoke. After hearing two years of friends and fellow smokers hype Gurkha, maybe I was expecting too much? I would like to try the Gurkha Triple Ligero. Gurkha Black Dragon=Good cigar. Smoke well, my friends! BN
Love em... My wife got me 30 for christmas(Love that woman). Tons of rich smoke, excellent burn, FULL flavor...Matched up with a glass of Drambuie, Oh yeah!
My favorite cigar. Its a Ghurka.
I sat down to smoke the (Gurkha Black Dragon) robusto. I am glad I was sitting. This is an impressive smoke. Great draw, complex flavor with sweet notes in a medium-full smoke. It was the perfect way to spend an hour. This has now made my top five favorites list. WOW
Deliciously put together, "Gurkha Black Dragon", the flavors are very pronounced. It's nutty and earthy all wrapped up for a spicy sweet finish. Perfection. I'll definitely be back for more.
This is a nice smooth cigar (Gurkha Black Dragon) however the description is incorrect. It is a Cameroon binder not Cameroon wrapper, Connecticut Maduro Wrapper, and the filler is all Dominican. At least, that is what the Gurkha site says along with a few others. Still a cigar worth trying!
Of all the Gurkha Brands, besides The Grand Age. Gurkha Black Dragon will knock you off your feet( not literally) Gurkha has done it again.. Black Dragon comes off smooth and easy draws with beautiful earthy, sweet spice hints all the way through with a touch of leather class from start to finish This is one cigar you will keep coming back for or looking for. Be prepared two be indulging yourself in about an hour and half smoke, so sit back take a load off and enjoy one of life's finer things blended so well. Gurkha Black Dragon.If your like me you will be wanting to tear that nub ( The ending of a fine smoke) apart and look inside to see what the makings of a true fine cigar really is. Take the time to get yourself at least one, then you'll be chasing down a box.
Put aside an hour and a half. No distractions. Gurkha Black Dragon The best 90 minutes you will have. Every puff of this cigar is perfect. I have smoked many different brands and Gurkha is simply the best...and this is simply the best Gurkha.
In my view, it just doesn't get a hell of a lot better than the Black Dragon. Having said that, I've exhausted the subject.