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5 Vegas High Primings

It's no secret: 5 Vegas Classic is one of our top-selling brands. It has been, for over a decade. Thanks to a timeless, medium-bodied profile and very traditional tobacco flavor, Classic has become legendary in its own right. But today's not 10 years ago. Palates are changing, evolving and demanding more robust, more complex cigars. As such, 5 Vegas High Primings was born – the elevation of 5 Vegas.

5 Vegas High Primings was developed using the 90-rated 5 Vegas Classic blend as a base.  In order to take the blend to the next level, and create a bolder, richer flavor, each tobacco leaf employed was chosen from the plant’s highest priming. Due to the additional sunlight they receive and extra time on the plant before harvest, these 'high priming' leaves are thicker, darker, and provide additional flavor and ample strength. Just a few small tweaks were made to retain that signature smoothness and balance. Then, to complete the ensemble, a dark, reddish-hued Nicaraguan Habano wrapper was applied. The result is a densely flavorful, medium to full-bodied handmade bursting with bold yet refined nuances. Notes of earth, pepper, cocoa and a semi-sweet, cherry-like hint are backed by a creamy – almost buttery – tobacco core of toasty flavors that 5 Vegas Classic is known for.

Indeed, the elevation of 5 Vegas Classic – using elevated tobaccos to produce a memorable elevation of strength, flavor and complexity....elevating 5 Vegas and taking the name to (very) bold new heights.

