Espinosa Robusto Sampler  5 Cigars
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Espinosa Robusto Sampler

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The best of La Zona.

Espinosa is a hard-working man, and the rollers he employs at the La Zona factory in Nicaragua share that spirit of determination and passion. It's why La Zona has earned itself a reputation for quality boutiques, and why Espinosa has such a strong portfolio of great cigars. Five of those great brands are assembled for you in the Espinosa Robusto Sampler, just a sampling of some of the amazing quality that comes out of La Zona. This is the perfect way to start your journey on Espinosa's brands, or just a great way to top off your humidor with some great quality stogies, so don't wait to pull the trigger on this deal!

The Espinosa Robusto Sampler includes:
1 - Espinosa Laranja Robusto Extra (5.5" x 54)
1 - Espinosa 601 White Robusto (5" x 50)
1 - Murcielago Robusto (5" x 54)
1 - Espinosa Habano No. 4 (5.5" x 50)
1 - Espinosa Especial Robusto (5" x 52)

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