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Disposable e-cigs

Convenience is important. If it wasn’t, people wouldn’t pay to get their food delivered to their house in under 30 minutes or less. And when it comes to the most convenient e-cigs around, disposable e-cigs reign supreme. These units are perfect for travel and easy, on-the-go enjoyment. No chargers, refill cartridges, or any interchangeable parts. Just puff and go. Keep a few stashed in your car, your gym bag, or your suitcase, and you’ll always be sittin’ pretty. And with all the different varieties of disposable e-cig flavors available, it’s pretty much impossible to get bored. Simply open the package, puff, and when it stops working, discard. It’s super easy, damn near impossible to mess up. Stock up on disposable e-cigs here at CI, where convenience meets the best prices and the selection. 

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