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Box-Press (Gordo) (5.5"x55)BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $122.00$65.00    
Churchill (7.0"x52)BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $122.00$65.00    
Corona (5.5"x44)BOX OF 20 In Stock $100.00$49.00
Double Corona (6.0"x48)BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $115.00$60.00    
Robusto (5.0"x50)BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $108.00$55.00    
Torpedo (6.0"x54)BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $130.00$70.00    
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5 Vegas High Primings Flight Sampler 15 CIGARS Out of Stock $89.55 $39.99    
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Customer Reviews of “5 Vegas High Primings”
My apologies for three posts for the same cigar. The first post is for the double corona, the second for the robusto and the third post was for the Churchill. My personal favorite is the double corona.
PN of Lacey, WA
OK, here's the deal: 5 Vegas Classic is a cigar where I just wouldn't change a single thing about it. This cigar changes some things about it. By that logic, I just can't like it as much. It's still good - plenty enjoyable - but in my opinion, they already perfected this cigar with the Classic. If you love the flavor of the Classic, but feel you're missing just a little bit more edge, stock up on High Primings. Me - I'm sticking with what works on this one.
MB of Milford, MA
Just got a 10 pack of 5 Vegas High Primings this morning and I'm burning through my 3rd one already. I am a big fan of 5 Vegas Miami and Gold, but honestly the 5 Vegas Classic never really did it for me. The High Primings is a whole different story. It has a richer taste, extra power and a smoother peppery finish without the dryness of the classic version. The wrapper is oily and construction outstanding with a nice solid ash. If you like Man O' War I suggest giving 5 Vegas High Primings a try. I declare it a winner.
JS of Fleetwood, PA
5 Vegas has taken a giant leap forward in producing a real premium cigar. This line of cigars has not really impressed me due to their lack of complexity. But this stick has made the jump. It is spicy, nutty, very creamy, and complex. There is a sweetness from the wrapper and nice long finish. It is well balanced and can satisfy the most cynical of cigar aficionados. Well done.
PK of Milwaukee, WI
Oh this is one tasty smoke! The wrapper is beautiful, the draw and burn perfect! Very smooth. A must try!
CD of Bristol, CT
I just had my first one of these today, and it wasn't just good, it was memorable. The cigar started out smooth and mellow with a medium bodied, almost nutty flavor, and it stayed that way until about I was about a third of the way into it. Then it started getting gradually spicier and stronger for the rest of the cigar, but with more spice than strength, such that it impressed me without losing me. When I got close to the band, it added a subtle sweetness, but without sacrificing the spice that'd been building up, and that made it a real finger-burner. And this one had been in the mail for a week, so it didn't burn evenly. The rest will go into the humidor for at least a week, if I can wait that long.
JW of Tujunga, CA
I never cared much for the 5 Vegas Classic.... what a difference a good wrapper can make. The high primmings is now my go to cigar.
VB of San Francisco, CA
Wow!5Vegas High Primings is a big suprise.1st draw will" wake you up!"and by the time you're finished,she will put you to bed.For me;flavor-9.5,draw-10,burn-10,strength-10,aroma-10.This is a truly special cigar,couldn't stop smiling and looking at it while smoking,thanksCI,great job 5Vegas!
RK of College Park, MD
All I can say is "WOW"! This cigar is eons better than the classic, which is no slouch itself. What I really like is the dark cherry aspect, totally unique in this cigar.
PN of Lacey, WA
As much as I like the classic, this cigar is a huge step up in terms of flavor. A richer, heartier and deeper profile with a pronounced black cheery aspect makes this a cigar everyone should try.
PN of Lacey, WA
This cigar takes it to the next level of value and satisfaction. A much deeper and richer experience than the classic, with all the flavors ramped up at least two notches. What I really like about this cigar is the black cherry aspect, truly memorable.
PN of Lacey, WA
I've burnt serveral of these and they are tasty! If you like the Classic, most likely you'll like these. The added ligero does make them slightly less flavorful with a bit more umph. I enjoy them either way. These are only slightly more full bodied. Bit as true to the original as possible. By the way, got the torps and they are clearly made by Perdomo.
PW of Rosedale, IN
A Medium Bodied Cigar, Pepper, Cream, Slight Cocoa, A Good Cigar. Ive Found With A Little Humidor Time The High Primings Gets Better.
MF of Bogalusa, LA
OMG!!!! This is my new favorite cigar. This is one very good smoke. Nice draw, even burn, tons of flavor and the only cigar I have had with this much kick. Wow these are amazing! I could go on and on but you get the idea. Do yourself a favor and try one!
DP of Ramsey, MN
I've had a bunch of 5 Vegas in samplers and the like. They were always just "OK" i.e. I didn't feel ripped off getting them but wouldn't go out of my way to buy more. The 5 Vegas High Primings Box-Press (5.5" x 55) is the absolute exemption. I got one recently in a sampler and promptly bought a full box of them. Fantastic. I'm a fan of LGC "R" #6, Ramon Bueso Genesis 6x60's, Nestor Miranda Dominicano, and the like. Full well-rounded distinctly "Dominican" hard to explain but if you know it, you just know it.
CL of Wyoming, PA
After smoking my first 5 Vegas Classic, I thought it was ok. After smoking my first High Primings, I thought it blew the Classic out of the water. After smoking my second High Primings, my feelings haven't changed. The high priming leaves make a world of difference. The High Primings is much more flavorful and I'd take it over the Classic any day. I've had the Double Corona and Torpedo and both were great. I know cigars aren't rated by comparison, but if they were and the Classic is a 91, I would give the High Primings a 92 or 93.
DM of Washington, DC
Got two as part of the Medium-Full sampler pack and was severely disappointed with this cigar. Before even touching it I let it age for a month at 70% humidity. The flavor was sour, the burn was uneven, and the wrapper came apart midway through the smoke. For both cigars I had to break out one of my go to sticks just to get my palate right. For some reason I have had zero luck with Vegas cigars.
