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1-Day Deal

Victor Sinclair Primeros Churchill Grande
15 Cigars only $24.99

Mild, 7”x52 slow-burning Churchills – just $1.66 apiece

At CI, we have a cater-to-you attitude. But no matter how much blood, sweat, and tears we pour into whipping up the best deals on the planet, there are always the disgruntled few. But this is a deal that should pacify the haters quicker than a tranquilizer dart to the neck. [I’m cra..I’m crazy, man] Grab 15 Big 7”x52 Churchills from Victor Sinclair for just $24.99. A behemoth of a deal, putting you in the catbird seat to scoring one of our top-selling mild blends for 83% off.

Big, delicious, slow-burning Churchills for just $1.66 apiece?!​ My calculator must be broken. Either that, or our intern can’t do math. Or a decimal got put in the wrong place…If you can’t tell, I’m starting to have trouble digesting what I just laid on the table. I should just save us both time and stop writing this email. This is ridiculous, just check out this thing's resume. Golden-brown Connecticut wrappers and aged Dominican fillers​. Yes. Smooth, creamy smoke that glides across the palate. Yup. Mild-bodied profile chock full of toast, roasted nuts, and coffee undertones. Affirmative. At just over a buck-fiddy a stick, this cigar is way overqualified for this price point. We sell the snot out of this blend on a daily basis, at regular prices. But for 1-day only, they can be yours for mere chump change.

83% off big, slow-burning Churchills. A delicious mild-bodied blend that you’re gonna love. You know what to do next.  

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15 CIGARS Out of Stock $112.50 $24.99