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Don “Pepin” Garcia is one of the busiest men in tobacco. At the helm of My Father Cigars and crafting cigars from brands like Tatuaje, this guy surely knows his stuff. And now L’Atelier has come onto the scene to add another fantastic blend to the Garcia portfolio. With a pile of 90+ ratings under their belt, it’s a pretty safe bet to say L’Atlier is another brand of fantastic boutiques from the Don. Give any of these top-shelf blends a shot if you’re looking for an exquisite cigar experience, from a true master of the field.  


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L' Atelier Cote d'Or La Tache 2016

$14.50 - $15.00 per cigar
2 Options
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La Mission du L'Atelier

$7.22 - $9.50 per cigar
7 Options
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$2.62 - $9.50 per cigar
10 Options
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L'Atelier El Suelo

$2.62 - $4.25 per cigar
4 Options
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L'Atelier Maduro

$5.85 - $8.90 per cigar
8 Options
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L'Atelier Selection Speciale

$7.85 - $9.20 per cigar
6 Options
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L'Atelier Surrogates

$2.62 - $9.00 per cigar
16 Options
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L'Atelier Trocadero

$2.62 - $4.10 per cigar
5 Options
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