Since I love full bodied cigars, it figures that High Primmings would be something I would enjoy. Most 5 Vegas, besides the maduro "A" & "AAA" series, I find a bit lacking in flavor & Punch. (pun intended) In fact , I am smoking an Atomic gordo robusto, as I write this. HPs is certainly a step or two up in boldness, compared to classic 5 Vegas offerings, yet I can't quite bring myself to finish the 10 pack of coronas I purchased last month. I'm sure they will disappear once I run out of Alec Bradley & Camacho vitolas & in their defense, the 5 Vegas line is always inexpensive. Perhaps you will love this new line, but I will stick to the full flavor icons & light up a 5 Vegas when my wallet is thin & my palate wants a medium bodied experience.
Bought a 10 pack in Double Corona. The High Priming have some really nice flavors, fantastic price. The HP burn lets off a pleasant, mild aroma. They don't make my truck or clothes stink as some other cigars do. CI is running a special, 20 Robusto + 15 Flight pack for $75 with free shipping....No brainer, I'm stocking up!
MW of Granville, OH
Pretty impressed with this cigar. I'm more of a full bodied cigar smoker and tend to like maduro/oscuro shades. But I really did like this one. There was plenty of flavor and it burned well.
ST of Fort Lee, VA
I have come full circle with the 5 Vegas High Primings blend. My 1st experience was, for whatever reason, less than electrifying. Perhaps it was the full flavor, expensive price tag kick I was on, at the time. I had a few left over at the bottom of a humidor & when my stock got a bit low, I burned them off. To my surprise the flavor seemed much more in tune with my palate than I had remembered. In fact, I have found that I thoroughly enjoy the creamy smoothness & medium bodied spice that High Primings delivers in spades. It reminds me of a Romeo y Julieta 1875, with just a notch more pepper. When you factor in the price, 5 Vegas wins hands down. Not to mention the frequent freebies, which just make it that much more of a bargain. I grabbed a box of the coronas & ended up with 35 damn good cigars at less than $2 per puro. I am in the middle of one of the coronas now & am finding new flavors such as vanilla & cedar. The smoke clings to the palate, in a very pleasant way. Yes, I have come full circle with High Primings. I see a box of robustos & another flight sampler in my immediate future. A little aging seems to work wonders for them & at the rate I'm consuming, I'll need the extra 35 stogies put back before I run out again.
Great stick. 5 Vegas has become my staple. I've heard people gripe about 5 Vegas being a CI exclusive, but so what? A great smoke is a great smoke and High Primings is my favorite natural wrapper (dial up the Triple A for maduro). Great construction, burn, taste and price. That's 4 for 4. Order a 5 pack and you'll come back for more.
I'm not going to rail on this cigar. The 15 cigar freebie made it hard to resist, so I pulled the trigger on a box of the double coronas. First I'll start with the positives, I love the size of the double corona (6 x 48), if I could blend my own personal cigars, they'd probably all be that size. I never had any construction issues. All burned well, a couple had a tight draw (but nothing terrible) but most had a smooth, easy draw. The negatives, the wrapper leaf was mottled, most of the double coronas were sporting large black streaks, but I'll give that a pass, as it is a $4 cigar. My main complaint was the inconsistency in taste. Some were border line good, some were fine, some were flat out terrible... like, the worst long filler cigar I've had in years, bad. HOWEVER, out of the sampler, there was a gem... the box pressed 5.5 x 55. Out of the three I smoked, all three looked great, performed great and taste wise, were everything that I was hoping for from this cigar. So, my advice overall would be: There are MUCH better cigars in this price range.... but if you're curious, I'd recommend the Box Pressed 5.5 x 55 over the other sizes.
JB of Orange Park, FL
I'm gonna make this short and sweet... BEST EVENING CIGAR EVER! I was a hardcore full flavor maduro fan... Still am, but wow! I wouldn't be suprised if this is in C.A. Magazines top 10 of the year. Bravo 5 have a winner, again. Just ordered 3 boxes for my coolidor to keep my desktop stocked at all times.
SF of Booneville, MS
Bought a box of the double corona about 20 days ago. Also got a high primings sampler along with the box. All in all of 35 cigars I have 8 left, that should say it all. I really loved the classic 5 Vegas. After discovering the high primings, wow how weak is the classic. I smoked a classic after getting the high primings, the classic instantly fell from a 90 rating to a 80 something for me. It's really wierd to say this however, after smoking the High Primings I've lost interest in all other cigars. The pick of wrapper has really changed the taste of the cigar. This might be weird, but,I find myself blowing the smoke all over my clothes and smelling the clothes throughout the day.
RE of Tujunga, CA
Huge fan of 5 vegas (at least the lines I've tried so far). Classic, serie A, Limitada '13 and tonight the high priming corona. Overall a good cigar with plenty of big flavor and big strength. Unfortunately it was very loosely packed even pre lit the cigar was one big soft spot. Created draw problems and required three relights. Halfway through was canoeing very badly. I did a little research afterwards and discovered this particular size has issues. Not the best 5 vegas I've had but wont be giving up on the high priming just yet. Double corona here I come!
MS of Spring, TX
The 5 (cinco) Vegas torpedo is a medium to full bodied smoke. Predominant flavors were of pepper spice, creamy leather earth, cashews with hints of M&M chocolate peanuts here and there. Finish was long and oily. Construction was good, with perfect draw and burn ams plentiful of smoke output. Overall excellent cigar . I rate a 92
VF of margate, FL
All I can say is awesome. Almost identical to the classic 5 vegas, however it packs more of a punch.
RF of Jeffersonville, GA
My wife and I have both enjoyed the 5 Vegas High Primings, all of the ring sizes are great quality smokes. 5 Vegas High Primings are quickly moving up our list of preferred smokes.

