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  • Ladderball Pro Steel Miscellaneous
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Ladderball Pro Steel

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Face it: horseshoes are great, but they’re way too heavy to cart around. That’s why the makers of Ladderball – that fun new game you’ve been seeing pop up at your local beach and backyard picnic – decided to step in with something infinitely more portable. Throw it in your trunk or even throw it on your back (using the convenient carry/storage bag) and take off by foot. The Ladderball Pro Steel disassembles easily for travel, and to top it off, it’s really a lot of fun. Young or old, happy or curmudgeonly...everyone can learn to play. The best thing about this set is the quality. Not dinky plastic, but rather, sturdy, durable, and lightweight steel construction. For this price, you can’t afford not to get one.


• Includes 2 ladders, 3 red bolas, 3 blue bolas, instructions, and storage/carry bag
• Each bola has just the right amount of weight
• Constructed of sturdy, durable powder-coated steel
• Quick and easy assembly

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Ladderball Pro Steel

Erick V
Let me tell you, I have been to my fair share of tailgates…Go Phillies...and I have played just about every game in the book while under the influence of certain intoxicants. Washers, Quoits, Corn Hole, KanJam, Flip-Cup, 500, Chandelier, Beer Pong, etc…I’ve done it all. And no matter what, I always find myself partaking in a few rounds of, “Hey! I bet I can beat you in a race,” and, “Dude! Wanna wrestle?” But I must say, Ladderball is by far my favorite. It’s quite relaxing with a beverage in hand, and a slew of degrading taunts spewing from your mouth.  

Unfortunately, I’ve only had the luxury of experiencing the plastic version…flimsy, cheap, and if you fall on the thing...Game Over! It explodes into a bazillion shards of PVC, and you look like Pinhead from those Hellraiser movies once you can stagger back to your feet.

That’s why I jumped on the opportunity to do a little product testing on the new Ladderball Pro Steel. Constructed of durable but lightweight steel, I was a fan 30 seconds after I pulled it out of the box. Assembly was crazy simple. Directions were easy to follow, it only took me 4 minutes 43 seconds to construct this masterpiece (I timed myself on purpose…I was slightly handicapped by the cigar in my hand). The Bolas were much nicer than others I have seen. Looks like they used a softer material for the balls but they still had a nice bit of heft. Playability was awesome, the ladders didn’t teeter or go bouncing around on all my manly tosses. One of the best features…unlike that pile of camping tents you have in the garage, this thing disassembled in no time and slid comfortably back into its handy storage bag with no trouble at all. A great buy for the backyard picnic or tailgate.

P.S. I paired this item with a La Herencia Cubana CORE and a couple Yuengling Lagers…bottles of course!