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1-Day Deal - 8/22/16 - Cusano Magnum Bundles

Cusano Magnum Bundles, as low as $15
Starting at 94-cents apiece – made by Davidoff - 66% off

Not gonna sugar-coat it one iota, these are some of the strangest bundles I’ve even seen. Some come packaged in bundles of 16, some come as units of 18 (packaged in two bundles of 9). Why? Who knows, that’s not important. What’s worth pulling the ol’ bifocals down for is the matter of who and how much. Made by Davidoff, Cusano Magnum can be yours for as little as 94-cents apiece. You read correct. Davidoff-made and starting under a lousy buck! So what’s the rest of the tale? The factory made too many, and instead of heading off to the incinerator, we stepped in like good citizens and intervened. Once reserved exclusively for the European market, we’ve giving them a lesson in red-blooded American discounts. 66% off the entire shootin’ match, putting bundles in your mitts for as low as $15.

Behind blends like AVO, Davidoff, and Camacho - these guys know how to make a solid cigar. Some would argue among the best in the world. That’s why you should give Cusano Magnum the big, hairy eyeball. Rolled with golden Sumatra wrappers, and premium medium-filler tobaccos (stuff that’s not lengthy enough for long-filler, but not tiny enough for short-filler), each puff offers a solid, consistent experience. Balanced, smooth, and consistent cigar to cigar, there’s nothing to write home about. You might find a smidgen of complexity, mainly leather, earth, and spice, but for yardwork or hitting the course, she’ll do wonders. Factor in my fell-off-a-truck price, and you’ve got a golden goose. 

Just $15 to $20 per bundle. Our intern couldn’t keep a potted plant alive for two weeks, and even he thinks this deal is nuts.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Corona (4.5"x46)
18 CIGARS Out of Stock $50.00 $17.00    
Corona (4.5"x46)
BDL OF 16 Out of Stock $44.45 $15.00    
Robusto (5.0"x50)
18 CIGARS Out of Stock $59.00 $20.00    
Robusto (5.0"x50)
BDL OF 16 Out of Stock $52.45 $18.00