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If you’re into pipe tobacco you probably inherited the ritual from your dad who probably got into it from his dad and so on. And it’s great having a hobby to bond with multiple family generations, but the key to enjoying the ancient art of pipe smoking is having the perfect pipe and pipe accessories to get the full experience. There’s nothing better than having a beautifully handcrafted Briar or wooden pipe to hold your favorite pipe tobaccos. Our wide selection of wooden tobacco pipes in a variety of shapes and sizes are all offered at unbeatable prices. Add a premium wooden pipe to your collection.

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Crown Manola Walnut Polish 606
$60.00Only $44.99Only 1 Left
Big Ben Pipo Tan  Apple-Straight (Tan)
$73.00Only $59.99In Stock
Peterson Shannon 150 - Smooth  Bulldog-Straight (150)
$120.00Only $95.99In Stock
Peterson Kinsale XL22 - Rustic  Dublin-Bent (XL22)
$150.00Only $119.99In Stock
Stanwell Trio 29  Billiard-Straight (29)
$105.50Only $98.55Only 4 Left
Big Ben Royal Tan 402  Billiard-Straight (402)
$115.00Only $84.99Only 3 Left
Stanwell Black & White 403  Egg-Bent (403)
$122.50Only $110.25In Stock
Peterson Harp 150 - Smooth  Bulldog-Straight (150)
$170.00Only $135.99Only 1 Left
Big Ben Tattoo White Matte
$60.00Only $47.99Out Of StockShop Now
Savinelli Alligator Pipe - Brown 111  Billiard-Straight (111)
$135.00Only $108.00Out Of StockShop Now