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Moretti Churchill Lighter Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Moretti Churchill Lighter”
**DONT MISS THIS PROMO!!! Wonderful Lighter One of the best so far "lighter" than many multi-flames, Blows away all my other 15 lighters including multi flame. Fair size tank Definitely worth the promo price with this weeks promo for Feb 27-14. You will absolutely love it, strikes first time every time....
KF of thurmont, MD
Got this lighter recently in a promo. Filled with butane and fired up for the first time two days ago. Very pleased with the blaze. Look forward to lighting a stogie with it this weekend. Much better than the Bugatti b-1 torch lighter I got with a promo several months ago (must have gotten a dud).
Got this lighter with a box of Nico Puros probably the best lighter I have including my Bugatti,great lighter any price
AD of La Puente, CA
I got this lighter with a promo and it is hands down the best lighter in my collection. Lights on every feature is the clear fuel window that allows you to see how much butane is left.
ST of Torrance, CA
Received the silver one as a birthday gift, it surpasses all my other lighters,
PP of San Angelo, TX
One of the best lighters out there. I love it! It lights fast and even and holds a lot of fuel. Don't put it off, pick one up you will love it!
BL of Peoria, AZ
Four flames are nice but four flames that always shoot out at the same height is great and that's what you get with this lighter! The butane reservoir is huge enough that even with four flames it does not become depleted quickly. It's size is just right for a comfortable grip and it's light enough to carry in a pocket or a briefcase. I think that it's a handsome lighter and the rubberized coating makes it easy to handle and hard to drop. This has quickly become my go to lighter, whether I'm at home or on the go. I have two and am seriously considering getting more as backups in case I lose one or am talked out of one by a buddy.
WC of Saint Paul, MN
Scored this in the lighter grab bag. This is the gem. Love it. Huge and powerful, this is for the big boys.
MJ of Santa Fe, NM
Great lighter!!! Love the feel of the rubberized material, the butane window is large so you can really see how much you have left. Strikes up on the first time and every time.
AE of Far Rockaway, NY
Excellent lighter, worth every penny. Good, clean, even burn and very reliable.
CY of Fort Worth, TX
Very nice lighter. The quad flames light ANY cigar, and the big fuel tank will be appreciated when you leave the house. Outperforms any & all lighters I've used! Definitely worth the cash to buy!
JH of Minneapolis, MN
Got this lighter in the 19.95 promotion. It strikes every time. Currently using it with the Colibri butane which is also a great deal on CI. The four flames are great and people love how nice it looks. Moretti just earned themselves another fan.
JL of East Boston, MA
I bought this lighter as my first cigar lighter through the MMAO and I am so satisfied! It's consistent and works great even with crappy cheap fuel. Definitely a keeper.
AP of Allegan, MI
Got this lighter for FREE with a bundle of Arganese cigars. Best Deal ever! Works every time and better than many lighters at twice the price, including my Colibri.
LB of Hamilton, ON
Best lighter I've ever used. Always lights easy and it's extra hot! I love it!
JE of Stephens City, VA
Got this as a free bee and I figured it would go in the drawer with the other lighter that don't work at high altitude. I am at 7355ft. I filled it up with Xikar brand fluid and it fired up on the first try. Great for the price. I will be getting more of these for gifts since they do work at high altitude.
Received with a special that cost less than the lighter sells for ... outstanding!....Best lighter I've ever owned or used and yes, I added more to my second order just so I would get another one.
WN of Apple Creek, OH
Great lighter. Burns strong and clean.
JD of Glendora, CA
Whoo-eee! Fire up your favorite stogie, then use this baby to weld the frame on your 57 Chevy. Or loan it to a cigarette smoker and laugh as their smoke instantly incinerates down to the filter. Just be sure to buy your butane in bulk!
AS of Greensboro, NC
Got this lighter as a $5 promo with a bundle of cigars because I thought I lost my last lighter on an ice fishing trip. This thing is great; wish I had gotten another one. Lights on first click, has a large tank, and the cover flips out of the way for lighting large cigars, more than I can say for my last lighter.
Great little lighter. The 4 flame lights very quickly and on the first try. My only caveat was that it required a special tip when refilling the butane, as it was not the standard size.
RS of Sacramento, CA