5 Vegas High Primings

Posted by Steve R

Something pretty damn awesome just arrived. Actually, I lie. Awesome stuff has been hitting the docks for months, and we’ve been selling the crap out of this new, totally awesome stuff ever since it took residence in our massive warehouse humidor. Our inventory levels are growing with each waking day. I think we’re up to about 80 million cigars as of joke. Anyway, back to the really awesome thing that just arrived today. It’s awesome, and I remember burning it right off the roller’s tables in Nicaragua about 7 months ago. And since I haven’t written a review since grandma was a girl, it’s high time for me to actually do some work and fill you in.

5 Vegas High Primings. 5 Vegas Awesome High Primings, actually. In case you don’t know, I’m a 5 Vegas freak. I love just about everything this fan-favorite brand dishes out....and practically every blend is a regular in my standard rotation. However, I’ve been especially digging the brand’s more full-flavored varieties: Triple-A, Cask-Strength, and the new, soon-to-be-released-at-CIGARfest-2012 Limitada 2012 Belicoso. I’ve also been reaching for Series ‘A’ a lot lately (if this fantastic blend fell off your radar, grab a few....the latest batch is....well, awesome). Back to High Primings. This thing is full-throttle to the bone – by design. It’s rich, heady, chewy and delivers gobs of satisfying flavors unlike any I’ve ever experienced from a 5 Vegas cigar, let alone any other cigar.

Before I talk about the smoke, here’s the gory details. The concept behind 5 Vegas High Primings is simple. Every tobacco leaf in the cigar is cultivated from the plant’s highest priming. The top leaves, which receive the most sunlight and, in turn, nutrients, producing a thicker, darker, oilier and ultimately more flavorful piece of tobacco packed with ample strength. In other words, ligeros. Tasty, tasty ligeros grown from Cuban seeds in Esteli, Nicaragua and the Dominican’s famed Cibao Valley. Even the wrapper leaf is ligero. A dark, Nicaraguan Habano ligero wrapper grown in full sun from seedling to cultivation. While the concept is simple, the execution took over a year to master. Producing a strong cigar with a lot of flavor is simple. Hell, the simple-minded gringo writing this review could probably do it. But perfecting a strong cigar with a truckload of flavor delivered in smooth, balanced fashion requires a tremendous amount of skill and know-how. Fortunately, 5 Vegas has a wealth of the latter.

Now let’s discuss the cigar. It’s dark, oily and has a luxuriously rich, barnyard pre-light aroma with spicy-sweet notes. The cigar sits heavy in the hand without a soft spot from head to toe. I’ve got the Toro, my favorite size, and the cap has been clipped to offer a perfect draw releasing some gentle spices on the front of my palate. At first light my taste buds get smacked with a feisty series of spices and dark tobacco flavors. A generous opening which fades quickly, pushing the spices to the backend of each smoke-filled puff. Damn, this cigar is chewy. Rich, chewy, Nicaraguan flavors dominate. A dense core of coffee, earth and cream with a zesty, somewhat toasty aroma. The long finish lasts longer than my breaks between draws, with spices teasing the front and both sides of my palate. Midway through I begin to pick up some softer, somewhat sweet notes. It’s a nutty flavor....I want to say toasted almond, but I’m not 100% sure. Either way, it’s a great change of pace and adds to the underlying complexity of the cigar. Then, out of nowhere, a touch of dark chocolate and black cherry enters the fray. I don’t remember this from my experience in Nicaragua, but it’s damn good and somehow marries with the deep core of dark, roasted flavors and lingering spices perfectly. During the final third I notice the strength has become significantly stronger since first light. Not head-spinning strong, but I no doubt feel this chewy smoke in my gut. That’s good stuff right there. As expected, the spices build along with the strength as I approach the final quarter. A signature move for most full-bodied cigars, but something that never gets old. Especially when done right. And with that, my 5 Vegas High Primings Toro has come to an end, as does my review, and I can go back to doing nothing – and burning another one while I do it.