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Colibri V-Cut Cutter Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Colibri V-Cut Cutter”
Let me start off by saying the cutter is AWESOME! The only problem I've had with v-cutters in the past is that sometimes it just didn't cut enough of the cigar to get a good pull. I feel the same about punches. But after seeing the pictures and the great construction of this cutter I just had a feeling it was different, and man was I right! The spring loaded feature is pretty cool. Just push the button and the cutter snaps open. It cuts thru the cigar like butter, leaving a deep, perfect cut every time. The main reason the Colibri V-Cut is so much better is because it makes a cut atleast 25-30% deeper than any others I've used. Because of this I get a great draw off my cigar and haven't had any wrapper issues that sometimes happens from clipping. Colibri did their homework and came out with an excellent cutter that I will only use from now on out!
BJ of Omaha, NE
This gives a very sharp cut, but the cut is HUGE. On 50 gauge Churchill, all that was left were two skinny pieces on either side of the v-cut. It was an odd mouth "feel" that I'm not sure I could adapt to. There must be a way to make a smaller v-cut, but I haven't figured it out yet....
Great cutter and always a topic of interest for those who have not used a v-cutter before. With some practice, you can even cut smaller gauges without a huge V. Really great keeping the cap intact throughout the smoke.
DO of Tualatin, OR