On-the-Go Freshness Packs

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How do you take your cigars on the go? Some of us use regular zip-top baggies usually reserved for snacks and sandwiches, some fiddle with bulky travel humidors, and some of us (God forbid) just toss our sticks in our pocket and head out the door. But what if I told you there was a better way to keep your sticks fresh while you're out and about? For most aficionados, On-the-Go Freshness Packs are the easiest option, and the most bang for your buck.

These pre-built samplers contain your favorite handmades, packaged inside a heavy-duty package. Most are resealable, and come with a built-in humidification element to give you peace of mind, without needing to fuss with hygrometers distilled water. Whether you're running out of space in the humi, you haven't invested in one yet, or you're looking for sticks to hand out to your golfing buddies, humidified sample packs from Cigars International are just the ticket.