L'Atelier cigars are handcrafted in Don "Pepin" Garcia's My Father factory and are blended by Pete Johnson and a few of his industry buddies. With a pile of 90+ ratings under their belt, it’s a pretty safe bet to say L’Atlier is another brand of fantastic boutiques from the Don.

Give any of these top-shelf blends a shot and be impressed. The La Mission du L'Atelier is a stunning medium to full-bodied box-pressed cigar eluding robust notes of chocolate, pepper, coffee, leather, and wood. Also check out L'Atelier Selection Speciale, a ramped up version on L'Atelier providing a full-bodied experience that pairs well with red wine or a dark rum. If you’re looking for an exquisite cigar experience, L'Atelier hails from a true master of the field.  


L' Atelier Cote d'Or La Tache 2016 Cigars

L' Atelier Cote d'Or La Tache 2016

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La Mission du L'Atelier Cigars

La Mission du L'Atelier

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L'Atelier Cigars


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L'Atelier El Suelo Cigars

L'Atelier El Suelo

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L'Atelier Maduro Cigars

L'Atelier Maduro

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L'Atelier Selection Speciale Cigars

L'Atelier Selection Speciale

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L'Atelier Surrogates Cigars

L'Atelier Surrogates

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L'Atelier Trocadero Cigars

L'Atelier Trocadero

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