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Weekend Spotlight

CI’s Big Box Roulette
…once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
…eight industry leading brands

Even in a best case scenario, your odds of winning at roulette aren't that great. And even if you do happen to be victorious, the payout ain’t all that impressive either. But fortunately, we’ve rigged this Weekend Spotlight to be a winner with every spin​. So step right up to CI’s Big Box Routlette table and walk off with HUGE, never-before-seen savings on boxes of the industry’s hottest brands. Cigars like Rocky Patel Vintage, Alec Bradley Prensado, and Oliva Serie ‘V’ - the best boxes in the industry for the best prices EVER. Period.

Hopefully by now, I’ve at least grabbed your attention. If not, I need to seriously reconsider my career choice. That, or you need to go back and re-read that first paragraph. In either instance, here’s how it works. I’ve selected some of the finest boxes from Alec Bradley, Don Pepin, Rocky Patel, Romeo, Drew Estate, Ave Maria, Oliva, and La Gloria Cubana​ - boxes that I normally can’t discount due to pricing restrictions. So, even though I can’t advertise a price for each, what I can guarantee is that for just $99.99 I’ll select a box at random and send it your way. Go ahead and scour the list below, you’re likely to never see boxes on these brands even sniff these prices again. At up to 58% off​, this is sheer lunacy.

You’re guaranteed to receive ONE box from my magical list:
Alec Bradley Prensado – Robusto – Box of 20
Flor de Las Antillas by My Father – Toro – Box of 20
Romeo Reserva Real – Toro – Box of 25
Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 – Robusto – Box of 20
Nica Rustica by Drew Estrate – El Brujito (toro) – Mazo of 25
Ave Maria Reconquista – Belicoso – Box of 12
Oliva Serie ‘V’ Maduro – Double Toro – 2 Boxes of 10 (20 cigars total)
La Goria Cubana Serie R – No. 5 (robusto) – Box of 24

note: Nica Rustica is packaged from the factory in a 25-count dress mazo. 

Go all in, pal. This is a slam-dunk, a sure winner. It’s something you can hang your hat on. Push in all your chips and score chunky, historic savings on the hottest brands in the biz.

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CI's Big Box Roulette 1 BOX In Stock $99.99